WWE Raw Results: Live Updates & Must-See Highlights – 08/21/17

WWE Monday Night Raw is invading the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. We start off tonight’s episode with “The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar. Let’s get right to the reigning and defending WWE Universal Champion…

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewing Details

Date: Monday, August 14, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, US
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now
Tickets: Ticketmaster

WWE Monday Night Raw Results

Stick around and refresh the page for live updates from tonight’s episode…

The Beast Arrives…

Brock Lesnar’s theme music hits. Out comes the WWE Universal Champion along with his advocate Paul Heyman. Heyman hypes up Lesnar who was able to defeat three of Raw‘s top superstars. Lesnar overcame a corporate conspiracy according to Heyman.

Heyman brags about Brock annihilating Roman Reigns. He hypes up Lesnar some more, and then Braun Strowman’s music hits…

Strowman attacks Lesnar almost immediately. Lesnar tries to fight back, but runs right into Braun’s boot. Strowman takes out the Universal Champion with a running powerslam.

Brooklyn Street Fight: Big Cass vs. Enzo Amore

Enzo says that Cass broke bread with him and his family, and then broke his heart. Cass may have graduated from NYU, but Enzo graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, magna cum laude. Cass and Enzo started off in Brooklyn and that’s where they’re going to finish it! Enzo brings out a shopping cart full of weapons.

Big Cass runs up and crushes Enzo. He mops the floor with the little guy all the way to the ring. Big Cass is standing tall, while Enzo is crushed like a bug on the ground.

Cass is continuing the assault as we return from the commercial break. Enzo fires back, but Cass quickly crushes his momentum. Cass is seriously kicking ass, but Enzo ducks and the big man goes sailing over the top rope. Cass is hurt and can’t continue the match. Therefore, the referee stops the match and the underdog wins.

Enzo Amore defeats Big Cass via match stoppage

Emma vs. Nia Jax

If you blinked or went to the bathroom, you probably missed this match. Emma tries her best to fight off Nia Jax, but she gets squashed within a minute with a Samoan Drop.

Nia Jax defeats Emma

Justin Bieber to Photog: You Were Really, Really Mean, But Let’s Talk it Out, Bro

Justin Bieber wanted to know why a paparazzo cussed him out in the middle of the street, so he found the guy and asked him to his face. The Biebs was hiking in Malibu Monday when he spotted the photog, who's friends with the photog…

Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater’s Romance Is Far From a Horror Story

Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater first met on the set of the 2010 production The Merchant of Venice, but it wasn't until four years later that they began dating. Since then, they have costarred in four additional plays, including the upcoming production A Midsummer Night's Dream. In March, the pair welcomed their first child together, a baby girl, and while the couple is usually pretty private when it comes to their romance, they frequently show PDA on the red carpet. As if that wasn't cute enough, the American Horror Story actress often posts photos of them together on Instagram. In honor of their time together, take a look at their sweetest moments.

The Ultimate Celebrity Bikini Gallery

Let's look back at some of the best celebrity bikini moments of all time! Now that the warmer months are finally here, we'll see more and more celebrities donning two-pieces and hitting the beach. Keep scrolling to see the top shots and, if you can't get enough of stars in swimsuits, be sure to check out them out in their one-pieces.

Kennedy Family Members Arrested On Disorderly Conduct Charges!

Kennedy Family Members Arrested Loud Party Hyannisport

The Kennedy Curse continues! Robert F. Kennedy’s son Maxwell Kennedy was arrested in Hyannisport, Mass. with his daughter during a raging party RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

Maxwell Kennedy, 52, and his daughter, Caroline Kennedy, 22, were hauled into jail by the Barnstable Police Department, Lt. John Murphy told Radar.

“There was a loud party with fireworks complaints, several people called into us, so officers went to the home on Sunday at 1am.

PHOTOS: Remembering the Kennedys

“While there, two people were placed under arrest for violating the town noise ordinance as well as for disorderly conduct.”

Lt. Murphy told Radar that Maxwell and Caroline, who is a resident of Pacific Palisades, Calif., were “transported to the police station and put in jail.”

They were released on bail, which was “on their own recognizance,” Lt. Murphy said. The father-daughter duo from the well-to-do political dynasty family were scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

PHOTOS: Booked And Beautiful! Bikini Babes Who Have Been Arrested

The town noise ordinance carries a $100 fine and the state disorderly conduct charge carries a $50 fine.

Stay with Radar for updates to the story.

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Porn Site xHamster Wants to Produce Sense8 Season 3

There was a time when the most successful porn brands marketed themselves as lifestyle brands. “Dear Penthouse Forum” was a catchphrase of men who thought they were about to get laid for decades, and Playboy was the first place Americans could read the James Bond short story Octopussy.

Today, we’re starting to see the top porn brands on the internet try once again to branch out into becoming lifestyle brands. PornHub has a way of making headlines with their PornHub Insights column, which has told us, among other things, that porn traffic plummets during Game of Thrones and that millennials aren’t as obsessed with boobs as previous generations.

xHamster has started making its own play to be a lifestyle brand recently. Last year, they aired a reality show called The Sex Factor in which contestants competed to see who could be the best porn star. They’ve completely topped that, however, when they announced on their blog that they wanted to produce a third season of Sense8, the sci-fi drama from the Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski that was recently cancelled by Netflix.

xHamster has been trying to market itself as the “woke” porn site recently. They may play videos of a woman having fifty dudes blowing their loads in her face, but by god they want you to know that, just like Joss Whedon, they respect those women. Here’s an excerpt from their open letter to the Wachowskis (they completely snubbed JMS, not a good look):

“xHamster has a long history of fighting for the rights of sexual speech, and non-normative sexuality…  in addition to allowing billions of users to to connect with individual articulations of gender and sexuality,  we continue to use our audience to speak up against repressive anti-LGBTQ laws in the US and abroad, and for sex ed in public schools Planned Parenthood and the rights of sex workers.”

I mean, good on them, I guess? I agree with the things they’re saying and I also want things like LGBT equality and for women to be treated fairly, but it feels like hollow branding when you’re also casting actors for a video where President Trump fucks his daughter (Link NSFW).

Good Lord: Beyoncé Is Working Her Postbaby Body Like the Goddess She Is

Beyoncé is a goddess - this we already knew - and the singer has been showing off her postbaby body in all its glory since giving birth to twins Sir and Rumi in June. On Monday, the singer dropped a handful of sexy photos on her official website from her night out for Saint Heron's Wine and Grind event, and they have us breaking out into a cold sweat; clad in a fitted, ruched red dress from House of CB, Beyoncé showed off her ample cleavage, hips, and backside in an assortment of steamy poses. The mom of three has always loved her curves (as have we), but these days she's giving us body positivity on a whole new level.

You Might Not Believe These Pics are Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is an incredibly sexy woman. In fact, Esquire magazine named her the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2017, which is… yeah, that’s this year. It’s hard to argue with that if you’ve seen her, and she’s from Australia, which is basically ground zero for beautiful, tanned people. But pictures from the set of Mary Queen of Scots show a much different Margot Robbie.

Robbie is playing Queen Elizabeth I opposite Saoirse Ronan, who is portraying the titular Scottish monarch in the upcoming biopic. It’s based on a biography by John Guy. You may know Robbie from her pants-tightening appearance as Harley Quinn in the utterly horrible DC Comics film Suicide Squad. If you’re an Aussie, you’ll remember her from her time as quirky groupie Donna Freedman on the early-evening soap opera Neighbours. That show also launched the career of singer Natalie Imbruglia. Robbie isn’t the only former Aussie soap star to headline a super hero flick as Chris Hemsworth, star of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, won a Logie for his portrayal of Kimberly Hunter in Home and Away.

While we may be shocked at how different (and when we say different, what we mean is unattractive, let’s not mince words here) Robbie looks, her fans on Twitter have been quick to point out Margot Robbie is already a very versatile actress.

Rumor has it that after filming this historical biopic, Margot Robbie will be playing Sharon Tate in a historical biopic directed by Quentin Tarantino. You can expect Robbie to look much more beautiful playing the late Hollywood starlet. You can also expect her to be barefoot for much of the movie because Quentin Tarantino is a perv.

Have you ever noticed that when a beautiful actress wears makeup to look less attractive, we fall all over ourselves to compliment their ability to not look beautiful? As if we’re surprised beautiful women can actually do things? Have you ever seen Helen Mirren when she younger? If you thinks she looks good now, you should have seen her when she was in her twenties. And if you think she looks better now than she did then, we’re glad you read our website, President Macron.

These Photos of Blue Ivy Carter Are Fit For a Scrapbook

Ever since Blue Ivy Carter came into the world in 2012, Beyoncé has been pretty shy about showing her daughter's face. In the first two years of Blue's life, we mostly saw the back of her head, but over time, everything changed. After Blue took the stage with Bey and Jay Z at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, we started to see that sweet little face more and more. After Bey announced that she was pregnant with twins, she blessed us with even more cute photos of Blue Ivy during her gorgeous maternity shoot.

Jordan Clarkson and Andre Roberson Play Volleyball with Hot Girls in Thong Bikinis

Jordan Clarkson is having a hell of an off-season -- as demonstrated in this video of the L.A. Lakers player in a heated game of beach volleyball ... with a bunch of hot chicks in thong bikinis. Clarkson and his Oklahoma City Thunder…

Famous Male Feminist Joss Whedon Spent 15 Years Cheating On His Wife

Man, male feminists are having a rough go of it lately. It was just a few months ago that woman-respecter Jamie Kilstein was kicked off of Citizen Radio for trying to fuck pretty much every woman who came on the podcast that he co-hosted with his wife Allison Kilkenny. And who could forget Devin Faraci, former editor-in-chief of Birth.Movies.Death, who built a career on his reputation as a male feminist, stepped down amidst allegations of sexual assault. Those were were made against him in a Twitter thread when he was talking about how Donald Trump should respect women the way he does. Months before that, a little over a year ago from today, the phenomenon was so widespread that Patton Oswald tweeted this:

Which brings us to today. While Joss Whedon was taking over directing the new Justice League movie, his ex-wife was writing a guest blog on The Wrap. Here’s what she said about the very feminist Whedon, who wants you all to know how much he respects women.

