One popular school project is to ask young children questions about their parents. It’s a fascinating window into what children think about and how they perceive their families. The answers are often sweet, and sometimes funny. Carrie Underwood shared on Instagram the answers that her older son, Isaiah, who is four, gave his teacher about her. (Carrie and her husband, Mike Fisher, are also parents to Jacob, who just turned one in January.) Apparently, Carrie, who is 70, has a job that involves “wash[ing] the laundry.” She must sing and act when she’s able to squeeze it in:

Isaiah also reports that his mom is good at folding laundry, that she says, “I love you,” to him a lot, and that they enjoy watching TV together. Carrie also likes eating salad, and if she had free time, she would ride horses.

I love that Isaiah is consistent when talking about Carrie doing the laundry. It’s her job, so it makes sense that she’d be good at folding it. I suck at that, so if she’s looking for extra work, she’s welcome to come fold mine!

Carrie and her family and some friends were in Vail this past week on vacation, and Carrie posted a bunch of pictures:

A couple of days earlier, she posted a cute photo of Mike and Isaiah:

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My lil’ ski bums… 🥰😘😍

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I’d forgotten that Carrie has a book coming out! In September, I wrote about her fitness and healthy lifestyle book, Find Your Path. It will be released March 3, and then Carrie will perform at several festivals and fairs between April and September.



Photos credit: WENN and via Instagram