Team Black Panther campaigns for Oscar at the Governors Awards

The citizens of Wakanda turned out for the Governor Awards, with Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, Lupita Nyong’o, and Michael B. Jordan on hand. We’ll leave MBJ for Kathleen, because I like my life and don’t want to lose it. As is usual with Wakandans, everyone looks super f-cking hot. (Lupita’s dres...

Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, and co: Team Crazy Rich Asians at the Governors Awards

There aren’t usually this many Asians at Oscar events. Because there aren’t usually all-Asian casts in Hollywood. Crazy Rich Asians came out in August. It’s one of the most successful movies of the year. It does actually have an outside shot at a couple of nominations, including Best Picture. So, ye...

Michael B Jordan at the Governors Awards

The Black Panther cast was mostly present and accounted for at the Governors Awards reminding me how much I love them all but I’m going to focus on my man Michael Bae Jordan. He wore an impeccably tailored white suit jacket that he can wear to our wedding if he wants. MBJ’s presence at the Governors...

Kara Del Toro’s Cleavage in Vegas!

Kara Del Toro wore a sexy leather dress and showed lots of cleavage on the red carpet for the #REVOLVEawards in Las Vegas! View the pictures (Via Boobie Blog)

Legal Victory! Audrina Patridge Awarded Primary Custody Of Daughter

audrina patridge daughter primary custody ex legal battle

Congratulations are in order for Audrina Patridge!

The Hills star was awarded primary custody of her two-year-old daughter Kirra Max after a lengthy court war against troubled ex-husband Corey Bohan.

According to court documents obtained by, the reality star gets the little girl full-time while the pair work out other issues through a mediator.


The estranged couple continue to work out a final custody schedule as well as the amount of child support to be paid.

As readers know, former pair have been ordered to stay more than 100 yards from each other at all times “except for the brief and peaceful exchange of the parties’ daughter, Kirra Max Patridge Bohan,” state the docs.

PHOTOS: Divorce Stress! Audrina Patridge Sparks New Health Fears With Extreme Weight Loss

Patridge, 33, split from BMX rider Bohan in September 2017 and filed a restraining order against him — and it’s been a bitter divorce and custody battle over their daughter ever since!

On Feb. 7, Patridge had filed a fourth amended request for a temporary restraining order on Bohan, which was granted by a judge.

PHOTOS: Somber Brad Pitt Speaks Out After Reaching Custody Agreement With Angelina Jolie

The motorcycle champ was ordered to stay at least 100 years away from Patridge and their daughter.

Bohan also was forced to move out of their house in Irvine, Calif., and can’t even see their Yorkie dog named Lady!

The BMX star was also ordered to pay for therapy visits for their daughter for 12 weeks, which would be paid through child support.

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Poppy Corby-Tuech Pokies at Fantastic Beasts Premiere!

Here's actress Poppy Corby-Tuech with lovely pokies on display at the premiere of the new Fantastic Beasts movie! View the pictures (Via Celebrity Slips)

Beaming Meghan Markle Shows Off Her Growing Baby Bump In London

Pregnant Meghan Markle Baby Bump

Meghan Markle beamed when she attended a recent event with her husband, Prince Harry. It’s clear the Duchess of Essex, who is due to give birth to her first baby next year, isn’t shy about showing off her expanding baby bump. Click through RadarOnline.coms gallery to see the fun photos!

Sickening Details Exposed: Chris Watts’ Daughter Bella ‘Fought Back For Her Life’

Chris Watts Murder Bella Fought Back

Chris Watts “smothered” his two daughters and four-year-old Bella “fought back for her life,” the prosecutor said when he revealed the gruesome details of the murders of his family.

Chris was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole after Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke told the courtroom how he “annihilated” his entire family, including his pregnant wife Shanann and their daughters, during his Monday, November 19 sentencing.

Rourke described the murders of Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Crimes? A Dark History Of Hollywood’s Most Gruesome Deaths

“They both died from smothering. Let me say that again. The man seated to my right smothered his daughters,” the DA said.

“Imagine the horror in Bella’s mind as her father took her last breathes away. Your Honor, understand very clearly Bella fought back for her life.”

While Chris refused to look up during the proceedings, Rourke revealed how her little body was harmed.

PHOTOS: The 10 Most Sensational Celebrity Murder Cases

“The connective tissue between her upper lip and her gum had a centimeter and a half laceration,” he explained. “She bit her tongue multiple times before she died. She fought back for her life as her father smothered her.”

Her younger sister, Celeste, “had no such injuries. In fact, she had no external injuries at all. According to the medical examiner she was smothered as well.”

Rourke described how Chris killed Shanann.

PHOTOS: The Most Infamous Cold Case Murders

“The defendant strangled her to death with his own hands. We know that he slowly took her life the morning of August 13.”

The DA said the evidence contradicted Chris’ version of events.

“This was not done in an uncontrolled vengeful manner that he tried to describe to agents from the CBI and the FBI. You would expect to see vicious horrible bruising about her neck, shoulders and face,” Rourke said. “You would expect to see some kind of defensive wound on his body as she struggled, fought for her own life. None of those were present. The only wound on her body was what appeared to be finger mark bruising to the right side of her neck.”

Rourke described how Chris disposed of their bodies.

PHOTOS: Most Notorious American Murder Trials

“He drove them to a location where he thought no one would ever find them,” he explained. “He insured they would not be together even in death. Bella and Celeste were thrown away. He took these little girls and put them through a hatch in the top of the oil tank eight inches in diameter.”

The DA described the wounds on the older child.

“Bella had scratches on her left buttocks from being shoved through this hole,” he said. “A tuft of blonde hair was found on the edge of one of these hatches.”

And Chris’ callous description of putting the bodies in the tank was repeated by the DA.

PHOTOS: Serial Killers In A Skirt — 30 Cold Blooded Murderers Who Are Women

“The defendant told investigators Bella’s tank seemed emptier than CeCe’s because of the sound the splashes made. These were his daughters!”

Rourke said that Chris “He had a desire for a fresh start. To begin a relationship with a new love. While Shanann texted the defendant over and over again attempting to save her marriage. You don’t annihilate your family and throw them away like garbage!”

Chris’s attorney gave a short statement, saying, “He is devastated by all of this. Although he understands that words are hallow at this point, he is sincerely sorry about all of this.”

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Diner Cleavage!

This girl, who is sitting in a diner, has amazing cleavage! View the picture (Via EHOWA)

Paris Hilton No Longer Has A Reason To Wear That $2 Million Engagement Ring

Paris Hilton has called off her engagement to her fiancé of ten months Chris Zylka, aka Tom from The Leftovers. Or as he’ll be known from here on out, aka one of Paris’ leftovers.

A source tells UsWeekly that 37-year-old Paris and 33-year-old Chris won’t be getting married after all. Paris and Chris got together almost two years ago. In January, he proposed to her with a $2 million pear-shaped diamond engagement ring during a ski vacation. Then, being the low-key and down-to-earth soul that she is, Paris reportedly hired security to make sure nobody stole her ring.

Then in August, tragedy struck. Paris and Chris had pushed back their wedding from November 2018 to May 2019 because Paris reportedly needed more time to plan. As it turned out, November wasn’t mean to be their wedding month so much as it was mean to be the month Chris officially exited stage left. What a shame. Hopefully she gave him the ring back, so he could pawn it for cash or a credit at the nearest tattoo removal clinic.

We should have known things were doomed back in August. As if Paris needed time to plan her wedding. She’s probably been ready to pull the trigger on a tacky pink narcissism-themed ho-down for at least a decade now. Paris would walk down the aisle to Stars Are Blind and stand in front of a giant eight-foot high portrait of her face made out of Swarovski crystals. Her dozens of 2-pound dogs serving as bridesmaids and groomsmen. And the only vow read would be by Paris in her fake baby hooker voice. “I Paris Hilton, take the future Mr. Paris, to be my lawfully wedding partner in red carpet appearances. Wow, that was so hard to talk about someone else.

Pics:, YouTube

Convicted English ‘Black Cab Rapist’ Wins, Loses Bid For Freedom Amid Victim Outrage

‘Black Cab Rapist’ John Worboys

The prolific English serial rapist John Worboys has lost his bid for freedom after a parole board decided to let him go and then reversed their shocking decision.

The Independent reported that police believe between 2002 and 2008 the so-called “Black Cab Rapist” may have committed more than 100 acts of sexual assault and rape.

In 2008, Worboys, 61, was convicted of 19 assaults against 12 women in London and faced at least eight years behind bars when he was jailed for an undefined period the following year, meaning he would do time until he was determined to no longer be a danger.

PHOTOS: TWISTED! Cleveland Monster Ariel Castro Secretly Dated This Woman: Rapist Was ‘Romantic,’ She Claims

According to reports, Worboys picked his victims up in his taxi cab in London’s West End. He would then tell them he won the lottery and offer them champagne, which he had laced with drugs.

Shockingly, the parole board decided last January that Worboys could go free because he was no longer deemed a risk for reoffending.

The decision led Worboys’ victims to lodge a legal battle and the courts ordered officials to carry out a “fresh determination” in Worboys prospects as a free man.

The parole board released their new findings on Nov. 18, vindicating his outraged victims.

PHOTOS: 6 More Albums With Alleged Rapist — Inside Kesha’s Allegations Against Dr. Luke

“Having considered the index offences and all the evidence before it, the panel listed risk factors associated with Mr Worboys, including sexual preoccupation, a sense of sexual entitlement, his attitudes towards women (including a need to have sexual contact with women and to control women), a belief that rape is acceptable, alcohol misuse and problems with relationships,” the summary revealed.

Worboys “submitted that he had worked very hard to accept and understand his offending”, the summary continued, adding, “After considering the circumstances of offending, the progress made while in custody, and the evidence presented within the dossier, the panel was not satisfied that Mr Worboys was suitable for release or progression to the open estate.”

Worboys will next come up for parole again in two years.

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Heather Locklear On 5150 Hold After Going ‘Nuts’ & Allegedly Beating Boyfriend

heather locklear 5150 hold post rehab

Heather Locklear is on 5150 hold after going “nuts” and allegedly beating her boyfriend, a source confirms to

Capt.Garo Kuredjian with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office revealed there was a call made from the troubled actress’ home yesterday afternoon.

PHOTOS: Booze, Pills & Violence! Inside Messy Heather’s Downward Spiral Before Domestic Violence Arrest

Kuredjian said it was a medical call, and an insider tells Radar exclusively it was the star’s deadbeat beau who called authorities around 5 p.m.

“It was not a criminal matter,” Kuredjian said, however.

As Radar previously reported exclusively, Locklear was in treatment after abusing prescription pills and alcohol and was originally charged with five misdemeanor counts — four misdemeanor counts of battery on a peace officer and one misdemeanor count of resisting arrest — after she allegedly bit her fiancé Chris Heisser on the nose and hit and threatened Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies and emergency responders who went to her home in February.

PHOTOS: Heather Locklear Steps Out For First Time Since Secret Rehab Stint — See The Photos!

In June, it was following a weekend of raging at Heisser, accusing him of cheating on her,  that Heather attacked her father, tried to strangle her mother and threatened to kill herself. Police had to haul away the fallen ’80s icon and she was committed to a psych ward.

Now she faces a whopping eight misdemeanor charges to which she has pleaded not guilty.

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Ex-49ers RB Jarryd Hayne Arrested for Sexual Assault, Faces 20 Years

Ex-49ers running back Jarryd Hayne -- who's also an international rugby star -- was arrested in Australia for aggravated sexual assault and now faces up to 20 years in prison.  Officials say the accuser is a 26-year-old woman who claimed she…

Heather Locklear Placed on Another 5150 Psychiatric Hold

Heather Locklear has been placed on a psychiatric hold again after her therapist determined she was having another mental breakdown ... sources with knowledge tell TMZ. Heather was at her home Sunday afternoon when her therapist and lawyer…

Intro for November 16, 2018

Dear Gossips, Many eastern cities in Canada and the US are dealing with the first snowstorm of the season. I was watching local New York City news last night and this was the big story – the collisions, the transit delays, it was a terrible afternoon commute. Most people were really inconvenience...

Taylor Swift signs with Universal Music Group and Republic Records

As we’ve discussed a few times in the last few weeks,  one of the biggest issues in the music business, maybe the biggest issue in the music business, has been the Free Agency of Taylor Swift. Taylor’s deal with Big Machine Label Group just expired. And everyone’s been waiting to see whether or not ...

Celebrity Social Media, November 19, 2018

Apparently Jennifer Garner’s new boyfriend’s ex-wife posted that she found out her divorce was finalized on the Internet. But where is the post? I can’t find it and or a screenshot anywhere. Maybe she didn’t want the drama. But with that one post, we know she has some kind of feeling about what is h...

