Bradley Cooper’s clean shave in Tokyo as he promotes A Star Is Born

I’m still laughing about Jezebel’s Thirsty 30 from the other day. Bradley Cooper was ranked #22 and while that’s not super high on the list, the fact that he’s been included is what’s funny because, of course, as we’ve seen, Bradley’s fronting like he’s not thirsty AF for that Oscar, keeping a low p...

Celebrity Social Media, December 12, 2018

Chrissy Teigen could post about literally anything and it will inspire “10 Times Chrissy Teigen Won Twitter” or “3 Times Chrissy Teigen was Relatable AF on Instagram” stories. Her social media feed is a cottage industry. I’m not mad at it – I really enjoy her and I think when we one day look back at...

Ashanti doesn’t break the Internet in Paper Magazine cover feature

Yesterday, I name-checked some male R&B stars of the early 2000s. The female stars I mentioned are ruling today’s charts (I will never forgive myself for forgetting SOLANGE, who am I?). Given those two pieces of criteria – being a man or having a current stamp on R&B – Ashanti did not get a shout-ou...

Birthday Sluts

Dick Van Dyke (93)
Katherine Schwarzenegger (29)
Taylor Swift (29)
Amy Lee (37)
Tom DeLonge (43)
Debbie Matenopoulos (44)
Christie Clark (45)
Bart Johnson (48)
Jamie Foxx (51)


NeNe Leakes (51)
Dorinda Medley (54)
Steve Buscemi (61)
Morris Day (61)
Wendie Malick (68)
Ted Nugent (70)
John Davidson (77)
Christopher Plummer (89)
Mary Todd Lincoln (1818-1882)

Offset Wants to Spend Christmas With Cardi & Baby Kulture

Cardi B and Offset might officially be on the outs, but Daddy wants to come home for Christmas.  Sources close to the couple tell us ... Offset wants to spend the holidays with Cardi and their little girl -- specifically, Xmas Eve and day as…

Ex-‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Benzino Pulls Race Card in Drug Case

Ex-'Love & Hip Hop' star Benzino is not mincing words ... he's adamant racists are behind the serious drug charges he's facing but vows to fight back. Benzino wanted to address the story we broke ... that cops busted him in Cobb…

Danielle Bregoli Helps Fan Propose to GF Onstage at Australia Concert

Danielle Bregoli is a rough-acting teen with a penchant for feuding and trash-talking, so imagine our surprise when we got this video where she plays cupid. Bhad Bhabie is Down Under for a few concerts and helped a fan at one of her shows…

Christian Yelich Down To Squash Beef With Manny Machado If He Joins Brewers

Christian Yelich REALLY hated Manny Machado when the two played in the NLCS this fall ... but the MVP says he's willing to squash the beef under one condition. IF MANNY SIGNS WITH THE BREWERS!!! You'll remember ... Christian went off on Manny…

Gigi Hadid’s Bony Rib Cage, Bella Thorne Cleaned up and More

  • Gigi Hadid‘s bony rib cage (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • Bella Thorne cleaned up (Site NSFW) [Linkiest]
  • Nicki Minaj wants to have kids with her rapist boyfriend [Celebitchy]
  • Seriously, when are Victoria BeckhamDavid Beckham gonna divorce? [Celebitchy]
  • Transgender boxer probably doesn’t need a cup [CavemanCircus]
  • Michelle Hunziker bikini pics [GCeleb]

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Guess Who This Hungry Kid Turned Into!

Before this munchin' munchkin had several songs on the radio, the Los Angeles native's talents included rocking a bib and digging into some cake! Can you guess who he is?

Show Your Work: The Oscar host, Megan Fox, and Oh Happy Day

At post time, the Academy has still not yet announced a replacement for Kevin Hart as the host of the Oscars. There are rumours that they may decide to go with no host for the Oscars. This is, apparently, not a job that anyone wants. Or is it that no one that they want wants the job? How deep is the...

Jennifer Lopez promotes Second Act in multiple outfits in New York

Jennifer Lopez is in the middle of the Second Act press tour. As Lainey has reminded you repeatedly, it comes out on December 21st and it’s a rom-com about work so naturally, we stan.  Jennifer Lopez in a rom-com is my favourite Jennifer Lopez. JLo on a press tour also always delivers. She’s a gr...

‘Yellies!’ Are the New Hit Toy Guaranteed to Bring Migraines to Parents Everywhere

It’s holiday time again, and that means finding that special present for the kids’ Christmas!

You know what parents miss since they’ve had kids? Noise! They miss unadulterated noise! Screaming, howling, smashing, the throwing of random of objects and overall destruction of property! It just got too quiet in the house after the kids came along!

Well, never fear, parents. It’s Hasbro Toys to the rescue with their new hit toy. Hasbro is here to save you from the monotony and silence that comes with having small children in the house. That’s where their new line of toys “Yellies!” come in!

“Yellies!” are spider-like critter toys that respond to sound. Specifically, yelling. The sound of children’s screaming prompts the Yellies! to run as fast as they can (actually, that is also how I respond to the shrieks of small children). Yellies! will even react to clapping, singing, and banging! As long as your kids are good and loud, the Yellies! will surely move!

