Kate Hudson Makes It Through Vigorous Toddlerography Without Even Breaking a Sweat

Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to take a dance class from a group of kids, and we're thinking it should really become a mainstream trend. The actress stopped by The Late Late Show on Tuesday, where she learned some new moves during a segment called "Toddlerography." Kate and host James Corden slipped into some fab athletic gear as they did some interpretive dance moves to Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn." Not only does the mother of two look completely at ease as she interacts with the adorable kids, but her moves (and abs) are pretty impressive. It's not like we expected anything less, though.

Jenna Dewan Tatum and James Corden Dancing to Sia With Toddlers Will Instantly Make Your Day

Lamar Odom on His Recovery: “I Committed Suicide Enough Already”

Lamar Odom checked himself out of rehab in early January after a one-month stay to work on his "mental and physical health." It looks like the former LA Lakers player is taking all the right steps to maintain his sobriety after his nearly fatal overdose in a Nevada brothel in October 2015, but it seems that his completion of rehab is only one small part of it. Lamar, who struggled to deal with his "demons" during his marriage to Khloé Kardashian from 2009 until 2013, opened up about everything from his drug use to his relationship with his kids in an interview on The Doctors on Tuesday.

Lamar admitted that he now knows how to better cope with the numerous losses he's suffered in his life, including the death of his 6-month-old son Jayden in 2006. He also revealed that his kids, Lamar Jr. and Destiny, visiting him in rehab helped him through his "breaking point." In another clip, Lamar's team reacts to his revelation that he wants to patch things up with Khloé. "That didn't surprise me one bit," said Geno, Lamar's friend and sponsor. "What we want is what matters to us, and I know that relationship is real. The longer that he's sober, the more that love comes back." No matter what happens, it appears that Lamar has truly turned a corner.

Lamar Odom Is All Smiles at the Lakers Game After His Hospitalization

What’s New at ‘The Chivery’

00-full-featureAll new Ostrich Imports and KCCO BBQ set landed this week, plus William Murray Golf polos, BFMs, Keep Calm tees and more are back in stock at The Chivery.

Scarlett Johansson Gets Incredibly Candid About Going to Planned Parenthood at 15

Scarlett Johansson was one of the many stars who stepped out for the Women's March on Washington on Saturday. In addition to revealing that she did not vote for Donald Trump, Scarlett got personal with her speech as she addressed women's health issues. She opened up about visiting Planned Parenthood for the first time when she was 15 years old, saying that it "provided a safe place where I could be treated with gentle guidance." She also made a public plea to Donald, adding, "President Trump, I did not vote for you . . . I want to be able to support you. But first I ask that you support me, support my sister, support my mother." Other stars who spoke at the event included Madonna and Ashley Judd.

Drew Barrymore, John Legend, and More Stars Show Support For the Women's Marches Around the Globe

Donald Trump Inauguration Press Secy Defends Crowd Reports (VIDEO)

Donald Trump's team is continuing to try and dispel reports of his low Inauguration crowds ... this time, his Press Secretary Sean Spicer came to Trump's defense. Spicer held a press conference Saturday where he claimed the crowd to witness…

Madonna: I Want to Blow Up the White House!

The day after Donald Trump was sworn in as our brand new president, people all across the country -- all across the world, actually, are gathering together to march for women's rights, for LGBT rights ...

For all the rights, honestly.

The Women's March is, of course, focused in Washington D.C., and that's where a number of celebrities gathered to protest Trump's presidency and also everything he's ever said or done.

One of those celebrities in attendance was Madonna, who gave a speech she'd prepared about the whole situation.

And oh, what a speech it was.

Several news channels airing Madonna's speech cut away, thanks to all the language, and that one comment about blowing up the White House.

It was a shame, because she really did have some nice sentiments.

"Welcome to the revolution of love," she said. "It took us this darkness to wake the f-ck up."

She directed a message "to our detractors that insist that this March will never add up to anything," and that message?

"F-ck you. F-ck you."

Madonna also said that she's "outraged" over Trump, and that she has "thought an awful lot of blowing up the White House."

Watch the full speech below:

Madonna i want to blow up the white house

See The Emotional Scenes From Chapecoense’s First Match Since The Brazilian Soccer Club’s Tragic Plane Crash

Screenshot via Twitter/ @Deadspin)

(Screenshot via Twitter/ @Deadspin)

Today Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense played their first match since 71 people, including 19 players and staff, perished in a plane crash on November 29th.

It was an emotional day at sold-out Arena Conda stadium in Chapeco throughout the day’s friendly against fellow Brazilian side Palmeiras. The three players who survived the crash were among those who received the Copa Sudamerica trophy before the game. Chapecoense was scheduled to face Colombian team Atletico Nacional in the final of the tournament when the tragedy occured, and Atletico Nacional conceded the trophy following the plane crash.

Chapecoense have recruited 22 new players, most of whom are on loan, since the tragedy.

The game was stopped in the 71st minute to honor the 71 who were lost in the crash. Half of the match proceeds will go to the families of those who died.

The friendly ultimately ended in a 2-2 draw. Here is the video of the emotional first goal, courtesy of Deadspin.


One of most dramatic pic in history of sports: #Chapecoense survivors lift Copa Sudamericana, 1st game after tragedy pic.twitter.com/ekeNcpz110

— Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri) January 21, 2017

Today, Chapecoense played their first game since 19 players and staff were killed in the tragic plane crash

Read: https://t.co/SACczvFCP5 pic.twitter.com/lZe6gMvMyr

— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) January 21, 2017

Chapecoense plane tragedy survivor Jackson Follmann with the Copa Sudamericana trophy 😭💚

— Leo Messi (@messi10stats) January 21, 2017

Blake Lively Hits the Red Carpet With Her Famous Sister and Casts a Spell on Us

Blake Lively was in good company at the People's Choice Awards in LA on Wednesday night. The actress glowed in a black minidress and was joined by her older sister Robyn, who's famously known for her role in the 1989 classic film Teen Witch. The sisters played up their sweet chemistry on the red carpet as they hugged and shared a few laughs for the cameras. Inside, Blake took home the award for favorite dramatic movie actress for her role in The Shallows. During her speech, she encouraged girls to speak their minds and then jokingly yelled at fans in the audience about husband Ryan Reynolds, saying, "You can't have him! He's mine!"

Just before her arrival, Blake posted an Instagram snap of herself getting ready and thanked her glam team for "making me look like I slept more than 2 hours last night." Perhaps Ryan Reynolds stayed home with their daughters, Ines and James?

The People's Choice Awards Red Carpet Packed Enough Style For the Whole Week
Announcing the 2017 People's Choice Awards Winners!

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr: The Engagement is Back On!

If you thought that the Teen Mom drama only revolved around the girls who gave birth on reality television when they were teenagers, you couldn't be more wrong.

Seriously, are you new?

Teen Mom drama can involve the moms, the moms' family, the moms' friends, the moms' significant others.

Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer

It can even. and often does, involve MTV, the company that made them rich-ish and famous in the first place.

Any and all shenanigans can go down for these people, and the eventful love life of Jeremy Calvert is proof of that.

Jeremy is sometimes featured on Teen Mom 2, since he was briefly married to Leah Messer and had a child with her.

These days, he's not involved with Leah at all beyond co-parenting, and he's barely on the show anymore, but still, people seem to be interested in what he's been getting up to.

Probably because he's been up to no good.

Jeremy Calvert Laying Pipe

Jeremy has been dating this girl named Brooke Wehr since 2015. The relationship has had its ups and downs, and we've seen some of them on Teen Mom 2.

We've seen Jeremy ditch his own kid to take care of Brooke's, we've seen Leah embarrass herself, seemingly out of jealousy of Brooke.