Noah Brown to Welcome New Alaskan Bush Person!

Attention, Alaskan Bush People fans: 

A new Alaskan Bush Person is on the way.

Noah Brown and His Wife

Noah Brown, the youngest child of reality stars Ami and Billy Brown, has confirmed to People Magazine that he and his relatively new wife are expecting their first child.

The couple has only been husband and wife for three months, but it takes far less time than that to conceive a child.

“We’ve taken another step in the adventure that is our life together,” Noah tells the aforementioned publication, adding:

“We didn’t try, and we didn’t not try. We figured that we’d just kind of let God and nature take their course and we ended up pregnant.”

We're pretty sure that if you have unprotected sex for any extended period of time, you are actively trying to have a baby.

But parsing Brown's words and/or philosophy isn't the point right now, we know.

Noah Brown on Insta

The news is especially emotional for 26-year old because of what he and his family have been going through for over a year now.

Many months ago, as you likely know, Amy Brown was diagnosed with lunch cancer.

She appears to be in remission now, but many outlets claimed she was on her death bed on more than one occasion.

Noah says that Ami cried when she learned she would soon be a first-ime grandmother.

And Rhain said the following of her in-laws:

“Every last one of the brothers has suddenly become so much more protective. It’s ridiculous.

"It’s like, my raging hormones have drawn out their testosterone-fueled protectiveness.

"Everyone’s like, ‘Don’t lift anything over your head.’ ‘Oh, you need a break.’ ‘How are your feet?’ ‘Do you need to sit down?’ ‘Here, let me help you.’ I’m like, ‘C’mon!’'"

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha

That's pretty funny actually.

And pretty darn cute.

Noah previously told Radar Online that he and his better half “want several children together.”

They got married in Idaho on August 15 in a small affair attended by all of Noah's famous loved ones.

“She is my wife for life and is going to make an amazing mom!” Noah more recently told Radar.

As for the gender of their impending kid? Yes, Rhain and Noah know what he or she will be. But they are keeping it a secret for now.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

They also know what name their child will be given.

“Before we were even married, we had talked about names,” Brown says.

“It was one of the things that we just matched up on perfectly: We knew we wanted three children. But we didn’t know what we’d get, so we set out and we picked three boy names and three girl names.”

They are clearly very well prepared.

The baby is due in late spring, Noah also says, concluding:

Spring is when the birds have their babies, and the deer have their babies, and the bears and the cougars, so we’re gonna have our baby too.

"We just fit right in with the animals."

Gainesville Ripper Had ‘Very Specific Victim Type,’ Targeted Only Brunette Students

Sonja Larson, Christina Powell and Christa Hoyt all have one thing in common,” Murder Made Me Famous host, Steve Helling, starts off by saying in the teaser for REELZ’s new docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous: The Gainesville Ripper. As readers know, Danny Rolling, also known as The Gainesville Ripper, terrified the city of Gainesville, Florida when he tortured and killed five college students in 1990 — some who he raped and posed in sexually-explicit positions when dead.

When he was finally arrested a pled guilty to his crimes, Rolling said that he murdered his innocent victims because he wanted to be “a star” like 1970s serial killer Ted Bundy.

“Danny Rolling, much like Ted Bundy, had a very specific victim type,” forensic social worker Tricia Phelps says in the show promo.

PHOTOS: The 10 Most Sensational Celebrity Murder Cases

“When you look at all of his victims, they all had brown hair and brown eyes. That’s most likely what he was sexually interested in.” adds Serial Killer Culture filmmaker John Borowski.

“I had a daughter who was right then a teenager, a small, brunette teenager at the time and so, like everybody else, I was scared to death,” recalls former state attorney Rod Smith.

“And to add to the hysteria, nobody had a clue who did it,” says Helling.

PHOTOS: Serial Killers In A Skirt — 30 Cold Blooded Murderers Who Are Women

“Danny was able to get away with what he did because he was incredibly adapt at, at least outwardly, confirming to our norms and standards. He knew how to behave in a store, he knew how to observe and watch people without being caught,” continues Phelps, recalling the seemingly normal life the crazed killer led before his arrest.

He blended into the college campuses and became almost invisible while hunting for prey.

“You’d never notice him in a crowd. That’s the frightening thing about these guys. When people say ‘Well he lived here. I never noticed that about him,'” says Smith.

Murder Made Me Famous: The Gainesville Ripper airs Saturday, November 24 at 8 ET / PT.

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Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice submitted by /u/almostrambo
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Joaquin Phoenix Unrecognizable As Super Villain ‘Joker’

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Makeup

Joaquin Phoenix was unrecognizable when he was spotted filming in full Joker makeup for the movie named after the infamous villain. Click through’s gallery to see the photos of his shocking transformation!

Chantal Monaghan in a See Through Dress!

Chantal Monaghan

Model Chantal Monaghan wore a see through dress and no bra at the Guggenheim International Gala Pre-party in New York a few days ago. View the pictures

Jessa Duggar Claps Back at Trash-Talking Fan With Surprising Snark

Like her sisters, Jessa Duggar is frequently mom-shamed and just generally bullied online.

Everything from Jessa's messy house to the pace at which she homeschools her kids has been the subject of criticism.

Jessa Duggar, Child

And apparently, Jess is getting fed up.

To be fair, the Duggars have done much to deserve criticism in recent years.

In fact, it's hard to imagine any other reality stars would still be on television following something like the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

But as In Touch Weekly points out, the anti-Duggar sentiment has now reached such a fever pitch that fans are ragging on the family for their choice of restaurant.

Go Team!!

Yes, the Duggars headed to Marketplace Grill on Sunday in order to celebrate the birthday of Justin Duggar.

MPG has been the birthday destination of choice for the Duggars for as far back as anyone can remember.

In fact, the Duggars seem to frequent the place even when they're not celebrating anything of note.

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes

It's not all that surprising, as there probably aren't too many family dining options in Springdale, Arkansas.

Despite that -- and the fact that, like everyone else with sufficient funds, the Duggars can eat wherever the hell they want -- Jessa took some flak from a fan when she posted about Justin's birthday on Instagram.

"Do you guys ever eat anywhere besides Marketplace Grill?" the follower asked.

Jessa Photo

Jessa's response was both simple, and dripping with sarcasm:

"No we don't," she replied.

Not terribly scathing, but that's downright savage by the standards of the Duggar gals, who generally just ignore online snark.

In fact, the fan was so taken aback by Jessa's reply that she deleted her comment!

Four Duggar Girls, One Duggar Baby

Of course, of all her sisters, Jessa seems to have the lowest tolerance for BS.

She's been known to set the record straight when she feels that fans are spreading inaccurate information about her family.

And it seems she has little time for folks who would question her choice of dining establishment.

So let that be a lesson -- never come between the Duggars and their Marketplace Grill!

Emmas Roberts, Watson, & Stone gif edition

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Kidnapping Survivor Elizabeth Smart Gives Birth To Third Child

Elizabeth Smart Gives Birth Third Child

Elizabeth Smart has given birth to her third child, can report.

The Utah native, who was kidnapped by Wanda Barzee and Brian David Mitchell in 2002, made the exciting announcement on Monday that she welcomed a baby girl.

“So happy to welcome Olivia to our family!” Smart, 30, wrote while holding her little bundle of joy in her arms alongside her husband, Matthew Gilmour.

PHOTOS: First Photo! Elizabeth Smart Kidnapper Wanda Barzee Old & Haggard After Release

Smart and Gilmour share two other children, a daughter, Chloe, and son, James.

It’s been a year of ups and downs for the kidnapping survivor. She took to social media to announce her pregnancy in June with a sweet photo of her sonogram.

But during her third trimester, Smart expressed her fears of her captor, Wanda Barzee’s release from prison. Barzee, 72, was married to mastermind Brian David Mitchell. The two raped and tortured her for nine months while holding her captive in Utah and California.

PHOTOS: Kidnapping Survivor Jaycee Dugard Tells All About Drunken Adventure In New York

According to documents obtained by Radar in September, Barzee was ordered not to contact Smart after her prison release.

On Monday, the happy mother of three had a giant smile on her face from her hospital bed. She included a bunch of red heart emojis to express her love for her new little one.

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90 Day Fiance Recap: Flirting With Disaster

As we promised with last week's 90 Day Fiance sneak peeks, there were some huge fights among a few of the couples.

If you need a reminder of exactly what went down, we have the scoop.

More than one fiancee was reconsidering the idea of getting married at all. ...

Kalani and asuelu and their baby

First up, there's Kalani and Asuelu.

As we showed you in last week's sneak peek, Asuelu tried to comfort baby Oliver by removing him from his car seat.

Car seats are vital for a baby's safety in any vehicle, and Kalani was understandably upset that Asuelu didn't know this.

On Sunday's new episode, we saw that their spat was followed by an awkwad silence.

They had been driving to their new home in Utah, but ended up stopping at a motel for the night.

Kalani confesses that seeing Asuelu do something stupid and dangerous with the baby, even with good intentions, worried her.

She reveals that she is having second thoughts about the marriage. Her child, correctly, comes first.

Fernanda catches jonathan dancing with another woman

In last week's sneak peek, we also showed you that Fernanda and Jonathan had a huge fight.

Fernanda emerged from the club bathroom to find Jonathan dancing with another woman.

She freaked out and ended up storming out to the parking lot, her mind swimming with second thoughts.

Remember, she uprooted her entire life to be with a man 13 years her senior.

Jonathan, who was clearly intoxicated, was unable to calm her, and he told her that he worried that she could get her visa revoked if she gets into trouble for blowing up like that.

Fernanda -- who is 19 years old and understandably emotional -- says that if he would put her in that situation, she'd rather go back home anyway.


90 day fiance steven and olga

Olga and Steven had their baby ... and started fighting before they even left the hospital room.

We have to be honest -- scenes with these two can make you on edge. They seem so hostile with each other.

Steven is overly impatient with Olga, which is incredibly rude, and he demands that she hurry up as they prepare to go home.

(Seriously, who talks like this to another human being, let alone the mother of his child?)

Olga questions Steven about how recently he washed his hands before he holds the baby, which makes him even angrier.

Steven explains to the camera that he comes from an angry family and he doesn't want to be spoken to like Olga was speaking to him.

We hope that, in watching the episode, he realized that Olga wasn't the bad guy in that hospital room. Yikes.

Colt and larissa in the cold

In real life, Larissa was arrested for domestic battery last week. On the show, she's barely arrived in Vegas.

But it's clearly been long enough for Colt to propose, and that he did ... at the top of the Stratosphere, one of the city's tallest buildings.

"I’m deadly afraid from high places," Larissa said to the camera. "I don’t know why Colt had the brilliant idea to bring me to the most highest place in Vegas."

She warns that she may end oup vomiting.

When he actually drops to one knee and proposes, however, Larissa is thrilled.

"I think that was amazing. I did not expect that Colt would do something like that,” Larissa gushed.

“I feel really happy that Colt give to me a beautiful surprise," she says.

Jay sweeps ashley off her feet

Jay had a couple of rude awakenings, though Ashley did not cause them.

See, Ashley lives in a community that is a whopping 80% white. Jay has been noticing the stares.

"Why do white people always think a black person is bad?” Jay asked Ashley. “It makes no sense."

He's right.

And obviously 90 Day Fiance did not have time for anyone to explain the centuries of propaganda, from minstrel shows to jarring news reports, that keep people ignorant and hateful.

Jay stopped by a barbershop to get his hair cut, hoping to make some new friends.

Upon learning that he was 20 years old and preparing to get married, they (understandably) warned him that he's too young to tie the knot.

"I love Ashley and there isn’t a part of me at this moment that is thinking that I’m giving up a lot," Jay confessed.

He then admitted: "I could come to the U.S. and live with her, I wouldn’t be marrying her."

Leida margaretha

Remember how much Leida hates Eric's apartment?

Well, Leida's family feels the exact same way.

Not only do they believe that she and Eric should upgrade, but her dad is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

He offered to pay for the first few months of rent at a new, larger apartment, but Eric turned him down.

As Leida explains, Eric wants to show her family that he's not just looking for a handout.

Eric wants to provide for Leida and for Alessandro, but he wants to do it himself.

That said, Leida has her doubts.

"Eric failed me," she admits. "And I don’t think that I’m ready to get married with Eric."

