Madison Beer Bong Hit and Crap Around the Web

Start your week off on the good foot with these sexy links including Sofia Vergara’s breasts, Alexa Chung’s nipples, and the most skin-filled films leaving streaming next month!

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Gorgeous Julianne Hough Trying To Keep Her Cleavage From Spilling Out On The Beach

You wouldn’t think that Julianne Hough would have a hard time keeping her breasts from popping out of a bikini top, but these new pics prove that the struggle is real, and Julianne is knee-deep in that struggle at the moment. Or at least, she was in that struggle at the moment these pictures were taken. I imagine the struggle ended when she removed the bikini later that day.

I wonder if she knew that this was going to be an issue while wearing the bikini or only discovered its ill-fitting ways after engaging in what appears to be some fun beach horseplay. I’m guessing this issue snuck up on her and she’s dealing with it the only way she knows how—by constantly tugging on her top to keep it from falling down.

You would think that someone with as much money and notoriety as Julianne Hough could afford a better fitting bikini, but I for one am glad that she went to the beach in such a poorly fitting swimsuit. It adds an element of danger to things and makes the threat of a wardrobe malfunction ever present. Something tells me we shouldn’t expect to see Julianne rocking this bikini ever again.

Photo Credit: MEGA 

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