And last week, we saw Brooke and Jeremy break up on Instagram.

It was an exceptionally millennial breakup, communicated through memes.

Brooke posted one that read "I'm letting go. You let go a long time ago, and I realize that it is time for me to do the same."

Jeremy Calvert & Brooke Wehr Image

Another read "It hurts when the person that made you feel special yesterday, makes you feel so unwanted today."

Jeremy's heartfelt meme read "Sometimes holding on does more damage than letting go."

In his caption, he wrote "This speaks so much volume to me."

It's not clear what caused such a modern split, but there's been some speculation that MTV's dastardly editing played a role in it.

Particularly, one scene of Leah talking about Jeremy's engagement to Brooke in which she claimed that he thought the engagement was not a big deal.

Leah Messer Reacts to Jeremy Calvert Engagement

So sad, right? But before you get too heartbroken, you should know that Jeremy and Brooke are already back together.

Brooke shared a screenshot of one of the breakup stories, one that blamed Teen Mom for everything, and wrote "This is not the reason we ever broke up."

"I keep seeing these articles and that scene is not the reason that we ever broke up lol," she insisted. "Just to clarify."

One of her followers commented to say that she wasn't even aware of their breakup, and Brooke replied "for like a day lol."

Then Jeremy shared a photo of himself with Brooke, and in his caption he wrote "Yes we have fights and yes we have are arugements and short break ups but we still continue to try and make it work everyday."

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert Pic

"Life and relationship arent easy on a day-to-day basis and never less with a camera in ur face, your a great step mom to my child and the only female she has been around and that makes me happy and i want it to stay that way for her sake."

"Your a amazing mom to your little one also. No matter what I love you even during the fights and arguements," he continued.

"Sometimes u bother me like no other and other times i want u to bother me for the rest of my life... i love you @bwehr10."

Yeah, yeah, that grammar and spelling. But still, it's a sweet message, right?

Congrats to Jeremy and Brooke on their engagement (again)!

View Slideshow: Brooke Wehr: Who is Jeremy Calvert's Fiancee?

Madonna Admits to Having Thoughts About Blowing Up the White House During the Women’s March

After revealing that she's not looking forward to the "horror show" that is a Donald Trump presidency in the February issue of Harper's Bazaar, Madonna made a surprise appearance at the Women's March in Washington DC on Saturday. The singer, who was joined by several other stars at the event, gave a powerful speech, encouraging the crowd to embrace love while also admitting that she's had thoughts about blowing up the White House. "Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House, but I know that this won't change anything," she said. Unfortunately, Madonna dropped so many F-bombs during her speech that CNN and MSNBC cut it short. Watch the uncensored version above now!

Ashley Judd Has the Women's March Fired Up With Her Impassioned "Nasty Woman" Speech
Drew Barrymore, John Legend, and More Stars Show Support For the Women's Marches Around the Globe

WATCH: Madonna Dropped F-Bombs On Live TV And Apparently People Still Actually Care About Madonna



During the Women’s March on Washington, Madonna dropped some f-bombs on national television while making an impassioned speech.

Because we live in a totally politicized world, conservatives and liberals alike both lost their minds on Twitter as a result. Those on the right were outraged that somebody would dare use such vulgar language on television with children watching and that she said she thought about blowing up the White House. Conversely, those on the left lauded Madonna’s anti-Trump sentiment and pointed out those who were offended just made a guy who brags about grabbing women’s genitalia President.

Personally I don’t feel one way or the other about this. Because Madonna has every right to exercise her freedom of speech and I’ve heard the F-bomb once or twice before in my life, but I’ve never cared about anything Madonna has said or done before and see no reason to start now. I respect her career but I don’t particularly like her music and she was most famous before I was even born.

So yeah, I know because I’m an internet writer I’m supposed to bring the heat on every issue, but I’m just completely indifferent to Madonna. It’s a strange world when it’s a hot take that you don’t need to have a hot take on every single that comes out of famous people’s mouths, but that’s where we are right now.

Anyway, here are the videos of the speech:

Madonna at #WomensMarch: "It took this horrific moment of darkness to wake us the fuck up." pic.twitter.com/9zrrsKPzuP

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews) January 21, 2017

Madonna out here dropping F-Bombs on live TV. #WomensMarch pic.twitter.com/rmhHLdSZ4x

— Erick Fernandez (@ErickFernandez) January 21, 2017

Girl Power: See All the Stars Who Attended the Women’s Marches Across the Country

History was made on Saturday when thousands of people around the country came together for the Women's Marches. While several stars showed their support on Instagram, a handful of other celebrities rallied together and hit the streets. John Legend, Chelsea Handler, and Charlize Theron were at the center of the action in Park City, UT, while Katy Perry, Chrissy Teigen, and Jason Sudeikis joined forces in Washington DC. Cher and Madonna even put their rumored feud aside and Ashley Judd fired up the crowd with a powerful speech. Read on to see all the stars who popped up at the marches.

Mark Ruffalo, Cher, Shailene Woodley, and More Rally Against Trump in NYC

Open Post: Hosted By 7-Eleven’s Gravy-Soaked Breakfast Pizza


7-Eleven isn’t just the place where you wander drunkenly through the aisles after the bars let out, searching desperately for the ORIGINAL flavor of Slim-Jims because no one wanted to go home with you (and why is everything fucking chipotle flavored now)? It’s ALSO the place where you can score an utterly nutritious start to your day. Say hell to the 7-Eleven breakfast pizza!

Via Munchies:

The breakfast pizza starts with a biscuit crust, then tops it with smoked bacon, sausage, hickory smoked ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar and mozzarella cheese and—because you’re probably already on Lipitor—it’s covered in a peppered cream gravy. It will be available either by the slice or as an entire pie, because 7-Eleven knows that you can’t hate yourself all day unless you start first thing in the morning.

You can buy just a slice or the whole damn pie to share with any other depressives with a death wish at work. My day job is full of slender people who watch what they eat. If I ever dropped any pretense of caring what they thought of me, or concern about my job status and brought this in to share with them, they’d probably call HR and have me and my breakfast pizza escorted out of the building.

Luke Hemsworth Steals the Spotlight During a Star-Studded Night in LA

Luke Hemsworth attended the People's Choice Awards in LA on Wednesday, where he looked incredibly sexy while hitting the red carpet and stage. The Westworld actor, who is older brother to the equally sexy Chris and Liam Hemsworth, showed off his piercing blue eyes when he presented Blake Lively with the award for favorite dramatic movie actress. He also had a few adorable on-camera moments from the audience, including hilariously reacting to host Joel McHale poking fun at his good-looking family. If his latest appearance proves anything, it's that we really need more of Luke in our lives.

The People's Choice Awards Red Carpet Packed Enough Style For the Whole Week
Announcing the 2017 People's Choice Awards Winners!
Ellen DeGeneres Just Became the Most Decorated People's Choice Winner in History

Kendall Jenner Bares Her Boobs In A See-Through Top In Paris



gay jokes,jersey shore,just-kidding-relax,twilight,wank party

LOOKS A LOT LIKE The Jersey Shore, though

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2017 Will Be Extra Exciting For These Pregnant Stars

We're all hoping for good things in 2017, but some stars are expecting more than just success and happiness - they're also expecting babies. From first-time moms like Lauren Conrad and Amanda Seyfried to stars like Natalie Portman and Ciara, who are on their second bundles of joy, it's going to be a pretty fun year.

Kate Hudson’s Brother Joked About Her Dating Brad Pitt


Actor Oliver Hudson took to Instagram to mock tabloid reports that his sister Kate Hudson is housing her water pipe with the one belonging to the newly single Brad Pitt.

