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Justin Bieber, Hockey God: Pop Star Scores SICK Goal! Watch and Be Amazed!

Sure, Justin Bieber may be a capital-D Douche Bag, but apparently, the dude is a beast on skates.

Naturally, Bieber's naked selfie on Shots has gotten more attention today, but a seriously impressive goal that he scored during a rec league hockey game is also fully deserving of your attention:

Justin Bieber Scores Amazing Goal!

"My dangles were unreal did u see that shot...#dontf--kwiththecanadian" Bieber wrote on Instagram beneath a clip of him juking defenders out of there skates.

Obviously, homey does a lot of bragging, but in this case, it's warranted. If this whole "being the world's biggest pop star" thing doesn't work out, he may have a future in the NHL.

The Biebs has been showing off his athletic skills all over social media recently. Earlier this week, Bieber sparred with Floyd Mayweather (shirtless, of course), and he lived to tell the tale, which is an impressive feat in its own right.

So if you've been wondering how Bieber gets to bang Barbara Palvin and a slew of other models, now you may have your answer.

Just get rich, famous, and good at sports and you too will have your pick of Victoria's Secret Angels. And apparently, it won't even matter if you're a giant douche. 

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Justin Bieber: NAKED on Shots?!?!?!?

Justin Bieber has posted a new photo to his Shots account.

And we don't want you to get too crazy, female readers, but...


Justin Bieber in the Bathtub

This is clearly a photo of Justin Bieber shirtless, at minimum, and we can also see the artist's bare legs peeking out of the water.

But is Justin donning a bathing suit? Or his full birthday suit? Sadly, the placement of the bubbles makes it impossible to tell. Darn it!

It's conceivable, meanwhile, that Justin put this photo online in response to some serious sizzling snapshots recently Instagrammed by Selena Gomez.

Earlier this week, Selena showed off her smoldering physique via a couple photos by photographer/filmmaker Asis Jerome, either taunting Bieber with them or inviting him over to get a closer look for himself.

Who the heck knows where these two stand these days?

But we're gonna go ahead and presume the same about this Justin Bieber picture.

He's either hoping Gomez joins him in a few minutes or he's making it very clear just what she's missing out on.

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