Fifteen years later, when he was done with our marriage and finally ready to tell the truth, he wrote me, “When I was running ‘Buffy,’ I was surrounded by beautiful, needy, aggressive young women. It felt like I had a disease, like something from a Greek myth. Suddenly I am a powerful producer and the world is laid out at my feet and I can’t touch it.” But he did touch it. He said he understood, “I would have to lie — or conceal some part of the truth — for the rest of my life,” but he did it anyway, hoping that first affair, “would be ENOUGH, that THEN we could move on and outlast it.”

Joss admitted that for the next decade and a half, he hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends, while he stayed married to me. He wrote me a letter when our marriage was falling apart, but I still didn’t know the whole truth, and said, “I’ve never loved anyone or wanted to be with anyone in any real or long-term way except for you ever. And I love our life. I love how you are, how we are, who you are and what we’ve done both separately and together, how much fun we have…” He wanted it all; he didn’t want to choose, so he accepted the duality as a part of his life.

Then later, after he confessed everything, he told me, “I let myself love you. I stopped worrying about the contradiction. As a guilty man I knew the only way to hide was to act as though I were righteous. And as a husband, I wanted to be with you like we had been. I lived two lives.” When he walked out of our marriage, and was trying to make “things seem less bewildering” to help me understand how he could have lied to me for so long, he said, “In many ways I was the HEIGHT of normal, in this culture. We’re taught to be providers and companions and at the same time, to conquer and acquire — specifically sexually — and I was pulling off both!”

What’s interesting to me is that even in a private letter to his wife apologizing for spending their entire marriage banging anything that moves, he still shoehorned in some feminist talking points about the concept of toxic masculinity. At least he admits that he went around banging on about what a great feminist he is to cover the fact that he was also banging on any woman who would have him.

Is anyone shocked that this keeps happening? There are plenty of people who want equal rights and treatment for women who don’t run around in their $150 designer “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts, writing essays for Jezebel about how manspreading is a bigger threat than ISIS. Even the Bible tells you to keep an eye on people who tell you how pious they are.

American Dad Stream: Watch Season 14, Episode 19 Online Free

American Dad is back with another dose of comedic medicine. In this episode, Roger the Alien links up with Klaus the Fish. Sound ridiculous and awesome. The lead picture has these two playing splish splash with one another in the tub. They’re having a secret alien-fish affair triggered by an accidental online date.

Meanwhile, Steve Smith is seeking the pink eye. Yup, Golden Lungs McGee wants to get some of his sister’s sickness. Hayley “Dreamcrusher” Smith has a bad case of the pink eye. And Steve wants her illness, so that he can get out of doing a fitness test at school. Typical, Steve. Never was the type to hit the gym. No wait, I take that back…

American Dad Stream: Watch Season 14, Episode 19 Online Free

Excited about tonight’s new as f*ck episode of American Dad? Look below and find out what you need to know, so you can live stream the show on your TV, computer, tablet or mobile device.

American Dad “Kloger” Viewing Details

Date: Monday, August 20, 2017
Time: 10:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: TBS
Stream: WatchTBS

How To Live Stream American Dad Online

Prefer to watch American Dad online? Away from the TV screen? Don’t stress, I’ve got you covered! If you listen to me, you’ll get to see the game absolutely for free. Sling TV offers a free seven-day trail of either the Sling Orange or Sling Blue packages.

You can also watch tonight’s episode on the TBS website. But you’ll need to log-in with your cable or satellite info to access this content.

How to Watch “Kloger” On Your Tablet Or Mobile Device

Prefer using your mobile or tablet device to see American Dad? Well, I’ve got the hook-up you need. You can watch the entire episode on the TBS app.

You can access this app on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and the Microsoft Store.

How To Live Stream American Dad Online Without Cable Subscription

You can watch this exciting episode online and I’ll tell you how and where. Just click on Sling TV, choose the Sling Orange package (which costs $20 per month), but if you pay attention to me, you can see this show completely free (along with a full week of streaming sports and shows from your favorite television networks).

Just click on the Sling website; you’ll see a light blue bar with those lovely words (and that very lucky number) “Watch Now 7 Days Free” – you’ll probably want to grab hold of this amazing offer and watch the game absolutely for free (that is, if you decide to cancel within seven days).

Oh, here’s the picture of Klaus and Roger gettin’ wet in the tub…

American Dad Stream: Watch Season 14, Episode 19 Online Free

American Dad/TBS

Night Crumbs

Dutch premiere of 'Logan Lucky' - Arrivals

Channing Tatum is currently in Europe for the European premieres of Logan Lucky. I wonder if any of his fancy menswear ensembles are sewn with quick-release tear-away velcro? You just never know when Channing might want to tear off that suit and treat everyone to a show – Lainey Gossip

The Shahs of Sunset hit up the Western Wall during their trip to Israel. I bet one of their prayers was that Bravo never, ever cancels their show – Reality Tea

Joshua Jackson was seen strolling around a farmers market with a “mystery brunette” – Celebitchy

Someone from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. might have flashed a nipple, and I’m sorry to tell you it’s not that hot nerd daddy Clark Gregg – Drunken Stepfather

But someone who definitely flashed a nipple was Christina Milian – (NSFW) The Nip Slip

Bonnie Tyler’s smoky voice of perfection set ears on fire by belting out Total Eclipse of the Heart before the solar eclipse – Towleroad

For those of you with no interest in the solar eclipse, here’s a full moon courtesy of John StamosOMG Blog

I hope the designers of this Twilight theme park include a place called Timberland. You know, as a tribute to Kristen Stewart’s wooden acting – Pajiba

Those fishnet pants make Bella Thorne look like something that was caught off the coast of Grimy Mess Island – Popoholic

Emily Ratajkowski gave her bikini a much-needed break and posed in her underwear – Hollywood Tuna

Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory has died – Jezebel

Chrissy Teigen says she’s cooled it with the boozing because she was doing it too much. Actually, that might explain half of her Twitter fights – Just Jared

Bless Katy Perry’s heart for attempting to tease the release of anything during the week Taylor Swift is rumored to be dropping new music – Popsugar

Pic: Wenn.com

In Memoriam: 42 Stars We’ve Lost This Year

We lost so many famous figures in 2016, and while we're all hoping that the second half of this year is a little brighter, a handful of stars have already left us too soon. From Mary Tyler Moore to John Hurt, we're paying our respects to all the celebrities we've said goodbye to in 2017.

Bella Thorne Twerktastic Bikini

  Everyone's favorite demure petunia Bella Thorne is back with more Insta goodness in the form of fishnet pants and a tiny bikini. Thorne takes her casual attire for a...

What Killed Jerry Lewis? Comedy King’s Coroner Results Exposed

Jerry Lewis passed away at the age of 91 on Sunday, and RadarOnline.com can reveal what really killed the comedy king.

Lewis died from heart failure, according to the Clark County Nevada Coroner. The official cause of death was ischemic cardiomyopathy — a term used to describe individuals whose heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of their body due to a narrowing of the small blood vessels.

Sources say an autopsy will not be conducted on the body because he was under doctor’s care at the time of his death.

PHOTOS: Prince’s Private Funeral Service After His Body Was Secretly Cremated

As Radar readers know, Lewis died at his Las Vegas home over the weekend surrounded by family.

His longtime spokeswoman Candi Cazau told RadarOnline.com: “He passed away at 9:30 this morning at home, peacefully with family and close friends by his side after a brief illness. They are devastated.”

The funnyman “had a heart of gold,” Cazau recalled. “He still had things he wanted to do. We had performance dates set up for him in the future. He was always like the energizer bunny…He had a great life. He was a huge inspiration to so many people. It’s a huge loss.”

PHOTOS: Inside George Michael’s ‘Miserable’ & Lonely Last Days

Lewis was born in Newark, New Jersey and was known as an actor, comedian, singer, film producer screenwriter and humanitarian. The star also faced a series of scandals throughout his time in Tinsletown, including divorce and feuds.

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Margot Robbie’s Royal Transformation


People can’t quite seem to get enough of the British monarchy on TV and in the movies as evidenced by the staggering number of Queens Elizabeth we’ve seen in recent years. Playing The Queen must be catnip to an actress what with the gowns, the Oscar/Emmy bait and the bottomless cups of Twinings on set.

Margot Robbie is the latest actress to make her royal dreams come true and don the crown on the silver screen as The Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I in the upcoming movie Mary Queen of Scots. Starring alongside (or more likely, in the vicinity of) Taylor Swift’s trick of the month Joe Alwyn, Margot gets all dolled up for the role of a lifetime. Only when I say dolled up I really mean dolled up.

Daily Mail has pictures from the set:

Damn! Who been playing rough with Barbie? I used to beat the shit out of my Barbie dolls, but somebody really pulled a number on Margot Barbie! They cut her hair with safety scissors and then dipped her head in their Kool-Aid at snack time, put her through the wash several times times and then left her out in the sun all summer, letting her get all faded and crusty. Daily Mail reports:

Gone were the bombshell’s trademark platinum locks and polished make-up and in their place were a balding head dotted with fiery tresses and a pockmarked blotchy complexion as she took on the role of Elizabeth I.

DM added:

The former Neighbours star even appeared to have had a severe, prosthetic nose applied.

I love it! Against popular advice, Margot is going Full Kidman. Margot looks happy as a clam on set because duh, playing QEI is following in the footsteps of the greats. She can probably smell that Oscar nomination all the way from Windsor Castle. According to DM:

Starring alongside David Tennant and Joe Alwyn, Margot will follow in the footsteps of the likes of Bette Davis and Judi Dench who both took on the role of the Tudor queen during their careers.

Helen Mirren, Miranda Richardson and Cate Blanchett have also tried their hands at becoming the troubled ruler.

If I were an actress, I’d get all uglied-up too if I could have my name listed with those legendary queens. No word if Joe will have to go through a similar transformation for his role but I hope for his sake he doesn’t have to suffer the same treatment I used to put my Ken dolls through. My Ken dolls always got their big toe cut off and glued to their pubic mound so he could smash with Barbie in the back of the Dream Car. Realism is important and all actors/dolls should be willing to suffer for their/my art.

Pic: Wenn.com

Elizabeth Hurley Having Full-Blown Boob Breakdown; We Benefit

Last Friday when I was leaving work - getting ready for a weekend full of not getting eclipse glasses and then complaining about not having them - I saw that A-list MILF...

