All The Very Best Of: Gizele Oliveira’s Perfect Bikini Figure In Thongs

It is probably cheating making a “best of” for Gizele Oliveira since there is nothing the woman can be in that can be considered lackluster. Put her in the background of Two Girls One Cup and it would probably get nominated for a Golden Globe.

Every photo the girl has instantly gets put into the highlight reel. What a nice problem that must be to have. I can only imagine. Normally, my photos get touched up by my mother to the point where she just photoshops Ryan Reynolds into the shot.

Honestly, I’m fine with that. If fifty years from now my grandkids think I was a stud as a young man, I will consider it a win. But what I do not care for is her lying about it. We all know I am not Ryan Reynolds, so what is with the farce?

Actually, you readers don’t know that for sure. As far as you know I might be, and this is just some odd way that I like to let off steam. And now that I mention it, no one has ever seen me and Ryan in the same place, including myself, so maybe I am him.



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MTV’s Julia Rose Turns Herself Into a One Giant Super Bowl Snack

I had no idea who Julia Rose was until today, and didn’t realize I was supposed to care until I was mandated to write about her. But apparently, enough people out there do care about her, so here we are. The things I do for cash as a freelance writer. So here we go.

Who Is Julia Rose?

Julia Rose is a 25-year-old model turned MTV reality show contestant turned Instagram model/influencer.

Where Is She From?

Rose hails from the city of New Orleans.

What Is She Famous For?

After suffering from numerous failed relationships before the then ripe old age of 22, Rose became a contestant on Season 4 (2016) of the MTV reality show, “Are You the One?” Basically, it’s about a bunch of fame-hungry twenty-somethings who are paired off via matchmaking algorithm and then we the viewers get to see how long it’ll take before these people try to murder each other. From what I’ve read, Julia Rose was a stand-out on her season as it seems that she was the most popular girl on the show. Sounds like the guy contestants were trying to sell-out their respective girlfriends and punch each other in the balls just to have a few minutes with her.

Is She Seeing Anyone?

Rose had an on-off romance with fellow Season 4 contestant, Stephen McHugh. They’ve broken up a few times, but they appear to still be together. For now, anyway.

What Is She Doing Now?

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It’s Monday 🍕 tag a pizza lover

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Well, the big news of today involving Julia Rose is that she is repping the Los Angeles Rams now that they are officially in the Super Bowl. How? By having a very risque photo shoot with Chris Applebaum for Sports Illustrated. Where she turns herself into a human ice cream sundae. Here’s the footage:

I guess some people think a woman ice cream sundae is hot, but all I can think about is how sticky she must have been. I don’t care how sexy that might look to some people, that just looks damned uncomfortable.

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