Another day, another epic Brandi Glanville feud.

Over the weekend, Joanna Krupa slammed Brandi after the Beverly Hills Housewife made some unpleasant comments about the odor of Krupa's nether regions during an interview with Andy Cohen.

Joanna unloaded on Brand,i and perhaps she thought her tirade would teach Ms. Glanville a lesson about talking trash in public forums. Oh, how wrong she was.

In a video she recorded for Us Weekly recently, Brandi offers her opinion on everyone from her housewives co-stars to the biggest names in Hollywood. And you might expect, she doesn't hold anything back:

Brandi Glanville Talks Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling

Remarkably, Brandi had nothing but kind words for Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes! Everyone else is not so lucky.

"Kim Kardashian, do something besides be pretty," she lectured Mrs. West.

"Tori Spelling - what goes around comes around," she said in reference to Tori being cheated on by Dean McDermott.

"Justin Bieber needs to be spanked, and not by a Brazilian supermodel," Brandi said about everyone's favorite swaggy-douche.

Harsh word. But of course, Brandi saved her most specific trash-talk for one of her RHOBH co-stars:

"Kyle Richards needs a haircut, needs some layers, and needs an attitude adjustment."

Ouch. But hey, at least she talk about the stench of anyone's genitals.

Watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online at TV Fanatic for more of Brandi's trademark candor.

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