90 day fiance recap flirting with disaster

Blac Chyna Partnering with Skin Lightening Company

Blac Chyna is cashing in on a beauty product -- a controversial one -- she says she's been using for skin care ... TMZ has learned. BC is partnering with Whitenicious by Dencia to roll out something called "Whitenicious X Blac…

TMZ Live Travis Scott Shouts Out ‘Wife’ Kylie Jenner

ON TODAY'S SHOW Tekashi69: Busted By Feds, Headed To Prison? Michael B. Jordan: 'Creed' Has Me Ready To Fight Pros! Paris Hilton & Fiance Break Up  Lil Pump: Attacked By Smoke Flare

A Fan Accused Demi Lovato’s Team Of Being “Rotten,” And Demi Slapped Back

Demi Lovato has been out of rehab for a while now, just a little earlier than we all thought she might be. Still, Demi’s choice. It’s also Demi’s choice who gets a paycheck from her every month, and she recently proved she doesn’t appreciate it when random fans try to tell her which members of her inner circle they believe don’t have her best interests at heart.

Recently, Demi’s team went down a member. Last week, Demi’s personal trainer of three years Danielle Martin revealed to Radar Online that Demi had given her the boot. Danielle says she tried to speak up honestly about Demi’s issues, and that she told Demi that she’s got to stand up around some of the people she surrounds herself with. Danielle alleges that some of the more questionable people in Demi’s entourage went to Demi, accusing Danielle of making it all about herself. And then Danielle found herself without a job.

Danielle isn’t to be confused with Demi’s backup dancer Dani Vitale. After Demi was hospitalized in July of a suspected overdose, it was rumored she had been partying for 12 hours straight while celebrating Dani’s birthday. It was also rumored that Dani might have provided drugs to Demi (although that was later confirmed to be not true). Not long after Demi’s overdose, Dani spoke out about the situation to the press, saying she cared about Demi but wasn’t with her when the overdose allegedly happened and that she’s never even seen a drug in her life.

One of Demi’s fans has clearly been paying attention to the Dani/Danielle drama over the past few months. According to People magazine, a Twitter and Instagram user let their feelings be known by accusing Demi of picking a poor entourage.

People say that Demi wasn’t having it, and she jumped into the comments to set the record straight. Demi reportedly replied:

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. True friends don’t do interviews when you OD.”

It sounded like Demi was referring to Dani, her former backup dancer. But Demi later clarified her comment, writing: “I’m not talking about Dani Vitale.” So it could be that Demi was referring to Danielle, her former personal trainer. Or who knows? Maybe there’s another Dani in here somewhere that has just added another Danielle-flavored layer to this drama.

The fan kind of makes it sound like Demi’s team is comprised of shady characters, ready to push her out on stage and instruct her to “Sparkle, Demi, sparkle” as they count their money. But it also sounds like Demi has maybe cut out the people she doesn’t want around her, specifically those with loose lips. I guess we’ll know for sure if anyone in her team has rotten motives if Demi suddenly announces The ‘Gotta Make That Cash’ Recovery Exploitation Tour.


RHOC: Why Emily Simpson’s mom waited 3 years to see her youngest grandkids

Tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County sees Emily Simpson’s mom travel to the area for the first time in three years to see her youngest grandkids twin boys Luke and...

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Mike Ditka Says Bears Are Better Than Rams, Chiefs & Pats, They’re Top 2 In NFL!

Forget the records ... the Bears are better than the Rams, Chiefs AND Patriots -- so says legendary coach Mike Ditka. Of course, Mike's biased ... dude played for Chicago and then coached the Bears -- but he tells TMZ Sports there's MAYBE only one…

Canned Tuna

Amazing Alexis Ren Booty Shots! (TMZ)
Gwyneth Paltrow Called Out Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin For TMI (DLISTED)

Jessie J Is A Cutie (TooFab)
Scarlett Johansson Drops A Megaton Of Braless Cleavage Action… WOW! (Popoholic)

Bella Thorne Tongue Action (MoeJackson)

Trista Mikail Nails It (WWTDD)
Blonde Farrah Abraham Feeds Parrots in Skimpy Bikini (Egotastic)

Super Fit And Sexy Supermodels!!! (TMZ)

Jennifer Lopez Wearing Panties and Low Sitting Pants!

Behind the scenes shots of Jennifer Lopez wearing extremely low sitting pants and panties on the set of a music video! I like this look. View the pictures (Via GCeleb)

Gay Lover, ‘Animalistic’ Sex & Sick Torture — Most Shocking Twists In The Chris Watts Case

Chris Watts Case Sentencing

The case of Chris Watts, the Colorado dad who murdered his pregnant wife and their two young daughters, took a number of disturbing twists and turns before he was finally sentenced on Nov. 19 to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Click through’s gallery to find out about everything from his changing story to reports he had a gay love affair.

For the biggest celebrity news stories of the day, controversies, crime, and other hot topics listen to our new podcast ‘All Rise’ below!

Listen on Google Play Music

Justice! Chris Watts Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder Of Pregnant Wife & Daughters

chris watts sentenced life prison murdering pregnant wife two daughters

Justice has been served in the Chris Watts case. The Colorado dad has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters.

On Monday, November 19, a Colorado judge sentenced Chris to five life sentences with no possibility of parole.

Chris, 33, pled guilty earlier this month to the murders of Shanann, 34, and their daughters Celeste, 3, and Bella, 4, to avoid the death penalty in a deal with the Weld County District Attorney’s Office.

Chris sat with his head down during the hearing, as Shanann’s family spoke in court.

PHOTOS: Colorado Murder Suspect Chris Watts’ High School Yearbook Photos Revealed

During the hearing, Chris’ father-in-law Frank Rzucek slammed him.

“I trusted you to take care of them, not kill him,” he said. “And they also trusted you. You disgust me.”

He continued, “They were loving and caring people… Life will never be the same.”

Shanann’s mother Sandra said she loved Chris “like a son.”

PHOTOS: Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter Photographed With Killer Boyfriend Before Murder

“Your faithful wife trusted you,” she said. “Your children adored you. I didn’t want death for you because that’s not my right. Your life is between you and God and I pray that he has mercy for you.”

Chris’ mother, Cindy, said, “We still love you. As your mother Chris, I have always loved you. Your father, sister and I have struggled to understand why. We love you and we forgive you son.”

After the statements, Watts could be seen with tears streaming down his face, as he wiped them with his orange jumpsuit.

Watts claimed his pregnant wife and two daughters disappeared in August.

PHOTOS: Serial Killers In A Skirt — 30 Cold Blooded Murderers Who Are Women

He was arrested days later. The daughters bodies were found stuffed in oil tanks, while his wife was buried in a shallow grave nearby.

It was later revealed that he was having an affair with a woman he met through work. He had told her that he was going through a divorce.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Miranda Lambert Blaming Men For Her Failure

Miranda Lambert’s recent accusation of sexism in country music pretty much sums up why modern feminist ideology is so flawed. Somehow, because she wasn’t able to snag a number one hit on her own, men are to blame. Instead of actually making better music, or encouraging those honky-tonk hoedown hussies to come out and support you, just attack the entire music genre and anyone with a fancy cowboy hat and penis. It’s easier.

Miranda Lambert has some frank words for the country music community when it comes to female artists’ representation.

This week, The Washington Post published an interview with Lambert in which she talked about her most recent No. 1 hit, the Jason Aldean duet “Drowns the Whiskey.”,” which they’ll perform on Wednesday’s CMA Awards.

“Yes, I had to sing with someone with a penis to get a No. 1,” Lambert, 35, said.

“I do like this person, Jason Aldean, a lot … so it was a great song with an old friend,” Lambert added. “It is interesting that I haven’t had even a Top 20 in a long, long time. And then it goes No. 1 because it’s a dude. But you know — if we went and looked at how many singles or records were sold for the Top 10 songs right now, I’d probably triple it on record sales. So it doesn’t matter.”

Stars are so self-absorbed it’s almost sad to watch. Music is an ever-changing landscape. If you’re having trouble hitting your goal of number one, switch genres and chase the current K-Pop trend. A Miranda Lambert and BTS crossover will either get her the experimental chart topper her love muffin throbs for, or laughed out of the United States. Isn’t the overall motif of country music to quit yer’ complainin’ and there’s no problem too tall that a couple shots of whisky won’t solve. Call Chris Stapleton and quit the belly aching. This woman has obviously lost her way. She needs to look for her next hit at the bottom of a Jack Daniel’s bottle like every other great country musician before her.

Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA 

The post Miranda Lambert Blaming Men For Her Failure appeared first on WWTDD - What Would Tyler Durden Do?.

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NFL’s Ricky Seals-Jones Pleads Guilty in Arizona Bathroom Assault

Arizona Cardinals tight end Ricky Seals-Jones has pled guilty to misdemeanor assault stemming from a shoving match in an AZ hotel bathroom earlier this year ... TMZ Sports has learned.  As we previously reported, staffers at the W Hotel in…

James Corden Struggles Through Mark Wahlberg’s Insane 4AM Workout

James Corden did his very best to do Mark Wahlberg’s intense 4AM workout with a ton of comedy in between. Read on for the hilarious details.

Classic Nudes by Martial Lenoir!

These nudes by photographer Martial Lenoir got a classic vibe to them! View the pictures (Via Alrincon)

David Eason Flaunts Confederate Flag, Taunts Haters

David Eason has found himself mired in controversy once again.

Which is just the way he likes it, of course.

The close-minded and bigoted husband of Jenelle Evans has once again taken to Instagram in order to show love for the Confederate Flag.

Does he care that this is considered a symbol of slavery to millions of people, considering it represented the side of the Civil War that fought for slavery way back in the day?

Nope. Not at all.

On a recent trip to the Grand Canyon, Eason waved the flag around proudly and then responded to critics who had the gall to question him for doing so.

Check out his scandalous photos and then read the backlash to them below...

1. The Confederacy Forever!

The confederacy forever
David Eason has made it very clear: he sees nothing wrong with waving the Confederate Flag all around the country. He's quite proud of it, in fact.

2. America! Eff Yeah!

America eff yeah
"Just planting my flag in all 50 states! #merica #rebel," wrote Eason as a caption to this photo of him with the controversial flag.

3. Slavery Rules!

Slavery rules
David Eason has received quite a bit of backlash for his stance on this flag, but here's a shocker: he does not care. At all.

4. We've Been Here Before with Eason

David eason in confederate flag
In October 2018, Eason posed like this and wrote the following as a caption: "Where I'm from is who I am and my family fought and died for this land. Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern. Dont argue just get off my page if you dont agree!"

5. How Did Jenelle React to the Latest Flag Waving?

The easons
Very positively. "Lmao you need to post that video,” she wrote in response to Eason sharing these new photos, indicating there's actual footage of him standing up high with the flag.

6. David Isn't Racist!

Jenelle and david eason
Back in October, Jenelle actually said the following to a critic of Eason and his flaf embrace: "My husband isn't racist... his childhood best friend was black. [I don't know] where this rumor came from." Yes, she really did use this argument.
View Slideshow

Rami Malek attends the Governors Awards with costar and girlfriend Lucy Boynton

It’s a one-person team, really. Bohemian Rhapsody continues to perform very well at the box office. Right now it’s approaching $400 million worldwide and could make as much as $500 globally by the end of its theatrical run. Despite the problems that many critics – including Sarah – had with the film...

Claire Foy co-hosts the Evening Standard Theater Awards

Claire Foy co-hosted the Evening Standard Theater Awards over the weekend, showing up in a McQueen that I wish was either not off the shoulder, or had shorter sleeves, one or the other, because right now the sleeves are doing too much. Foy is enjoying the last days of her reign at television’s Queen...

CJ Franco is Sexy on Instagram!

Collection of sexy model CJ Franco's best work from Instagram! View the pictures (Via Yes Bitch)

Roy Halladay Makes Hall of Fame Ballot 1 Year After Death

No surprise here ... but Roy Halladay has officially been placed on the ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame ... 1 year after his tragic death in a plane crash off the Gulf of Mexico.  Halladay's nomination was NOT advanced due to his death --…

Demi Lovato: My Best Friend Betrayed Me When I Overdosed!

It's been four months since Demi Lovato suffered a near-fatal overdose, but the singer is very much still in the process of rebuilding her life.

These days, Lovato is out of rehab, but the hard work of recovery has only just begun.

Demi Lovato Arrives

Of course, Demi is a one-woman media empire, so in addition to focusing on her sobriety, she has to cope with the demands of a staff of dozens and a fan base in the tens of millions.

Both groups are concerned about the singer's well-being, of course.

But both groups are also likely to overstep their bounds in dangerous and damaging ways.

Dani Vitale

As you may recall, one of Demi's backup dancers, Dani Vitale, was widely blamed for her overdose due to allegations that Vitale regularly procured drugs for Lovato.

Vitale received death threats from fans, and she eventually spoke out in her own defense.

Unfortunately, in doing so, she may have sealed her own fate.

Demi Lovato, Dani Vitale Photo

"It was completely unfair to fire Dani, she's one of the few who really cares about demi's health and has been helping her for 3 years, she's surrounded by people who only care about her money and she does not see it," a fan recently wrote on both Twitter and Facebook.

