Batman Tries to Join the MCU in Hilarious New Video from Conan (VIDEO)


Conan O’Brien is in San Diego this week for Comic Con, and he kicked off last night’s show with a hilarious new video where he plays a despondent Batman desperate to join the Marvel Universe…’s lunch table. Conan rounded up some of his funniest friends like Keegan Michael Key, Riki Lindhome, David Koechner, and Rob Huebel to clown on the DC Universe’s inability to keep pace with Marvel.

Sure, DC’s an easy target, but that doesn’t make this any video any less entertaining. Part of me wants Andy Richter’s Robin to get his own spin-off movie, because at least they’d be attempting something different rather than constantly being behind the 8-ball.

Nevertheless, that’s not stopping rabid DC fans from flooding the comments section with some of the stupidest names and comments imaginable…

Man, nothing like dropping that old SJW chestnut to really drive home the point that you’ve got nothing new or original to bring to the table. God bless the internet comments section. It lets us all know that no matter how dumb we may feel, no matter how dire things get, and no matter how much our personal lives may be in shambles, there’s always someone out there who’s got it way worse.

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America’s Got No Talent Trapeze Artist Falls On Her Stupid Face


Network television features about one-thousand shows in which formerly respected celebrities sit in chairs from Battlefield Earth and make poor assholes fight for fame and money. It’s like producers realized that television was never going to get better than it was in the 80’s with Star Search, except they knew audiences craved screen time from Randy Jackson and Katy Petty. Read me like a damn book, producers.

America’s Got Talent is one of these shows, and on the most recent episode, a stage four depressing trapeze duo fucked up their act by letting the woman plummet twenty-feet face first. The only, and I do mean the only, reason anyone watches something this inane is to catch someone splat, so it’s a real bummer and frankly bad production that a safety net was in place to catch the woman. At least with Nascar – something possibly even more mind-numbing than AGT – the stars have the decency to explode.

The fact that there was never any real danger involved in the AGT trapeze act – with the “fire pit” being nothing more than set design – should wake audiences up from their competition show stupors. You’re watching air. None of this is real. Heidi Klum has been dead for a decade and now only exists as Sexy Terminator. Wake up people. As my co-worker notified me this morning, all actual talent ceased to exist with the end of the only reality competition show to ever matter, Stairway to Stardom.

 Photo Credit: AGT Judge Heidi Klum from NBC / Splash News / Backgrid USA

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