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The Woman Who Was Injured In The Prince Philip Car Crash Is Screaming “Cover Up!”

As we all know, Prince Philip got into a car accident last week with a Kia containing a woman, her passenger, and a 9-month-old baby boy in the backseat. Philip’s Land Rover flipped and the women in the Kia reportedly suffered some minor injuries (the baby is fine). You’d think that accident would be enough to get this 97-year-old man to stop driving, or at the very least drive with a seatbelt, but you’d be wrong twice! People is reporting that it looks like Prince Philip is trying to get a role in the next Fast & The Furious, because he was back out on the road and without a seatbelt two days after he first crashed his Land Rover.

Don’t worry about that nearly 100-year-old man driving around town without a seatbelt, the Norfolk police gave him a stern warning after seeing him in pictures without his seatbelt:

“We are aware of the photograph… Suitable words of advice has been given to the driver. This is in line with our standard response when being made aware of, or receiving such images showing this type of offense.”

This really grinds the gears of 46-year-old Emma Fairweather, the woman in the passenger seat who broke her wrist. Emma has been doing the rounds and went in on Philip and the Royals when she spoke with the Sunday Mirror:

“I’m lucky to be alive and he hasn’t even said sorry… It would mean the world to me if Prince Philip said sorry but I have no idea if he’s sorry at all.”

Emma also went on This Morning and repeated that she hasn’t heard from the Palace, hasn’t been asked to give a statement to police, is worried that Prince Philip isn’t insured (because she heard the royal family doesn’t have to get insurance), and is worried about her medical situation.

Well, Emma, you’re a peasant and he’s the literal QUEEN’s husband, so don’t hold your breath honey-bunch. A palace spokesperson claims Emma is full of it, telling People: “A full message of support was sent to both the driver and the passenger.”

They may be referencing this phone call Emma got from the cops where a “police family liaison” (whatever that is) told Emma: “The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh would like to be remembered to you.” That is the most proper British high-society non-apology I have ever seen. Yeah she’ll remember you when she sues the shit out of you. And it looks like Emma’s laying groundwork for some legal action if you ask me.

She says the Royals are scheming liars, suggesting their storyline that Philip got blinded by the sun is garbage since she remembers the weather being dreary: “I can’t see how that could be true when it was overcast.”

And TMZ is saying that Emma thinks this whole thing is a Royal cover up! She says after that police liaison called to give her that “screw you” apology, a report was released about her status which she claims is highly mischaracterized. She says because she was discharged from hospital the reports are all acting like she’s hunky-dory, but after the accident there was a possibility of surgery for her broken wrist and none of the reports are mentioning that piece of information.

Why do I have a feeling that Emma is setting all of this up for a lawsuit and will try to get her one-currently-working-hand on some royal money Emma, in order to do that and get yours, you need to find yourself a good lawyer who hates the Royal Family. Call Samantha Markle, maybe she knows someone.


Blac Chyna Got A Visit From The Cops After She Was Accused Of Drunkenly Neglecting Her Child 

Blac Chyna sure is giving Rob Kardashian a lot of ammunition to use against her in their child support fight, as TMZ is reporting that the police showed up to her house last night after someone called in saying she was neglecting her child. I feel like having Blac Chyna as a mother itself qualifies as neglect, so you’ll have to be more specific. Oh right, she was allegedly drunk AND neglecting her child.

Human scratching post, Rob Kardashian has been trying to pay the mother of his baby, Dream (named because Chyna achieved hers after getting pregnant with the sole male Kardashian), much less child support claiming she makes more money and he shouldn’t have to pay her. She didn’t infiltrate the Kardashian Koven just to leave without a monthly check, so she’s not been interested in that idea. Well, it seems Rob may find himself looking like the more trustworthy and responsible of the two parents in court, as Chyna has been getting into drama lately. And not for selling skin bleaching creams in Africa.

Last week she got into a fight with Love & Hip Hop star, Alexis Skyy, and Kris Jenner quickly followed that up with an introductory storyline involving her son Rob. If you thought getting into a fight at a mansion would look bad in court, buckle up, because Chyna got herself a visit from the police for something unrelated.

TMZ says the LAPD showed up at Chyna’s house after getting an anonymous phone call. The caller, I mean KALLER, said that Chyna was “intoxicated” and “neglecting her child.” They said Chyna was so lit at home there was no way she could “properly care for her daughter.”

When the police showed up, Chyna didn’t seem any more wine-wasted than any other Los Angeles mother, and there was a nanny present. So the cops went left without making an arrest. Sources tell TMZ that this probably has to do with a fight Chyna had with a “member of her glam team” earlier in the evening, so someone not named Kris Jenner may be trying to get back at Chyna also.

PS: Chyna’s glam team comprises of one makeup artist, a hairstylist, and three people to hold up each ass cheek when Chyna has to free-stand for longer than a minute and a half. I’m going to go ahead and assume it was an ass-holder who called the police. Talk about workplace grievances; it was only a matter of time until one of them turned on you. Time to pay your ass-handlers more, Chyna.


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