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Bethenny Frankel tells people to eat before parties or you’ll overindulge

Bethenny Frankel built her food and beverage line and all her branding around being thin. She has a few books with tips and recipes about it, and she loves talking about it too. It’s not easy to stay thin in your late 40s, if that’s something you’re striving for, as the pounds creep on over the years and small amounts can add up. I get it and I work on that too, I just find it superficial as hell. (I mean I know I’m that way, it’s just not my main focus in life.) US Magazine asked Bethenny at an event for holiday diet tips. She started off well and said that you shouldn’t be on a strict diet and should indulge reasonably. Some of her other advice was decent too, but of course she said disparaging things about eating and gaining weight because that’s how she is.

“I’m a fan of indulging,” [Bethenny Frankel] told Us… “I think people are always told how to restrict and my feeling is you have to teach people how to indulge. It’s OK to have some cake, it’s OK to have some cookies. If you’re getting buckets of popcorn and brownies, choose how you’re going to invest — the way you invest in shopping, the way you invest in money. You don’t go and just buy everything, you just pick your spots. So, that’s how people should handle the holidays.”

For Frankel, it’s more harmful to have a strict diet during the holiday season because it can lead to unhealthy binging. “You say you’re going to be drinking green juice and eating steamed vegetables for the holiday season, you’re going to eat five times the amount and blow up like a tick,” she told Us.

She advised people to eat before attending holiday parties “otherwise you’ll be grabbing every hors d’oeuvre.” When it comes to sipping festive cocktails, Frankel urged partygoers to drink water in between drinks to avoid overeating while buzzed. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint, the holiday season. Can’t call in full the next day,” Frankel said.

The Skinnydipping author added that cheat meals aren’t in her vocabulary because she doesn’t “think it’s cheating.” Instead, she believes the word can cause people to not achieve their diet goals.

“I eat everything,” Frankel said. “If you think it’s called cheating, then you beat yourself up for it, then you rebel, then it’s a vicious cycle. My book, Naturally Thin, is all about ‘treat your diet like a bank account.’”

[From US Magazine]

I tend to eat a lot at parties because the food is great and I don’t drink anymore so I may as well eat. I can’t get on board with this pre-eating thing, that’s assuming the food I have at home is better than typical party food and it never is! It sounds like Bethenny doesn’t care about that at all. However I do treat my diet like a bank account and eat less the rest of the day because I know I’m going to have a lot at one event. I also agree with her that you shouldn’t have “cheat foods” or “forbidden foods.” As I often mention, I count calories and it’s easier to keep a balance when you know how much you’re eating and what you have left. Plus then you don’t have to give up entire categories of foods. That seems like misery to me. That’s Bethenny’s default setting though so it probably doesn’t matter what she eats.

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Kathie Lee Gifford on moving to Nashville: there’s a culture of authentic kindness

Kathie Lee Gifford left The Today Show about eight months ago to start a new life in Nashville, where she’s making music and Christian movies. She came back for the first time yesterday to talk to Hoda and Jenna and it’s clear that she’s loving her semi-retirement in Tennessee. She said a lot of things about how wonderful people are in Nashville and how it’s different from Connecticut in that people are more open and social. Kathie’s husband of almost 30 years, Frank Gifford, passed away in 2015. She told Hoda and Jenna that she went on her first date in 33 years with a decent man she met while she was dancing.

On living in Nashville
It’s a completely different culture down there. There’s a culture of kindness and they’re authentically kind. They’re joyful they have so much fun. There’s barbecues, everything is Americana like when I was growing up. There are church bells and birds. When a siren comes around it’s not because someone was murdered.

She went on two dates for the first time in 33 years
No I went out on a couple of dates. I went out with friends to a club to hear my favorite band. This sweet guy asked me to dance. A couple of weeks later same band, so we danced again. We just went out a couple of times. It was fun. I hadn’t been out on a date in 33 years. It’s surreal because the world has changed so much. But he was a gentleman. It was fine, fun. I got so busy and we’re just from different worlds.

On how it’s different in Nashville
Nobody in Greenwich, Connecticut just shows up [at your house] so that’s different. Nobody takes a guitar off your wall and starts playing and the next thing you know you’ve recorded it and you’re trying to get Little Big Town to do it.

I’m just writing with tons of people, going back to Israel to shoot more films. There’s such a desire in people for truth in this world we live in. People want authenticity. Let people be who they are too. In Nashville there is so much decency. There’s Republicans, there’s Democrats, there’s Libertarians. People talk nicely to one another, ‘why do you feel that way?’ People don’t scream at each other.

[From The Today Show video]

As someone who moved to the south from Connecticut specifically, I have to say that southern people are kind, friendly and they can be super nice to your face, but they talk about you behind your back much worse than they do other places. Once you learn this you can use it to your advantage, but it took me a while to catch on. Everyone is nice to you if you’re a white person. It’s not as welcoming for people of color. That said, it does sound like a great place for Kathie and like she’s enjoying herself. Also I bet she could find love again if she wanted to! Not everyone wants that and it does take a lot of work to find someone. My friends in their 50s are meeting decent guys though and there are plenty of older men looking for partners. The world has changed but we have so many more options now to meet guys. It’s definitely not as big of a pool as there was in our 20s and 30s though that’s for sure.

Here’s Kathie’s interview. I would jack the hell out of my face if I could look like that at 66. She looks good!


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