"The demi team is so rotten and she does not realize it," the post continued.

"Needs a total change, mainly from dancers pretending to be friends."

Demi Lovato in Shades

Remarkably, Demi herself clapped back and informed the fan that Vitale was fired because she broke the number one rule of Team Demi: do not talk about Team Demi.

"You have no idea what you're talking about," Demi commented.

"True friends don't do interviews about you when you OD."

Yes, according to Demi, Vitale was fired not for supplying drugs ... but for being a narc.

Demi Lovato Honors America

Hey, tough decisions need to be made when you're playing the game at Demi's level.

Fortunately, Lovato isn't lacking for companionship these days, thanks to her new relationship with boyfriend Henri Levy.

Levy has struggled with addiction himself, but insiders say these days he's providing Demi with exactly the kind of support that she needs.

Demi in NYC

"Demi wants to be around people who are like-minded and Henri is good energy for her," a source tells E! News.

"They spend a huge amount of time together but Demi is not focused on dating. Demi is very focused on her health."

"She has been following all of the steps and guidelines put in place by her specialists," the insider adds.

Demi Lovato: Another Selfie

Apparently, Lovato's new regimen includes "working out with a trainer several days per week and eating right."

We wish her all the best as she continues down the difficult path of recovery.

And we hope she continues to cut shady figures out of her life as she sees fit.

Tyra Banks Dazzles In Music Video For “Be A Star 2” For The Upcoming “Life-Size” Sequel

Well, I for one, am thankful that somebody is out here letting Tyra Banks do her damn thing. Tyra’s an affable, good natured clown, and we could all use a little more of that in #thesetryingtimes. As you know, somebody gave Tyra upwards of $5,000 and an after-closing shopping spree at TopShop to make a sequel to Life-Size which co-starred Lindsay Lohan and originally aired on the Disney Channel back in 2000. As promised, for Life-Size 2: Smize Queen, Tyra’s recorded a new version of the song “Be A Star” and don’t you dare say it’s anything less than a masterpiece. Yes, this is the hill I’ve chosen to die on. #Justice4Tyra.

Please, make sure your wig is securely fashioned (a hot tip I wish someone had shared with Tyra before filming commenced), because yes, it’s that good. Here’s “Be A Star 2: Issa Trap”:

What, you didn’t think Ty Ty could rap? Please! Tyra practically invented rapping. You can tell by her staccato style and thick southern drawl that she taught Gucci Mane everything he knows. But you’ll never hear her bragging about it, which how you become a legend in several fields.

What, you also didn’t think Ty Ty could sing? Please! They call her Little Bey in Houston for a reason. That’s due in part to her becoming quite well known in the area when she was spotted rooting through Beyonce’s garbage looking for her old discarded wigs to use in this video.

What, you didn’t think Ty Ty could dance either? Please! I don’t know where people get the idea that dancing HAS to involve the lower half of the body. Hand and face dancing is where it’s at, fools! It’s called PERFORMANCE, look it up in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Janet Jackson and ask, “Is that Tyra or Janet? I can’t tell anymore“. When the picture starts pulling more faces than Marcel Marceau defending his doctoral thesis “Face The Music” at the Ecole Internationale de Mime Corporel Dramatique, you’ll know it’s Tyra.

Life-Size 2: Tyra Takes A Sound Studio In Burbank, will be premiering on Freeform on December 9th. And don’t you dare pretend for one second you’re not going to watch it. #Justice4Tyra


Natalie Alyn Lind Is Busty Goodness

Natalie Alyn Lind

I think Natalie Alyn Lind is a game changer when it comes to celebrity boobs. Not only does she have a great rack, she’s pretty damn hot! And I’m digging the outfit below. I don’t know how she would wear that in public, but hopefully it’s a new trend. Sexy as f%ck!

Natalie Alyn Lind Natalie Alyn Lind Natalie Alyn Lind Natalie Alyn Lind
Natalie Alyn Lind Natalie Alyn Lind Natalie Alyn Lind  
Natalie Alyn Lind      

Khloe Kardashian Defends Allowing Tristan Thompson in Delivery Room

If you've seen our Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap, you know that Tristan's presence in the delivery room was complicated.

Khloe's sisters -- and a lot of her fans -- were horrified that she allowed him in, just two days after learning about his cheating.

But Khloe has taken to Twitter to defend her choice and to say that banishing Tristan would have ruined her daughter's birth.

Khloe in Her Delivery Room

Though Khloe initially avoided reliving her childbirth, she began tweeting along with fans and responding to their concerns.

"I love my sisters more than anything else in this world," Khloe begins.

"And," Khloe writes. "I completely respect and honor their opinions."

"But they were not there when I started going into labor," she says.

"And," Khloe affirms. "I told Tristan what I wanted for the delivery room."

In other words, she loves her sisters but nobody gets to play gatekeeper on her delivery day. That's fair.

Khlow Kardashian KUWTK Livetweet Childbirth Tristan 01

Khloe continued her tweets, telling fans that she wasn't sweeping Tristan's behavior under the rug.

"I made it very clear that I was still disgusted by his actions," Khloe states.

"But," she continues. "I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING ruin this moment I’ve been waiting for my ENTIRE life."

We'll talk about Khloe's mindset more below.

Because it seems like she wanted to have a picture-perfect childbirth the way that most people want a picture-perfect wedding.

Most people hope that their childbirth is healthy and safe, not that everyone make-believe that their personal life is all good.

Khlow Kardashian KUWTK Livetweet Childbirth Tristan 02

"Regardless of what Tristan did to me," Khloe writes. "I was never going to take that moment away from True or Tristan."

Obviously, newborns don't even know their own names.

Khloe seems to be projecting certain concepts onto her then-brand-new daughter.

Khloe continues: "She should not be punished for his actions."

(On a personal note, and I don't mean to belittle Khloe's feelings, but I laughed aloud as I read this line from her tweet)

"He is her father," Khloe affirms. "And they both deserve to love one another as deeply as they possibly can."

Khlow Kardashian KUWTK Livetweet Childbirth Tristan 03

Khloe again seems to feel that childbirth is some sort of social crucible rather than an excruciating biological process.

"A birth," Khloe writes. "Is not something you can 'redo.'"

Well we would certainly hope not. Mortality rates are high enough with childbirth the first time around.

"Once you make that choice," Khloe notes. "You can never get it back."

She then urges her fans and followers to look at the bigger picture, which apparently somehow hinges upon who is in the room when she pops out a tiny human.

"#KUWTK think big people," Khloe concludes.

Khloe Kardashian, Post-Birth Picture

Obviously, Khloe has the right to allow anyone she likes to be present for her childbirth.

But it looks like she has romanticized the process of giving birth so much that

Newborn babies are precious and deserve love, but they're not yet aware enough.

On no level -- including True's subconscious -- would she ever feel any differently about her father not being present.

It may be that Khloe's widely reported fear that Tristan may ghost True drove her to have him in the room.

Maybe he would feel a closer bond with her if he watches her screaming entrance into the world.

Or ... maybe it's just Khloe's fixation on the concept of childbirth that drove her to tolerate his presence.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

As we said, Khloe has every right to decide who is or is not in the delivery room with her.

But what many fans find so troubling is her mind-set.

These tweets of hers really seem to lend credence to reports that Khloe fears Tristan will abandon True.

It's like she's hoping that he'll imprint upon True and always be there to form the nuclear family that Khloe seems to be convinced that True needs.

In real life, loving parents are wonderful, but parents who have to be tricked into being there for their kids probably aren't worth the effort.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz submitted by /u/Trowj
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Ezekiel Elliott Clowns Bow Wow After Cowboys Beat Falcons

Bow Wow's gonna hate this ...  Ezekiel Elliott's keeping one of the most embarrassing moments of the rapper's life alive -- bringing back the #BowWowChallenge after destroying the guy's favorite team.  You remember the Bow Bow…

Gainesville Ripper Crime Scene So Brutal Cop Couldn’t Reveal Truth To Victim’s Family

Gainesville Ripper Crime Scene Cop Couldnt Reveal Details

In August of 1990, crazed serial killer Danny Rolling set a shockwave through Gainesville, Florida when he broke into the homes of five college students and murdered them. He came to be known as The Gainesville Ripper and was eventually executed by lethal injection after confessing to his crimes.

Now, almost 30 years later, REELZ’s new docuseries, Murder Made Me Famous: The Gainesville Ripper, is looking back at Rolling’s horrific killings, and the reason behind his sick murder spree.

PHOTOS: See 25 Photos Of Evidence That Got Jodi Arias Convicted Of Murder

“It was now Sunday, and no one had seen or heard from Sonja Larson or Christina Powell since Thursday afternoon,” says Murder Made Me Famous host, Steve Helling, in the show teaser.

After she failed to pick up her phone or answer the door of her apartment, Powell’s parents contacted a maintenance worker of the building, who then called the police.

PHOTOS: 30 Cold Blooded Murderers Who Were Women

Gainesville Police Officer Ray Barber jumped on the case, but what he found was so shocking he could not reveal the whole truth to the Powells.

Murder Made Me Famous: The Gainesville Ripper airs Saturday, November 24 at 8 ET / PT.

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Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka Break Up, Engagement Called Off

Paris Hilton will NOT be walking down the aisle as planned -- she's broken up with her latest fiance, Chris Zylka ... TMZ confirms. Sources close to the now-exes tell us Paris called things off with Chris several weeks ago. They got engaged at the…

“Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas have a wedding registry on Amazon” links

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas catch the ninth day of the US Open together

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas’ wedding registry makes me think that their marriage is being sponsored by Amazon. [Jezebel]
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald sounds awful. [LaineyGossip]
Gwyneth Paltrow deigned to chime on the Bieber marriage. [Dlisted]
RuPaul finally guested on The Simpsons. [Towleroad]
Halsey attended the Latin Grammys. [Go Fug Yourself]
$90 million for a David Hockney painting… really?? [Pajiba]
Now Lisa Vanderpump says she’s not quitting RHOBH. [Reality Tea]
Janelle Eason & her husband seem so messy and gross. [Starcasm]
Is Kim Kardashian Photoshopping her children? [The Blemish]

Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary Event - Red Carpet

Nicole Scherzinger Gets Hotter As She Ages

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is 40 years old now and man she is the rare few that get hotter as she ages. I don’t know if it’s good genes or good docs, but whatever it is she’s amazing. I’m hoping for a Pussycat Doll reunion because they gave Little Tuna a good workout.

Nicole Scherzinger Nicole Scherzinger      

It’s Over! Paris Hilton & Fiancé Chris Zylka Allegedly Split After Ritzy Engagement

Paris Hilton Fiance Chris Zylka Split

Paris Hilton is a single woman! As can confirm, the hotel heiress has split from fiancé Chris Zylka, almost one year after their extravagant engagement.

According to a source, the pair had very different and “hectic schedules,” which led them to drift apart after about two years together.

“They broke up and called off their engagement earlier this month,” a separate source close to Hilton, 37, told “Their relationship started to become off-kilter after about two years together.”

PHOTOS: The Simple Life? Paris Hilton Lets Her Thong Hang Out In Minimal Glitter Gown – 7 Nearly Nude Snaps

Radar readers recall the actor, 33, popped the question during a romantic trip to Aspen, Colorado this January 2.

“I said Yas! So happy & excited to be engaged to the love of my life,” wrote the blonde bombshell at the time while showing off her massive diamond ring. “My best friend & soulmate. Perfect for me in every way. So dedicated, loyal, loving & kindhearted. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world! You are my dream come true! Thank you for showing me that fairytales do exist.”

But clearly, their romance was no picture-perfect fairytale after all.

PHOTOS: Paris Hilton Dances The Night Away At Hakkasan Las Vegas

“Paris will be focusing on her brand like DJ-ing and fragrances while Chris will get back into acting and art, like his gallery pop-ups with Banksy during Art Basel,” the insider told the outlet.

The two have yet to confirm thew news.

Are you shocked by Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka’s sudden split? Let us know in the comments below.

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Anna Kendrick

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Emma Stone

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Dolly Parton Opens Up About 52-Year-Marriage To Carl Thomas Dean In Rare Interview

Dolly Parton Talks 52-Year Marriage Carl Thomas Dean

Dolly Parton has been a country star for most of her life, and yet little is known about her husband of 52-years, recluse hunk Carl Thomas Dean.

During a cover story interview with PEOPLE, the “I Will Always Love You” singer opened up about her low-key relationship with her hubby, who she met when she was just 18 years old.

“I’ve been married for 53 years come next May, and my husband and I have a great relationship,” said Parton, 72. “We’ve been together most of our lives.”

Though Dean and Parton are never spotted at public events together — especially Hollywood galas — the arrangement seems to work just fine for the love birds.