In a lengthy post featuring a Star cover breathlessly declaring that Brad has moved in with Kate, he imagined a world where the Hudson/Hawn clan has been turned upside down by the presence of Bong Hit Brad the Chaos-Bringer.

I could have lived without the “dump” detail, Ollie. We’re demure sort of ladies here at Dlisted.

Yeah and it’s been hell!! He’s messy as shit! He drinks out of the fucking carton and leaves the door open when he’s taking a dump!! And this is when he’s at MY house!!!

Oliver goes on to note how Brad has gotten his mom Goldie Hawn all sorts of horny. I’m of the mind that being overly concerned with what’s moistening your mom (even in jest) is a sign of some personal issues. But what do I know? I’m not a rich celebrity. And Goldie Hawn is so sexy and sassy (at 71 no less!), that even her flesh-and-blood is making note of her imaginary nightie action (in jest). *cringe*

My mom’s overtly flirting with him! Shes wearing these little nighties around the house now?! But ALL DAY!! Like at 3pm!

Oliver’s imaginary farewell to imaginary Brad reads very similarly to how Angelina Jolie must have bid Brad adieu in real life.

So BP.. it’s time to move out man.. I need my life back dog.. I’ll smoke one more bowl and then get the fuck out.

Her brother might mock, but Kate Hudson’s vagina is a Dust Buster that sucks up all of the celebrity dick dust bunnies in its immediate vacinity.

It wouldn’t be that shocking if she’d “smoked a bowl” with the Brad at one time or another, what would be shocking is if she made it more than a long weekend with him. This gal can supposedly land Nick Jonas/J.J. Watt-level men. In translation, that means she can catch guys that are hot enough for gay guys to jerk off over (I ADMIT NOTHING). Why the hell would she be moving in with grizzled, old, allegedly Maddox-slapping Brad?

43 People’s Choice Awards Moments You Didn’t See on TV

The People's Choice Awards went down in LA on Wednesday night, where stars like Ellen DeGeneres, Tyler Perry, Blake Lively, and more were recognized for their work. The show boasted lots of glamorous red carpet arrivals, fun onstage performances, and sweet interactions between some of our favorite celebrity couples, but there were a handful of candid moments that you definitely didn't see on TV. Keep reading for 43 snaps from backstage and beyond that you may have missed at the PCAs.
Announcing the 2017 People's Choice Awards Winners!

Women’s March: See How The Celebs Got Involved!

Donald Trump's presidency is bad news for so very, very many people.

All the people, basically.

But one group -- one entire gender, actually -- banded together on Saturday, January 21st, in protest.

We're speaking, of course, about the Women's March.

Women came together in Washington D.C., in Los Angeles, in Chicago, and in so many other major cities, and in some not-so-major cities as well.

It was a beautiful sight to see, and so now let's see what the celebrities did to honor the occasion!

1. Katy Perry Katy perry Katy Perry, one of Hillary Clinton's biggest supporters, marched in Washington. 2. Scarlett Johansson Scarlett johansson Scarlett Johansson spoke in support of Planned Parenthood. 3. Melissa Benoist Melissa benoist Supergirl actress Melissa Benoist got in on the action with this amazing sign. 4. Nick Offerman Nick offerman Nick Offerman, best known for playing Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, got himself a popular "pussy hat." 5. Helen Mirren Helen mirren Helen Mirren looked just as classy as ever at the protest in New York. 6. Cynthia Nixon Cynthia nixon Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon went out to march in New York as well. View Slideshow

Donald Trump Claims Media’s Lying About Inauguration Crowd Numbers (VIDEO)

Donald Trump says his Inauguration brought crowds of over a million people, and the outlets claiming it was only 250k are just full of it. Trump was at CIA Headquarters in Virginia Saturday and vented his frustrations about the alleged false crowd…

Kylie Jenner Finally Comes Clean About Her Latest Lip Kit Scandal


Selena Gomez meeting fans

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Nina Dobrev Marks Her 28th Birthday With a La La Land-Themed Bash

After hitting up the premiere of xXx: Return of Xander Cage with pals Julianne Hough and Jessica Szohr, Nina Dobrev rang in her 28th birthday with a La La Land-themed party on Friday. Nina - who turned 28 on Jan. 9 - donned a dress similar to the blue halter one Emma Stone wore in the record-breaking film, while Julianne wowed in a yellow number. Derek Hough channeled Ryan Gosling's character in a suit jacket and matching newsboy cap at the bash, which also included a colorful unicorn cake. Thankfully, some of the guests documented the fun on Instagram.

Nina Dobrev Chugs a Bottle of Vodka While Chilling on the Beach in Brazil

Madonna At Women’s March … ‘F*** You’ To The Haters (VIDEO)

Madonna attended Saturday's Women's March in Washington D.C. and had one very strong message to those opposing the event ... a big old "F*** You." Madge was among the last of the star studded lineup -- which included Amy Schumer, Alicia Keys,…

Léa Seydoux

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Mädchen Amick – Dream Lover (1993)

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Bella Hadid Misses The Weeknd

The Weeknd and Bella Hadid celebrate his birthday at BOA Steakhouse

In vapid celebrity love triangle news, Bella Hadid is “bitter” over The Weeknd’s alleged relationship with Selena Gomez.

A source tells E! that the vacant-faced model has been crying into her bowl of lettuce foam over Starboy ever since she found out about their relationship, and lashed out at Selena by unfollowing her on Instagram. Trust me, Selena might have 107 million followers on IG, but she still feels it when she loses even one! Hit her where it hurts, Bella! (No one ever blames the man.)

According to the source:

“She is actually not over The Weeknd. She still loves him,” a source shared with E! News. “They are on fine terms, but she is bitter about the romance with Selena. She was not happy when all of that gossip went everywhere between The Weeknd and Selena.”

The “insider continued,” and you’re going to wish they hadn’t.

Our insider continued, “It really hurt her seeing Selena be all up on her man. She still feels like they have a connection.”

Bella reportedly warned The Weeknd that Selena is the sort of pop chipmunk who will use a man for the music and then just throw him away! The Weeknd doesn’t seem to have found that warning dire enough to exile Selena from his sad L.A. party music benzo kingdom.

“[The Weeknd] always had a thing for Selena,” a source shared with E! News. “He thinks she is extremely talented and sexy. They recently started talking before the holidays but she has been on his radar before.”

I’m not sure how a man with the most ANNOYING missing “e” in stage name history can rate having these women fighting over him. That missing “e” should cause his stock to plummet. I don’t care if he has a dick the length of a Catholic mass. Typing that goddamn “e” and then having to go back and delete it is so goddamn annoying that it should render him undateable.


A Ryan Gosling Face For Almost Every Situation

Ryan Gosling really is the perfect package. Not only is he gorgeous and talented, but he's also incredibly funny. Aside from showing off his charm and wit during late-night appearances, he's been known to throw some hilarious facial expressions on and off screen. In fact, we definitely suggest using one of Ryan's trademark faces for all of life's situations.

14 Times Ryan Gosling Looked Damn Good Without Even Trying
Let These Insanely Hot Pictures of Ryan Gosling Distract You From Whatever You Were Doing

J.Lo Heats Up Her Romance With Drake In New Raunchy Snaps


Here Is Why Anti-Trump Protesters Should Be Jealous Of Austin 3:16

Stone Cold Steve Austin Net Worth 1998


A lot of protesters in Washington are probably jealous of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not so much for his success in the wrestling ring. But for the fact that he’s the only person in the known universe to have given President Donald Trump a Stone Cold Stunner.

Let’s go back to 2007. Vince McMahon and Donald Trump were embroiled in an intense rivalry known as “The Battle of the Billionaires.” Back then, the crowd actually treated The Donald as the good guy. That was way before the media circus took aim at Trump.