The marketing tagline for Yellies! is “The louder you yell, the faster they go!” That’s a good hint as to what parents can expect if they or someone else gets the brilliant idea to put this under the Christmas tree for their child.

Parents, I think I (and Hasbro) can guarantee that if you buy your kid a Yellies! for Christmas, you will never have to worry about the house being too silent again. This toy will ensure that your home will be filled with the chaos, disorder, and mayhem that you’ve been missing out on since the kids were born (ibuprofen not included, but should be!). Merry Christmas, everyone!

[Ed. note: It’s even better watching Yellies! run around with a German voiceover. Enjoy!]

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Donald Trump Met Christian Bale and Thought He Was Really Bruce Wayne

No one has ever accused Donald Trump of being firmly grounded in reality. Christian Bale recently recalled how he met Trump during the filming of Batman when the crew was shooting in Trump Tower. Bale said that Trump invited him up to his office for a chat. And the conversation was….well, weird. This is what Bale said about the conversation:

“I think he thought I was Bruce Wayne because I was dressed as Bruce Wayne. He talked to me like I was Bruce Wayne and I just went along with it, really. It was quite entertaining. I had no idea at the time that he would think about running for president.”

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Christian Bale (@christianbale_) on

Christ. This is how a four-year-old would react to meeting someone dressed in a Big Bird suit with the absolute belief that a 6-foot tall talking yellow bird is indeed real.

Then again, this unsettling blunder on Trump’s part is entirely believable. After all, we’re talking about a man who thought the U.S. sold Norway fighter planes that exist only in the world of Call of Duty. If you think about it, a gaffe like this is not terribly surprising given that Trump has the maturity, impulse control, and gullibility of the average four-year-old.

Bale didn’t say what the two of them discussed, but I imagine that the two conversed about their mutual fear of flying rodents, where to score sports cars with hot runway models included with purchase, and gauging each other’s thoughts on the recent Joker crime spree. Also, Trump probably was looking to sell “Mr. Wayne” on investing in the building of a shiny new Trump Hotel in Gotham City.

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January Jones Out Here With a Necklace of Her Dead Dog’s Teeth

January Jones doesn’t seem to enjoy surprises. If you ever date January Jones, she’s going to tell you exactly what you should gift her. And don’t try to get creative with your gifts the way her unfortunate ex-boyfriend did.

In an interview with US Weekly, January Jones said her ex gave her the worst gift ever: a necklace made out of her dead dog’s teeth. This is what January had to say:

“I had a boyfriend give me my dead dog’s baby teeth made into a necklace, which was sweet in theory, but really morbid and I would never wear it… I still have them, but they’re like his little baby teeth set in a chain and it was a little off.”

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Velvet and sparkles cause I’m worth it.

A post shared by January Jones (@januaryjones) on

Should have stuck with the list, pal. The moment January opened that gift, that’s when she knew the relationship was coming to an end.

For my part, I like surprises and creativity, but shit, a dead dog’s teeth necklace is creepy even by my standards. I can understand January being a little weirded out. I mean, where are you going to wear something like that? And if someone comments on your jewelry, then you have to say something like, “Oh, yes, this necklace was made from my dead dog’s baby teeth. He choked on a chicken bone and died in his own vomit, but isn’t this sweet?”

In her interview, January revealed that she is not shy about telling her significant others exactly what they need to present to her:

“The first pair of shoes I splurged on were Sergio Rossi, but I made my boyfriend buy me them for Christmas,” she dished. “I also had someone give me the only autograph I’ve ever wanted, which was Robert Stack who hosted Unsolved Mysteries back in the day and it was signed, To January,” for my birthday.”

You hear that, future January Jones suitors? NO SURPRISES, OK? Just stick to the pre-approved list of acceptable presents, and you’ll be fine. BUT DO NOT DIVERT FROM THE LIST.

But no one is as good at giving gifts to January Jones than January Jones, she says.

“I buy myself the best gifts. I’m really good at gift giving to myself. Any time there’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, even my son’s birthday, I buy myself jewelry.”

Okay, future suitors, maybe you’ll just be better off giving January a cash gift instead.

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Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp still together in Chanel in New York

One of the main themes of the site yesterday was the romance update: Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse, the Beckhams, Gemma Chan and Dominic Cooper, and also Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. All fine. Also fine – Timothee Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp. They were seen out for lunch in New York City. Thes...

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Daily Addictions

Celebrity News and Gossip
Photo Credits: Instagram

Holy shit! Sofia Richie’s new bikini pics show off her massive new boobs! (Click here)

Scarlett Johansson boobtastic and bootylicious as f##k! (Click here)

Jessica Alba’s booty in a tiny bikini and on all fours (aka The Jessica Alba Pose) will make you squirm! (Click here)

Jennifer Lopez’s braless boobs look bigger than ever… WOW! (Click here)

Kaley Cuoco’s massive fake boobs popped out of her naughty lingerie! (Click here)

Miley Cyrus nippy in a see-through top, oh my! (Click here site NSFW)

Pregnant Meghan Markle busting out and nippy! (Click here)

Selena Gomez’s huge braless boobs are popping out of her dress! (Click here)

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner gets leggy and curvy in skin-tight jeans! (Click here)

Elsa Hosk ultra sexy perfection in naughty lingerie (Click here)

Chloe Grace Moretz is into girls now? Lord have mercy! (Click here)

Christina Aguilera puts on a huge braless bosom show (Click here)

Olivia Munn leggy in thigh-high boots? Yes please! (Click here)

Whoa! Jenna Dewan goes completely naked! (Click here)

Margot Robbie bootylicious and cleavagy in a tiny bikini… sweet baby Jesus! (Click here)

Gigi Hadid Flashing Her Huge Braless Bosom? Yes Please!