Show Your Work: The Kardashian Decade

If you’re surprised that the Kardashians are the lead story on this week’s episode of Show Your Work, you’re not alone. Duana was expecting a fight when she pitched it to me last week after The Hollywood Reporter featured them in their latest issue, an oral history of how the Kardashian decade ca...

What Else for August 21, 2017

I wholeheartedly agree with “Tutti Frutti” as the name for this baby. It’s not like we’ve never known a Tootie before. Also I just want to read what Duana would say about it. Like would she try to relate “Tutti” to … I dunno… Tutankhamen? Tutankhamen is, surprisingly, not a name that Duana has re...

Matt Baier: Amber Portwood Cheated On Me!

When Amber Portwood confirmed that she'd dumped Matt Baier, there was much rejoicing amongst obsessive Teen Mom: OG fans.

In case you weren't aware Matt wasn't considered ideal boyfriend material, what with being a deadbeat dad, cheating on Amber, lying about his drug use, and just generally behaving like a douche-nozzle throughout his time on the show.

Amber Portwood and Matthew Baier

Of course, Amber has a history of diving right back into unhealthy relationships, which made it hard for fans to breathe easy at first.

When it was revealed last week that Amber is dating Andrews Glennon, the news was widely taken as an encouraging sign that she's ready to leave her relationship with Baier in the past.

But Matt's not quite ready to give up, and Amber remains very much at the forefront of his mind.

In a recent interview, Baier revealed that he still hopes to get back together with Portwood.

Fortunately, he's also been sabotaging his own chances by trash-talking Amber to friends, who in turn share the details of Matt's ravings with the media.

Matt Baier with Amber Portwood Photo

Matt reportedly hit the roof when he learned that Amber was dating Andrew, a producer on Marriage Boot Camp whom they both got to know during their time on the show.

Matt left the set ahead of schedule following a fight with Amber, and she says that's when her relationship with Glennon took off.

But it seems Matt suspects that there was some overlap between the two romances.

“Matt knew she had a new guy, but didn’t know it was Andrew,” a source close to the former couple tells Radar Online.

“Now he is furious and suspects her of cheating on him.”

Amber has yet to respond to the allegations publicly, but the insider says she's been quick to dismiss them in private:

Amber Portwood Takes a Selfie

“Amber thinks Matt is just jealous,” says the source.

In all likelihood, Amber will never respond to Matt's accusations because she knows him well enough to know that's just what he wants.

Prior to their relationship, Matt was an obsessive fan of the Teen Mom franchise, and many he felt that he loved the reality star lifestyle more than he ever loved Amber.

You can expect this guy to fight the slow fade into irrelevancy with everything he's got.

Watch Teen Mom: OG online to remind yourself of just how dysfunctional Matt and Amber's relationship truly was.

It was one of the ugliest we've seen on the show, which is really saying something.

Mystikal Turns Himself in on Rape Charge After Arrest Warrant Issued

Mystikal has been arrested and charged with raping a woman in Louisiana. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the rapper turned himself in Monday to the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Department, and he was arrested and booked for first degree rape. Shreveport…

‘American Idol’ Alum William Hung Brings Down The House in Arizona

"American Idol" alum William Hung can still pack a full house, which is exactly what happened on Saturday night at a bar in Arizona. Will -- who went viral for his attempt at Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" on 'A.I.' in 2004 -- played at the Third…

Jerry Lewis Cause of Death, His Heart Gave Out

Jerry Lewis died from heart failure ... TMZ has learned. According to the Clark County Nevada Coroner, the cause of death was ischemic cardiomyopathy ... an effect of coronary artery disease in which the heart can no longer pump enough blood to the…

Kailyn Lowry Blasts ‘Smart A**’ Jenelle Evans For Leaking Shocking Secret

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans’ feud is back on! Lowry ripped her Teen Mom 2 co-star for leaking the news of her pregnancy in a sneak peek clip.

“I haven’t announced my pregnancy publically yet, but last night the news came out from an unexpected source,” Lowry said in the preview clip of a tweet Evans posted, which read, “Congrats on your pregnancy girl! Heard the news from the crew. Super happy for you. Having 3 is hard but totally worth it!”

Lowry, 25, vented to a friend, “My pregnancy has been hard and I wasn’t really telling anyone. I didn’t want to talk about it in public or anything. I’m afraid of not having control of my own story, my own life.”

PHOTOS: Meet Kailyn’s Baby Boy! See First Photos Of Teen Mom Lowry’s Newborn Son

She then explained how Evans, 25, leaked the news.

“She said she heard it from the crew, but I talked to MTV and I don’t think the crew leaked it,” she said. “I don’t know if she was doing it to be a smart a** or if she was doing it thinking she was really congratulating me. I feel like I would text someone that. I was upset because I had not had my 20-week scan yet. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay.”

Lowry blasted Evans on a Teen Mom 2 after-show weeks later for the tweet.

PHOTOS: Back On? Kailyn Lowry Heads Home From Hospital With Baby Daddy Chris!

“They just haven’t always seen eye to eye at different times throughout the years,” a source close to Lowry told Radar. “She did feel bad about calling her out. Once Jenelle explained the situation to her privately, she did apologize.”

This isn’t the first time the co-stars have fought. Lowry blasted Evans over social media when she made fun of her mystery illness.

“Your attitude will kill you one day,” Evans tweeted to Lowry. “No wonder you feel the world’s against u… So you pick on me?”

PHOTOS: Family Photos! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kailyn Shows Off Adorable Sons

They feuded another time when Lowry slammed Evans for commenting on her plastic surgery during an interview.

“When your cast mates subtly throw shade at you. It’s cool though,” Lowry tweeted, as Evans responded, “Sometimes you just have to block people in life that you once believed to be your friend.”

Evans then tweeted that she’s always been the “black sheep of the group.”

PHOTOS: Tropical Taunts! ‘Severely Heartbroken’ Jenelle Evans Shares Bikini Snaps From Vacation, Is She Single Again?

Radar was the first to report that Lowry was expecting her third child with her third baby daddy. The MTV star confirmed the news on her blog hours after the story broke.

Watch the video above for more!

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8 Times Blake Lively Bared Her Body in a Sexy Bikini

Blake Lively is just one of the many stars who can work the hell out of a swimsuit. Whether she's celebrating Fourth of July with pal Taylor Swift or shooting a film, Blake seems to have no problem slipping into a two-piece - and why would she? She looks amazing. In celebration of her 30th birthday on Friday, we're taking a look at Blake's sexiest bikini moments.

Trump Stared Directly Into the Eclipse Which Explains Everything You Need to Know About Him

This. Is. Hysterical. Donald Trump, being The Donald, took off his solar eclipse glasses today and STARED DIRECTLY INTO THE SUN. I love The Donald.

This despite seven million warnings from science organizations everywhere, and the news, and your mother, about not doing so because it would burn your retinas.

Not a surprise since he doesn’t listen to science anyway. This is him thuming his nose at that globalist cuck of a solar system.

Trump looks like he’s preparing for aliens to suck what’s left of his soul.

Of course, Twitter had a field day. And who can blame them? These photos of him staring into the sun will turn into memes that’ll live forever. They’re getting delivered to the Library of Congress as we speak.

Supposedly, an aide shouted “Don’t look!” to him. Do you think he’d listen? No.

At this point, Donald Trump is turning into a goofy, old grandfather.

Tiger Woods, Katharine McPhee Declare Legal War Over Nude Photo Hacks

Tiger Woods and Katharine McPhee have been hacked -- private nude photos have surfaced -- and their lawyers are vowing to destroy anyone who posts them. The website Celeb Jihad posted graphic selfies of various naked stars, including Tiger, Lindsey…

Taylor Swift Has Returned To Social Media With A Single Reptile-Themed Post

Taylor Swift performing live on stage

Swifties (and president Donald Trump) stared at the sun all afternoon, and all they got were singed retinas! Taylor Swift, the sneakiest foal of all the My Little Ponies, is responsible for many a dry cleaning bill this Monday. All her fans shat themselves over the weekend upon learning she had wiped her social media clean. In real person world, that’s the second step after a new haircut in showing your ex-boo you’re well on your way to a “new you.” In TayTay world, it means you have a new album about to drop, and you’re going to induce the drip, drip, drip of water torture on your fans and have them do some really weird shit for a week so they can find out the name of the lead single.

This morning, Taylor slithered back onto Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr with a new video:

A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

HAHA, joke’s on you betches, for your “Taylor Swift is a snake meme. Shes TOTALLY in on it, too, because that’s what cool-as-a-cucumber cat owners do. Right?! RIGHT?! She ran out of ex-boyfriends to sing about, so it’s only natural her next “I was wronged” warble is aimed at 80% of the posters on social media. Just kidding. 99%. Well, it could be to them, or just to that court room sketch artist who took a few, ah, creative liberties when TSwift was in court testifying the other week against that DJ ass grabber.

E! News burped up all the clues fans had found that the album was coming, and some thought it was going to tie in with today’s solar eclipse since, well, this is Taylor Swift, and a natural phenomenon is about the only thing left for her to try and upstage. I’m sure every Swifty was on Weather.com watching the livestream of the eclipse expecting her the pull a Katy Perry/Spotify mind game and release the new track just as the moon was blocking out all the light over Nashville. And Karlie Kloss’s house, just cuz.

Apart from the social media blackout, some people with nothing better to do detective fans went into the coding on Taylor’s website and found in that mess a slew of letters that, if you subtracted a letter from each, you got “that’s what they don’t see.” You weren’t going to see the sun this afternoon and omigod it MUST mean that’s the name of the new song!

Some were saying America was going to lose $700 million in productivity today due to the eclipse, but I doubt that. Tay kept every cardiologist across the country working ’round the clock tending to her fans and their new album anxiety. DirecTV also let the Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson out of bag, because it says Taylor will be on Good Morning America on Aug. 31. PLUS, if you flip 31, you get 13, which is Taylor’s favorite number. Good work, fans! It’s shit like this where I often think members of the Beyhive must wake up each morning, take a look at the Swifties, and say, “Sure, we overuse the bumblebee emoji, but at least we aren’t THAT bad!

Pic: Wenn.com

The Return Of Lily-Rose Depp's Pout

Lily-Rose Depp is nothing if not reliable on social media, and in addition to her recent string of cleavtastic pics, the eighteen-year-old starlet is also perfecting a...

