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Kanye West Sold $50 Socks And Other Overpriced Crap At His Coachella Sunday Service

Kanye West had his Sunday Service at Coachella yesterday as planned, and as expected he brought out the full range of fuckery. Not only was it a Kanye West concert, so it was guaranteed full of self-indulgent Jesus comparisons (and on Easter Sunday? He has risen and then He left because He heard Kanye West music playing), but it was also mostly streamed through a gloryhole for some reason. Interesting choice.

Another interesting choice was Kanye’s decision to try and rob the people of Coachella blind by charging them crazy prices for his merch. Case in point: $50 Kanye West-brand socks.

The Blast reports that Kanye is really high on that Kardashian #GetMoneyNoMatterTheDignityOrEthicsOfIt tip. The idolatry and greed were on full-display when Kanye performed his Sunday Service. Yes, while singing gospel-inspired renditions of his hits and praising the lord above, Kanye was also charging the upper and upper-middle class people who could afford to attend Coachella insane amounts of money for merch.

In a tent labeled: “Church Clothes”, Kanye West really tried selling the people of Coachella crazy amounts for poorly-constructed basic cotton clothing. Items for sale included: $70 t-shirts, ponchos for $75, $100 to $225 sweaters, sweat pants from $135 to $195 and of course the socks–$50 for two (what a bargain).

Now you too can look like a color-blind member of The Tethered for the low-low price of $70 to $225!

Of course the people of the internet were ready to come hard for this bullshit because only the most greedy, self-important celebrities among us (now all of them) would charge these kinds of prices for trash:

Well it looks like you didn’t have to go to the Fyre Festival to get screwed out of your money. You can just go to the California desert and have it taken by super rich people who created some blasphemous socks for you to wear during your idol worship.

And if you want to see a clip of Kanye’s Up With The People cult (more like Upchuck With The People) featuring Chance The Rapper and DMX, here you go:

Pic: Twitter

Kardashian Easter! Kanye, Kim & The Clan Host Sunday Service At Coachella

It’s a Kardashian party!

This Sunday, April 21, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and their clan took over Coachella to host their musical church service. It was, without a doubt, a performance to remember, and family members and A-listers alike were quick to document the show on their Instagram Stories.

At the concert, North West danced to her dad’s music like always, but this time she was joined by a crowd of adoring fans.

While Kim, 38, was dressed in one of her usual skin-tight two-piece outfits, the rest of the sisters looked dreamy in pastel-colored dresses. Surprisingly, Kylie Jenner took a break from managing her billion-dollar cosmetics empire to join the group. She and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, were all over each other, and even shared sweet Instagram photos of their PDA. For the occasion, Kylie, 21, rocked a curve-hugging cream dress, white sneakers and a long, braided pony, which she adorned with flashy crosses to celebrate Easter.

Khloe Kardashian looked stunning in a silky, ivory gown and gold cross necklace. On her Instagram Story, she shared various videos of the fun event, including shots of 1-year-old daughter True Thompson wearing a matching white dress.

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner also shared snaps of the wild Coachella Sunday service. In the videos, one can see a crowd of performers dressed in pink-grey ponchos and pants, dancing, jumping and singing with undying excitement. At one point, the artists came together to create a sort of eye, which was surrounded by hundreds if not thousands of eager fans.

“Happy easter! feeling blessed today,” Kendall, 23, captioned an Instagram post with clips of the event.

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‘Gossip with Celebitchy’ Podcast #14, Game of Thrones is like LOTR, how do you say Momoa?

In this week’s Gossip with Celebitchy podcast we talked about how awesome Game of Thrones is and how cinematic, epic and yet funny it can be. This is a spoiler free talk after I watched the premiere of season eight, which was the first time I’ve seen an episode in five years! I get why everyone loves it as there’s so much to unpack and it’s so entertaining. We also talked about Lori Loughlin continuing to play the clueless white privileged victim with her various leaks to the press and her cover of People Magazine. It really looks like she’s throwing her husband Mossimo Giannulli under the bus and like they’re all about to turn on each other. In royal news we discuss the wait for Meghan to give birth and the maybe-fake story that she’s planning to hire an American nanny and/or a male nanny. We also talk about the weird Vanity Fair story about William working out with the mums from Prince George’s school after the morning drop off. You can listen below!

We also discuss Kim Kardashian studying for the bar and how she’s getting criticism for it. We think she just may pass, even if it’s not the first time. We also make fun of her bland house and ridiculous bathroom especially the concrete sinks with the tiny slit which Kanye designed. Finally we talk about Jason Momoa shaving his beard and whether we like him better shaved. There was some debate about just how to pronounce his name and it turns out neither of us was right! I talked to four of my friends at a party and we all agreed that we wouldn’t kick him out of bed either way. Most of us liked him better shaved. (Sorry Rebecca!)

Our user feedback was from Just Mooya on Twitter and Dog Obsessed Girl, who sent us a photo of her beautiful coonhound with a golden retriever puppy friend.

Our comments of the week were from Marged Barge on the post about Will’s wandering scepter, Oh no on the story about Jana Kramer’s husband’s wandering scepter and Chef Grace on Lori Loughlin’s idiocy.

You can listen above! We’re on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, YouTube, Castbox and Google Podcasts. Please rate and review as it helps us grow. If you’d like to get in touch with questions or feedback you can leave a voicemail or text us 434-218-3219. We’re also on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can email us at info-at-celebitchy.com or leave a comment here.

Here’s Kim explaining the ridiculous sinks in her bathroom:

Thanks Dog Obsessed Girl for this gorgeous photo! She wrote “My friend’s Golden Retriever puppy Mia with my Coonhound Atticus. Smiles for The Celebitchy Crew.”

Here’s a 30 second preview!

dogs jasonmomoa1 Honeybee (Apis mellifera) feeding on nectar of cultivated Sedum spectabile plant Maghan & Harry in Bristol William and Kate attend the St Patrick's Day Parade Hayley Baldwin lunches at Fred Segal in West Hollywood Golf: Masters Tournament

Photos credit: People, Vogue, WENN and Avalon.red

You Can Watch Kanye’s Sunday Service Live Through a Peephole

Celebrate Yeezus on stream here.

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Kanye Is Selling ‘Church Clothes’

$50 for a pair of socks sounds like a fantastic deal, honestly. Was it blessed by Kanye’s sweat?

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Kid Cudi Brought Out Kanye West at Coachella

On Saturday, Kid Cudi brought out Kanye West as his surprise guest where they performed “Reborn”, “Ghost Town” and “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” together. It was great for people who wanted to see Kanye but didn’t want to wake up at 9 a.m. to go sit in the scorching sun to listen to him sing gospel tracks on top of a mountain like some Rap Moses for his Sunday Service which he showed up an hour late to. I’d rather watch it at home even if it looks like I’m looking at it through a peephole like some pervert trying to get a look into someone’s bathroom.

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