Gigi Hadid Pictures

Here’s Gigi Hadid making her way to a Vogue event in NYC yesterday afternoon, and dropping everyone’s jaw to the floor while doing so thanks to her open shirt and a whole lot of her huge braless boob nearly popping out of said open shirt… hoochie mama! Wow, that bosom just barely being covered by her ridiculously flimsy top. Hot damn is it ever! Alright, enjoy the show and try not to drool all over yourselves!

Gigi Hadid Pictures Gigi Hadid Pictures Gigi Hadid Pictures Gigi Hadid Pictures
Photo Credit: WENN

Bonus Galleries:
Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid

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New Mom Diane Kruger Busts Out Her Bustier Braless Cleavage

Diane Kruger New

Here’s one of the most underrated celebrity babes on the entire planet, Diane Kruger, looking absolutely stunning at the Welcome To Marwen premiere, and dropping everyone’s jaw to the floor not just with her groovy curves and her killer legs and her massive cleavage, but also with the fact that she gave birth a month ago… sweet baby Jesus! As Lord Vader would say… impressive. Most impressive. Oh, and her cleavage looks bigger and more boobtastic than ever thanks to her being a new mom and all. Alright, enjoy!

Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New

Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New Diane Kruger New
Photo Credit: WENN

Bonus Galleries:
Diane Kruger Diane Kruger Diane Kruger Diane Kruger

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Taylor Swift Looks Like She Has Bigger Boobs Now… WOW!
Selena Gomez Bootylicious And Boobtastic In A Tiny Bikini!

Chantel Jeffries Drops A Megaton Of Braless Cleavage Action

Chantel Jeffries

Here’s DJ/model Chantel Jeffries looking like a supernova of hotness at the Hot 99.5’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, and zapping everyone into a zombie-like state of drooling thanks to one hell of a jaw-drooping display of her groovy curves, and her killer legs, and especially thanks to ginormous braless cleavage that’s busting out of her skimpy dress like bananas… good lord! And that’s more than you need to know, so… enjoy the sizzling photos!

Chantel Jeffries Chantel Jeffries Chantel Jeffries Chantel Jeffries
Photo Credit: WENN

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Miley Cyrus Gets Leggy And Busty In A Skimpy Little Outfit

Miley Cyrus New

Here’s Miley Cyrus making her way to her Live Lounge appearance in London the other day, and making a whole bunch of rain-soaked fans very happy thanks to her insanely sexy little legs in a pair of shorty shorts and sexy stockings, and thanks to her busty little braless bosom in a skin-tight top… sweet Christmas! Oh yeah, I’d happily get drenched just to see her in person as well. But the incentive for me is that once I would catch her eye, she’d grab me and drag me into her hotel room. What? It’s possible! Alright, alright, enjoy the photos!

Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New

Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New Miley Cyrus New
Photo Credit: WENN

Bonus Galleries:
Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus

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Hailee Steinfeld Looking All Kinds Of Adorable And White Hot

Hailee Steinfeld

Here’s actress/pop singer Hailee Steinfeld looking absolutely stunning and adorably hot, and leggy, and showing off some braless chest action at the London Bumblebee photocall the other day, and that’s more than enough to transform me into a drooling zombie… wowzers! See what I did there? Transform. As in Transformers. Oh, you noticed that? And you’re not impressed? Well, I’m sure you’re impressed by this sexy little minx, so… enjoy the photos!

Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld
Photo Credit: WENN

Bonus Galleries:
Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld

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Scarlett Johansson Gets Bootylicious… Dayuuuuuuuumn!
Taylor Swift Looks Like She Has Bigger Boobs Now… WOW!
Selena Gomez Bootylicious And Boobtastic In A Tiny Bikini!

Daily Tuna

Damn! Lingerie goodness
Adriana Lima
is pure sex

Bruna Lima is amazing
Hailee Steinfeld in a super sexy dress
Vanessa Hudgens’ leg show
Victoria Justice in a bikini
Lorena Haliti belongs in a bikini
OMG! She is amazing
Cardi B is naughty

Danielle Macdonald and Jennifer Aniston in Dumplin’ movie review

Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald) is a Dolly Parton-loving girl who struggles with body image, an emotionally remote mother, and the recent death of the aunt who raised her. She has one friend, Ellen (Odeya Rush), with whom she shares a Dolly Parton obsession—they often have “Parton parties” and quiz ...