Prince Harry has been picking up Meghan Markle at the airport this whole time and more news

The internet is a vast place and there is no way you can see everything posted. Here are some stories that you may have missed that we think are click-worthy. …

Michael Phelps in a Swim Class With His Son Is the Sweetest Thing You’ll See All Day

Michael Phelps is passing on his incredible talents in a big way. On Monday, the Olympic gold medalist hosted the Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Class on behalf of his Phelps Foundation and was naturally joined by his wife, Nicole Johnson, and their 1-year-old son, Boomer. The trio waded in the pool with a handful of other parents and babies, and the cameras caught some truly precious moments between Michael and his little boy, who rode on his dad's shoulders through the water.

In an interview with POPSUGAR in June, Michael said of Boomer, "I like to be able to chill with him and just relax," and when asked about the potential of Boomer becoming an athlete, he replied, "I went through ups and downs in the pool when I loved it and when I hated it, so if he wants to be an athlete of some sort, great. If he doesn't, OK," adding, "The more you push a kid, in my opinion, they go the other direction, so I won't push him to do that." Judging by these photos, it looks like Boomer is totally fine with cruising on his dad's back for now.

Sailor Brinkley Cook Reveals Shocking Details About Mom Christie’s Nasty Divorce

Christie Brinkley Divorce Daughter Sailor

Christie Brinkley’s nasty divorce from her fourth husband, Peter Cook, was so traumatic that her young daughter admitted she was forced to counseling over her parents’ dreadful split.

Sailor Brinkley Cook’s father was caught having sexwith his 18-year-old assistant, and the supermodel promptly dumped him in 2006.

They ended up going through one of Hollywood’s most hideous breakups, with the architect accusing Brinkley, 63, of “gross exaggerations, revisionist history and self-serving dishonesty ,” in an email to Radar in 2014.

Sailor, now following in her famous mom’s modeling footsteps, confessed how the ugly split, where her mom called her dad a “narcissist,” ended with her in counseling.

PHOTOS: Get A Room! Christie Brinkley Packs On The PDA With Boyfriend John Mellencamp

“My parents had just gotten divorced and I was so confused about everything,” Brinkley Cook, 19, wrote on an Instagram post where she was wishing her best friend a happy birthday.

“There was this little after-school counseling session for kids with divorced parents that the school put me in called “banana splits”. Basically all we did was make banana splits and talk about how we have 2 christmas’ and how that was a plus lol (sic).”

During the horrendous divorce, Brinkley said her “50s weren’t easy,” because she “went through a miserable divorce while trying to be a pillar for my kids.”

In second grade at the time of her parents’ brutal divorce, Brinkley Cook wrote about her friend helping her out in the sad situation.

PHOTOS: Where’s Tarek? Christina Spotted At ‘Scam’ Seminar After Explosive Divorce Filing

“I remember throwing a temper tantrum during a session one day and i remember a very shy and very small girl i had never seen before (whos parents also put her in banana splits) calming me down and telling me about her parents and how its all gonna be okay. That was the start of a lifetime of friendship.”

Brinkley wrote an emoji filled response to her daughter, posting: “Melting at the memories ❤️❤️🌈🌈🌟🌟Happy Birthday Scottie! 🍨🍨🎂🎂🍰🍰

Okay, story time: I met emma scott when we were in 2nd grade, we were both new to school and didn’t know anyone. My parents had just gotten divorced and i was so confused about everything. There was this little after-school counseling session for kids with divorced parents that the school put me in called “banana splits”. Basically all we did was make banana splits and talk about how we have 2 christmas’ and how that was a plus lol. I remember throwing a temper tantrum during a session one day and i remember a very shy and very small girl i had never seen before (whos parents also put her in banana splits) calming me down and telling me about her parents and how its all gonna be okay. That was the start of a lifetime of friendship. I immediately became co-dependent haha. Everything i did was with emma scott from playing dress up every day after school, to being on the same sport teams even if i didnt have the skills you did, to first high school parties and boys and emotions, all the way to graduation. We were literally stuck to the hip for 10 years. (Literally. When we weren’t put in the same class we would protest at the principles office lol) Now we’re heading into our 20’s and although we have figured out how to live our lives independently… You will always be my rock and I will always be yours. Thank you for giving me the best childhood ever. I’m so excited to be there to watch your exciting life grow for another 10+ years ♥️😭👯 HAPPY BIRTHDAY scotty!!!!!!!! I love you so much and I always will!!!!

A post shared by Sailor Brinkley Cook (@sailorbrinkleycook) on

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John Cena’s Fans Thank Him For Changing Their Lives, and the Video Will Wreck You

Are you sitting down? OK, perfect. It's no secret that John Cena loves his fans, but recently, a group of fans flipped the script on him and decided to surprise him for a change. During an interview with Cricket Wireless, the WWE superstar received a bunch of cards from people thanking him for changing their lives, and things definitely got emotional. One fan thanked John for being his "light in a decade of darkness," while a little boy named Tyler Schweer recorded a special video, telling a story about how his mom was diagnosed with cancer and how John's words taught him to never give up. But what John didn't know was that all those fans were standing backstage listening to him read each and every note. Watch John's emotional reaction in the video above, and get ready to turn into a complete wreck.

Justin Bieber Unfollowing Floyd Mayweather on Instagram is Conor McGregor’s Final Mind Game

Floyd Mayweather and Justin Bieber are best friends because rich celebrity douches typically hang out together. But Justin is on a new path. He’s an imperfect man who wants to change. And part of that change means distancing himself from someone like Floyd Mayweather, who likes to hang out at strip clubs.

It feels like this could have been a conversation between two adults. Justin would be like, “Hey man, I just want to have a little distance as I try to get my life on track. Maybe when we hang out we don’t go to the strip club EVERY TIME.” And Floyd, being a 40-year-old father of four, would be like, “I understand and I respect that. More strippers for me.”

But these two aren’t exactly adults.

Instead of having that conversation, Justin unfollowed Floyd on Instagram and that sent Floyd over the edge.

Here’s what TMZ sources had to say:

Floyd went “insane, nuclear.” He lashed out at Justin, called him a “traitor” because Floyd had stuck with Justin during his meltdown when everyone was attacking Bieber.

Yeah, that’s a reasonable reaction to someone unfollowing you on social media.

This whole thing is dumb and just adds to the circus that is Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight week. In case this fight couldn’t get anymore nauseating, we can now add “drama between Justin Bieber and Floyd Mayweather” to the list. At least now Floyd has a built-in excuse if he loses. How can the man concentrate just days after his friend unfollowed him on Instagram? I know when I lose a Twitter follower, I’m in a state of shock and depression for at least a week.

It’s not often that Justin Bieber looks like the good person in a situation, but credit to him for actually trying to distance himself from supposed bad influences.

As for Floyd, if he wants to find a douche upgrade over Bieber who will always be there for him at the strip club, I hear Scott Disick is free.

I Don’t See a Problem Here

trap funny space rays - 4924848640

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Tagged: trap , funny , space rays

Now That’s a Professional

professional dr-manhattan tobias fünke arrested development - 7486376960

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Put On Blast! Joss Whedon’s Ex-Wife Says He Had Numerous Affairs

Joss Whedon‘s ex-wife is putting the director on blast, slamming him for being a hypocrite “preaching feminist ideals.”

In a cutting essay for The Wrap, Kai Cole, who was married to Whedon for 16 years, revealed he cheated on her several times over the course of their marriage.

“He hid multiple affairs and a number of inappropriate emotional ones that he had with his actresses, co-workers, fans and friends, while he stayed married to me,” Cole wrote. “I loved him. And in return, he lied to me. A lot.”

PHOTOS: Forgive & Forget? Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Enjoy Family Outing Despite Cheating Scandal Resentment

Whedon, 53, is the geek brain behind Buffy: The Vampire Slayer,  and has long been celebrated as a champion of women’s rights and opportunities. He’s currently guiding reshoots on the highly anticipated Justice League movie, and is also scheduled to helm a big-screen Batgirl film for Warner Bros.

But Cole, who finalized their divorce last year, says he is, “not who he pretends to be.”

“He always had a lot of female friends, but he told me it was because his mother raised him as a feminist, so he just liked women better,” she wrote. “He said he admired and respected females, he didn’t lust after them. I believed him and trusted him. On the set of Buffy, Joss decided to have his first secret affair.”

PHOTOS: Forgive & Forget? Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Enjoy Family Outing Despite Cheating Scandal Resentment

Cole reveals in the essay she has been battling Complex PTSD, and struggles to make sense of everything that has happened to her.

“My entire reality changed overnight, and I went from being a strong, confident woman, to a confused, frightened mess.

“Despite understanding, on some level, that what he was doing was wrong, he never conceded the hypocrisy of being out in the world preaching feminist ideals, while at the same time, taking away my right to make choices for my life and my body based on the truth.

“He deceived me for 15 years, so he could have everything he wanted.

“I believed, everyone believed, that he was one of the good guys, committed to fighting for women’s rights, committed to our marriage, and to the women he worked with.

“But I now see how he used his relationship with me as a shield, both during and after our marriage, so no one would question his relationships with other women or scrutinize his writing as anything other than feminist.”

PHOTOS:‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Jessica Pardido Caught Her Hubby Cheating

The fallout has been immediate, with the longtime Whedon fansite, Whedonesque announcing Monday that it’s “closing down” and will become a read-only site.

Whedon’s agent did not respond to Radar’s request for comment, but a spokesperson for the director told The Wrap: “While this account includes inaccuracies and misrepresentations which can be harmful to their family, Joss is not commenting, out of concern for his children and out of respect for his ex-wife.”

Does this scathing essay change your view of Whedon? Let us know in our comments section.

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WWE Raw Live Stream: How To Watch Monday Night Raw Online – 08/21/17

The superstars of Monday Night Raw are fresh off the heels of a scorching SummerSlam. Last night’s event featured the most title changes in SummerSlam history. A slew of titles changed hands, but which ones?

Oh, tricky, tricky. I’m not going to give away the results of SummerSlam here. I have a results/spoilers/predictions page for that. But for now, let’s speculate….

The odds were seriously stacked up against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Did the beast retain or did he fall to the likes of Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns or Samoa Joe?

Did “The Boss” Sasha Banks beat “The Goddess” Alexa Bliss? And did “The King of the Cruiserweights” Neville reclaim his throne and take back his title from Akira Tozawa? And is The Shield really back together for good? Look below and all these questions will be answered as you live stream tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw on your computer, TV, tablet or mobile device.