At WrestleMania 23, both McMahon and Trump picked wrestlers to represent them in a yuge match, with the stipulation that if your wrestler loses then you get your head shaved. Just imagine, The Donald actually getting his head shaved live on worldwide television. This match definitely had yuge appeal. Trump handpicked “The Destroyer” Lashley to represent him in this match. Meanwhile. Vinnie Mac chose “The Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga to wrestle on his behalf.

Pro wrestling icon Stone Cold Steve Austin was thrown into the mix as well. Austin 3:16 was the special guest referee for the “Battle of the Billionaires.” He promised to call things straight down the middle, and if anybody gets out of line, he’ll just open up a can of whoop ass and call it a day. If Trump gets out of line, you beat your ass he’d get a stunner by Steve.

Vince McMahon thought it would be yuge if Austin would give Trump the Stone Cold Stunner at the end of their segment. The Donald’s right hand man didn’t like the idea. But let’s see what Trump thought. Here’s how the story played out, as explained by Austin on the Stone Cold podcast:

“Vince says to me, ‘Steve, I’m going to see if I can get Donald to take the Stunner.” “I said, ‘you think?’ He says, ‘Oh yeah, it’ll be great, it’ll be great.’ He goes up to Donald and says, ‘Hey Donald, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin.’ I shook Donald’s hand. He goes, ‘Listen, I want to know if after the match, when everything is done, if Steve could hit the Stone Cold Stunner on you.’ Donald says, ‘You think it’d be a good thing?’ and Vince goes, ‘Oh, of course it would be. It would just blow the roof off the place.’ And Donald’s right hand guy was saying, ‘No, no, no! You don’t need to do this, we got other things to do!’ He’s trying to talk him out of it. And Donald says to Vince, ‘You think it’ll help?’ and Vince goes, ‘I promise you it’ll help.’ And Donald says, ‘Okay, I’ll do it.’”

Vince promised Trump that receiving a stunner would be yuge, and Trump took the bait. Austin says that he can respect The Donald for that. It may not have been the best Stone Cold Stunner, but he was a true team-player for agreeing to it. And now, the man is the President of the United States. Who woulda thought?

“It wasn’t a picture-perfect stunner,” Austin says, “but I give Donald Trump a hell of a lot of credit for being a man. He was a stand-up guy, he was there to do business and we did business, so I respect the man for that. If I see him giving a speech on the TV, I don’t think, ‘Hey, I gave this guy a stunner.’ We were doing business and we did business. The fact that he is going to be the next President of the United States, it’s a hell of a story.”

Trump’s guy (Lashley) may have won the match, and The Donald’s famous hair got spared. But we all won by the end of the night thanks to everybody’s favorite enraged redneck.

Looking to see the stunner heard around the world? Look below and watch the infamous Austin hit The Donald with the Stone Cold Stunner. The Texas Rattlesnake kicked some serious presidential ass.


Ashley Judd Has the Women’s March Fired Up With Her Impassioned “Nasty Woman” Poem

Ashley Judd is one proud nasty woman. On Saturday, the actress and activist joined hundreds of thousands of women from around the world to protest Donald Trump's presidency at the Women's March on Washington. While taking the stage, Ashley shared a poem written by 19-year-old Nina Donovan that celebrates all the "nasty women" out there and calls out a number of issues including the gender wage gap, the cost of tampons and pads, and the struggles of the LGBT community. "I'm a nasty woman. I'm not as nasty as a man who looks like he bathes in Cheetos dust. A man whose words are a dis track to America," she said while pacing across the stage. Watch Ashley's impassioned speech in full above now.

Mark Ruffalo, Cher, Shailene Woodley, and More Rally Against Trump in NYC

11 Times Zoë Kravitz and Lisa Bonet Looked More Like Siblings That Mother and Daughter

Let's be real: Zoë Kravitz has inherited some of the best genes in the business. Between her rocker dad, Lenny, and her bohemian actress and musician mom, Lisa Bonet, Zoë's inner and outer beauty can't be denied. In a recent interview, Zoë opened up about why she idolizes her mother particularly: "She kind of stumbled into [the acting] world. It wasn't a conscious choice (a) to be an actress, (b) to be a famous actress, and (c) to be - she shook things up - a model for so many young women. The beautiful thing about her is that she just thought a certain way and lived her life that way."

We've rounded up Lisa and Zoë's cutest snaps - the ones that always make us do a double take to figure out whether they're actually mother and daughter or some sort of sorceress sisters.

11 Celebrities Who Once Looked EXACTLY Like Their Children
Jason Momoa's Hands-Down Cutest Moments With His Stepdaughter, Zoë Kravitz
Jason Momoa Pays Sweet Tribute to His Mom, Wife, and Kids in This Short Film

WATCH: Bill Clinton Seemingly Got Caught Ogling Ivanka Trump And Absolutely No One Is Surprised

bill clinton ivanka trump

It was a strange sight to see the Clintons on the dais yesterday while Donald J. Trump was being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

Just a few months earlier, Trump had proclaimed in a presidential debate that if he were elected President he would hire a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary. Now that he’s assumed the most powerful position on earth, the ever-fickle Trump isn’t even pretending like that wasn’t just a politically expedient tactic to fire up his supporters that he has no intention on following up on.

So there the Clintons were. Hillary was doing her best to conceal her fury, while Bill couldn’t keep his eyes off Ivanka Trump.

What did Slick Willy have to lose? His insatiable sexual appetite has been public for three decades now, and he has no reason to control himself now that both he and Hillary’s political careers are almost certainly over. She can scold him all she wants, but at the end of the day he’ll always can then just use the trump card- no pun intended- that his lusting after anything with a pulse didn’t keep him from being elected President twice.

While I’m not a certified lip-reader, it sure looks like the word Bill mouthed was Ivanka.

I know pantsuits are kind of Hillary’s thing, but she couldn’t show up in the same outfit as Ivanka and not expect her savage husband to have dirty thoughts about the woman who’s half his wife’s age.

On a more serious note, old dudes like Bill fawning over ladies with the whole world watching helps explain why there are currently half a million women currently marching on D.C, and more than a million in cities worldwide.

NYC Women's March Photos: Must-See Protests Pictures 2017 NYC Women's March Photos: Must-See Protests Pictures 2017Donald Trump being sworn in as the President of the United States has unsurprisingly spurred manyCLICK HERE TO READ MORE →

It would be a bit hypocritical of me though, considering the site I write for, to get on my high horse about the former president admiring Ivanka’s looks.

Ivanka Trump: 22 Hottest Photos of Trump's Daughter Ivanka Trump: 22 Hottest Photos of Trump's DaughterKnown widely for her profound skills as a business woman, writer, and former model; IvankaCLICK HERE TO READ MORE →

Anyway, here were some of the best Twitter responses to the moment.

Bill Clinton stands there like "Hey Ivanka, if you need a tour of the White House call me. I know all hall closets." #InaugurationDay

— Matthew Miller (@MNMtwo) January 20, 2017

Bill Clinton's face, when seeing Ivanka Trump at #Inauguration : Just like a child seeing a candy. #InaugurationDay  #TrumpInauguration2017

— Jai Nair (@JaikiranNair) January 20, 2017

Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka Trump.. I'm WEAK 😂😂😭😭

— Hunter Zolomon 🇳🇬 (@BodyBy_Jake) January 20, 2017

Anybody else see Bill Clinton checking out Ivanka? And then get caught by his wife!! 😂😂 #savage #InaugurationDay

— Derek Tuimauga (@DTUI67) January 20, 2017

Bill Clinton looking at Ivanka like how a dog looks at a rack of ribs

— ibb (@yo_ibb) January 20, 2017

get you a man who looks at you the way Bill Clinton looks at Ivanka Trump

— capitaine 92i (@rayaanelias) January 20, 2017

Uma Thurman’s Custody Battle Got Uglier


Actress and Quentin Tarantino fetish object Uma Thurman is currently locked in a custody battle with her ex-boyfriend Arpad (Arki) Busson over their four-year-old daughter, Luna.