PHOTOS: Dolly Parton Lists West Hollywood Crash Pad For $1,395,000

“I always joke and laugh when people ask me what’s the key to my long marriage and lasting love,” continued the singer. “I always say ‘Stay gone!’ and there’s a lot of truth to that. I travel a lot, but we really enjoy each other when we’re together and the little things we do.” readers know Parton and Dean eloped in 1966 after her record company told her they didn’t want her to get married.

“We’d already sent out invitations and so I thought, ‘I ain’t waiting!’ We went that same weekend to Ringgold, Georgia in a little church. I had a little white dress and little flowers, and my mom went with me,” recalled Parton.

And after five wonderful decades, the two renewed their vows two years ago in a “beautiful ceremony” inside their Nashville home with all their friends and loves ones. Plus, the star got to wear the gown of her dreams!

PHOTOS: Grave Situation: Dolly Digs Up Dead Kin, Source Claims

“I never really felt like I had the wedding that we really wanted,” said the singer. “He got all dressed up and I got all dressed up. Fifty years is a long time for anything, and I felt that we needed to do something to commemorate this. It’s been a good 50 years and I don’t know how many more years we’ll have left.”

Though Parton has long been known for her flashy style and loud, vibrant demeanor, her time with her hubby is very different.

On their days off, the two take mini trips in their “little camper” and go on romantic picnics in Tennessee’s countryside. After all, Parton is a country girl at heart.

Though she enjoys the occasional black-tie event, Parton told the publication that Dean prefers the more relaxed pleasures of life.

PHOTOS: Poisoned By Botox! Top Doc Says Dolly Has Gone Too Far

“When I met my husband, he wanted to take me out to dinner. He pulled up to the drive-in window and got our food at McDonald’s,” remembered Parton. “We know a few little places we can go without being bothered. He only likes to go places where he can be comfortable!”

And speaking of comfort, Parton said that she still gets dressed up for her longtime love, but regardless of what she wears of what she looks like, he still adores her.

“He doesn’t care what I wear as long as I’m happy,” revealed Parton. “He loves me the way I am.”

The two chose not to have children of their own, but with 52 amazing years of marriage behind them, Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean are doing just fine.

What do you think of the country star’s love story? Sound off below.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Refuse to Answer Pregnancy Question

We hate to break this to you, but...

... Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson having a bit of fun at your expense.

They know exactly what you are thinking, exactly what websites such as this one are writing and they don't have any plans to address the elephant in the room.

Lauren Swanson and Josiah

Or the alleged child in the womb, we should say, to be more specific.

Indeed, every other social media user seems to be convinced that Swanson is pregnant.

This has been a topic of debate ever since she married Duggar at the end of June and fans are so desperate for confirmation that they took Lauren's recent decision to make her Pinterest page as a sure sign that she's expecting.

She must have done so because she's making a few baby boards and isn't prepared to share the news yet, right? Right?


Josiah Duggar and Lauren

Probably, according the latest reports.

But don't expect either Josiah or Lauren to confirm the news any time soon.

"Josiah and Lauren are having fun keeping her possible pregnancy status a secret,” a source tells Hollywood Life, making it sound as if a baby is in there, but...

“They are so happy, in love and excited about this newlywed time in their life that they are keeping everything just between the two of them.

"When anyone asks them directly about being pregnant, they give a vague answer with a smile.”

Josiah Duggar and Wife

Hey, look, we're all about respecting privacy and few things are more special or personal than a baby on the way and...

... eh, who are we kidding?!?

We're a celebrity gossip site! Give us all the scoop you've got, Lauren and Josiah!

"Lauren and Josiah have been married five months now and it’s no secret that they’ve been trying for a baby since their wedding night so it’s very likely she’s already pregnant,” another source tells Celebrity Insider.

This would certainly fit the pattern of Josiah's family.

Nearly every Duggar woman or every woman who marries into the Duggars starts trying for a baby within hours of exchanging vows.

Swanson and Josiah Duggar

For Lauren and Josiah, this occasion took place on June 30 in Arkansas.

Because the couple never revealed their wedding date ahead of time, many followers assumed Swanson was already pregnant and that this was your basic shotgun marriage.

Alas, if that were the case, Lauren would be showing by now.

All this time later, however, even those very close to the stars believe a bun is on Lauren's proverbial oven.

“Friends and family believe Lauren is secretly pregnant and they are all anxiously waiting for her to reveal her big news,” writes Hollywood Life, adding:

“They are dedicated to their faith and believe when the time is right, they will share the wonderful news with their families first.”

Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson in Austria

Of late, Swanson sparked pregnancy chatter after she wore a loose-fitting dress in a photo she shared on Instagram.

She's also been sharing a handful of images that only show her upper body, which has led to some speculate that she’s hiding her growing baby bump.

And she very well may be.

Good luck getting an answer to this question from either half of the couple is all.

Trust us. We tried. And neither Lauren nor Josiah have uttered a word to The Hollywood Gossip about it. :(

Mel B Says She Tried To End It All While She Was With Stephen Belafonte

Apparently there’s a Sliding Doors-style alternate universe in which Scary Spice is the one that doesn’t come back for a reunion tour. In Mel B’s memoir Brutally Honest, which comes out next week, she says that she once swallowed 200 pills in an attempt to leave her marriage to Stephen Belafonte.

A few months ago, Mel B started promoting her memoir, which is where we learned that she was (then wasn’t) a boozed-up sex-a-holic. This weekend The Sun published a passage in which Mel B describes a really low, dark point in her life back in 2014 when she thought her only escape from her marriage to her (arguably awful) husband was suicide. She says it happened on December 11, 2014, while she was shooting The X Factor in the UK. She came home after dinner with Stephen the night before she was to make a red carpet appearance for the show, and she claims she swallowed 200 Aspirins. Not the celebrity shout-out Bayer probably wanted today.

“As each pill goes into my mouth, I ask myself: ‘Are you sure?’ And I take another one. Ten, 20, 50, 100. ‘Are you sure?’ One hundred and 20. ‘Are you sure?’ 150. ‘Are you sure?’ Behind the glitter of fame, I felt emotionally battered, estranged from my family. I felt ugly and detested by the very man who once promised to love and protect me, my husband and manager Stephen.”

Once Mel B got to pill 200, she says she stopped and realized she didn’t want to die. She says she had to make her “life count,” and that she knew she had to get to the hospital ASAP and get her stomach pumped. She says she pushed against her door, which was jammed, and fell to the floor on her way out. She woke up in the hospital to her daughter Phoenix asking why she’d done it.

Mel B claims that all that pushing against the door to get out left her with a ton of bruises. On December 14th, Mel B appeared on The X Factor live covered in bruising that left people wondering what happened to her. Mel writes that she felt empowered by having everyone see the evidence of what happened.

“I would stand proud in this stunning white dress, the marks of my agony all over me. I asked for my hair to be pulled right back from my face. I needed to be seen. I needed all those bruises to be seen. My message to the world and to my husband was going to be VERY CLEAR. I wanted people out there watching to be my witnesses. I took off my vast, square-cut diamond wedding ring. A ring I’d worn on The X Factor a few weeks before to show the world what a solid couple Stephen and I were…I’ve sent my message to Stephen. There’s no going back. I’m going to leave him, get a divorce. I’m going to be free.”

Mel B did eventually leave and file for divorce, about two years and three months later.

The rumor about Mel’s bruises the time was that she ended up in the hospital because Stephen was an abusive husband. This was compounded by a tweet from Mel B’s estranged mother in which she more than implied Stephen was no good, and claimed to have phone messages of him being verbally abusive. Stephen swore in a series of tweets that he wasn’t the reason Mel was in the hospital (okay, well technically not, maybe). Mel B then left Stephen on December 16th. Two weeks after that, Mel B reunited with Stephen and swore he’d never laid a hand on her.

According to Mel, Stephen really wasn’t the reason for why she showed up to The X Factor with bruises. And all this time, I was staring suspiciously at Stephen like he was the guilty husband in a Lifetime movie. I mean, he still allegedly was, thanks to some rumored sexual blackmail. But now I guess he’s more of a Saturday afternoon Lifetime husband, and not the primetime Thursday night full-on evil kind.


Larissa Dos Santos Lima: I Only Did 90 Day Fiance for the Money, And I Want More!

Just one week after Larissa was arrested for domestic battery, she and her husband, Colt, are assuring fans that everything's fine.

The 90 Day Fiance couple are posting their love on social media, where Colt is gushing about his wife.

In the mean time, Larissa is admitting that she did the show for the money, and asking for tips about getting lip fillers.

Colt and Larissa in the Cold

Remember when Larissa first arrived in Vegas and complained about the desert heat?

Well, now that daily highs in Vegas are in the 60s, she's complaining about the "freezing" weather.

But she and Colt also used Instagram to do a bit of a Q&A with followers.

A fan who was very sure to emphasize that they weren't being a hater asked Colt what he likes the most about Larissa, personality-wise.

"I simply love her more than anything," Colt replied.

Colt was also asked what it takes to make a relationship work.

"When I learn the secret," Cole answered. "I’ll tell you."

Colt answers questions IG story

Larissa also spoke to her followers.

When a fan asked if she was now free to speak openly of her marriage to him, she answered.

"After what happened Colt never told me, ‘Don’t post. Delete. Don’t talk about me.’ It’s OK now,” Larissa replied.

Before their huge fight the week before, Larissa had been feeling hurt that Colt wanted her to not post about their romance.

(They are on 90 Day Fiance and Colt wanted to avoid spoilers, but apparently Larissa didn't care about that) 

After a sequence of unpleasantness, this led to police breaking down the door to their home, handcuffing Colt, and arresting Larissa.

To hear her tell it, though, it may have been worth it so that she can post selfies with him.

“Some bad things come to be good things," Larissa says.

Larissa looks for cosmetic recommendations IG story

Larissa also revealed that she was less than enamored with her experience with reality television.

In Brazil, she says, she would have already gotten plastic surgery, including a boob job, if she were a reality star.

Notably, she is asking fans for tips on where to get lip fillers and botox in Vegas.

Larissa says that she would also have landed a new car by now on a Brazilian reality series.

But does she regret going on the show?

"I regret 50 percent and I don’t regret 50 percent,” Larissa answers. 

“There are good people and bad people," Larissa states. "And good experiences and bad experiences."

Colt and Larissa Meet in Mexico

She also went into detail about why she elected to appear on 90 Day Fiance to begin with.

"First it was for the money," Larissa freely admits.

As she has discovered, the show doesn't pay like the Real Housewives franchise does, but the extra cash is nice.

"Then after all the s--t," Larissa continues. "Now it’s for career, for my business."

And if she had a do-over, what would she do then?

Larissa says: "I would try to live my relationship off the camera."

Colt and Larissa, Aquarium Visit

So, she's complained about not getting instantly flush with cash by being on the show.

A fan asked if she would characterize herself as a gold-digger.

Larissa denies it, claiming that she is instead a "Cat-digger."

Colt and his mother have always had cats, and Colt's best Instagram photos are of cats. 

(The true purpose of social media is to share cat pics; sorry, I don't make the rules)

Larissa shares that her dream is to get a Maine Coon cat that costs $3,000.

Larissa and a Police Car

That thing about cats and all of that gushing is almost sweet enough to make you forget about Larissa's arrest.

She was taken to jail for domestic battery, though Colt has not shared many details and insists that he is not pressing charges.

Domestic battery is always a serious matter, folks. No matter how much someone loves cats.

And then there's how Larissa made Colt's mother cry after their first meeting and the fact that she's a deadbeat mom with three kids in three homes.

Larissa is shaping up to join the ranks of 90 Day Fiance's most infamous stars.

Hailey Baldwin officially changes her last name to Bieber on Instagram

The model formerly known as Hailey Baldwin has officially changed her Instagram handle to @haileybieber. Her full IG name is now “Hailey Rhode Bieber". The name change came after the other Bieber, Justin, called Hailey his “wife” in a caption on his account. So, they’re Instagram Official as a marri...

Zayn Malik: Gigi Hadid ‘is super-organized & I’m really not… I lean on her a lot’

I’ve gone through a lot of different phases with how I feel about Zayn Malik, from thinking he was a little sh-t, to thinking he was the next big solo artist, to thinking that he’s on drugs, to thinking that on a fundamental level, every single person who became famous in their teen years is going to be a screwed up adult. That’s where I think I am with Zayn now – there was so much promise, and it’s been largely unfulfilled. I understand that he has anxiety and he’s a moody bastard, and that One Direction messed with his head in a lot of different ways. Do I still believe in Zayn? I don’t know. Do you still believe in him? Zayn has an interview in the latest issue of British Vogue, and the first excerpts are not great:

On the One Direction days: “We went from theatres, to arenas, to stadiums – there was never any sort of bridge between. Just boom, boom, boom. I guess that kind of progression to any mind – but especially when you’re 17, 18 – it kind of affects you a little bit. People take it different ways – especially when there are five different personalities. The relationships had broken apart.”

