Trump Remarks on Expanding Health Coverage Options for Small Businesses and Workers

I’m actually pro-campaign finance reform, I just don’t consider it one of the most important issues of any election cycle. There’s too much immediate sh-t to deal with than to get into some kind of political navel-gazing debate about dark money, lobbyists and corporate interests. Plus, I’ve always felt like if people were dumb enough to vote against their own interests because of a corporate-sponsored campaign, then we all get what we deserve. Also, if we’re going to have a conversation about campaign finance reform, we should also have a larger conversation about how the media has utterly abdicated their responsibility to promote and conduct substantive conversations on the issues.

Major media outlets would rather spend the money on polling two years away from a presidential election than spend money on real reporting. And politicians follow suit – it’s profoundly stupid to think that “the polls” right now, mid-June 2019, will have anything to do with the political situation in September 2020, which is when most people will actually make their voting decisions. All of which to say, I f–king hate talking about polling, especially at this point. But we are. And it’s predictably dumb – Donald Trump fired his pollsters after they found that his re-election campaign is struggling.

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is cutting ties with some of its own pollsters after leaked internal polling showed the president trailing former Vice President Joe Biden in critical 2020 battleground states, according to a person close to the campaign. The move comes after NBC News obtained new details from a March internal poll that found Trump trailing Biden in 11 key states. Portions of the campaign’s expansive March polling trickled out in recent days in other news reports.

But a person familiar with the inner workings of the Trump campaign shared more details of the data with NBC News, showing the president trailing across swing states seen as essential to his path to re-election and in Democratic-leaning states where Republicans have looked to gain traction. The polls also show Trump underperforming in reliably red states that haven’t been competitive for decades in presidential elections.

A separate person close to the Trump re-election team told NBC News Saturday that the campaign will be cutting ties with some of its pollsters in response to the information leaks, although the person did not elaborate as to which pollsters would be let go. The internal polling paints a picture of an incumbent president with serious ground to gain across the country as his re-election campaign kicks into higher gear. While the campaign tested other Democratic presidential candidates against Trump, Biden polled the best of the group, according the source.

[From NBC News]

Biden polls the best because of name-recognition and the fact that the only thing media people want to talk about IS THE POLLING. It’s self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. But still, I guess it’s funny that Trump fired his pollsters. It’s funny that he’s that much of a thin-skinned despot who can only listen to praise and lies. It’s funny that he’s going to shop for pollsters who will tell him what he wants to hear. But as I said, if you want to believe that Trump’s numbers are struggling, you also have to believe that Biden has the best shot at the Dem nomination. And I refuse to accept that.

US President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at law enforcement conference

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US President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at law enforcement conference Trump Remarks on Expanding Health Coverage Options for Small Businesses and Workers