Last week, Arki accused Uma of mixing pills and booze while she accused him of letting Luna ride a scooter without a helmet (um…). Uma finally got her hands on some alleged real dirt this week. We’ve got hookers, the threatening of ex-girlfriends, and cheating on high school tests! True, one of those accusations is a little frivolous compared to the other two, but, you have to throw everything at the reputation wall and see what sticks!

Page Six reported on the latest goings-on in Uma and Arki’s Manhattan custody trial. Uma’s lawyer had Arki on the stand and brought up ladies of the evening. And high school exams. I would have just stuck with the hookers.

“Did you tell Ms. Thurman you had paid someone to take your baccalaureate exam for you?” the lawyer, Eleanor Alter, asked in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“Yes,” Arpad “Arki” Busson, answered from the witness stand. The then 17-year-old Busson was enrolled at the Institut Le Rosey boarding school in Switzerland at the time.

“Did you also tell Ms. Thurman you had been addicted to prostitutes?” Alter asked.

“No,” Busson said.

Judge Matthew Cooper, who’s presiding over a two-week custody trial between the former couple for a parenting schedule with their 4-year-old daughter Luna, cut off further questioning on the subject.

The lawyer lady also accused him of threatening his other ex-girlfriend (and mother of two more of his children) Elle McPherson, to the point where she had to wear a wire on her Australian former swimsuit model body when she was around him. His lawyer got an objection sustained before he could answer.

Uma herself also testified and claimed that that Arki wasn’t the sort of boyfriend who’s going to paint your toenails and watch This Is Us with you.

“He was very difficult to be with. He was very angry. He got meaner and meaner,” Thurman said, her voice rising.

She also noted that his supposed reaction to her telling him she was pregnant with Luna in 2011 was both heartwarming and patriotic.

“Um, he looked at me and said, ‘Well the child won’t share your last name, cannot be a U.S. citizen and can’t have a U.S. passport and will be raised Catholic,’” she recalled, her voice shaking.

“What was the status of the relationship following that conversation?” Wolff asked.

“It was terrible,” Thurman answered.

Uma also claimed that Arki was prone to throwing a scary wobbly in front of the children now and then, as well as being somewhat hit-or-miss in his visits with Luna since their breakup, which caused her anxiety.

As for Arki, he hit back by accusing Uma of using Luna to gouge him for free airfare to the UK so she can get laid.

The London-based businessman said at first he was very excited when he learned last summer that his daughter was coming to visit him for her birthday. But, he said, Thurman suddenly invited herself along.

“I was blackmailed. I had to buy business class tickets for the nanny and the mother and the daughter at an exorbitant price,” he griped about the $30,000 cost.

“Did you subsequently learn why the mother wanted to come to London?” Bronstein asked.

“Yes her lover was in London,” he said.

Uma and Arki were together on and off for seven years and were engaged twice. Uma testified that they never lived together, but he had “closet space.” They split for good in February of 2014. One sort of hopes that, for Luna’s sake, someone puts her into a rocket to another planet ala Superman where she’ll be found by a kindly older couple who own a farm and will raise her with love amongst peaceful meadows and cows and stuff. Either that, or Uma and Arki better have hot-and-cold running child therapists for this little kid.


Kendall Jenner’s Star Pasties (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner was surrounded by stars in Paris Friday ... and we don't mean the celebrity kind. Jenner and bff Bella Hadid hit up l'Avenue Restaurant together -- and while Kendall's outfit was all fur on the outside -- the inside was nothin'…

This Heartfelt, Hilarious Parody Video Captures All Our Feelings About Obama Leaving Office

If you're as bummed about Barack Obama leaving office as we are, you'll love this hilarious parody video. On Tuesday - which also marked Michelle Obama's 53rd birthday - YouTube user SullyStFleur posted a tribute to the Obama's legacy. The song, "A Term With Obama Again," is set to the tune of the Luther Vandross hit "Dance With My Father Again," and in the video, he pays homage to the family's class, grace, and politics by dancing through the streets of NYC and singing lyrics like, "In came Michelle, she brought me so much glee / always so snatched and beat and damn, those gowns honey" - oh, he also drops down to the ground and cries.
16 Things People Will Miss About the Obamas

Must-See Photos From Today’s NYC Women’s March


Donald Trump being sworn in as the President of the United States has unsurprisingly spurred many impassioned protests.

The largest protest is the Women’s March on Washington, which is estimated to have a remarkable 500,000 person turnout, making it one of the most significant protests in American history. Clearly a lot of women and feminists are upset about a man who has bragged about grabbing women by the p***y assuming the highest office in the land.

The Women’s March on Washington has spawned sister marches in cities throughout not only the country, but the entire world. Below are exclusive photos from the Women’s March in New York City.


Justin Bieber Calls The Weeknd’s Music “Wack” Amid Selena Gomez Relationship Rumors

In case you were wondering, Justin Bieber is not a fan of The Weeknd. TMZ caught up with the "Sorry" singer as he was leaving Delilah in West Hollywood on Friday night and asked him if he listens to the fellow Canadian's music. Before the photographer could even finish his question, Justin replied, "Hell no, I can't listen to a Weeknd song! That sh*t's is wack."

While Justin may not listen to The Weeknd's music, his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez certainly does. Last week, the star was seen listening to The Weeknd's Starboy album outside of a church in LA, just days after she and The Weeknd were caught kissing outside of Giorgio Baldi restaurant. The Weeknd also recently debuted his new video for "Party Monster," in which he says, "like Selena, ass shaped like Selena," and many fans are wondering whether he had been crushing on Selena prior to their late-night rendezvous. We guess only time will tell if these two are the real deal.

Bella Hadid Unfollows Selena Gomez on Instagram After Pics of Her Kissing The Weeknd Surface
A Comprehensive History of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's Tumultuous Relationship

Donald Trump’s Inauguration Cake Was A Copy Job

Donald Trump's Inauguration cake baker just fessed up to copying a design made just a few years ago forBarack Obama's swearing-in. Celeb baker Duff Goldman created an Obama-inspired Inauguration cake 4 years ago. When he saw a pic of Trump…

Kristen Stewart Felt Donald Trump Tweeting About Her In 2012 Was “Insane”


Let’s turn the clock back to 2012. Hurricane Sandy was slapping the shit out of NYC. Jessica Simpson struggled to deal with Papa Joe’s twink addiction. And our current president Donald Trump felt necessary to chime in about a celebrity couple’s tragic breakup. He’s grown so much since then.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson starred as a starcrossed and sparkly vampire couple in a seemingly endless film franchise called Twilight in the early 2010s. They were also in a poorly concealed “secret” relationship which kaboomed when Kristen was papped letting a director attend to her needs in a mini-Cooper. Our future president, who was merely a reality television star back then, was firmly on Team Edward. He hates cheating (he’s been romancing the Twitter bird for a looonnngg time)!

Here’s an example of some of the important historical documents that will be on display in the Trump Presidential Library.


Variety (via People) spoke to Kristen at the Sundance Film Festival where she’s selling her directorial debut, Come Swim, and she was asked about Trumpasaurus Wrecks tweeting about her back in the day.

“He was mad at me a couple years ago, really obsessed with me a couple years ago, which is f—ing crazy,” Stewart told Variety in Park City, Utah as part of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, just hours after the swearing-in ceremony in the nation’s capital.

