Roy Moore lost the Alabama special election by about 20,000 votes, hahahahaha

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The special election for the Senate seat in Alabama was held yesterday, after what felt like months of drama, decades of child molestation and hours of sh-tty horseback riding. Alleged pedophile, bigot and misogynist Roy Moore rode his horse, Sassy, to his polling station. Horse Twitter hates his form. Horse Twitter’s criticism of Republican Moore would become a harbinger of things to come throughout the day and evening.

I tried not to watch cable news all day. I went to see a matinee of Lady Bird. I turned off the TV at 10 pm before the election was called, because I didn’t want to jinx it. Good news: I didn’t jinx it! DOUG JONES WON. The Democrat won in deep-red Alabama. It was the first time a Democrat won in a statewide election in Alabama in decades. Granted, Jones only won by about 20,000 votes. But it’s still HUGE. It’s a political reckoning. It means that in every major election in the past two months, voters around the country have slapped back at the neo-Nazi-in-Chief. They’ve rejected white supremacy and misogyny and Trumpism. This Alabama race was a particular low point for Steve Bannon, who did “the most” for Roy Moore. Crawl back under your rock, Bannon.

This was also an election that saw African-American Alabamians turn out in record numbers for the Democrat, even with the shady voter suppression tactics employed by the Alabama Republican establishment. African-American voters once again save the day. Black women in particular. Oh, and here’s a fun fact: Roy Moore is such a f–king baby that he refused to concede. Hahaha.

Some celebratory tweets:

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Donald Trump: ‘The deck was stacked against’ the Republican in Alabama

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“We’re going to win so much, you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning.” – Donald Trump, May 2016.

Donald Trump lost the popular vote by more than 3 million votes. His inauguration crowd size was easily eclipsed the next day by the Women’s March, when millions of women and allies around the world decided that they would not go quietly. The first year of Trump’s presidency has been full of self-destruction, self-inflicted wounds, treason, pettiness and cruelty. It’s worth noting that Trump only actually has a few “accomplishments” this year – he hasn’t even finished ramming through that terrible tax bill, and there are no other legislative accomplishments. Now that Democrat Doug Jones has been elected to Jeff Sessions’ old Senate seat in Alabama, you’ve gotta wonder… how is Trump really reacting to this cacophony of L’s?

IT NEVER ENDS. That’s the motto of the Bigly administration, isn’t it? But this is my favorite:

The deck was stacked against the Republican IN ALABAMA. A state that most Republicans win by 30 points in statewide elections.

Meanwhile, it’s not all fun and games. I still feel strongly that Trump is going to make some kind of move this week to kneecap the Mueller investigation in some way. Some of the FBI agents working on the Russia probe apparently called Trump an “idiot” in emails, which… sounds about normal. Who amongst us has NOT called Donald Trump an idiot in an email?

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