And oh, I almost to mention. The legendary 16-time world champion John Cena is advertised to appear at Raw. Sh*t just got real…

WWE Raw Live Stream: Watch WWE Raw Online - August 21, 2017

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewing Details

Date: Monday, August 14, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY, US
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now
Tickets: Ticketmaster

How To Live Stream Monday Night Raw Online

Looking to watch Monday Night Raw? Of course you do, you’re reading this article. To live stream tonight’s show, just click on USA, where you will be directed to that network’s official live stream page. But you’ll need your cable or satellite information to access this content.

How To Watch Monday Night Raw On Your Tablet or Mobile Device

Want to watch Raw on your tablet or mobile device. Just sign up with the USA Now app, which is free with your cable or satellite log-in info.

You can also watch Raw on Sling TV. The first week is free, so you’ll want to keep track of time if you don’t wanna pony up $25 for the monthly Sling Blue package. You can access the Sling app from a wide variety of devices, including Roku, Xbox One, Chromecast, ZTE, and Nexus player.

How To Watch WWE Raw Online Without Cable Subscription

Don’t have a cable subscription to watch Raw? Don’t sweat it. Just go to Sling TV, and sign up for a free 7 days on their Sling Blue package. You won’t want to miss a minute of the action.

And boom! You’re watching WWE. You can thank me later or not. It’s whatever.

Are you feeling Raw yet?

Watching WWE Raw in India?

Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw will be streamed live in India on August 1st 5.30 AM onwards on the Ten 1 Network. The repeat telecast is scheduled for 4 PM and 9 PM on the Ten 1 Network later that day/evening.

Good News: Game of Thrones’ Benjen Stark Is Still a Babe Out of Costume

Jon Snow lost his uncle Benjen during Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones. The heartbreaking death (which we didn't actually see) came when Benjen rescued Jon (Kit Harington) from the sea of oncoming White Walkers and wights, giving his nephew his horse to get back to the Wall while he was left to fend for himself. While Benjen hasn't been on the show a lot over the years, he always pops up at extremely important times, making fans love him that much more. He's mysterious, brave, and pretty sexy with that long hair and facial scar. While some GOT characters look drastically different on real life, Benjen, played by Joseph Mawle, still has his character's general persona even out of costume. While Joseph doesn't have long hair or that scar, there's no mistaking those beautiful eyes.

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are back together again again

In a very rare instance of actually “shocking” Teen Mom 2 relationship news, Jeremy Calvert and on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again fiancée Brooke Wehr are reportedly back together...

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Paola Mayfield: 26 of the 90 Day Fiance Star’s Hottest Photos!

Paola Mayfield of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? got married to Russ and the two of them are still living together.

It's not always clear if Paola's ever after with Russ is actually all that happy, though.

They're clearly crazy about each other, so things are going way better for these two than for a lot of other 90 Day Fiance couples.

Paola is a gorgeous fitness model from Columbia, and she wants to pursue her career.

Russ, though he loves Paola and eventually even moved to Miami so that she could pursue her career, is from Oklahoma. He has some old-fashioned ideas about how much of Paola's sinful flesh should be exposed to other people. For instance, he doesn't want Paola wearing lingerie out of the bedroom.

We get it; she's hot. But it's her meat prison and she can show as much of it as she likes.

He knew that she was a model when they got married.

Paola also has to fight off criticism from some really nasty haters who flood her comments, shaming her for having a body and for pursuing her career when, in their minds, she should be home-making for her lord husband or whatever the gender roles folks thing that wives are supposed to do.

Thankfully, Paola Mayfield slams her critics, but it's sad that she gets hate in the first place.

Anyway, Paola is gorgeous beyond measure, so please enjoy this set of photos that she has shared, including some of her absolute hottest looks. Her career could go a long way.

1. Paola looks great in blue

Paola 01
She also looks great in everything, but the blue nails are a softer match for her blue top. That's what you were looking at, right?

2. This one's older, but ... very good

Paola 02
Paola Mayfield and Russ, back in her days of sporting brown hair. We prefer her with blonde hair, but this is one of her best pictures, ever. Because of reasons.

3. Abs-olutely gorgeous.

Paola 03
Seriously, Paola's abs could kill people. And they'd say "thank you" as they died. Dang, girl.

4. Every side of Paola is her good side

Paola 04
Even her backside

5. Paola Mayfield: hot in glasses

Paola 05
We're not going to call this a "nerd-hot" photo. Nerdiness is who you are, not how keen your eyesight happens to be.

6. She needs a new shower curtain

Paola 06
She looks great, we don't understand how that bikini top works, and ... that shower curtain is great but so distracting for her mirror selfies. Hard to focus on abs when you see sea critters.
View Slideshow

Taylor Swift Annoyed at the Eclipse Upstaging Her

Taylor Swift went all Zero Dark Thirty last week on social media, leading fans to speculate that new music was finally on the way. Today, Swift returned to eclipse the eclipse.


Some fans speculated that news would be released at 2 PM eastern, but I’m writing this at 3:30 PM Eastern and there has been no news. Haven’t we learned that Taylor does stuff on her own time?

In digging deeper, fans found out that “Timeless” was registered in her name, leading most to assume that “Timeless” will either be the name of the album, the first single, or possibly both.

That’s really all the information that’s out there right now. Why are you doing this to me, Taylor?

Since we have nothing to go by except a 10-second clip, allow me to write far too many words on what the 10-second clip may represent.

1. There’s no music attached to the clip, which means there’s no hint of what the album might sound like. There’s not even a hint that this has anything to do with music.

2. It appears to be a dragon tail. Maybe she just watched Game of Thrones, is a big fan of Emilia Clarke, and is doing this to get her attention. Or maybe she represents the dragon and is about to do this to the music industry and her enemies:

3. The footage is choppy. Taylor has gone broke in the three years since 1989. Maybe she should have sued that DJ for more than $1. She needs to put out a new album so she can be rich again and make higher quality videos.

4. Some people have speculated that it’s a snake. It’s not a snake. It’s too prickly to be a snake. But I’ll humor everyone pretend that it’s a snake. If it’s a snake, then in the next video, its head will get chopped off. Taylor is not the snake. She’s the one who chops off the head of a snake.

5. And that’s why it’s a dragon. Because why would her first video back be of a snake? Snakes are painted as negative animals who lie and deceive. Dragons are awesome. Taylor Swift is awesome.

6. Someone should fix the tracking on the video.

7. The only distinct colors are red, blue, green, white, and black. Five colors representing her five previous albums (Taylor Swift – White, Fearless – Green, Speak Now – Blue, Red – Red, 1989 – Black). If you have to ask why the color goes with that album, never speak to me again. This is her sixth album, but she still gives us no hint as to what it could represent as there is not a sixth color.

8. She released the video the same day as the eclipse. Does that mean the album will be light to dark to light again? Or does it mean she will eclipse all other artists with this album? Or does it mean nothing? It definitely means something.

I have roughly 1981 more theories, but let me stop there. Just hurry up and grace me new music, Taylor. I need to know how to feel again.

Patty Lopez Makes Sports Look Good (32 pics)

Patty Lopez is a new sports broadcaster, and she's quickly building up a dedicated following thanks to her gorgeous good looks.

Patty Lopez Makes Sports Look Good (32 pics)

You Can’t Deny That Ellen DeGeneres Speaks The Truth (28 pics)

Ellen just always knows the right things to say.

You Can't Deny That Ellen DeGeneres Speaks The Truth (28 pics)

Here Is The List Of Celebrities Who Lost Their Fame, But Bounced Back (10 pics)

These celebrities have been to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, but right now it seems that they're where they need to be.

Here Is The List Of Celebrities Who Lost Their Fame, But Bounced Back (10 pics)

Quotes That Will Remind You How Hilarious Scrubs Was (24 pics)

The "Scrubs" finale aired a few years ago, but these quotes will live on forever.

Quotes That Will Remind You How Hilarious Scrubs Was (24 pics)

Super Awkward Stories About Accidental Physical Contact (15 pics)

Sometimes touching someone can be a cringeworthy experience.

Super Awkward Stories About Accidental Physical Contact (15 pics)

Sometimes Shower Thoughts Change Your World Completely (51 pics)

The world is a completely different place when you take the time to consider these shower thoughts.

Sometimes Shower Thoughts Change Your World Completely (51 pics)

College Student Wins At Life By Trolling Women On Tinder (29 pics)

This kid just has some serious skills with the ladies.

College Student Wins At Life By Trolling Women On Tinder (29 pics)

Cool Sports Girls That Live Life On The Edge (36 pics)

Sports girls are ready to step up to the challenge when the times get tough.

Cool Sports Girls That Live Life On The Edge (36 pics)

Body Art Illusions That Are Creepy And Artistic (21 pics)

Ines Kuš from Zagreb knows how to turn the body into a work of art.

Body Art Illusions That Are Creepy And Artistic (21 pics)

Magic Johnson And Samuel L Jackson Spotted In Italy (3 pics)

Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson decided to see the sights at the Italian resort of Forte Dei Marmi and they managed to blend in with the locals who mistook them for migrants.

Magic Johnson And Samuel L Jackson Spotted In Italy (3 pics)

Awesome And Creepy Facts To Help You Wrap Up The Weekend (22 pics)

Nothing helps you get back into work mode quite like creepy facts.

Awesome And Creepy Facts To Help You Wrap Up The Weekend (22 pics)

Military Wives See How Their Husbands Live During Marine Corps Open Day (40 pics)

The Marines recently held an open day at Camp Pendleton, California so that the wives of servicemen could see how their other half lives.

Military Wives See How Their Husbands Live During Marine Corps Open Day (40 pics)

Horrible Apartment Interiors That Will Make You Cringe (40 pics)

Yeah, you definitely don't want to live in these apartments.

Horrible Apartment Interiors That Will Make You Cringe (40 pics)

It’s Amazing How One Simple Comic Can Melt Your Heart (9 pics)

Dan Dougherty managed to capture the joy of parenthood in one simple comic.

It’s Amazing How One Simple Comic Can Melt Your Heart (9 pics)

Young Girl’s Dad Builds Her An Incredible Bedroom (50 pics)

After spending $4,250 and 300 hours building this bedroom, this dad is a strong contender for Father of the Year.