Idris Elba and Ruth Wilson promote Luther in London

Raise your hand if you knew Idris Elba as DCI Luther before you knew him as Stringer Bell. I can’t be the only one. Elba was Stringer Bell first, but Luther was his breakout role, the thing that made him everyone’s favorite leading man and the once and future Bond. On January 1 he’s back with a fift...

Amber Heard

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Victoria Justice

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Aubrey Plaza

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Hugh Hefner’s Twin Sisters Exes Gonna Do Porn, Gisele Bundchen Can’t Get Tom Brady to Retire and More

  • Hugh Hefner‘s twin sisters exes gonna bang on camera [Dlisted]
  • Gisele Bundchen can’t get Tom Brady to retire [Celebitchy]
  • Katharine McPhee goes pantless for Christmas (Site NSFW) [DrunkenStepfather]
  • People can’t get enough of Michelle Obama [Celebitchy]
  • Sailor Brinkley Cook in a black bikini (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • Steph Curry doesn’t believe we landed on the moon [TheBlemish]
  • Meet hot golfer Lucy Robson [Linkiest]
  • Did Anna Duggar have another kid? [Starcasm]
  • Israeli defense girls are hot [CavemanCircus]
  • Yazmin Oukhellou bikini photos in Marbella [GCeleb]
  • Half of the UFC fighters probably could qualify for government assistance [BroBible]

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Genevieve Morton full frontal nsfw

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Nina Agdal

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Intro for December 12, 2018

Dear Gossips, Sandra Bullock was in Sao Paolo this week promoting her new movie Bird Box which premieres on Netflix on December 21. Basically Netflix’s strategy is to get you to stay home during the holiday season and not leave the couch. Sarah wrote about the first trailer a few weeks ago. A sec...

Hailee Steinfeld

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Madelaine Petsch, Riverdale’s finest.

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NSFW Amanda Cerny

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Melissa Rauch

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Jennifer Lawrence

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Keira Knightley

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Kristen Stewart

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Justin & Jessica’s Secret Marriage Counseling: ‘They Went Before Things Got Worse’

Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel In Marriage Counseling After Insulting Her Motherhood

Justin Timberlake jokingly called stunning wife Jessica Biel a soccer mom, but his lighthearted comment hit her hard — and has learned exclusively it’s put the pop star in the doghouse!

“Justin recently joked to friends how motherhood has changed his wife, but not in a way she thinks is funny,” said an insider close to the A-listers. “Jessica overheard Justin jest that when she’s not on the red carpet, she looks like a small-town housewife with too much to do … She heard Justin refer to her as a soccer mom and blew a gasket!”

PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Eyeing $16.5 Million Penthouse In NYC

Now the celebrity couple is in marriage counseling, sources told Radar.

“A friend of the couple suggested marriage therapy before things got worse,” the insider revealed. “They’re going once a week.”

Timberlake, 37, praised his actress/producer spouse in his recent autobiography, “Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me.” But privately, the singer “told friends Jessica’s insecurity can sometimes drive him nuts and he wished she’d lighten up,” added the source.

PHOTOS: Bringing Scandal Back! Justin Timberlake’s Top 10 Secrets REVEALED – Drugs, Lawsuits, Nudity and More!

The actress 36, has “had issues about not feeling ‘hot’ anymore since giving birth three years ago to their son, Silas,” claimed the pal. “It took her ages to get Justin to settle down … the jokes do not sit well with Jess.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Dikembe Mutombo Flies 8-Year-Old Boy w/ Large Tumor to U.S. for Surgery

THIS IS AMAZING. Dikembe Mutombo flew an 8-year-old boy from Africa with a large tumor on his face -- who's been shunned by society -- to Los Angeles ... so he could be operated on by a team of American doctors. TMZ Sports saw Mutombo at LAX ...…

Kel Mitchell Wants to Make ‘Good Burger’ Sequel with Cast from ‘All That’

Kel Mitchell has a serious case of '90s nostalgia because he tells us he wants to shoot his "Good Burger" sequel with stars from the original cast of "All That."  We got Kel out Tuesday night at A Simple Bar in Los Angeles…

Charlamagne Tha God Says Chris Brown and Another Guy Are R&B Kings, Not Jacquees

4:20 PM PT -- Charlamagne Tha God has weighed in on the debate, and he's also giving the throne to Chris Brown ... but says he's gotta share it with someone.  We got Charlamagne Wednesday in NYC and he told us anyone calling themselves the…

What Else for December 12, 2018

Anna Wintour didn’t mind The Devil Wears Prada so much when she found out that Meryl Streep would be playing her. I mean, at first she may have claimed she wasn’t into it but, over time, it seems like it has grown on her, especially since Miranda Priestley is basically an icon. I wonder if, in a dec...

