Instagram 7: Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, Lea Michele and More

Here are our seven current favorite celebrity social media photos (and or videos) featuring Zac Efron, Lea Michele, Justin Bieber, Brooklyn Beckham, Nick Zano, Zachary Quinto and Chris Hemsworth. …

John Cena’s 15th Anniversary Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos & Videos


John Cena made his WWE debut 15-years ago today. On the June 27, 2002, episode of WWE SmackDown, a young Cena faced off against “The Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle. Cena lost the match, but kicked some serious ass and earned big time respect right from jump street.

Fifteen years ago today, @JohnCena's RUTHLESS AGGRESSION kicked off a legendary @WWE career… #15YearsOfCena

— WWE (@WWE) June 27, 2017

Cena has made a lot of transformations throughout his career. He went from angry jar-head to “Doctor of Thuganomics” to WWE Champion all the way back to being an angry jar-head. Cena has brought nothing but ruthless aggression with just a pinch of sophomoric humor.

Johnny boy is already a 16-time world champion in the pro wrestling business. That only person to hold that many world championship is…you guessed it! WOOOOOOOO! “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. “I couldn’t be happy for John Cena…he’s worked hard, I’m happy for him,” says Flair.

Cena success doesn’t only lie in the wrestling ring. The multi-time champion’s career has branched off into Hollywood. Roles are just lining up for Mr. Hustle, Loyalty & Respect. His role in the film Trainwreck was quite funny.

Happy 15th anniversary in wrestling, John! Half of the fans hate on you, but I’m sure most of them will miss you when you hang up the boots for good. Plus, you have some unfinished business breaking The Nature Boy’s record. Imagine that. So many smarks will be triggered. And you thought Kim K’s buttocks broke the internet. Just wait for that 17th world title win.

Now, only if we can get this guy in the White House…

John Cena Memes: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIFs & Images


You might not be able to see Cena, but you can get an eyeful of the doctor’s dank memes, images, and gifs.

Disclaimer: You can see these memes.

Conservative Writer Pens Essay Telling Women To ‘Stay In Shape For Their Husbands’


Inez Feltscher, a conservative writer for The Federalist, is receiving some backlash for her anti-feminist claim that women should ‘maintain their beauty for the purpose of keeping their husbands happy.’

Feltscher, a 29-year-old who is married to a member of the Tea Party, lives in Washington, D.C. Writing for The Federalist, Feltscher wrote a piece entitled ‘Staying Fit for Your Husband Is One of the Best Gifts You Can Give Him’.

In the piece, Feltscher said that women should ignore the ‘pack of feminist lies that make both men and women unhappier’ for the sake of their marriages.

Furthermore, Feltscher mocks the notion that ‘men and women desire the same things in relationships’, describes a “be yourself” attitude as a selfish way of living.

via The Federalist:

One of these culturally-verboten male needs is wanting a wife he can get excited looking at. There’s nothing wrong with this male desire (obviously, as with any healthy desire, it can be destructive if not coupled with common sense and moral guardrails). But being raised entirely in a post-feminist movement culture has made a generation of women not only unable to recognize what makes men happy, it’s made even saying what many men want out loud unthinkable.

It’s sad that working towards something that makes someone you love happy has become so toxic in our environment.

It’s best to make a good-faith effort to stay in shape and keep up your beauty routine for yourself, of course, but if you’re happy in those sweats with the “holiday weight” starting to pile on, do not be afraid to consider your husband’s happiness, and how important your physical appearance might be to him. Making an effort to please the man you married is not an act of sisterhood betrayal. Honoring your husband’s masculine nature—and the desires that come with it—is one of the best gifts you can give the man you love.

According to her biography on The Federalist, Feltscher is an education policy analyst in Washington D.C., and her work has been published in Orange County Register, The Resurgent, RedState, Breitbart, among other conservative websites.

At the time of this writing, Feltscher article has over 375 comments.