“I can’t even understand it. I literally cannot even understand it. It’s such far-out concept that I don’t want to believe that actually is happening. It’s insane,” added the Come Swim star, who does not have a Twitter account.

Kristen also realizes that daring to mention Trump in a negative light aloud is like tempting Candyman to make an appearance in your life.

“At that point, he was just, like, a reality star. I had no reference. It wasn’t like really a thing,” Stewart said about how the 45th president’s tweets make her feel in present day. “But in retrospect, somebody reminded me of that and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re right!’ He’s probably, like, going to tweet about this.”

Oh get over yourself, Kristen! He’s the POTUS now! The leader of the free world has far more important things to do than scold an actress on Twitter!


Hot Slut Of The Day!


Anita Yavich, the protester who threw up a gorgeous double serving of my favorite symbol at the inauguration yesterday!

Depending on who you ask, Trump’s inauguration either brought out around 250,000 to 900,000 people (according to the media) or a number so YUGE that it hasn’t been invented yet (according toTrump). And that number included protesters like the purple parka-wearing warrior who tossed out a double fuck you during his speech. And just like that, the perfect poster for the women’s march was created (as well as the picture visual response I can fart back at a trick who tells me in an e-mail that I need to show nothing but respect to my president.)

Buzzfeed reporter Mary Georgantopoulos covered the inauguration yesterday and tweeted that picture of the middle finger-wielding champion in purple along with this caption:

Lots of middle fingers up in the air during Trump’s speech

The blog Angry Asian Man says that the two-gun saluter has been ID’d as Anita Yavich, a Broadway costume designer who and Associate Professor of Theater Design at SUNY Purchase. Keep those middle fingers up, Anita! (Although, they may get tired sometime between now and 2020, so she may want to invest in two of these.)

Pic: @marygeorgant 

Britney Spears last night

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Furious Hillary Clinton Catches Husband Bill Eyeballing Donald Trump’s Daughter Ivanka


Lara Flynn Boyle – Susan’s Plan (1998)

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Hot Girls in Bikinis

Bikini girls, bikini girls, bikini girls— no matter how many times we say it, these women clad in nothing but the sexiest swimsuit never gets old. In fact, we find ourselves the happiest when the summer is here, because really these ladies are barely clothed and leave very little to the imagination.

Our favorite place? Either by the pool or along the beach coast. We can simply sit down, relax and watch the best view anyone can offer mankind, by that we mean these sexy bikini girls.


The post Hot Girls in Bikinis appeared first on Brosome.

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Kristen Stewart Responds to Donald Trump’s 2012 Tweets: He Was ‘Really Obsessed With Me’

Kristen Stewart finally spoke out on Friday (Jan. 20, 2017) about being on the receiving end of one of President Donald J. Trump's Twitter outbursts. …

Who Is Responsible For Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton’s Love? Jensen Ackles, of Course

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton first got together in 2009, did you say to yourself, "Wait, what?" or "I didn't see that one coming." If you did, you're not alone. The two, who are probably married, seemed to be running in slightly different Hollywood circles at the time. Jeffrey was known for his role on Grey's Anatomy and recently ended his engagement to Weeds star Mary Louise Parker, while Hilarie was still starring in One Tree Hill and recently divorced Ian Prange, an assistant director on the show. But their two worlds did have one common denominator: the CW. Jeffrey had previously starred in Supernatural alongside Jensen Ackles, who's then-girlfriend (now wife), Danneel Harris, was starring alongside Hilarie in OTH. So after both stars found themselves single, Jensen took it upon himself to make some moves.

Just hangin with Pops. #VegasCon pic.twitter.com/Jt1Eomggzu

- Jensen Ackles (@JensenAckles) March 15, 2015

In an interview with HuffPost Live in 2015, Jeffrey opened up about his costar setting them up on a blind date, and the story will basically turn you into mush. "I happened to be single and Jensen said, 'I've got a girl you should meet,'" the Walking Dead star explained. "So I went to a bar and I met Hilarie at a bar with Jensen and Danneel, and the rest is history." After the host asked how he dealt with the stress of a blind date, Jeffrey admitted he had a few drinks to loosen up. "I [got a little too lit]. We all did," he continued. "We ended up back at my house drinking shots of tequila. But she was really cool and somehow I talked her into going to - I was on my way to do a movie called The Resident in New Mexico and she was on her way to Paris - and I talked her into, instead of going to Paris, to come and see me in New Mexico. And I ruined her life and now she's stuck with me." Bye forever.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Hits the Golden Globes With His Longtime Love, Hilarie Burton
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Been So Damn Sexy For Years, and We Need to Finally Honor It
Every Hot Picture of Jensen Ackles We Could Get Our Hands On

If You Haven’t Smiled Today, You Will After Watching Little Luna Wave “Hi”

My beautiful love has no idea. pic.twitter.com/zNvlatL1Jm

- christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January 21, 2017

Just when you thought John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's daughter couldn't get any cuter, she goes and proves us wrong. After tweeting about an awful encounter that she and John had with a photographer in NYC and unleashing a tweetstorm on Donald Trump, the cookbook author switched things up and shared a video of little Luna waving on Twitter on Friday. "My beautiful love has no idea," she captioned the adorable clip. Chrissy is one of the many stars hitting the streets on Saturday to support the Women's March on Washington.

These Photos Serve No Purpose Other Than to Remind You How Cute John Legend and Baby Luna Are
Further Proof That Chrissy Teigen and Her Daughter, Luna, Are 2 Peas in a Pod

Cara Delevingne

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Chloë Sevigny

submitted by /u/oh_orpheus [link] [comments]

Stana Katic

Stana Katic submitted by /u/jarakacha [link] [comments]

Nina Dobrev Great Bikini Body

Nina Dobrev Great Bikini Body submitted by /u/dundermiflin1 [link] [comments]

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman

Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman submitted by /u/SymptomaticFiend [link] [comments]

PM Hottie: Caroline Monteith Wilson, A Classic Beauty In A Modern Age

Caroline Monteith Wilson has a classic wide-eyed beauty that the world of fashion totally goes crazy over. One thing I have noticed though in most of her photo shoots is the fact that a lot of them has this you-only-live-once theme as if the girl in the pictures live a fast-paced modern and reckless life. Maybe that reflects Caroline? Maybe not.

One thing that we can deduce from her Instagram account though is the fact that she really knows how to enjoy her life – that, and the fact that she’s very comfortable with showing her skin and her boobs. Thank you, Caroline. Thank you. Let me offer a toast to those, I mean you.

[VIA listal.com/pinterest.com]

The post PM Hottie: Caroline Monteith Wilson, A Classic Beauty In A Modern Age appeared first on Brosome.

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Ezekiel Elliott Is Over That Cowboys Loss (VIDEO)

Ezekiel Elliott is proving a season ending, Super Bowl dream-crushing loss won't keep him down ... cuz the dude just let loose in Vegas. Zeke was shoulder to shoulder with Steve Aoki at Hakkasan Friday night -- and it wasn't long before he…

Drew Barrymore, John Legend, and More Stars Show Support For the Women’s Marches Around the Globe

President Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, and celebrities across the world are using their star power to support the Women's Marches around the globe. Victoria Beckham uploaded a photo of her and daughter Harper hugging on Instagram, writing, "Proud to support women everywhere today," and John Legend hit the streets of Park City, UT. Chelsea Handler, Jessica Chastain, and Drew Barrymore were all front and center at the marches, as were Amy Schumer and Debra Messing. While it's unclear if Beyoncé will make an appearance, she did officially endorse the Women's March on her personal Facebook page earlier this week. Keep reading to see how other stars are showing their support.