He doesn’t call any One Direction dude a friend: Zayn says he came away from his five years in One Direction without having made a single friend. “Yeah, I have always been a bit like that, though – always a bit of an island. I don’t like to confer with too many people.” Does he see any of the band still? “Nah. I ain’t spoke to any of them for a long time, to be honest with you. That’s just the way it is. There’s things that happen and things that were said after I left… Snide things. Small things that I would never have expected.”

He lives “in semi-isolation in SoHo with Gigi Hadid.” “Everything is great,” he says of their relationship, which weathered a brief, but very public, split and reconciliation earlier this year. “She’s super-organised and I’m really not. It helps that she can get things together for me a little bit. I lean on her a lot.”

[From British Vogue]

One Direction went on a permanent hiatus in January 2016, almost three full years ago. I think all of the other guys have managed to talk about the group with fondness, and they rarely engage in this kind of ax-grinding-in-every-interview like Zayn seems to do. Is that merely a function of Zayn’s very high profile, mostly because of his relationship with Gigi? Perhaps. Or maybe he’s still stuck back there, and he still has feelings about the way everything went down, where the rest of the guys don’t. I don’t know. I do know that I’m tired of Zayn still talking about something he proclaims to not care about.

As for this: “She’s super-organised and I’m really not. It helps that she can get things together for me a little bit. I lean on her a lot.” I think that’s probably true. I think Gigi is the “caretaker” of the relationship and Zayn is the “mess.” And that’s something that Gigi will probably outgrow at some point too, this whole thing of “he’s misunderstood/helpless without me, he needs me to take care of him!” Those couples bug.

Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid at arrivals for M...

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, British Vogue.
Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid at arrivals for M... Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik hold hands as they go out in SoHo, NYC

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro: I Never Banged Jewish Barbie! I Love Jen Harley!

We all know that reality TV shows rarely depict anything that could be accurately described as reality.

From the Teen Moms to the Real Housewives, just about everyone who's appeared on a long-running reality series has complained at one point or another about being the victim of a bad edit.

It's a necessary evil, as producers are tasked with the job of crafting narratives out of raw footage and creating heroes and villains, while in real life, most of us are somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

The latest (alleged) victim of this trend is Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who claims his implied affair with "Jewish Barbie" on last week's Jersey Shore Family Vacation was concocted by showrunners in an effort to provide viewers with the drama they crave.

Take a look:


1. Ariana's Parents

Jen harley and ronnie together again
Ron and Jen have certainly experienced some ups and downs over the course of their relationship, but they remain committed to making it work.

2. Rough Patches

Jen with ronnie
Ronnie and Jen's impassioned confrontations have made for some of the most memorable drama on this season of Shore.

3. What Happens In Vegas ...

Jen harley goes off
For example, who could forget Jen's explosive -- and unexpected -- visit to Ron while the Shore gang was partying in Vegas?

4. What a Drag

Ronnie and jen harley
And of course, there was the incident in which Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car -- a confrontation that both sides now say was exaggerated by the media.

5. Even So ...

Jen harley instagram image
Jen has made no secret of the fact that she's got a bit of a temper (making her a perfect fit for Ron), so fans have been encouraging Magro to tread lightly this season.

6. Enter Jewish Barbie

Jewish barbie
So when Angelina's friend Lindsay, aka Jewish Barbie, entered the shore-less Shore house and began showing an interest in Ron, there was widespread concern for Magro's well-being.
View Slideshow

NFL’s Sterling Shepard Rips Nail Off Big Toe in Disgusting Video

Here's the grossest thing you'll see all day ... NY Giants WR Sterling Shepard straight-up pulled the nail off his big toe -- and documented it all on video. The New York star hit the Giants locker room Monday ... and noticed his foot needed a…

Duchess Meghan Is Driving The Royal Family And It’s Staff WILD

Duchess Meghan has wasted no time becoming a Royal tyrant who runs the castle with malevolent will and heartless calculation.  …At least, that’s what The Daily Mail is saying. “Palace insiders” tell them that Meghan has done so many horrible things like: texting the people who work for her, wearing different clothing and even having Hollywood friends!  The gall of this Michael K’s rival! I am clutching my pearls!

Meghan has been driving the staff over at Kensington Palace up the walls.  And it’s a palace, so those are some high ceilings. This girl, who has married into a life of luxury where all she has to do is look flawless and attend social events, has decided that she still will wake up at the crack of dawn and bother everyone around her with text messages!

“[Meghan is] an early riser, up at 5am rain or shine, and it is said palace staff have never experienced anything remotely like Meghan’s formidable work ethic, matched only by the incessant stream of ideas about how to shape her role… Well-meaning as she is, her particular brand of ‘up and at ’em’ West Coast energy is an uncomfortable fit with the more formal ethos of some palace staff.”

The Brits are known for their calm demureness (unless you’re watching Geordie Shore) so Meghan’s waking up at 5:00 AM is a no go. Do not speak to anyone in the palace until after their 6:30 AM cup’a Earl Grey, thankyouverymuch.

Also pissing off the Royals, is Meghan’s clothing choices. Apparently the Queen is “said to have expressed surprise that Meghan, a divorcee, wore quite such a white dress for her wedding.” What… a bitch. Like everyone from Kensington Palace was a pure virgin? Haven’t y’all intermarried during history? I’d take a white dress on a non-virgin over fucking a sibling any day. But the wedding dress was just the start of it.

“Meghan is being told she needs to start dressing less like a Hollywood star and more like a Royal,” says a source from one of the Royal’s fashion teams. And Meghan also messed up hard back in August when she wore a black tuxedo to Hamilton and showed her legs, get this: “a few inches above the knee”! Why don’t you just show everyone a picture of your unwaxed cooch, Meghan?

And don’t even get the Royals started on what this trick did when she was supposed to wear a hat! After one of the Queen’s aides told Meghan that the Queen would be wearing a hat, she was like “that’s cool, awesome, good for her,” and didn’t wear one herself. Apparently she didn’t get the message that she “should follow suit.” Get the message, girl, or the Queen will sew that fascinator into your face.

And you know what else is stuck up the Queen’s ass? Meghan’s friends.

“Under her direction, the old money and even older lineage that traditionally formed part of the Royal Family’s inner circle has been joined by sports stars and A-listers… The Clooneys are said to be so close to the new royal couple that they played host to Meghan and Harry at their opulent Lake Como villa in August.”

Ugh. Can you imagine? How dare she pollute the high-class regal excellence of all of the inbred wealthy royal adjacents by including some low-class multi-millionaire celebrities? Ick. I mean, honestly. If you’re going to bring Hollywood to the Palace at least bring the ones who are equal in terms of Royal blood, worth, esteem and knowledge. AKA Goopy Paltrow is the only one allowed.


RHOA – Why Gregg Leakes has decided to not undergo chemotherapy to treat his cancer

Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Gregg Leakes is sharing his cancer story on the realtiy show and is determined to be a cancer surviver after undergoing a life-saving operation to remove colon...

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Benedict Cumberbatch was almost cast as Vampire Bill in ‘True Blood’

'JONI 75: A Birthday Celebration Live' - Arrivals

I was never a True Blood fan, it’s just not my thing – I generally don’t care for books, TV shows or movies about vampires, werewolves or zombies. Looking back on True Blood now, who came out a winner? Arguably, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer’s careers weren’t really helped, although they did get together in real life and they have a kids together. Arguably, Alexander Skarsgard was the true breakout star of True Blood, when he was cast as Viking Eric Northman. No one else could have played that part. But at least a dozen actors could have played Stephen Moyer’s character Bill Compton, right? Well, series creator Alan Ball says that they did read other British actors for the Bill role, and one of those actors was… Benedict Cumberbatch?!!?

On the tenth anniversary of True Blood’s debut, the show’s creator Alan Ball came to Vulture Festival Los Angeles to watch the pilot episode with fans and share some memories about the making of the breakout HBO hit. Jaws dropped when Ball talked about how difficult it was to find the right actor to play smolderingly attractive vampire Bill Compton, and described how the search took him to London, where one of the actors he met with was none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. Let’s think about that for a minute: The man we’ve come to know and love as Sherlock and Dr. Strange almost played one of TV’s sexiest vampires. (Sadly, Ball didn’t reveal why Cumberbatch didn’t land the part.)

More fun facts we learned: Anna Paquin read for the role of Sookie Stackhouse five times before the producers were convinced she could play Southern enough. Ball casually mentioned that Jessica Chastain also auditioned for the role of Sookie, while an underage Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for a “were-panther girl” in season three.

[From Vulture]

We could have had Anna Paquin and Bendy Cumberbatch, together on screen, and possibly together in real life. True Blood started in 2008, which is before Benedict’s career had really taken off, although he had already appeared in some films and TV shows (like Atonement). He was on the cusp, and I would argue that Benedict was probably more “on the cusp” than Stephen Moyer. Which makes me wonder if Benedict was offered the role and he turned them down. Just two years after the start of True Blood, Sherlock premiered. So… it wasn’t that long of a wait for Bendy. He became a much bigger star anyway. Also: Benedict is terrible with American accents, so the thought of him trying to do a thick Southern accent for True Blood makes me very grateful that he didn’t do this role. (The photos of Bendy in this post are circa 2008.)

Benedict Cumberbatch


Photos courtesy of WENN.
'JONI 75: A Birthday Celebration Live' - Arrivals Benedict Cumberbatch wenn2843238

Yanet Garcia

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Lea Michele’s Booty Injection

Lea Michele

I’m not a huge fan of Lea Michele. She is definitely an overrated hottie, but she does like to take shots in her fit booty and that is a plus. After she is done with that vitamin b12, she’s more than welcome to get a Vitamin E shot from me.

Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele
Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele Lea Michele
Lea Michele        

Christina Milian Pokies in a Jumpsuit!

Christina Milian

Candids of Christina Milian wearing a green jumpsuit while out and about in LA! Looks like she's wearing a bra but ain't nothing stopping those pokies from showing up! View the pictures

Noah Cyrus Says Dating Lil Xan Was A “Mistake”

And now for some news that proves that Thanksgiving week only gives us the most important stories…

When it comes to shocking break ups where everyone assumed the couple would be together forever, many names come to mind.  Of course the most recent would be Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, but a classic would also be Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.  Another, less publicized but equally epic in terms of it’s love story, was the short-lived whirlwind romance of Noah Cyrus and Soundcloud rapper Lil Xan.  The two of them broke up back in September, shocking the world and making Cupid hit the bottle hard as he tried to drown his sorrows of another star-crossed romantic failure.  Well he better get himself another bottle of vodka, because Noah is putting a nail in the coffin of her once true love, saying that it was all a “mistake”.

People is reporting that Noah Cyrus let us all know that she will never be getting back together with her Cheetho-loving ex-boyfriend, leaving a comment on one of World Star’s Instagram posts about mistakes in relationships:

View this post on Instagram

Name the BIGGEST mistake 👇 #WSHH

A post shared by WorldStar Hip Hop // WSHH (@worldstar) on

Noah, who is clearly a member of the predominantly black and latinx World Star Hip Hop audience, wrote back:

“my last relationship was the mistake.”

If you forgot because you’re an ignorant cur who doesn’t care to educate yourself on important world history, Lil Xan and Noah broke up because of a fake Charlie Puth nude. Because she thought it was funny, Noah sent her man a picture of a Sean Cody model’s body with Charlie’s head photoshopped on top and Lil Xan obviously came to the highly-rational conclusion that Noah was cheating on him with this masc-for-masc gay porn Frankenstein.

Lil Xan later did an interview for Complex‘s YouTube series Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and he spoke about the breakup, shockingly being mature and taking responsibility for the ridiculous end to their clearly destined relationship:

“Honestly, honest to God, I would say, most of the reason the breakup happened, it was my fault… We could’ve still been together… I just feel like I fucked everything up… I have nothing but love for the Cyrus family… I was still coming down from all the drugs and stuff so I was just everywhere. I have no bad blood between Noah or nothing like that of any sense with the family. It’s a great family. They treated me very nicely.”

While Lil Xan seems to harbor no ill will against Noah for hooking up with that meme, it seems Noah has a bit of salt left in her.  You were a mistake, Lil Xan: she couldn’t care less if you choked on all the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in the world. Sigh, another pure love story comes to it’s tragic end.


Joshua Jackson Gets Handsy While Out for Lunch Sunday in L.A.

