Why’d the Russian dog cross the road? To get to the Faberge egg on the other side! Ok, I’ll let myself out. It was really snowy in the city of Chelyabinsk, Russia, the other day, but a local pup still had shit to do.

I’ve seen enough of The Americans to know Russia is a tough place where your ass best follow the rules. Therefore, even this pup waited patiently on the side of the road until a crossing guard could help him out.

Someone in uniform came and stopped traffic so Fido could hop across the street and get on with his own commute. The tweet translates to “Chelyabinsk is not so harsh.” I mean, it doesn’t exactly look like Dollywood in that dash cam, but thanks for the pro tip, Andrey! Now we know that if the U.S. ever wants to return the favor on election meddling, we just need to flood Russian internet with cute dog videos since y’all apparently drop the vodka and become a giant softy at first glance of a pup in need. Aw, fuck. We do, too. Carry on.

Pic: Twitter