Ashley Judd Has the Women's March Fired Up With Her Impassioned "Nasty Woman" Speech
Madonna Admits to Having Thoughts About Blowing Up the White House During the Women's March

‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Gets Premiere Date, Teaser

What perfect timing. …

Replay Booth: 10 Kids Who Ran Away From Home To Join lSlS!

Who in the right mind would want to join something so brutal while they are still kids?

The fates of the youth now are at risk and we should be extra careful in getting pulled in by propaganda.

The post Replay Booth: 10 Kids Who Ran Away From Home To Join lSlS! appeared first on Brosome.

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Goldie Hawn’s Hollywood Evolution Proves Her Life Has Always Been, Well, Golden

We would call Goldie Hawn one of the most captivating people in Hollywood, but we're pretty sure she's one of the most captivating people on earth in general. Throughout her 50-year acting career (which started on TV!), Goldie has starred in countless films with fellow A-listers like Meryl Streep, Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, and even her longtime partner, Kurt Russell. In addition to charming audiences with her effervescent personality and seemingly boundless positive energy, the 71-year-old has also built a beautiful family and kept it real about her decision not to get married.

We're looking back at Goldie's rise to fame, from her early days as a young ballet dancer, '60s go-go icon, and wide-eyed Hollywood ingénue right on up to her current status as a certified national treasure. Can you see the resemblance to Kate Hudson?

Bask in the Glory That Is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell's Relationship Evolution
16 Movie Moments That Made You Want to Be Goldie Hawn
Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn Couldn't Possibly Have More Fun Together

Deal of the Day: Save 50% on Samsung Level On Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Introducing the new Samsung Level On Wireless headphones. …

Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell Gives Birth to Her Second Child

Geri Halliwell is officially a mom of two. The former Spice Girls singer announced the birth of her first child with husband Christian Horner on Twitter on Saturday, writing, "Christian and I are delighted to announce our baby boy was born this morning weighing 7lbs 8oz 👶🏼👍🏻." Along with her tweet, Geri also shared a tender moment between her and her newborn son on Instagram and captioned it, "Montague George Hector Horner arrived this morning, a beautiful little brother for Bluebell and Olivia #amazing-day #grateful #monty 👶🏼" Geri first announced her pregnancy news back in October, and the last time she hit a red carpet was at the I Am Bolt premiere in London a month later. Geri and Christian are also parents to daughters Bluebell Madonna Halliwell and Olivia Horner, whom they have from previous relationships. Congrats to the couple on their growing family!

A photo posted by Geri Horner (@therealgerihalliwell) on Jan 21, 2017 at 7:15am PST

2017 Will Be Extra Exciting For These Pregnant Stars

Braless Bella Hadid Barely Avoids A Nip Slip While Trying To Win Back Her Ex


Emily Osment

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Kristen Stewart: Donald Trump is OBSESSED with Me!!!

Donald Trump isn't exactly presidential.

In fact, the list of things that make him a poor choice for president is far longer than the list of things that that make him a good choice, which is a list that consists of approximately zero items.

Donald Trump at a Podium

He has no political experience, he has a terrible temper, he's immature and ignorant, he's shady as shady can get, etc., etc., etc.

And now we can add one more little fact to his unbelievably long list of wrongdoings:

He really freaked Kristen Stewart out!

This happened back in 2012, when Trump was just that super rich guy from The Apprentice, when anyone and everyone would have laughed and laughed if you told them that, in just a few years, he'd be president.

(OK, anyone would still laugh and laugh, it would just be accompanied with uncontrollable sobbing now.)

Kristen Stewart Cafe Society Premiere Pic

Also in 2012, Kristen was dating Twilight star Robert Pattinson. Unfortunately, that was the same year she cheated on poor R-Patz with director Rupert Sanders.

It was a bad time for everybody: Sanders was married with children, Kristen had her long-term fan-friendly relationship, we had hopes and dreams and so much naivety.

But really, no one was more hurt than Donald Trump.

In the time following the news of the affair, things were sort of touch-and-go between Rob and Kristen. And that deeply troubled Trump.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

"Robert Pattinson should not take back Kristen Stewart," he tweeted. "She cheated on him like a dog & will do it again--just watch. He can do much better!"

Hilariously, he insisted that "She will cheat again -- 100 certain -- am I ever wrong?"

He also wrote "Everyone knows I am right that Robert Pattinson should dump Kristen Stewart. In a couple of years, he will thank me. Be smart, Robert."

It's unclear if Robert has thanked Donald yet, but you know what is clear?

These weird tweets have bothered Kristen for a long, long time.

Kristen Stewart: 2015 National Board of Review Gala

In a new interview with Variety, Kristen recalls that "He was mad at me a couple years ago, really obsessed with me a couple years ago, which is f-cking crazy."

"I can't even understand it," she said. "I literally cannot even understand it."

"It's such a far-out concept that I don't want to believe that actually is happening. It's insane."

As she points out, "At that point, he was just, like, a reality star. I had no reference. It wasn't like really a thing."

"But in retrospect, somebody reminded me of that and I was like 'Oh my gosh, you're right!'"

Kristen also predicted that "He's probably, like, going to tweet about this."

Kristen Stewart Smiling

Not only did she talk about Trump's weird obsession with her personal relationships, she also spoke out about the insane fact that he's now president.

"I've never been the most politically charged person," she admitted, "but I think at this point, it's not political. "It's f-cking so humanitarian."

For the ladies who may look up to her, she advised "I would just say be a part of what you believe in, whichever way that is."

"I'm not going to tell anyone how to feel, but I'm pretty sure that we all feel the same way."

You can say that again, girl.

View Slideshow: Donald Trump Becomes President: Celebrities React!

On Trump’s Second Day, Thousands of Women to March in D.C. In Protest

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the United States are expected to pack into downtown Washington on Saturday for a women's march in opposition to the agenda and rhetoric of President Donald Trump. …

Margot Robbie

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Daily LOL

Thanks to the internet and all the faithful uploaders around, we never run out of funny things to look at. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to make your day a bit better as we compile the most hilarious photos and memes from all over the web.

So go ahead, take a break and break out a few laughs! You deserve it.

The post Daily LOL appeared first on Brosome.

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This Brave Man Challenging Disney’s Gaston to a Push-Up Contest Will Never Get Old

Beauty and the Beast's Gaston might not be able to win the fight for Belle, but can he come out on top in an old-fashioned push-up contest? A rather muscular park-goer decided to find out when he saw Gaston at Walt Disney World in Florida back in 2015, and the viral video is once again making the rounds online. If this Gaston looks familiar, it's probably because he's the same one that was confronted by a passionate little girl at the theme park in 2014 over her love for the Beast. While we don't think there will be any push-up scenes in the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney classic, Luke Evans, who plays Gaston, would probably crush his theme park counterpart.

Emma Watson Singing in Beauty and the Beast Is Just as Magical as You'd Expect

Women’s March On Washington Draws Huge Crowds (LIVE STREAM)

Donald Trumpis praying in a Washington cathedral while 400,000 women are marching in D.C. at a rally that's been supported byBeyonc, Amber Rose, Amy Schumer, Chrissy Teigen, and Katy Perry. The Women's March on Washington is…

First Dances, Secret Arrivals & More! Everything To Know About President Trump’s Inaugural Ball


Abigail Breslin

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Emmy Rossum

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Ellen Page

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Justin Bieber Isn’t Workin’ for the Weeknd (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber made it crystal clear ... he and The Weeknd are on opposite sides of the battle lines. We got the Biebs leaving Delilah in WeHo Friday night, and forget friendship ... he can't even stomach Weeknd's music. Not surprising ... Justin…

Time to Weep Openly at This Video of The Rock Playing With Puppies

Feeling down lately? Dwayne Johnson has the perfect cure: a video featuring him and a bunch of French Bulldog puppies. The actor was filming a commercial for Ford (naturally) when a bunch of puppies were brought in. The video is part of Seven Bucks Digital Studios, the YouTube division of Johnson's production company. Johnson made an announcement about the company in January, but honestly, this video is a lot more fun. You had to know Johnson would melt over these dogs, seeing as he is obsessed with his own French Bulldog, Hobbs. Take a look, and if you have a YouTube account, simply pressing the "like" button will help raise funds for the Best Friends Animal Society!