Joshua Jackson got a little handsy over the weekend ... with a gorgeous gal pal. The former '90s heartthrob was spotted holding hands Sunday in L.A. with actress Jodie Turner-Smith while out for lunch. They were all smiles and making…

Amanda Cerny

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Allison Mack Begs Judge To Toss Out Sex Trafficking Charges In Epic Denial

Allison Mack Begs Judge To Toss Sex Trafficking Charges

Allison Mack has begged a judge to toss out sex trafficking charges for her alleged involvement in the NXIVM sex cult, can exclusively report.

According to explosive documents filed in federal court on Nov. 16, Mack makes an epic denial that she is not guilty of racketeering, forced labor conspiracy and sex trafficking because her “conduct simply does not fit the crimes with which she is charged.”

Mack was arrested earlier this year in addition to NXIVM founder Keith Raniere and four others. The six defendants were charged with racketeering and other sex-related charges for allegedly blackmailing, threatening and assaulting women.

PHOTOS: Alleged NXIVM Sex Slave India Tells All On ‘Tough’ Time After Allison Mack’s Arrest

In the shocking documents, Mack claims she did not know about the alleged sex crimes, which included forced labor services.

“The sex-trafficking charges likewise fail to state a claim because Ms. Mack never received anything of value on account of a sex act,” the document stated.

Plus, the Smallville actress claimed in the documents that she “never received any money from her participation in DOS at all, let alone on account of a sex act as required under the statutes.”

Mack formerly admitted to creating a branding ritual, where NXIVM women who joined the alleged inner sex ring known as DOS were branded with Raniere and Mack’s initials using a cauterizing iron.

PHOTOS: Charles Manson ‘Son’ Rushes To Cult Leader’s Deathbed

However, Mack claims the government’s allegations against her “show that Ms. Mack never instructed anyone to partake in a sex act and did not even know that the alleged sex acts were occurring.”

Actress Catherine Oxenberg claimed in her tell-all that her daughter, India, was one of Mack’s sex slaves. She wrote that the former CW actress took her “pimping” duties “very seriously.”


According to Catherine, Mack instructed women to have sex with the middle-aged Raniere and “granted” the women permission to “enjoy” it. However, the Smallville star would then turn her back on slaves because of jealousy, Catherine claimed in the book.

However, Mack’s attorneys claimed the indictment which charged her and five other defendants is missing information that would make it possible for her to be guilty of the charges.

According to the document, Mack’s attorneys argue that the indictment is “constitutionally deficient” because the trafficking counts against Mack “lack specificity.”

All six NXIVM defendants are scheduled to appear in court next month. The shocking filing stated that if the court denies their motions to dismiss, they will file additional motions for severance and suppression.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Antonio Cromartie Says NFL Is Blackballing Colin Kaepernick, Redskins Prove That!

The NFL is STILL blackballing Colin Kaepernick from the league ... and the Washington Redskins' QB tryout list Monday is legit proof of that -- so says Antonio Cromartie. The Redskins lost Alex Smith for the season to a gruesome leg injury Sunday…

Princess Charlene, the Grimaldis & the Casiraghis celebrate Monaco’s National Day

The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

I clicked on this photo set because I wanted to see Princess Charlene’s hat. I ended up staying in the photo set as a mixture of lust and horror filled my body. Lust because… I’m completely hot for Pierre Casiraghi, and horror because I cannot even believe how terrible Andrea Casiraghi looks these days. Good lord. These photos are from Monaco’s big National Day events, where the royal family all gathers on the balcony of their palace, and then some of them go out to greet the peasants.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert brought out their heirs, little Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. What I enjoy about ALL of these kids is that it’s almost like the Grimaldi genes always do the same thing in kids: they’re all beautifully grumpy blondes, all with the same “bow down, peasant” expression. Pierre Casiraghi is rocking the f–k out of his beard and yes, I know I’m pretty much alone in my attraction to him. But that guy is HOT to me. Andrea is trying to do the beard thing too, only he looks an unkempt heroin addict. What else… Pierre’s wife Beatrice looks impossibly chic. Princess Caroline is trying to wrangle her grandchildren. Princess Alexandra – the result of Caroline’s terrible third marriage – is trying to help out with all of her little nieces and nephews.

… And Charlene’s hat is so bad! She just looks kind of awful and frumpy in general.

The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

Royal family of Monaco leaving the Notre Dame Immaculee Cathedral during National Day

The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.
Royal family of Monaco leaving the Notre Dame Immaculee Cathedral during National Day The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day The Royal Family of Monaco poses on the balcony of the Palace for National Day

Baby Brown! ‘Alaskan Bush’ Star Noah’s Wife Rhian Pregnant With First Child

Noah Brown Wife Baby Pregnant

Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown‘s new wife Rhain is pregnant — just three months after tying the knot!

The 26-year-old son of Billy, 65, and Ami Brown, 54, exclusively told Radar, “She is my wife for life and is going to make an amazing mom!”

Noah previously told Radar that they “want several children together.”

PHOTOS: More Lies! The REAL Story Behind ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Reunion With Secret Daughter

As fans know, Noah and Rhian, 27, tied the knot in Idaho on August 15 in an intimate ceremony attended by all of the Brown family, as well as Rhain’s mother Marilyn Merrill and her lifelong husband.

And although Noah told Radar at the time of his wedding that baby Brown would “happen when it happens,” Noah’s family felt that it would be happening very soon.

“Noah already has his mind made up. He found a good girl and they are going to have a great and happy life together,” Bear previously said, adding that “grandbabies” for Billy and Ami were already on the agenda!

PHOTOS: Tragic Last Photos: ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Matriarch Ami Brown On Deathbed

Speaking of grandkids, how do Rhain’s mother and father feel about becoming first-time grandparents?

“She is so happy and is so in love. And we are happy for her,” Marilyn said.

People was the first to report on the story.

Do you think that Rhain Brown got pregnant during the couple’s honeymoon? Sound off in the comments.

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Farrah Abraham Posing with a Shovel!

Farrah Abraham wore a tight red dress while posing with a shovel at the construction site of a strip club in Las Vegas! View the pictures (Via Drunken Stepfather)

Bella Thorne photo for GQ

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What Else for November 16, 2018

Rae! Much of today’s column was packaged last night because of my schedule so I wasn’t able to put this in shout-outs but here you are, topping the last post of the week - your birthday week! Happy Birthday! Lynsey sends her love from the UK!  Science is now confirming for us that Ed Sheehan’s mu...

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald movie review

In my review of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I wrote, “A movie where Newt does a silly mating dance with a glowy rhinoceros does not also need to contain a bleak storyline about an abusive orphanage matron who whips the closeted wizard in her care. They’re just not compatible.” Guess wha...

Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott: Team A Star Is Born at the Governors Awards

Martin Levy was one of the honorary Oscar recipients at the Governors Awards last night. Martin is a publicist and the Academy was formally acknowledging the work of publicity on a night when, as you know, Oscar strategists were working hard to position their candidates in the best possible light as...

Meghan Markle to Prince Harry: Your Family Is Smothering Us!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are happily married and expecting, and the Royal Family has never looked so happy.

But Harry and Meghan aren't entirely content and are itching to leave their current residence.

Not only are their accommodations too small, but Harry wants to step out of his brother's shadow.

Into the Woods

RadarOnline reports that Harry and Meghan are eager to move.

"Harry and Meghan want to move," an insider reveals.

They know that their family is growing, the source says, "and need more space."

We know that it's tempting to claim that they're being greedy or absurd by demanding more space.

But as we describe their current residence -- Nottingham Cottage, on the grounds of Kensington Palace -- you'll understand why.

"But," the insider says. "They don’t want to live next door to William and Catherine."

In Sydney

We so often tend to imagine the royal family living within a massive, spacious palace.

But Nottingham cottage is just that. From the description, it sounds like a starter home.

Harry and Meghan's current residence has only two bedrooms for a household that's about to have three people.

(Sure, newlyweds may share a bed, and many married couples continue to share a bed, but they'll want a guest room)

The cottage also has two reception rooms -- so, you know, normal rooms. That's fine.

RadarOnline describes the cottage as having one single bathroom.

That's barely enough for two people. They need to upgrade.

Royally Great

Another impetus for their upcoming move is so that Harry and William can take a step apart.

"They are planning a formal division of their joint royal household," the source notes. "Which is based at Kensington Palace."

"And," the insider continues, they are planning "the creation of separate courts to reflect their increasingly different responsibilities."

We've reported on this previously. The brothers have grown up and don't want to step on each other's toes.

"The brothers have leant on each other and looked after each other since their mother died," the source affirms.

"But now they have their own families," the insider explains. "They no longer rely on each other as before."

Pondering Life Choices

Now that William and Harry are adults, they don't need to be literal neighbors.

"They will soon have separate offices and separate lives," the source explains. "So it would make sense for them to live further afield."

And Harry and Meghan's options are broader than some might imagine.

"There is no reason why Prince Harry and Meghan’s London home has to be at Kensington Palace," the insider notes.

"There are plenty of other options," the source adds.

"Including," the insider says. "Using their own money to buy their own place."

Meghan Markle Pink Dress

Of course, some believe that it's really Meghan and Kate who are tearing the princes apart.

"Kate and Meghan live very different lives," the source notes.

Certainly. They're both Duchesses, but they are of course different people.

"And," the insider continues. "That is likely to become more marked over time."

In other words, Meghan and Kate socialize differently, focus upon different charitable endeavors, and otherwise spend their time differently.

There was a time when royal brides were permitted to do little save produce heirs.

Good for them for living their own lives.

Markle Waves

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are hot topics.

Unfortunately, some -- like Meghan's irredeemably vile sister, Samantha -- seem eager to cash in on that by painting Meghan as a monster.

Whether it's rumors of Meghan feuding with Kate or allegations about Meghan's diva behavior, people love to talk.

We know that some may be tempted to believe that Meghan is forcing Harry to change his lifestyle.

He's a grown man and a prince. He'll soon be a father.

We imagine that these two are making decisions together, like any expecting parents might.

Michelle Obama had to go into counseling to express her vulnerability to Barack

2018 LACMA Art+Film Gala - Arrivals

Michelle Obama covers the December issue of Elle to promote her memoir, Becoming. I’m sure we’re going to be inundated with details from the book for weeks, but so far, I haven’t really found any of the excerpts or details particularly scandalous. I mean, is it scandalous that Trump disgusts her? No. Is it controversial that she hated being a lawyer? Nah. Anyway, Oprah conducted this Elle interview, which just drives the point home: Michelle’s memoir is absolutely Oprah-approved. If Oprah still had her talk show, Michelle’s book would be front and center and there would be multiple on-camera interviews. The whole piece was very interesting – you can read it here. Some highlights:

How & why she keeps it real: “I think it starts because I like me. I like my story and all the bumps and bruises. That’s what makes me uniquely me. So I’ve always been open with my staff, with young people, with my friends. And the other thing, Oprah: I know that whether we like it or not, Barack and I are role models. I hate when people who are in the public eye—and even seek the public eye—want to step back and say, “Well, I’m not a role model. I don’t want that responsibility.” Too late. You are. Young people are looking at you. And I don’t want young people to look at me here and now and think, Well, she never had it rough. She never had challenges, she never had fears.

She hated being a lawyer: “Oh God, yeah. Sorry, lawyers…It took a lot to be able to say that out loud to myself. In the book, I take you on the journey of who that little striving star-getter became, which is what a lot of hard-driving kids become: a box checker. Get good grades: check. Apply to the best schools, get into Princeton: check. Get there, what’s your major? Uh, something that’s going to get me good grades so I can get into law school, I guess? Check. Get through law school: check. I wasn’t a swerver. I wasn’t somebody that was going to take risks. I narrowed myself to being this thing I thought I should be. It took losses in my life that made me think, Have you ever stopped to think about who you wanted to be? I had not. I was sitting on the 47th floor of an office building, going over cases and writing memos.

When Barack Obama wasn’t there, day-to-day, in the early days of their marriage: “I was mad. When you get married and have kids, your whole plan, once again, gets upended. Especially if you get married to somebody who has a career that swallows up everything, which is what politics is. Barack Obama taught me how to swerve. But his swerving sort of—you know, I’m flailing in the wind. And now I’ve got two kids, and I’m trying to hold everything down while he’s traveling back and forth from Washington or Springfield…. He’s a plate spinner—plates on sticks, and it’s not exciting unless one’s about to fall. So there was work we had to do as a couple. Counseling we had to do to work through this stuff.

Feeling vulnerable when Barack was away: “I feel vulnerable all the time. And I had to learn how to express that to my husband, to tap into those parts of me that missed him—and the sadness that came from that—so that he could understand. He didn’t understand distance in the same way. You know, he grew up without his mother in his life for most of his years, and he knew his mother loved him dearly, right? I always thought love was up close. Love is the dinner table, love is consistency, it is presence. So I had to share my vulnerability and also learn to love differently. It was an important part of my journey of becoming. Understanding how to become us.