Young Girl's Dad Builds Her An Incredible Bedroom (50 pics)

The Story Of A Boy That Will Restore Your Faith In Police (2 pics)

As bad as the news may make them seem sometimes, it's important to remember that there are still good cops out there.

The Story Of A Boy That Will Restore Your Faith In Police (2 pics)

Say Hello To The Special Forces Of Russia (40 pics)

These soldiers are not to be messed with.

Say Hello To The Special Forces Of Russia (40 pics)

How People Get Revenge For Bad Parking In Russia (2 pics)

This is just another reason why you don't want to park in the wrong spot in Russia.

How People Get Revenge For Bad Parking In Russia (2 pics)

Fernando Abellanas Designs Secret Art Studio Under A Bridge In Spain (7 pics)

Valencia, Spain is going through an urban space shortage, but one self taught designer named Fernando Abellanas has come up with a solution to the problem.

Fernando Abellanas Designs Secret Art Studio Under A Bridge In Spain (7 pics)

Traveling Cat Takes The Long Road Home (9 pics)

Artist Andrew Palyanov imagined what a grand adventure would look like through the eyes of a cat, and this is what he came up with.

Traveling Cat Takes The Long Road Home (9 pics)

Taylor Swift HQ

Taylor Swift HQ submitted by /u/Shutupvoices
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Ben Affleck And Lindsay Shookus Were Papped At A Jewelry Store

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus get late night dinner at the "Mas Farmhouse" in the West Village

Ben Affleck may not be playing Batman anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’s not open to performing exciting stunts in front the cameras. And because every good superhero needs a sidekick, he was joined by his current favorite partner in publicity Lindsay Shookus. Maybe it’s the angle, but they’re kind of giving me 10-years-later Brittany Pierce from Glee if she left Santana for a guy who flips Pontiac Sunfires on Kijiji.

Ben celebrated his birthday last week with his family, sans Shookus, in Los Angeles. Ben and Lindsay have been public for over a month now. Someone obviously thinks that’s not long enough to get an invitation to the family birthday party. And Lindsay wouldn’t show up unless she wanted an angry passive-aggressive confrontation with Jennifer Garner. “Hi sweety, listen – I’m going to have to ask you to make like an inflatable house and bounce, bitch.

Ben and Lindsay were photographed this weekend in Manhattan on their latest lover’s getaway (more like getaway from Los Angeles and Jennifer Garner’s death stare) a few days after Ben’s birthday. People magazine says that Ben and Lindsay spent Sunday night at a fancy restaurant. Before they had dinner, they were seen at the jewelry counter of Barney’s New York. A source says they had a great time.

“Ben had a fun weekend with Lindsay. On Sunday they went shopping at Barney’s New York. Lindsay tried on bracelets. Later they had dinner at Mas. Ben was in a great mood, accepted belated birthday wishes and signed autographs.”

Jewelry is sort of an awkward theme in Ben’s love life. When Ben and Lindsay first got together, Radar Online claimed that Jennifer Garner had been tipped off that her husband was screwing around after she allegedly received a phone call from a fancy jewelry store about a ring. Except it wasn’t a ring that Ben bought for her; it was a ring Ben allegedly bought for Lindsay. The Love Actually nerve of him! At least Ben seems to have learned his lesson and is sticking to bracelets. Stay clear of the rings for now, Ben. They’re cursed. No good ever seems to come when one of Ben’s ladies slips a ring on her finger.

Pic: Backgrid

Iskra Lawrence Baby Blue Beauty and Shit Around the Web

  Mayweather/McGregor's Corona Girls, Magdalena Frackowiak topless, and more! read more

Carole Radziwill Insta-boob and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Mayweather/McGregor's Corona Girls, Magdalena Frackowiak topless, and more!

Britney Spears Sang Live & Gave Everyone Something to Talk About

Another week, another way Britney Spears is proving she is a queen.

More: Britney Spears' First Trip to Israel Has Been a Bit of a Circus

As she winds toward the end of her Las Vegas residency in January, Spears gave her latest audience something major to talk about: She deviated from the usual set list and sang a surprise cover completely live.

In addition to all the classics, Spears busted out a surprise rendition of Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About," and she sounded amazing. Luckily, someone in the crowd captured it on video so we can all hear that Spears definitely still has it.

More: Kevin Federline Opens Up About Co-parenting With Britney Spears

Spears has gotten some flack over the last three years about whether she lip syncs or sings during her residency, and the answer is a little bit of both — she sings as much as she can, but during intense dance sequences, she has a track playing. This song was completely live, though, and she sounds just as great.

She also had a strong message for some of the haters she's faced throughout her career, especially the media that fixated on her as she struggled through tougher times.

"I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, right? This morning I woke up…looked at the news, lot of things going on in the world and stuff," she said. "One minute they tear you down, and that's really horrible, and the next minute you're on top of the world, but I've never really spoke about it. I'm a Southern girl, I'm from Louisiana. I'm from the South, and I like to keep it real, so I just want to make sure I keep having you motherfuckers something to talk about."

And that's when the music started and she transitioned flawlessly into the song.

More: The Biggest Mental Health Reveals From Britney Spears’ New Interview

Bless Brit.

Gal Gadot

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The 4 Men Who Were Lucky Enough to Share Sienna Miller’s Life

You might have forgotten, but Sienna Miller has had some seriously high-profile relationships. Over the years, some men were lucky enough to share the life of the stylish actress, and a few of her romances really stood out. We're looking back at the men who had the chance to stand by her side.

AP Top 25 College Football Preseason Rankings 2017

Before college football season kicks off this Saturday, let’s take a quick look at the AP’s top 25 preseason rankings for each team. The gridiron is on the horizon for this school year. Let’s take a look at which team made the cut, who made it on top and who did not.

AP Top 25 College Football Preseason Rankings 2017

Of course, Alabama is number one of the list. They are followed by Ohio and Florida State. Even Miami made the list after years sitting on the outside looking in. Look below and find out where each team ranked for the AP top 25 college football preseason rankings…

Team (1st place votes)
1 Alabama (52)
2 Ohio State (3)
3 Florida State (4)
4 USC (2)
5 Clemson
6 Penn State
7 Oklahoma
8 Washington
9 Wisconsin
10 Oklahoma St.
11 Michigan
12 Auburn
13 LSU
14 Stanford
15 Georgia
16 Louisville
17 Florida
18 Miami
19 USF
20 Kansas State
21 Virginia Tech
22 West Virginia
23 Texas
Washington State
25 Tennessee

For the second straight year, Alabama has risen to the tippy top of preseason NCAA football rankings. Let’s hear it for the Crimson Tide…

And congratulations to the Miami Hurricanes for making the AP preseason poll for the first time since 2010.

Here are the other college football teams who didn’t make the top 25, but still received votes: TCU 98, Utah 85, Notre Dame 65, Boise State 37, NC State 26, Northwestern 25, Pittsburgh 23, Oregon 21, Houston 19, Colorado 18, San Diego State 9, UCLA 9, BYU 5, Appalachian State 4, Nebraska 4, Tulsa 4, Kentucky 3, Texas A&M 3, Michigan State 1.

Tennis Star Victoria Azarenka Officially Withdraws from US Open

Victoria Azarenka has picked her baby over the US Open -- officially pulling out of the upcoming tennis tournament because she refuses to his leave the state without her 8-month-old son.  As we previously reported, Azarenka is in the middle of…

Gary Payton Backs Durant: I Wouldn’t Go to Trump’s White House Either

Kevin Durant's getting Hall of Fame support on his decision to turn down an invitation to Trump's White House -- with NBA legend, Gary Payton, telling TMZ Sports he wouldn't go either.  Just last week, Durant said he wouldn't go…

Solar Eclipse 2017 Photos: Must-See Pictures Of The Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse has officially passed over the United States. Leagues of people came out on this day to look up at the sky in search for the elusive solar eclipse. Some were treated to a partial show, while others received the total eclipse. The sky was alive with many active eyes.

Even The Trumpinator got involved in the shindig. There’s a photo of him looking up at the sky to see the eclipse with a colleague. Trumpelstilskin is wearing eclipse viewing glasses to protect those peepers.

If any readers want to donate their exclusive photos of the eclipse, then shoot me an e-mail at brian.dunlop@teamcoed.com – I’ll only accept non-copyrighted photos that has been personally taken by the sender. If you’re lucky, you may just find your photo of this page.

Chandra Levy Special Coming And We’ve Got An Exclusive Clip

When Chandra Levy went missing in May 1, 2001, there were no clear leads on her whereabouts. Friends, family and police scrambled to find the missing 24-year-old Capitol Hill intern. Considered a cold case by many, it was later revived after her remains were found in May 2002.

The producers of Investigation Discovery’s JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery and Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery take a deep dive into the Levy case, and sort through the twists and turns that complicated the search for the young intern’s killer.

PHOTOS: The Curse Of Reality TV — 30 Reality Stars Who Died From Murder, Suicide, Overdoses & More

Watch the exclusive clip above for a sneak peak at the gripping 3-hour special.

Chandra Levy: An American Murder Mystery premieres Monday, September 4 at 8/7c on TLC. Viewers can watch an exclusive early debut online with the ID GO platform beginning Sunday, August 27.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for RadarOnline.com? Email us at tips@radaronline.com, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Jenelle Evans Confirms Wedding Date, Reveals Details of Big Day

Back in 2016, we learned that Jenelle Evans and David Eason had gotten engaged.

Fans were understandably skeptical, as this is at least the fifth time Jenelle has accepted a proposal, and only one of those previous engagements resulted in a (very short-lived) marriage.

Jenelle Evans Wedding Dress

But this time, it seems Jenelle has every intention of saying "I do."

And unlike her first wedding, she's not planning some quickie affair at city hall.

Jenelle and David say they're pulling out all the stops in preparation for their big day.

It's all going down on September 23, and Jenelle is already eager to share every detail with fans.

The famously temperamental Teen Mom 2 star has been uncharacteristically giddy in recent weeks as she gets ready to become Mrs. David Eason.

Last month, Jenelle went wedding dress shopping in New York and documented the experience on social media.

Over the weekend, she picked up her newly-tailored gown from and decided to make the return trip to the Big Apple a family affair.

David Eason's Daughter

Jenelle posted the above photo of David's daughter from a previous relationship and revealed that the wedding will have two flower girls:

"We got another option for flower girl dress! This is one happy little girl. She felt like a princess today! I can't wait to see Ensley in her dress! #Weddings #FlowerGirls," she captioned the pic.