Hailee Steinfeld

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Anna Kournikova Hauls Tons of Booze Out of Costco

Anna Kournikova's all about that top-shelf life -- blame it on the Goose -- during a recent trip to the grocery store. The former tennis superstar was leaving Costco Wednesday in Miami, and she loaded up with groceries and TONS of booze. How big a…

Night Crumbs

Netflix is doing a two-part limited series on Selena (don’t even ask “Gomez?”) that will debut in 2020. Well, I guess Selena’s family making that money from a TV series is better than making that money from putting her face on a grocery bag. But what I’m wondering is, who’s going to play Selena. Since this is Hollywood, I’m going to guess that Latina actress/singer Ariana Grande will be cast – Just Jared

Ashanti to the internet: Get ready, I’m going to break you. The internet to Ashanti: Err, is it in yet? – Lainey Gossip

This Lord of the Tainted Love Dance had me at “left nipple,” but I’m wondering why he’s doing this in what looks like the lobby of a funeral home – Towleroad

Shay Mitchell is giving you “Krystle Carrington as a Christmas tree (a Krystemas tree, if you will)” glamour – Popoholic

And Gigi Hadid is giving you “Lil Orphan Orange Otter pop as an 80s business woman” glamour – Drunken Stepfather

Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t have a credit card because she pays everything with diamonds, obviously – Reality Tea

If Sofia Richie wishes her grown boyfriend would spend more time with her in the VIP section at Chuck E. Cheese, and less time with the mother of his kids, she should find a dude with no kids – Celebitchy

Dames of the glamour table (sans Joan Collins, obviously) – SOW

Pic: Netflix

Alexandra Daddario

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Pro-Life Trump Supporter Charged for Death Threat Voicemail to U.S. Senator

A pro-life Donald Trump supporter was arrested and charged in New York for threatening to "put a bullet" in a U.S. senator ... TMZ has learned. Brooklyn resident Michael Brogan was charged Wednesday with threatening to murder the…

Desperate Move? Sarah Jessica Demands Jewelry Company Hand Over Docs In Legal War

sarah Jessica parker breach of contract lawsuit demand documents

Sarah Jessica Parker’s bitter war with Kat Florence Design Limited continues. can exclusively reveal the Sex and The City star demanded the jewelry company hand over documentation in the breach of contract lawsuit.

Kat Florence Design sued Parker, 53, for allegedly breaking an endorsement agreement and refusing to return jewelry. Parker fired back by claiming the company abruptly stopped making quarterly payments.

In Parker’s Motion for Conference filed on December 7, 2018, she claimed the jewelry company “failed to produce multiple categories of documents that are undisputedly relevant.”


“To date, Counterclaim Defendants have indicated, without explanation, that they no longer have these documents in their possession, custody or control,” the filing continues. “Counterclaim Plaintiffs seek an order compelling the production of these documents and, in the event Counterclaim Defendants fail to produce them, an adverse inference.”

Parker explained the documents Kat Florence Design allegedly fail to possess are attachments to relevant emails, WhatsApp Messages, and photos, videos and other marketing materials containing Parker’s name and likeness.

“These documents are critical to refute KFD’s arguments that Ms. Parker did not perform her obligations in good faith and that KFD was unable to effectively promote its jewelry,” the filing read.

Kat Florence Design failing to produce the documentation “questions the integrity of Counterclaim Defendants’ production.”

PHOTOS: Lawsuits, Arrests, & More! Inside ‘Selfish’ Michael Strahan’s Biggest Scandals

In Kat Florence Design’s Response to Motion filed on December 11, 2018, they claim they were advised to “maintain all documents.”

“Thus, there should be no inference that the Plaintiff/Counter-Defendants have failed to maintain or destroyed any documents for production to the Defendants/Counter-Plaintiffs,” the response read.

Kat Florence Design explained how they have produced documents in their possession, custody and control.

The documents requested are in the hands of independent contractors, which as the WhatsAppMessages, which they do not have access. They have reached out and attempted to produce all documents responsive to the requests.

PHOTOS: Kesha Brushes Off Nasty Lawsuit In Sexy Bikini — Inside Her Romantic Getaway

As for other documents, such as email attachments, Kat Florence Design doesn’t believe certain attachments are relevant to the case. However, they “will attempt to provide attachments that it has access to, regardless of relevance, and will produce those to Defendant.”

Parker confirmed the photos, videos and other marketing materials were received, the plaintiffs claim.

The jewelry company then alleged how the lawsuit was initially filed because of “multiple breaches” of the endorsement agreement from October 2015 to September 2016.

PHOTOS: Lawsuits, Cheating Rumors & More! Teresa Giudice’s Most Shocking Post-Prison Scandals

“After Plaintiff paid the Defendant over a million dollars as part of its ongoing contractual obligations the Defendant failed to attend the London opening of her own jewelry line and further failed to attend an alternative evening event as an agreed upon substitute,” the filing read. “Upon such failures and the multitude of earlier breaches engaged in by the Defendant, the Plaintiff ceased making payments.”

The actress agreed to license her name and likeness for marketing purposes in exchange for $7,500,000.

The company claimed she failed to return jewelry that had a value of $149,501.96.

In Parker’s amended response and counterclaim filed on October 15, 2018, she alleged the company “abruptly and without notice or explanation stopped making its quarterly payments to Ms. Parker.”

PHOTOS: Diva Fits & Lawsuit Threats! ‘Humiliated’ Kenya Moore Lashes Out At Bravo After Fake Engagement – 7 Ways She Refuses To Take The Blame

Kat Florence allegedly blamed “addition of new investors, who directed the company to suspend payments” in October 2016.