[From Elle]

There’s a really sweet and touching section where she talks about her first day, post-White House, on her own in their new Washington home. She talked about how she had forgotten how to do some things for herself, so she decided to make herself some cheese toast and sit outside with the dogs. Sunny and Bo apparently got a little bit freaked out when they heard neighbor dogs, because they too had been in the White House bubble for years. Anyway, I do appreciate how real Michelle is about how she and Barack aren’t all cutesy and everything was always perfect. She had to work on herself to figure out what she wanted, and that took professional help from a counselor. Nobody’s perfect, not even Barack and Michelle!! (although let’s be real, they’re as close to perfect as we’ll ever get.)

MObama Becoming

View this post on Instagram

@MichelleObama knows you think she and #BarackObama are #RelationshipGoals, but she insists, “marriage is hard.” During a candid conversation with @oprah for ELLE’s December issue, Michelle reveals she and Barack underwent marriage counseling. ⁣ ⁣ “You go because you think the counselor is going to help you make your case against the other person. 'Would you tell him about himself?!' And lo and behold, counseling wasn’t that at all. It was about me exploring my sense of happiness." Link in bio to read more from her honest interview.⁣ ⁣ ELLE December 2018 credits:⁣ ⁣ Editor-in-chief: @ninagarcia⁣ Photographer: @millermobley⁣ Stylist: @meredithkoop⁣ Hair: @yenedamtew⁣ Makeup: @carlraymua⁣ Wearing: @cushnie Chief photography director: @alixbcampbell

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Photos courtesy of Elle Magazine.

Khloe Admits She Did Some ‘Not So Mature Things’ After Tristan’s Cheating Scandal

Khloe Kardashian Did Not Mature Things Tristan Thompson Cheating

Khloe Admits She Did Some ‘Not So Mature Things’ After Tristan’s Cheating Scandal

Kylie Jenner Teaches Stormi Webster About Her Lip Kits

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Grey Thong In Racy Low-Rise Pants!

NBC Hiding Truth As ‘Today’ Show Collapses

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Eugenie Bouchard Does Tennis Good

Eugenie Bouchard

Even though Eugenie Bouchard is no Anna Kournikova or Maria Sharapova, she is pretty damn hot in terms of tennis stars. Also, she likes to entertain on Instagram which I admire! Why be the best tennis player in the world, when you can easily flaunt your body on Instagram and get beverage sponsorships. Smart move!

Eugenie Bouchard Eugenie Bouchard      

Diddy Holds Private Memorial for Kim Porter with Friends and Family at Bel-Air Home

Diddy hosted a private memorial to honor Kim Porter -- the mother of 3 of his children -- and the event was filled with friends, family and stories about Kim's life. More than a hundred people came to Diddy's Bel-Air home Sunday to remember Kim. The…

Hot Slut Of The Day!

Olivia, the reincarnation of Laurence Olivier who delivers a multi-layered captivating performance as “Olivia” in Widows!

If you’ve seen the trailers and/or read about Widows, which was directed by Steve McQueen and written by him and Gillian Flynn, you probably think it’s a heist movie where the widows of criminals killed in a robbery-gone-wrong join forces to bust out another thieving job to pay off a crime boss. But when I saw Widows over the weekend, I walked out of the theater thinking that I had just seen a dramatic character study about a complicated cotton ball with eyes who has always been devoted to her human played by Viola Davis but is (SPOILER ALERT) torn with the thought of double crossing Viola and taking the money herself so she can show up her bougie new money sister who is the face of Cesar and lets everyone know about it. At least that’s what I got from Laurence Olivia’s performance.

Viola plays Veronica, Liam Neeson’s wife, and she’s a fancy rich lady who obviously spends all her money on bleach and Magic Erasers (to clean that all-white apartment) and grooming for her pooch since Olivia’s beauty is flawless. Veronica carries Olivia around almost everywhere she goes. Viola told Vulture that Olivia (whose real name really is Olivia) was originally just in two scenes, but she urged Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn to put the thespipooch in many more scenes since the movie was obviously about Olivia and the rest was just filler. Viola did not say that, but she did say this about Olivia at a screening for Widows.

“I don’t own a dog in life, so I was [complaining] like, ‘I’ve gotta work with a dog. What if the dog licks me? Dogs are nasty and disgusting,’” Davis recalled on Sunday night. One look at Olivia, though, and the rest was history. “Within the first five minutes, I’m kissing the dog, I’m holding the dog, the dog was on my chest. I love that dog, and she came to me so easily.” Davis even wanted to bring Olivia home with her, but “my husband would have been very upset.”

Olivia, who is a Westland Highland terrier, is only three years old, but she’s already a highly-skilled ACK-TOR with several credits. The Ringer points out that Olivia is the only reason to watch Netflix’s Insatiable, because she has a small role in that, and she also played the pivotal role of Jesse Plemons’ boy dog Bastian in Game Night. Here’s Jesse holding Olivia while thinking, “This dog is totally out-acting me right now.

And in this scene, Olivia gets ugly for her ART by letting Jason Bateman rub fake blood all over her. Charlize Theron really should’ve given the Oscar she won for Monster to Olivia, because no actor has ugly’d themselves up for a role like Olivia has:

As for what’s next for Olivia, I’m sure she’s looking over scripts (and doing a post-shit scoot on the ones that are not worthy of her gifts), and also refusing calls from the producers of Widows to campaign for the Best Actress Oscar since she’s a shoo-in. Olivia doesn’t want that shit. Olivia is a serious thespian, and how can she take an award seriously when Gwyneth Paltrow won it for Shakespeare In Love?!

Pic: 20th Century Fox

A Fat Lazy Rob Kardashian Is Going Broke From Child Support

Being extorted for baby bucks by a scam artist stripper couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I’m not sure what fedora tipping, must respect all women at all costs kind of judge decided that Blac Chyna deserves $20K a month to take care of a kid, but it almost makes me feel bad for Rob Kardashian. Almost. You would think that a guy who watched his sisters slut their way to the top would be apprehensive after seeing what low quality women are capable of. But not Rob. The man belly flopped into Blac Chyna’s big vagina without protection and is now on the hook for more monthly fees than a student skipping out on his promise to pay back Sallie Mae.

Rob is alleging that he can no longer afford to pay the $20,000 per month in child support that he’s been forking over to his ex for the care of little Dream. Rob and his attorneys argue that Rob doesn’t really have the money to meet this high demand specifically due to a previous action taken by Chyna herself.

Chyna took out a restraining order against Kardashian. She claimed at the time that Rob beat her — and, even though Rob has disputed this account, he says in these new papers that he’s been forced to lay low due to the scrutiny associated with this claim. He no longer appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which had been Rob’s main source of income.

Rob argues, Chyna is now a “model and entrepreneur.” (And a rapper!) Based on financial records, Chyna is allegedly worth over $1.4 million right now. Roles have apparently switched in the past year or so, as Kardashian claims he was making around $100,000 per month at the time of the couple’s split… to less than $10,000 now. Chyna, however, rakes in about $60,000 per month. Rob is actually seeking to reverse their entire arrangement.

With the way Rob is currently being shafted by Blac Chyna, I wonder which position was their child conceived in. Seems like Chyna may have been on top, doing as thou wilt to a submissive Rob on his back in missionary position. Typically looking towards male role models would be of help at a time like this but his real dad is dead, and his stepdad is now his stepmom and stands when she pees. Maybe the metamorphosis into Caitlyn is the key. A sex change will allow Rob to avoid child support the same way Bruce avoided manslaughter. It’s worth a shot.

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Backgrid USA 

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Hot Bikini Models Ball Out In S.I. Swimsuit Soccer Match

Like pics of hot chicks on the beach? And also, world class athletes on the beach?  Then you're gonna love ... "Hot Chicks and World Class Athletes Playing Soccer on the Beach!" Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models Samantha Hoopes and…

Alanna Arrington in a See Through Dress!

Sexy model Alanna Arrington wore a see through dress and no bra on the red carpet for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! View the pictures (Via Taxi Driver)

Charlize Theron

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Dolly Parton’s husband took her to McDonalds on their first date: deal breaker?

I’m so happy to see Dolly Parton on the cover of People Magazine. She has songs on the soundtrack to Jennifer Aniston’s upcoming Netflix film, Dumplin. The title character, Aniston’s character’s daughter, also loves Dolly and is a fan. I only wish she had a cameo in this. Dolly talked to People about her relationship with her husband of 53 years, Carl Dean. People have a lot of interest in their relationship because Carl is rarely seen in public. In fact I can’t find a photo of him that’s recent, although there are a lot of cute vintage photos of the two of them together. Maybe due to that, there are rumors that Dolly has been in a long term relationship with her female best friend, which she has denied. Dolly told People that Carl took her to McDonalds on their first date. Not only that – it was McDonald’s drive through.

“I’ve been married for 53 years come next May, and my husband and I have a great relationship,” says the star, 72. “We’ve been together most of our lives.”

Dean has long shunned the spotlight and never appears at public events with his superstar wife — and that’s just the way the couple likes it.

“I always joke and laugh when people ask me what’s the key to my long marriage and lasting love,” says Parton, who recorded six new songs for the soundtrack of Dumplin‘, Netflix’s upcoming film (starring Jennifer Aniston) about an overweight teen inspired by the “Jolene” singer. “I always say ‘Stay gone!’ and there’s a lot of truth to that. I travel a lot, but we really enjoy each other when we’re together and the little things we do.”

On her days off, Parton and Dean take mini trips in their “little camper” and have picnic lunches in the Tennessee countryside. They also forgo glamorous date nights for low-key dinners at their favorite local restaurants.

“When I met my husband, he wanted to take me out to dinner. He pulled up to the drive-in window and got our food at McDonald’s,” recalls Parton about their early courtship. “We know a few little places we can go without being bothered. He only likes to go places where he can be comfortable!”

And though Parton certainly loves to get dolled up — “He knows I’m always going to kind of be fixed up for him because I don’t believe in going home and being a slouch” — she is most grateful that Dean sees her inner beauty. “He doesn’t care what I wear as long as I’m happy,” says Parton. “He loves me the way I am.”

[From People]

I did find an interview Carl did for his 50th anniversary with Dolly. They actually renewed their vows for their 50th. Carl said at the time that he knew he would marry Dolly when he first saw her and that the day he met her “Was the day my life began. I wouldn’t trade the last 50 years for nothing on this earth.” Maybe this McDonald’s story just reveals Carl’s personality. He’s low key, he’s happy to let Dolly be the star, and that works for them.

A McDonald’s trip on a first date might be a deal breaker for me. I guess it depends on the guy and the circumstances. Maybe it would be ok if it wasn’t a date-date and we were just hanging out for some other reason. Also that’s not to shade McDonalds. I prefer Wendy’s, their fries are only a dollar now and I get the free frosty keytag every year, but I just ate McDonald’s yesterday. I should probably cut back on fast food.


photos credit WENN and via Instagram, People

Bradley Cooper & Irina Shayk Take Toddler Daughter To The Farmer’s Market

Bradley Cooper Irina Shayk Daughter Market

Family goals! This Sunday, Bradley Cooper and supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk were spotted on a rare family outing with 1-year-old daughter Lea De Seine. The two looked happy and in love while walking to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market with their bundle of joy. Click through’s gallery to see the sweet photos!

Get the exclusive celebrity scoop on all the stars you love before any of your friends by subscribing to our new podcast Straight Shuter below!

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Minka Kelly

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Cobie Smulders

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Javi Marroquin Relationship Timeline: Did He Get Lauren Pregnant While Still Boning Briana?!

The Teen Mom franchise has introduced us to some pretty sleazy baby daddies over the years.

And while Javi Marroquin may never be on par with David Eason or Adam Lind, he seems desperate to prove that he's capable of truly sinister behavior.

As you may have heard, Javi's fiancee, Lauren Comeau, welcomed her first child last week.

And the timing of the birth has raised some interesting questions -- and a few accusations -- regarding Marroquin's recent romantic past.

Take a look:

1. The Happy Couple

Javi marroquin baby
These days, Javi and Lauren are living out a fantasy of domestic bliss with a house in the suburbs and a new baby boy.

2. Playing House?

Javi and comeau
But is Javi really ready to settle down this time? Or will this be another failed attempt from Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband?

3. Javi the Player

Javier marroquin
After all, within weeks of when Lauren got pregnant, Javi had been involved with two of his exes.

4. Overlap?

Lauren comeau with javi m
The question is, was he sleeping with anyone else at the time that he got Lauren pregnant?

5. Bri on the Case

Briana dejesus photograph
Briana, for one, seems certain that Javi was sleeping around on Lauren while she was carrying his child.

6. The Timeline

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
Bri's got a compelling case, but we decided to break her claims down to try and determine just how worried Lauren should be about her man's wandering eye.
View Slideshow

Alice Eve

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