Ensley is Jenelle and David's 7-month-old daughter.

Naturally, fans are already squealing in anticipation of pics of the youngest member of the Evans-Eason clan in a flower girl dress.

And, of course, Jenelle's boys will be involved in the ceremony, as well.

Jenelle posted the above pic of her eldest son, Jace, bonding with David Eason while getting fitted for his wedding threads.

Jace Evans

“While I picked up my dress, David was helping Jace get fitted,” Evans captioned the pic.

Yes, it looks like it's really gonna happen this time.

Of course, this is Jenelle we're talking about, so nothing is certain until the vows are exchanged and the certificate is signed.

Even then, we're gonna wait a few months before we offer our congratulations.

Jenelle seems like the type to bug out and get an annulment over an argument about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive the Carolina Hurricane's stormy past.

16 Fun Ways You Can Dress Up as Leonardo DiCaprio For Halloween

This is shaping up to be a fun year for Leonardo DiCaprio; he presented at the Oscars (a year after finally taking home a best actor trophy), he partied it up at Coachella, he auctioned off a dinner with him and Kate Winslet for charity, he's been spending quality time with his BFF Tobey Maguire, and it looks like love may be in the air for him. So it totally makes sense that you'd want to dress up as him for Halloween. Thankfully, Leo has served up so many different looks throughout the years that you definitely shouldn't have a problem deciding on a costume.

Ryan Edwards’ Wife Says She’ll ‘Go To War’ Amid Husband’s Cheating Scandal

Ryan Edwards wife Mackenzie Standifer seems to be standing by her husband in the Teen Mom OG dad’s explosive cheating scandal.

After RadarOnline.com exclusively revealed that the 27-year-old rehab alum recently sent dirty messages and naked photos to another woman over dating app Tinder, Standifer posted a sexy selfie on Instagram with a clear message to potential mistresses: Back off!

PHOTOS: Baby Daddy From Hell! ‘Teen Mom’ Maci Bookout Slams Ex Ryan Edwards In New Tell-All: Read Her 10 Most Shocking Accusations

“She’s bad a** with a good heart. Soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you marry,” she wrote, quoting poet R.H. Sin.

As Radar exclusively reported, Standifer is privately much more upset about her troubled husband’s scandal.

“I want you to stop!” she furiously messaged Edwards’ texting partner.

The couple’s relationship has been troubled since their wedding day, when Edwards slurred his words and nodded off at the wheel on the way to the ceremony in footage caught by MTV.

PHOTOS: Teen Mom Maci’s Baby Daddy Ryan Edwards Admits To Murdering Cats

The father of Maci Bookout son’s 8-year-old son Bentley checked into rehab soon after the disturbing episode was filmed.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for RadarOnline.com? Email us at tips@radaronline.com, or call us at 800-344-9598 any time, day or night.

Brie Larson

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Game of Thrones Finale Promo: The Gang is All… Where?!?

On Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6, Dany finally learned the truth... the very hard way:

The White Walkers are real. The Night's King is very real.

And, yes, it is possible to kill a dragon.

How will these revelations impact this Sunday's Game of Thrones Season 7 finale?

It appears as though Jon Snow and his friends will go through with their non-sensical plan to convince Cersei of these same truths by presenting her with their kidnapped Walker.

In the following trailer, Cersei and Jamie Lannister receive Tyrion, Jon Snow, Gendry, Theon Greyjoy, Jorah Mormont, Davos Seaworth and Brienne of Tarth in the ruins of Dragonpit in King's Landing.

We don't see Dany at this meeting, however.

"There's only one war that matters and it is here," Jon Snow warns Cersei, who previously hinted she could see a benefit from a short-term alliance with those seeking her Throne.

To what end, we do not know.

There's also a shot of Sansa in the preview, as we're likely to get a conclusion on the finale to her annoying feud with Aria.

Elsewhere: neither The Hound nor The Mountain appear in the teaser, but fans are speculating that the finale will result in the long-awaited Cleganebowl, a rumored fatal clash between the two hulking siblings.

Weeks ago, in the the second trailer for Season 7, viewers saw The Hound draw his sword in the same Dragonpit seen below.

So there's one more development to potentially look forward to.

Check out the promo now and ask yourself the obvious question:

Who will die on the finale?

Game of thrones season finale trailer the gang is all where

Jay Z opens up about feud with Kanye West in interview for TIDAL

Nobody wins when the family feuds That line, from Family Feud on 4:44, is the first thing that came to mind when I read the latest update on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s boy sh-t. Boy sh-t usually brings me joy. Usually, I’m entertained. Usually, I live for petty drama between celebs. But when the ...

Kate Upton

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Open Post: Hosted By Britney Spears’ Live Vocals


Britney’s back, bitches! Much like an allusive Bigfoot, Nessie or Jersey Devil sighting, Britney Spears has once again been caught on film in the wild, SINGING LIVE, which is something that has only been the stuff of legends for many years.

Britney, covering Bonnie Raitt‘s Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About in a creamy layer of irony, looks pretty good! Decked out in full Spirit Halloween store version of “Cher on an aircraft carrier” regalia, Brit Brit struts her stuff and prepares for glory. Ok, it starts off a little shaky (does she cross herself? I have watched this clip so many times now that it all just feels like a fever dream at this point), she takes a deep breath and plunges into the song with gusto.

I’m a singer; I know that that first note often sets the tone for the entire song. In Brit’s case, that tone is called “dogged determination.” So it’s a little rough and growly. Brit looks amazing and she is gonna sing this fucking song all the way through if it kills her! And it does get better. Brit finds her vocal sweet spot on the chorus and the audience is clearly loving everything she is doing. Britney is so cute, y’all! I’m happy for her and for these lucky fans who will have a wonderful if unlikely story to tell their great-grandchildren around the campfire someday.

Britney singing "Something to Talk About" live 😵 #shook #pieceofme

A post shared by Joey Monroe (@joeymonroe) on

Pic: Instagram

Bella Thorne: Looking Hot in Fishnets, (Faux) Million Dollar Bikini Top!

Bella Thorne is no stranger to beautifully colorful hair or to being scantily clad. At this point, that's kind of her brand.

But she raised a few eyebrows at the Billboard 100 Hot Festival on Sunday with her fishnet top and her, um, provocative choice in "undershirt," if you can call it that.

You'll see what we mean in these photos -- because never fear, Bella was sure to share her look on Snapchat.

Bella Thorne, 2017 TCAs

Did you guys know that Bella Thorne has a couple of movies coming out later this year?

No, they're not sex tapes. She's an actress, you guys. She does movies.

Anyway, the Billboard Hot 100 was over the weekend.

Bella Thorne attended (no, not with Scott Disick in tow) and she was sporting purple hair with darker roots, which contrasted with her fair skin and corresponded with her pink lips.

(W'e're not sure what to call this purple -- it's just a shade too dark to be lilac, but we'll accept lilac)

Bella Thorne Wore a Money Bikini

The thing is, you know, her outfit.

She might not be eating a hamburger in Scott Disick's yard while wearing a bikini, but she was eye-catching nonetheless.

Her top was fishnets, but less like one of those fishnet tank tops and more like a ... fishnet poncho? Which is actually kind of brilliant.

(Though it might present a very real threat of getting yourself tangled, which is after all what actual nets are designed to do)

She's also wearing a garter belt and thigh-high stockings.

Aside from Bella's super toned abs, the most eye-catching part of her look had to be her faux million dollar bikini.

(And no, we do not mean that it cost a million dollars -- as you can see)

Bella Thorne, Money Bikini

Is Bella Thorne a mess or an icon?

We kind of want to say both.

In case it isn't completely clear from the photo, Bella Thorne did not actually take money and destroy it to forge it into a bikini.

That's just, you know, a print.

Most people couldn't get away with something like that without looking like a total dick, but since Bella's whole look is a statement piece and since she's estimated to be worth $5 million, she can pull it off.

If it were somebody just wearing a money-print suit because they fantasize about being rich, or someone who is rich, you'd seem super lame.

We would have found it more intriguing or perhaps artistic if she'd just used, like, some hundreds underneath a fishnet bikini top to cover her nip nops without damaging the bills themselves.

But, honestly, that sounds like it would have been a nightmare to keep up. And potentially more revealing than she'd intended to be at the event.

(Snapchat photos and attending a party come with very different wardrobe requirements, folks)

Bella Thorne White Bikini Top

You know what? Bella Thorne is a super hot celebrity and she's also still a teenager.

If there were ever a time to dress literally however you want, it's under those circumstances.

(Also, in general, we're advocates of dressing in whatever way strikes your fancy unless you're dressing like a Nazi or otherwise being s---ty to other people)

So, you know, let Bella Thorne be wild, you guys.

You're only young once (until transhumanism makes us all immortal, which honestly cannot come soon enough).

Until then, let's watch Bella Thorne live her crazy, sexy dreams.

We Can Definitively Say That Chris Pine Has Only Gotten Hotter With Age

Chris Pine is currently steaming up the big screen as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, but he's actually been giving us heart eyes since he hit the scene in the 2006 romantic comedy Just My Luck. With his baby face, piercing blue eyes, and undying commitment to rocking high-waisted trousers, it's no wonder that some of Hollywood's hottest models and actresses have fallen for the guy - he even managed to look hot with a f*cking handlebar mustache!

In addition to his good looks, Chris can sing, dance, and also has a sense of humor; he isn't afraid to admit that he's not the only hot Chris in Hollywood, and despite our plethora of choices for sexy stars named Chris, we just can't help but keep pining over this one. Look back at Chris's evolution in pictures.

Hayden Panettiere

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President Trump Stares Directly at Solar Eclipse Without Glasses, Despite Ivanka’s Warning

President Trump might have fried his eyes, 'cause he looked right at the solar eclipse without special glasses ... even though his daughter, Ivanka, did a PSA for just that. Trump was seen checking out the eclipse Monday with Melania and his son,…

Kristen Stewart

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Hayden Panettiere Has 1 of the Most Inspiring Celebrity Evolutions

Hayden Panettiere may only be 28 years old, but she's already solidified her status as a Hollywood mainstay. After getting her start as a child actress on ABC's One Life to Live, Hayden went on to take the acting world by storm, starring in hits like A Bug's Life, Malcolm in the Middle, Heroes, and her most recent, Nashville. Along the way, Hayden also welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Kaya Klitschko, with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko.

