You may not be familiar with Megan Pormer—lord knows I sure as hell wasn’t—but after seeing the brunette beauty’s new photoshoot for Shoe Dazzle and Erika Jayne, you’re almost guaranteed to be a fan for life. A former child star in her native Dubai, Megan has seemingly left the world of acting behind to focus on her modeling career, and frankly why wouldn’t she? She’s certainly got a body built for any sort of sexy career path.

I think the main attraction here is the shoes, but you simply can’t put a woman as sexy as Megan Pormer in lingerie and expect me to pay the slightest bit of attention to her footwear. It’s like a woman with her tits out reminding you where her eyes are… what’s the fucking point? I’m going to fail the test, but it’ll definitely be the sweetest test I’ve ever failed.

So whether you like the shoes or the lingerie, there’s no denying the power of sex that Megan Pormer brings to both of these items courtesy of this photoshoot. It’s going to be a long wait before we see Megan Pormer looking this sexy again… even if she turns up in lingerie again tomorrow, that’s too long to wait!

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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