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Gus Kenworthy Celebrated NYC Pride with Reyka Vodka

Gus Kenworthy, the all-around hottie and champion skier, celebrated with Reyka Vodka at Pride Island this Sunday (June 25, 2017). …

Amy Nelson Photos: Must-See Pictures of Markiplier’s Girlfriend


Amy “Peebles” Nelson is the sensational and beautiful face behind Markiplier‘s love life, and her personality explains why Markiplier, a genuinely wholehearted person, would choose her. The 28-year-old graphics designer has been dating the YouTube sensation since late 2015, making her first public appearance with Markiplier at VidCon 2016. She’s made some great designs too, mostly working for other YouTubers on their brand management.

oh jeez

— Peebles (@iceddarkroast) June 26, 2016

She’s got a kind of nerdy but cool look to her that’s I can really get on board with. She’s also got a natural beauty to her that I really like. Even when she doesn’t wear makeup, she’s still a stunning person. Because of that nerdy personality that’s passionate about her interests, I don’t think Markiplier’s huge net worth really played into her decision to date him.

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Mark and I would prefer to keep our relationship more private but genuinely thank you for being so lovely towards me ☺️

— Peebles (@iceddarkroast) June 27, 2016

Peebles has helped Markiplier with a lot of his business and charity ventures, including a charity livestream he made just a few days ago. Check her out!

Thank you to @markiplier, @muyskerm, @iceddarkroast, & @verytiredkat for supporting our mission today!

— AbleGamers Charity (@AbleGamers) June 25, 2017

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George Lucas Handling Dumb Paparazzi Questions Just Made My Day

George Lucas walked out of a restaurant into a barrage of idiots trying to talk to him about stuff he doesn't care about. Honestly, it's kind of inspirational and we should strive to give this few shits.

Linda Holliday Instagram: Hottest Photos of Bill Belichick’s Girlfriend


Does New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick smile? No, I’m serious. Is he actually capable of upturning his lips into a human smile? Cause I don’t think that dude has ever smiled let alone felt the emotion of joy. Yes, he’s won five Super Bowls, but you would never know it based on an interview with the surly, monotonous future Hall of Fame coach.

But, as it turns out, the guy can indeed smile. He just has to be in the right setting and with the right people. Specifically, it appears as if girlfriend Linda Holliday is able to pull a smirk out of the guy.

Belichick and Holliday recently enjoyed a lovey-dovey photo shoot for N Magazine and it is decidedly the most un-Belichickian thing I have ever seen. The couple are strolling through meadows, holding hands and just being romantic and happy. It’s like the Upside-Down world from Stranger Things.

Belichick is only wearing one of his Super Bowl rings in the photo shoot (he went with S.B. 49) … and even lets Holliday wear it for a couple snaps. Could the famous head coach be copping another ring off the field soon?

While we ponder that great mystery of the universe, you can get to know Holliday a little better with the above gallery. Enjoy.

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Miss COED of the Day: McKenna Keaton of Toledo


If you’re a college student who wants to be our featured in Miss COED 2018, email your name, Instagram account (set to public), and school to

McKenna Keaton is a Junior at the University of Toledo. Like most college students, McKenna enjoys having fun and hanging out with friends, but the truth is that she’s always working. Point and case: she’s never gone on Spring Break. She goes home, grinds it out, then has more money to spend on the summer. Hopefully she’s somewhere fun enjoying the fruits of her labor and reading this right now ;)

You don’t need to be the hardest worker in the world to be a Miss COED 2018 (although it helps). We’re looking for all the coolest, smartest, most outgoing college women to join Miss COED 2018.

Do you think you’re an awesome representative of your college? Do you like going to home games, take pride telling people where you go to school, and participating in clubs or social activities at college? Do you want the chance to be featured on our site, earn thousands of dollars in prizes, or just gain more followers on social media? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want you to join Miss COED 2018.

Last year our Miss COED competition had over a million votes and it’s an excellent opportunity for exposure, great times, and networking.

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