Sen. Kamala Harris announces her 2020 presidential run on MLK Jr Day

Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

I honestly believed that Elizabeth Warren would be the only Democrat out there for a good month – Senator Warren announced her presidential campaign on New Year’s Day. In the three weeks since then, tons of potential candidates have made a lot of noise about running, from Joe Biden to Julian Castro (he’s officially running) to Kirsten Gillibrand (she’s officially running too). But I was waiting for Kamala Harris to show up. And she has… on Martin Luther King Day!! YAS. She made the announcement on Good Morning America. Here’s one clip from her GMA interview:

She released her first campaign video shortly after that GMA interview:

I actually forget all the time that Kamala is like me, in that she’s half-Indian. Her mother is Indian, and her father is Jamaican. We stan the children of immigrants!! WOOP WOOP. Anyway, I’m looking forward to Senator Kamala Harris’s run. I know she’ll get sh-t for just about everything, especially since she’s a senator in her first term. You know who else was a mixed race first-term senator? Barack Obama. That’s what I love about Kamala announcing too – she was probably told by tons of political operatives and “Democratic elders” that she was too young or it was too soon for her. But f–k that. Run like a man.

U.S. Senator Harris listens during Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Kavanaugh nomination on Capitol Hill in Washington

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Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC U.S. Senator Harris listens during Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on Kavanaugh nomination on Capitol Hill in Washington

Cardi B to Tomi Lahren: ‘Leave me alone I will dog walk you’

Cardi B heads out to run errands in a wild purple outfit

One of the best things about 2019 so far is that Cardi B is really leaning into her new role as a political commentator. I remember reading a profile of Cardi last year or the year before, where she talked about how much she loved to study American history and the American presidency. Cardi is no dumb bunny, as much as people want to write her off because of her skin color, her sex, her body, and/or her colorful use of language. Cardi B votes, Cardi B cares about the state of this country, and Cardi B is going to share her motherf–king thoughts.

That’s what Cardi did last week, when she recorded an Instagram Story about the Trump Shutdown and mocked Trump and his “redneck” supporters. There were a lot of headlines about “Cardi B is the Democratic commentator we need right now,” so of course Terri Lowdown/Tawnky Loser had to chime in. Only Cardi shut down Torky in eight words:

Cardi wasn’t done there either. She made an appeal to her fans to watch the news and pay attention to what’s happening, posting this on her Instagram (I made some minor edits for readability):

Soo many people under my comments talking about I shouldn’t talk politics, I don’t know what I’m talking about , I’m dumb! Well I know a little something something..I know 800,000 federal government workers won’t be getting paid till the shutdown is over and government assistants program are shutdown as well as in NO WELFARE, NO WIC, SECTION 8. I know it’s a little boring to watch the news but it won’t kill ya to visit some IG pages of people that talk about what’s going on in our community like @shaunking @tamikadmallory and shiiieeett sometimes uncle snoop and Charlamgne be saying some sh-t that goes over ya heads. PAY ATTENTION !!! This can go on for months and it will affect our homes and Country.

[From Cardi’s Instagram]

This is so, so good. She also posted this stuff, a thank you to all of the pro-Cardi signage at the Women’s March, and a suggestion for all the Deplorables: “All you Trump supporters should work for free while the government is shut down to show your support.”

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mAkE aMeRicA GrEaT AgAIn ! Headass

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Cardi B heads out to run errands in a wild purple outfit Cardi B steps out rocking a new pink hairdo filming Netflix's 'Rhythm & Flow' i

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