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The British Royals Are Massive Sports Fans, Minus the Body Paint and Tailgating

The British royal family meet a LOT of people, and while there is usually plenty of smiling and polite conversation, they seem to have an extraspecial rapport when it comes to sports stars. It may have something to do with the fact that the family are active and sporty themselves, or maybe they're just big fans of the star athletes they meet, but one thing's for sure - there have been plenty of interesting exchanges over the years. Some of the meetings have even led to friendship and, on one occasion, even more, so keep reading to see them all now.

Learn More About the Man Who Was at the Center of Princess Diana’s “Squidgygate” Scandal

It's been 20 years since Princess Diana died, and her legacy and life still fascinate the public, especially when it comes to the romance department. One of the topics that has always enticed fans of the former princess is her love life - both when she was married and when she was single.

One of her most-talked about romances - or rumored romances - was with James Gilbey, who was actually the second James that she was linked to (the first being James Hewitt), and we're still fascinated by their relationship.

So who was Gilbey? The British native was one of Diana's childhood friends and her rumored lover during her marriage to Prince Charles. Gilbey was a Lotus car dealer when his life first came into the spotlight, and both he and his romance with Diana were brought to the world's attention.

Their alleged affair became rather public when intimate phone calls between Diana and Gilbey were released to the press in 1992. The scandalous tapes - which were reportedly leaked after the British intelligence agency GCHQ recorded them - revealed that Diana might've been more than just friends with Gilbey, despite what the two had previously claimed. At the time, the tapes were dubbed "Squidgygate" by the press because Gilbey continually called Diana "Squidgy" in addition to "darling" throughout the calls.

After the tapes were released, it was reported that whatever was going on between Diana and Gilbey at the time the conversations were recorded in 1989 had already ended.

Diana's romance - and "Squidgygate" - happened at a time when the princess and her husband were already having marital problems. Diana was unhappy because Charles was having an affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles (now Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall), and she was under immense pressure and scrutiny as a member of the royal family.

Though Prince Charles and Diana officially divorced in 1996 and the princess passed away in a tragic car accident in 1997, to this day, Gilbey has not spoken publicly about their rumored relationship.

In 2014, Gilbey left behind his semiscandalous past and settled down for good when he married Lavinia Hadsley-Chaplin. After dating since 2006, the former car dealer and heir to a massive gin fortune said "I do" and also became a father to Lavinia's five children.

31 Times Prince Harry Was in Uniform and You Got Weak in the Knees

Yes, Prince Harry is great with kids, an attentive boyfriend to Suits star Meghan Markle, and a shining ambassador for the royal family, but one of the most important things to him is the time he spent in the Armed Forces. His love of all things military-related started surprisingly young, and with his passion project the Invictus Games going into its fourth year, it looks set to continue throughout his life, so what better way to celebrate than to take a look at all the most significant times that Harry has worn a military uniform?

Meghan Markle’s Squad of BFFs Is Packed With Powerful and Strong Women

It's all very well being an actress, model, lifestyle guru, globe-trotting humanitarian, and potential princess-in-training, but who do you hang out with while you're doing it all? Meghan Markle has spent years forming a close-knit set of friends who reflect her world view, work ethic, and Insta-brunch style, and they have become an even stronger support system since her relationship with Prince Harry became public almost a year ago. From a Pilates queen to political royalty, meet the inner circle who will be filling Meghan's side of the church if she and Harry get married . . .

Is Kate Middleton Having a Girl or Boy? Here’s What We Know

Kate Middleton and Prince William formally announced that they're expecting their third child in September, and people immediately began speculating about whether the baby will be a girl or boy. Well, it seems we finally have an answer - sort of. According to Us Weekly, Will and Kate "are going to leave it to surprise this time."

While no official details have been released yet, a source told the publication that the couple is working with OB-GYN Alan Farthing, who delivered both Prince George and Princess Charlotte. "He's postponed his retirement to do it," the insider said. A suite in the Lindo Wing of London's St. Mary's Hospital has also been reserved. Earlier this week, Kensington Palace announced that Kate is set to give birth in April 2018, so we'll have to wait until then to find out!

Kate Middleton Attends a Very Special Graduation Ceremony After Revealing Her Due Date

The British royal family has been extremely busy this year, and they're showing no signs of slowing down. On Wednesday, Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton were front and center at the Coach Core graduation ceremony in London. Coach Core, which was launched by Will, Kate, and Harry's Royal Foundation in 2012, is an apprenticeship program that trains young adults who are not enrolled in school or are unemployed to be sports coaches. Prior to the ceremony, the royals joined 150 of the apprentices in a coaching master class that included advice from Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock and tennis coach Judy Murray.

The trio's philanthropic outing comes just two days after they met up with the cast of Paddington 2 at London's Paddington Station and a day after Will and Kate formally confirmed that their third child is set to make its debut in April 2018. We can't wait for the little one to arrive!

This BBC News Reporter Couldn’t Care Less About Royal Baby No. 3

A little over a month after Kate Middleton and Prince William announced that they're expecting their third child, Kensington Palace confirmed this week that their new bundle of joy is due in April 2018. While a lot of people were excited by the news, others were . . . somewhat unimpressed.

BBC news reporter Simon McCoy was live on air when the announcement was made, and he relayed the information in his own unique way. "Now, bearing in mind that they announced that she was pregnant back in September, I'm not sure how much news this really is," he said with a bit of a sarcastic laugh. "But anyway...clear your diaries, get the time booked off, cause that's what I'm doing." Of course, Twitter users were quick to pick up on his funny report, and we have to agree with them: he did make us laugh!

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