The mom-of-three claimed she is entitled to damages of no less than $6.125 million.

Stay with Radar for more on the legal battle.

We pay for juicy info! Do you have a story for Email us at, or call us at (866) ON-RADAR (667-2327) any time, day or night.

Kodak Black Storms Out of Interview, Refuses to Talk Sexual Assault Case

Kodak Black isn't gonna sit for anyone bringing up the most serious criminal charge he's facing -- an alleged sexual assault -- and he proved it by walking out in the middle of a Hot 97 interview. During the "Ebro in the Morning" interview,…

Chrissy Teigen

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Mike Pence Distancing Himself from Trump and Mueller Probe, Congressman Says

President Trump insists he's not feeling any impeachment heat, but his Veep Mike Pence is in prepare-for-the-worst mode ... according to Congressman Gregory Meeks. We got the distinguished gentleman from NY on Capitol Hill and he tells us…

Hugh Hefner’s Twin Sister Exes Have Signed A Porn Deal Agreeing To Do Scenes Together

Good news for perverts who love the works of V.C. Andrews and George R.R. Martin. You won’t have to wait for the next season of Game Of Thrones to satisfy your twincest fantasies! Two of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends, twin Playboy Playmates Karissa and Kristina Shannon, have just landed a massive, throbbing, seven-figure deal with the internet porn company Brazzers. And they will be appearing on screen together, as far as the law will allow. Guys, I don’t think it gets much sexier than this. Twins AND Hef’s discarded leftovers? It’s a wet dream come true.

According to The Blast:

We’re told shooting dates have already been set, and everyone involved is very excited. As for the type of scenes, we’re told the girls will be shooting boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/girl/girl and all-girl group, and will be appearing in the same scenes together.

We’re told the scenes will all be “tastefully done,” and abide by all the rules and regulations to avoid any issues with siblings being featured together on camera.

I’m guessing that means they will be making eye contact while they get rammed/sucked by other people which really is a very wholesome and loving way to express the familial bond. They can probably touch butts too. They’re both working on getting their improbable asses insured for $1 million each (that’s $500,00 per cheek).

Presumably the insurance will cover any leaking, popping, discoloration due to acne, allergic reactions to foreign bodies, big red hand prints, or implant migration. The twins said:

“Hef would be proud that we are reinventing ourselves just like he had done throughout his legacy!” They added, “There’s no doubt we are the closest twins on the planet!”

Well, I think Abby and Brittany Hensel would disagree but then again, they’re not fucking monsters like some twins we know…

They are also very excited, “to finally share with everyone that we are complete fucking monsters in the bedroom and exclusively with the best … Brazzers!”

I will never understand the fixation with sexy twins if they aren’t both Tom Hardy in Legend. But I never wanted to watch him make out with himself! Ok, maybe I did a little. I guess I’m a fucking monster too.


Ellen Pompeo Went After Kathie Lee Gifford And Hoda Kotb’s Wine Hour

Queen of the woke baes, Ellen Pompeo, usually makes a damn good point when it comes to social injustice today. Just watch this, and you’ll see why we’re all feeling the way Gabrielle Union is looking. Ellen wasn’t done giving Gabrielle a case of the “mmmhmmm, sister!” She’s now coming after Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford’s hour of wine after they (or more likely a staffer in charge of their Twitter account) tweeted about a recent appearance she made on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk. The Hoda and KLG tweet was only about some implied Patrick Dempsey drama, and Ellen didn’t like how it bypassed the more #woke parts of her Jada interview.

Us Weekly says Ellen is why Kathie Lee is leaving Today after 11 years. I’m only kidding, this whole mess came right before KLG said she’s quitting the throne of the 19th hour of the show.

The tweet-in-question was about how Ellen said she hadn’t talked to Patrick since he left Grey’s Anatomy. Ellen responded, uh, a little bit in the manner of bringing a gun to a knife fight or however that shit is supposed to go:

Yeah, your emojis don’t soften that blow! That’s like me messaging my roommate with “Who the FUCK keeps eating my chips?!” and trying to act cool about it with a follow-up smiling poop emoji. Ellen was likely pissed because she and Jada spoke at length about how she’s raising biracial children with her husband, Chris Ivery, but nobody at Today felt like including that in their gossipy article. Someone must have told Ellen to walk it back slightly since, well, Kathie Lee was retiring and all. She did – kinda?

Hoda and Kathie Lee haven’t responded to Ellen’s claim, but I guess we know who won’t be replacing KLG in April. If you aren’t up for chugging a 10am bottle of Chardonnay, you’re useless to the Today team!


Megan Fox Snitches Get Stitches and Other Fine Things to Ogle

Head over the hump with these sexy links including Gigi Hadid’s boobs, Sara Sampaio’s nips, and Mr. Skin’s 12 Days of Tits-mas!

Pete Davidson On a Date, Rebounding with Mystery Woman in NYC

Megan Fox Won’t Snitch On Her MeToo Assailants

Maria Jade’s Marilyn Monroe Moment Reveals Cheeky Goodness

Lily-Rose Depp Busting Out Her Bootylicious Booty Like A Champ!

