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Justin Bieber Unfollowing Floyd Mayweather on Instagram is Conor McGregor’s Final Mind Game

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber are best friends because rich celebrity douches typically hang out together. But Justin is on a new path. He’s an imperfect man who wants to change. And part of that change means distancing himself from someone like Floyd Mayweather, who likes to hang out at strip clubs.

It feels like this could have been a conversation between two adults. Justin would be like, “Hey man, I just want to have a little distance as I try to get my life on track. Maybe when we hang out we don’t go to the strip club EVERY TIME.” And Floyd, being a 40-year-old father of four, would be like, “I understand and I respect that. More strippers for me.”

But these two aren’t exactly adults.

Instead of having that conversation, Justin unfollowed Floyd on Instagram and that sent Floyd over the edge.

Here’s what TMZ sources had to say:

Floyd went “insane, nuclear.” He lashed out at Justin, called him a “traitor” because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking Bieber.

Yeah, that’s a reasonable reaction to someone unfollowing you on social media.

This whole thing is dumb and just adds to the circus that is Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight week. In case this fight couldn’t get anymore nauseating, we can now add “drama between Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather” to the list. At least now Floyd has a built-in excuse if he loses. How can the man concentrate just days after his friend unfollowed him on Instagram? I know when I lose a Twitter follower, I’m in a state of shock and depression for at least a week.

It’s not often that Justin Bieber looks like the good person in a situation, but credit to him for actually trying to distance himself from supposed bad influences.

As for Floyd, if he wants to find a douche upgrade over Bieber who will always be there for him at the strip club, I hear Scott Disick is free.

Justin Bieber Broke Up With Floyd Mayweather Jr.


This will no doubt be terrible, sad news for asshole-type boxers with a scrappy lil’ popstar rooting for them in the corner. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber can’t keep it solid as a rock, what hope do the rest of them have?

TMZ is reporting that Justin Bieber has cut his former favorite professional punch-thrower out of his life. And guess who was whispering the suggestion to do so in Bieber’s impressionable ear? That would be his current alleged life managers at his church, Hillsong.

Justin and Hillsong’s muscled-up leader, Pastor Carl Lentz, have been getting very close lately. As such, Justin has been receiving all kinds of advice from his friends at Hillsong, like allegedly encouraging him to quit his Purpose World Tour. Sources tell TMZ that Hillsong’s latest attempt at keeping their precious Justin all to themselves has been “counseling” Justin on some of his more unsavory friendships, and to strongly suggest he “pull back” from the bad influences.

One of those bad influences was apparently Floyd Mayweather Jr. Sources claim that Justin’s friends at Hillsong didn’t single Floyd out; Justin decided that on his own. Apparently the friendship deal-breaker was Floyd’s “obsession” with strip clubs. Oh what a pious little lamb he is.

Justin doesn’t want to cut Floyd out of his life completely; he just doesn’t want to be friends, and unfollowed Floyd on social media. TMZ’s sources claim that Floyd went crazy when he found out. Justin is apparently “dead to him.” Floyd also considers Justin to be a “traitor,” because Floyd stuck by Justin during his messiest times.

Last week, TMZ asked Justin Bieber about Floyd’s upcoming fight with Conor McGregor. He wasn’t exactly Floyd’s biggest cheerleader.

I’m sure Pastor Carl and the rest of Justin’s pals at Hillsong are great and all, but Floyd really was a kindred spirit. The bond you build with the kind of dude who arranges fist-fights between unstable messes and frauds up his taxes really is one of those once-in-a-lifetime friendships.

Here’s Bieber leaving a private church event at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles earlier this month. Church at a nightclub? No wonder Bieber is suddenly so into church.

Pics: Wenn.com

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather: Feuding! Here’s Why …

We have Justin Bieber news! The good kind!

So, you know how Justin Bieber canceled his tour for Jesus reasons? A lot of people are miffed, since there were hundreds of workers counting on that tour for gigs who were just left hanging.

But based on this ... it sounds like the new religious influence in Bieber's life might be doing more good than harm. This is one of those rare, good feuds.

Boxing with Bieber

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather are feuding after the Biebs unfollowed him on Instagram.

Reportedly, the people at Hillsong Church have been encouraging Justin Bieber to carefully examine the people around him who have influence over his life.

(That's usually good advice, though when it comes from a religious leader, it sounds awfully close to alienating someone from friends and family, but ... let's not jump the gun)

Anyway, they've suggested that Justin pull back from bad influences.

So apparently Justin tried to "reset boundaries" with his friend Floyd Mayweather, prompting Justin to unfollow Floyd on Instagram.

Floyd is reportedly furious.

Like, '80s cartoon villain furious -- TMZ's sources said that Floyd went "insane, nuclear."

Floyd is also said to be screaming and incensed about it, calling Bieber a "traitor."

The only bad thing about this story ...

Aside from the fact that Justin and Floyd were ever friends to begin with ...

... Is that Justin's apparent reason for the "breakup" with Floyd Mayweather is because Floyd frequents strip clubs.

Justin Bieber with Floyd Mayweather

Remember how Chrissy Teigen wants Floyd Mayweather to get eaten by a tiger?

She is, as always, very, very relatable.

Floyd Mayweather has made headlines for his rampant homophobia.

But Floyd Mayweather's domestic abuse record is nothing short of horrifying.

No instance of domestic abuse is acceptable, and there's no coming back from such an evil act.

(Though celebrities who are abusers seem to have no problem finding apologists among their fans)

But Floyd Mayweather's record makes him sound like a real monster.

So ... for visiting strip clubs to be the dealbreaker shows some disturbing priorities.

(Though, to be fair, we haven't heard Justin's direct words on why he's consciously uncoupling from Floyd)

Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather Used to Hang

We've spoken before about Hillsong Church.

Justin Bieber isn't the only celebrity to have fallen under that megachurch's sway.

Hillsong seems to cater to celebrities -- the Church of Scientology doesn't have a monopoly on that.

It's at Hillsong Church's Hollywood branch that Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian have been spotted, reviving old hookup rumors about the two of them.

Hillsong has locations all over the world, and actually originated in Australia.

You know how sometimes people who are alcoholics or have other addiction problems don't so much fix their addiction problem as they do just become addicted to something that's more socially acceptable?

Religion can be one of those addictions. Initially we worried that Hillsong, an institution said to encourage large donations from its wealthy members, was just going to take advantage of Bieber.

But this news sounds like they're being a good influence on Justin.

Justin Bieber in Training

To be clear, it doesn't sound like Justin went into this hoping to start a feud with Floyd Mayweather.

Justin didn't call out Floyd for being a "bigot" or a "vicious serial abuser" or a "dude who absolutely deserves to be eaten by a tiger, a tiger who should then escape authorities and lead a nice life free from mankind's unjust retribution."

Justin literally just unfollowed the guy on Instagram. It was Floyd who freaked out.

Floyd Mayweather apparently has a temper. Who knew?

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