25 Times We Wanted The Rock to Babysit Our Kids
16 Moments Between "The Rock" and His Daughter That Prove Their Bond Is 1 of a Kind
Why 2016 Was Dwayne Johnson's Best Year Yet

Donald Trump Went Off Script During ‘My Way’ First Dance (VIDEO)

Donald Trump had a spontaneous moment during his first dance with Melania that made the singers and band fight for their lives. Erin Boehme, one of the 3 singers, told our photog Trump and Melania were supposed to dance to "My Way" by themselves,…

Kristin kreuk

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4 Big Reasons Horror Fans Absolutely Can’t Skip the Autopsy of Jane Doe

Don't you hate when a movie's trailer ends up being way better than the movie itself? No genre suffers from this more than horror. When a trailer for a scary movie is stuffed with its biggest jump scares and not-so-subtle hints at a twist ending, it simultaneously entices audience members into the theater while also spoiling their eventual viewing experience. If the best parts are in the trailer, then what's the point of even watching?

When the trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe was released in December it almost immediately went viral, and though I was interested in it straightaway, I couldn't help but wonder if it was yet another flimsy horror movie skating by on trailer-friendly scares. Fortunately it delivers, and then some.

Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox star in the indie flick as father-son coroners tasked with performing an autopsy on a mysterious young woman, and the result is one of the most affecting films to hit Hollywood in quite some time. If you're a horror fan looking for a new, solid movie to spend an hour and change with, this is your best bet. Here are some spoiler-free reasons.

The Simple Premise

These days, a lot of scary movies seem unnecessarily complex. Sure, twists and turns are exciting, but if there are too many we end up getting as lost and confused as the characters we're watching. Fortunately The Autopsy of Jane Doe's controlled setting keeps the premise from getting too out of hand. To break things down for you: An unidentified woman's seemingly untouched corpse is found half-buried in the basement of a home where a brutal crime occurred, and the body is brought in to the mortuary of Austin and Tommy Tilden (Hirsch and Cox, respectively). Although they're done for the night, they decide to take on this one last case as a favor to the sheriff before retiring upstairs (the morgue is in the basement of their home). As the two peel back the layers of Jane Doe's body (literally) to try and uncover what killed her, increasingly perplexing things begin happening, one of which leaves them trapped in the morgue. The mystery of what's up with the body gets a little tricky, but overall this is a classic isolation horror film that gives you the distinct sensation of needing to go outside and get some air.

The Haunting Performances

Centering an entire movie around just two actors has the potential to fail spectacularly - What if they don't have chemistry? What if they're a bore? - but The Autopsy of Jane Doe's lack of moving parts ends up being one of its greatest assets. Casting Cox and Hirsch was a safe bet, given each of their long, impressive résumés, and their layered, believable performances carry the film. They're basically the only characters in the movie (props to actress Olwen Catherine Kelly, though, who makes the frozen, unseeing corpse of Jane Doe completely terrifying), and the strained-but-loving bond between them feels genuine.

The Lack of Jump Scares

Combine a harmless cat jumping from around a corner with a loud burst of music, and you've got yourself the crutch that most horror films now rely on for cheap, but plentiful, scares. (A character closing a bathroom mirror only to see someone reflected behind them is a close second.) Thankfully this movie is mostly devoid of those, choosing a slow-burning atmospheric sense of dread to keep us on edge instead.

The Ending That Leaves You Scarred but Satisfied

I don't want to give away too much, but I will say that the dark conclusion to this film, while bleak as hell, feels earned.

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Showbiz Hottie: Goddess-Like Beauty Jessica Chastain!

The embodiment of goddess-like beauty, Jessica Chastain will take your breath away the moment she enters the room.

This Californian stunner is one of the hottest celebrities of today and she backs it up with her captivating good looks and undeniable acting talent. She has appeared in countless award-winning films such as Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar and she continuously out performs herself.

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, it was inevitable for her to appear again in this extensive list of hotties. Take a look below to see for yourself what true beauty looks like.

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Anne Vyalitsyna: Hottest Photos Of The ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’ Model

Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images

Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images

Anne V is quite the sight to see! She has graced the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 2005 to 2014. Anne has modeled for so many different fashion companies. She has walked the runway on multiple occassions, representing products from Louis Vutton to Dolce and Gabbana to Prada to Chanel (and many more). She’s walked for more fashion houses than I can list.

Ms. Vyalitsyna was born in what is now Nizhny Novgorod (formerly known as Gorky), Russia. IMG modeling scouts found the young Anne in Saint Petersburg. At age 15, she began her career as a model. She moved to New York after winning a contest for MTV called Fashionably Loud Europe.

She isn’t single though. Sorry about that, guys. On June 5, 2016, she became engaged to big-time Yahoo executive Adam Cahan. They both share a daughter named “Alaska.”

Anne has enriched the runway with her beauty. She was featured in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on three occasions (2008, 2010 and 2011). Ms. V was even a supermodel coach in season 2 of the TV series The Face. She also made a cameo appearance in the 2013 action film A Good Day to Die Hard.

Look below to see 39 of Anne V’s hottest photos. See this stunning 30-year-old model in all her glory. Come witness this gorgeous blonde swimsuit star with green eyes. It’s definitely okay to stare this time.


Elizabeth Olsen

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Jessica Chastain Stripping [NSFW]

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Amy Adams

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So Bane’s Our President, Now What?

Because I don't value my time or mental health I wrote a really long post about Donald Trump being our president now. My brain hurts.

AM Hottie: Ally Walsh Holistic Beauty

I think it was just the other day when I wrote about Terra Jo Wallace and was amazed at how soulful she is, and how rare that is in the world of fashion, on how seldom do we see a hottie who’s also a soulful thinker…but now I’m writing about two of them in a week! Wow, good job world. It just means that we’re doing something right to heighten people’s frequencies.

I am talking about Ally Walsh. She’s gorgeous, she’s sexy, and she’s holistically beautiful. She’s a yoga enthusiast and has a regular meditation practice. But before we all go hippie, here are her sexiest pictures. Enjoy!

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Matt Damon’s Smile Has Been Making Us Swoon For Over 28 Years

Matt Damon has been in the spotlight for more than 28 years now, but we still can't get over how gorgeous he is. The 46-year-old actor first stole hearts with his roles in movies like The Talented Mr. Ripley, Good Will Hunting, and Saving Private Ryan, but it was his role as Jason Bourne in the Bourne franchise that really made our crush go over the top. Aside from being one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, Matt is also a husband and father; he's been married to his wife, Luciana Barroso, since 2005, and together they have four children: Isabella, Gia, Stella, and Alexia, Luciana's daughter from a previous marriage. Much like his family, we will also never get tired of seeing that sweet, sweet smile.

18 Ben and Matt Pictures That Perfectly Capture Their Friendship Through the Years
Matt Damon Steps Out With His Lovely Wife For a Red Carpet Date in LA
Just Look at How Happy Matt Damon and Ben Affleck Are Together

Dove Cameron

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Jenna-Louise Coleman (AKA Clara from Doctor Who)

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Debby Ryan

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Jane Levy

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