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Intro for June 26, 2017

Dear Gossips, There was a lot of nostalgia last night at the BET Awards. New Edition was honoured. Mary J Blige showed us how great it can be to set yourself free. And Xscape came back onstage together after 18 years apart. But to balance the nostalgia, there were several new school highlight...

Drake hosts first ever NBA Awards

The first ever NBA Awards happened last night in New York. Drake was the host. Drake, as you know, from the Junos and the ESPYs and Saturday Night Live, is a very good host. This is a skill he has on top of his other skills and a skill that most of his contemporaries don’t share. So the question ...

Intro for June 27, 2017

Dear Gossips, A couple of years ago, Sasha and I designed a capsule collection for a line of pyjamas. It was a rewarding experience and we really loved the process, but I have a major regret: the collection was not inclusive. That is, the collection did not include a range of sizes that repre...

Serena Williams covers Vanity Fair

Serena Williams on the cover of Vanity Fair… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped when I saw this this morning. And then I got pissed because I knew I wouldn’t be able to read it for a few hours. Then the magnificence of these photos made me forget my anger. I’ve been loo...

What Else for June 27, 2017

Remember when Duana and I, on the last episode of Show Your Work, talked about Emmy campaigns? And how the budgets are getting bigger than the Oscar campaigns? This probably did not cost a lot of money, if any money at all. But what they’re offering cannot be bought. It’s an excellent strategy, I...

Jennifer Lawrence picks up a friend at LAX after having lunch with Quentin Tarantino

Jennifer Lawrence showed up at LAX yesterday, not to catch a flight but to pick up a friend. She’s actually been papped a few times the last few days, which is, for her, kind of a lot, given that she’s pretty good at staying out of sight. She and Darren Aronofsky were seen out for dinner and also...
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