Dua Lipa is Too Hot to Sing

Reporter Sam Coleman in ‘Die Hard 2’ ‘Memba Her?!

Gigi Hadid With her Tits Out of the Day

Celebrate Mr. Skin’s 12 Days of Tits-Mas!

Amanda Holden Nip Slip!

Sara Sampaio Nipples of the Day

Judge Resigns After Telling Lawyer He Should Suck Viggo Mortensen’s D**k

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Diane Kruger Movie Premiere Cleavage and Crap Around the Web

Head over the hump with these sexy links including Gigi Hadid’s boobs, Sara Sampaio’s nips, and Mr. Skin’s 12 Days of Tits-mas!

Gigi Hadid With her Tits Out of the Day

Pete Davidson On a Date, Rebounding with Mystery Woman in NYC

Maria Jade’s Panties Appear When the Wind Blows Her Skirt

Diane Kruger Cleavage Plus Gwendoline Christie For The “Welcome To Marwen” Premiere

Maria Jade’s Marilyn Monroe Moment Reveals Cheeky Goodness

Lily-Rose Depp Busting Out Her Bootylicious Booty Like A Champ!

Dua Lipa is Too Hot to Sing

Celebrate Mr. Skin’s 12 Days of Tits-Mas!

That’s a Nice Outfit, Charisma Carpenter

Amanda Holden Nip Slip!

Reporter Sam Coleman in ‘Die Hard 2’ ‘Memba Her?!

Sara Sampaio Nipples of the Day

Judge Resigns After Telling Lawyer He Should Suck Viggo Mortensen’s D**k

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Meghan Markle: Too American to Get Along With the Royals?

As you've probably heard by now, Meghan Markle is reportedly feuding with Kate Middleton.

Some say the situation has gotten so dire that it's begun to tear at the fabric of Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship.

A Devil is Disguise?

Reports of animosity between Kate and Meghan surface every few months, but this time, the rumor has lingered due to a series of events that seemed to lend credence to the theory that Meg's not making many friends across the pond.

First, in a rare move, Kensington Palace issued a statement on Kate and Meghan's feud.

Then came the royal housecleaning.

Middleton and Markle

In the span of a week, two members of Meghan's staff left their posts in seemingly abrupt fashion.

Assistant Melissa Toubati quit amidst reports that Meg had "terrorized" her and berated her in front of her co-workers.

(Toubati has yet to address these rumors publicly.)

Meghan Markle in the Shadows

Shortly thereafter, Meghan and Harry's interim secretary Samantha Cohen announced that she would be stepping down after the birth of the Duchess' baby.

Of course, the keyword there is "interim."

As royal insiders have been pointing out, Cohen was never supposed to be a permanent fixture on Meghan and Harry's staff.

A Fab Four

“She’s not leaving because of any drama with Meghan,” one insider tells Us Weekly.

“She agreed to stay for six months to help post-wedding and because Meghan and Harry were hoping a baby would come soon after that and knew they needed extra help.

"Samantha has a lot of respect for Harry and Meghan and enjoyed working for them. But her time is now up.”

Meghan Markle with Straight Hair

Okay. So this is the rare tabloid report that actually downplays the drama.

The same piece featured insights from royal expert Omid Scobie who says he can't fully deny the reports of Meghan's unpopularity among royals and staffers, but he believes they've been greatly exaggerated:

“I’m sure there are people in other royal households who don’t agree with some things that she does or with her delivery, and that is solely based on cultural differences," Scobie says.

"Americans are direct when it comes to business, and Brits are reserved," he adds.

Meghan Markle Breaks Tradition

"So, of course, some things can be misread at times. But I have yet to come across someone in the Kensington Palace household who has a bad word to say about Meghan.”

Is that it? Is Meghan simply too American for royal life?

Is it because of her pesky Americanness that she's held to such a higher standard of behavior?

Meghan Markle in Blue Dress

We can't imagine the British tabloid press losing its mind if Kate wore black nail polish.

And it's tough to picture The Sun teeing off on the Duchess of Cambridge form an improper curtsy.

Sigh. Gather up your muskets, folks. We may have to fight another Revolutionary War.

We knew this ludicrous stockpiling of civilian weapons would come in handy eventually!

Miley Cyrus Wants to Try Hip-Hop Again Much to the Horror of the Entire Hip-Hop Community

So, the pop princess Miley Cyrus is trying her hand at hip-hop again after leaving it behind over a year ago. All I can say is, no, honey, no. Just no.  Nobody wants to see you go the hip-hop route again.

Miley, you tried that stint with hip-hop, before, remember? And people were NOT here for it. Hip-hop fans everywhere were less than impressed and relieved when you announced that you were done with that genre. People will forgive some youthful indiscretions; after all, you were still relatively fresh off the Disney-train back in 2013 and were in that rebellious phase of celebrating your freedom from the tyranny of The Mouse. Fans will not be so quick to pardon you at this phase in your life and career. Here’s how Miley described her upcoming album:

“Me and Mark [Ronson] have kind of said I think “Mine” is a little heavier than [“Nothing Breaks Like A Heart”]. A song that him and I have done together is more rock driven, modern Debbie Harry kind of Joan Jett. Then, we’ve got songs with Mike Will that lean more hip-hop and songs with Andrew Wyatt who’s from Miike Snow so it leans a little bit more pop/alternative. I just have kind of everything.”