Of course, the road wasn't always easy; in October 2015, she entered treatment for postpartum depression just 10 months after giving birth, but she has managed to come out on top and speak candidly about her battle saying, "I was always so terrified that people weren't going to accept me." Take a walk down memory lane and look back at Hayden through the years.

Local Hero Wants Confederate Statue Replaced With Missy Elliott Statue

Statues are a big deal in America for the first time…ever. Thanks, Trump.

In Portsmouth, Virgina there’s a confederate statue because of course there is. Locals rallied around the statue over the weekend and wanted to take it down, but decided to peacefully protest so a bunch of Nazis didn’t come out and run them over.

The mayor said he plans on moving the statue to a nearby cemetery so he can hang out with the rest of the Nazis.

But what statue should be resurrected in place of a likely slave owner?

Yes. 100 percent. Yes.

Nathan Coflin, the latest man to out himself as a hero, wants to put up a Missy Elliott statue. His logic is flawless: Missy is from Portsmouth and she’s never once owned a slave. Bam. Those should be the requirements for local statues. “Are you from the place where the statue will reside?” “Have you ever owned a slave or committed mass murder?” If the answers are “yes” and “no” in that order, congratulations, you’re allowed to have a statue.

Missy Elliott is one of the greatest rappers of all-time. She gave us “The Rain” and “Work It”. Both tracks are far more important pieces of history than whatever that one confederate guy did however many years ago. He rode a horse and lost a war, right? Yeah, who cares. Putting it down, flipping it, and reversing it will live on forever.

The petition currently has 24,000+ signatures . If that random dude on the internet can get millions of RTs for free Wendy’s nuggets, we can definitely get this petition up to 100,000 signatures. This is our time, internet. Unite and ensure that Missy Elliott gets a statue in her hometown.

In the words of Nathan, “Missy is all of us. Missy is everything the Confederacy was not.”

Game of Thrones: You’ll Never Guess What Beric Looks Like Without His Eye Patch

When you think of Game of Thrones, you don't really think of the actors spending hours upon hours in the makeup chair (well, besides the White Walkers and Wights). But the main players in George R.R. Martin's world actually change quite a bit for their roles on the HBO show. Kit Harington (Jon Snow) changes his accent, Rory McCann (The Hound) doesn't have that huge facial scar, and Dame Diana Rigg (Lady Olenna) was another woman entirely without that headpiece.

While most of the characters do transform just through their outfits (massive fur coats, heavy armor, etc.), it's one character's tiny accessory that really brings his role to life. Richard Dormer (Beric Dondarrion) wears an eye patch in the series, and along with that accessory, his scruffy facial hair, and what looks like 100 pounds of clothing, his real-life look is shockingly different. Honestly, we would walk right by the actor on the street (and regret it forever).

Margot Robbie Is Completely Unrecognizable in Queen Elizabeth Costume

A photo just surfaced of Robbie in full costume and makeup for her role as Queen Elizabeth in Mary, Queen of Scots, and she is 100 percent unrecognizable.

More: A Love Hate-Relationship: Australians and Hollywood

Robbie's high hairline has us wondering if she shaved part of her head for the role, or if she just has some really high quality wig work. She also has tons of makeup on to make her skin look botchy and spotted, just like the real Queen Elizabeth, who insisted on using makeup filled with harsh chemicals and lead that permanently damaged her skin. Robbie is nothing if not devoted to this role.

And this isn't the first time Robbie has completely transformed herself to play a character. Though many think of her as she looked in her breakout role as Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street, which was pretty much what she looks like in real life, her recent projects have required some major transformations. To play Tonya Harding in her biopic, I, Tonya, Robbie wore prosthetic facial features, a wig and body padding. If nothing else, it's proof that Robbie's talent is valued more than her looks, which is definitely a positive thing in Hollywood.

More: 7 Things to Know (and Love) About Margot Robbie's Husband, Tom Ackerley

More: We're Weeing a Not-So-Hidden Message in Margot Robbie's Wedding Photo

Before we see her as any of her dramatically made up characters, though, we'll see Robbie as Daphne Milne, wife of A.A. Milne, in Goodbye Christopher Robin, which, based on the previews, won't be an unrecognizable version of her.

Scott Stapp Huddles Family, Concert Crowd for Cool Gender Reveal

Scott Stapp's proof even rock stars are softies ... just look at his awesome gender reveal. The ex-Creed frontman was performing at the 13th annual Bat Fest in Austin where he decided it was the best place to reveal what his pregnant wife's poppin'…

Eclipse Overshadows the Nation, Twitter Trolls Donald Trump

For better or much, much, MUCH worse, Donald Trump is an historic President.

Similarly, the total eclipse that overtook Earth on August 21, 2017 was an historic event.

What happens when these two things come together? Social media makes many relevant jokes.

To wit:


Fake news
Go ahead and stare away, #MAGA supporters.

2. Donald, Do NOT Look Directly at the Eclipse

Donald do not look directly at the eclipse
You're too weak to do it, POTUS. Way too weak.

3. Thanks, Obama...

Thanks obama
... for nothing!

4. Nobody Knew!

Nobody knew
The same number of people knew that health care is difficult to pass.

5. Is That a Dare?

Is that a dare
Make it a Double Dare and you're on!

6. I Will Do the Opposite!

I will do the opposite
George Constanza tried doing the opposite for one day only. Trump tries to do the opposite of Obama every day of his life.
View Slideshow

Try to Get Through These Sexy Photos of Ty Burrell Without Making a Dad Joke

Ty Burrell is best known for his role as goofy dad Phil Dunphy on Modern Family, but in real life, the 49-year-old is more of a daddy - especially when he's wearing those bookish glasses. Need proof? Keep reading for the most handsome Ty Burrell photos we could find, and we guarantee you'll never watch the hit ABC series the same.

Prince Charles Made a “Joke” After Harry’s Birth That Actually Broke Diana’s Heart

Princess Diana was many things to many people, but above all else, she was an adoring and doting mother of two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. While much is known about Diana's special connection with her boys, there's one thing people may not know about Harry's birth in particular: Prince Charles "desperately" wanted a little girl, and Diana, knowing that she was carrying a baby boy, kept the secret from her husband throughout her entire pregnancy.

About a year after Prince William was born in June 1982, Diana was under pressure to produce a spare to the heir. In September 1983, Buckingham Palace announced that Diana was pregnant for a second time, but sadly, she suffered a miscarriage later that week while at the Balmoral estate in Scotland. Cut to early 1984, when Charles and Diana found out that they were expecting again. During her difficult pregnancy, Diana told friends, "I don't think I'm made for the production line, but it's all worth it in the end."

In September 1984, Diana gave birth to a baby boy, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, after nine hours of labor and zero drugs. In Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story, the princess revealed her husband's "dismay" after welcoming their second child: "Charles always wanted a girl," she said. "Harry was a boy. His first comment was, 'Oh God, it's a boy.' His second: 'And he's even got red hair.'" Charles discounted the comment as a joke, but Diana was extremely hurt and offended: not only had she just endured nine f*cking hours of natural birth, but her older sisters and younger brother, Earl Spencer, all happen to have red hair, a trait that runs in the Spencer family. What's worse, at Harry's christening in December, Charles reportedly told Diana's mother, "We were so disappointed - we thought it would be a girl."

Diana went on to explain that she and Charles were "the closest we've ever, ever been and ever will be" in the weeks before Harry was born, adding, "Then, suddenly, as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage. The whole thing went down the drain." She went on to admit that "something inside me closed off," after Harry's birth - especially because Charles had picked up his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. "By then, I knew Charles had gone back to his lady," she said of the rekindled romance.

Harry's red hair led many to believe that his biological father was actually James Hewitt, an English Army captain who was hired to teach Diana, William, and Harry horseback riding. While Diana and James did carry on an affair in the late '80s, they didn't meet until two years after Harry's birth. And Charles's desire for a baby girl has held strong after all these years, as evidenced by his excitement over the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015. "I was hoping for a granddaughter - someone to look after me when I am very old," he told reporters during a public engagement that year. "I am really rather thrilled."

You’ll Barely Recognize Game of Thrones’ Thoros Without His Signature Topknot

It's pretty easy to spot Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) on Game of Thrones; the 52-year-old English actor is most recognized for his signature topknot, scruff, and brown dirty clothes. But when he's not bringing the dead back to life on Game of Thrones, Paul actually looks like a completely normal guy, and to be honest, we'd have a pretty hard time recognizing him on the street.

Paul is just one of the many actors on Game of Thrones who look totally unrecognizable out of costume, and unlike his ballsy character, Paul struggled with moments of insecurity before his first day of filming. "When I first got the gig, I was pretty terrified and couldn't sleep. I got to Belfast and I was being picked up at 4:30 a.m. for filming, and at 2 a.m. I was on Google typing in, 'How to act'," he told UK's Express back in October 2016. "It was like the first day at school. I might be 51 but my confidence levels fluctuate and there was pressure. I've still got to pinch myself that I'm in it after six auditions. Every time I figured it had gone away." Thoros may be long gone on Game of Thrones, but at least we'll always have these photos to remember him by.

Sure, Blac Chyna Gave Rob the Lambo and Ferrari Back, They Were Leased!!!

Blac Chyna was so incensed Rob Kardashian kept the Range Rover she gave him, some eyewitnesses say she tried to steal it ... but we've learned none of the whips in question were owned by either of them. We broke the story ... Chyna and Rob met at a…

1 Look at Jennifer Connelly’s Bikini Body Will Have You Dropping Down and Doing Crunches

Jennifer Connelly kicked back on the beach in a bright yellow bikini with her husband, Paul Bettany, and their kids Stellan and Agnes in Formentera, Spain, this week. The 46-year-old actress and her man - who have been married for over 14 years - showed off their incredible bodies while frolicking on the sand and wading through the ocean; the last time we saw these two relaxing on the beach was back in February during their family vacation in St. Barts, and let's be real: they look even hotter.

Over 250 Celebrity Halloween Costumes!

To help inspire your Halloween costume this year, we're taking a look at some of the best celebrity costumes through the years. From Heidi Klum's legendary parties to the many A-list stars sharing spooky snaps on Instagram, it's clear that Hollywood pulls out all the stops to celebrate the festive holiday. Scroll through to see some of the most insane getups, and see if you can spot the famous faces in their disguises.

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