It’s not that some artists can’t find success in doing a soft transition to other genres (i.e., Taylor Swift from country music to pop or Katy Perry from Christian music to mainstream pop), but most do not do well with a drastic shift that goes too far out of their area of expertise. Way the hell back in the day when Jessica Simpson was actually famous for her singing, she tried to expand her chops from pop to country. Her album Do You Know was regarded as a complete failure. And does anyone remember when Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion or Snoop Wombat…I don’t know what the fuck he’s calling himself these days) tried to go from rap to reggae? Don’t feel bad, hardly anyone does. Snoop Dogg’s reggae attempt sucked so badly that most of his fans have blocked it from their memories.

No matter how much Snoop Dogg might want to expand into reggae, he’s not a reggae artist, and no one took him seriously when he was doing it. Rap and hip-hop is the area where he’s strongest, and at this point in his career, that’s what he needs to stick with (he has since returned to his original genre).  Miley can’t pull off hip-hop; she just can’t. All she does is look like a poser when she tries it, and it’s going to be worse since she’s out of her rebellious child star phase. She’s not the first pop singer to try to incorporate hip-hop into her music to be more badass, but ultimately, when it comes to genre transition, Miley Cyrus falls into the category of “White Girl Pop-Singers Who Should Know Better.”

The post Miley Cyrus Wants to Try Hip-Hop Again Much to the Horror of the Entire Hip-Hop Community appeared first on The Blemish.

Sailor Brinkley Cook in a Black Bikini!

Sailor Brinkley Cook

Candids of Sailor Brinkley Cook wearing a tiny black bikini at the beach in Miami! View the pictures

Shit You Learn When You’re Not A Parent: Some States Require Grade School Age Children To Sit In A Car Booster Seat 

Who knew that the comment section of a fame whore’s Instagram page could be a place of learning? The off-brand Barbie styling head that was brought to life by a fame whore fairy to be a star on Bravo, Kim Zolciak, posted a picture on Instagram of her 6-year-old son @kashbiermann (yes, he has his own Instagram page. I mean look who his mom is…) sitting in a booster car seat. And as the moms of Instagram fought in the comments over whether or not Kash is too big for a booster car seat, I learned that in some states, kids of a certain height are required to sit in a booster car seat. Call me dumb (it wouldn’t be the first time today, I have talked to my mom a couple of times already), but I never knew this. How times have changed. When I was 6 years old, car safety consisted of my mom or dad throwing their arm over my chest in the passenger seat when they broke too hard, or my uncle screaming, “Hold on to the side, I’m about drive over a bump,” out the window as we rode in the back of his pick-up truck.

This is the picture of 6-year-old Kash that brought on the wrath of the mommies.

Kash does look pretty tall in that pic, but his dad Kroy Biermann is 6’3″ and his mom is 5’9″ without her wig. If I asked Dlisted’s resident medical expert, my mom, about this, she’d say, “THE HORMONES, MICHAEL! THE HORMONES IN THE FOOD ARE TURNING OUR CHILDREN INTO GIANTS!!!! Kind of like how your diet of wine and candy bars is turning your stomach into a giant…” I figured that Kim just used her Photoshop wizardry on Kash, like she has done with her other children.

Some in the comments said that Kash looks too grown to be in a booster seat:

Kim. He don’t need that booster seat NO MO.

I’m sure he’s over 4”9 and weighs more than 50 pounds .. you’re doing too much unnecessary stuff and this might be dangerous as he is sitting higher than his natural height

big and doesn’t need the booster anymore. That baby grew fast!

Girl this done went viral…you know damn well he’s too tall to be in that damn booster seat

While others defended Kim:

I have a 10 year old and a 8 year old and guess what they are still in booster seats. It is called being a parent and looking out for the safety of the child. If their feet dont touch the floor and the belt dont sit across their chest then they should still be in one.

So happy to see he is still in a booster!! More people should educate themselves on car seat and booster seat safety and requirements!

Every state is different, but in Georgia, the state Kim terrorizes, children who are under the age of 8 and shorter than 4 feet 9 inches have to be in a child restraint thing. Kim responded to those saying Kash is too big for a booster seat by posting an Instagram Story showing that Kash is a little under 4’6″.

I think the most shocking thing about that Instagram post of Kash is that it doesn’t seem like Kim is selling anything in it. Is it really possible for Kim to post something on Instagram without using #ad? My brain can’t process that. Kim must be down-low hawking booster seats now. But wait, she does mention his hair. That’s obviously a covert ad for hair-growing vitamin gummies for children.

Pics:, Instagram

Steph Curry Says He Was Just Kidding About Moon Landing Theory

December Fools?? Steph Curry says he got you all GOOD ... 'cause the Warriors superstar says he never actually thought the United States didn't land on the moon -- tellin' ESPN he was just kiddin' around!!! "Obviously I was joking when I was talking…

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella

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Emily Ratajkowski

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Emily Blunt receives SAG nominations for Mary Poppins and The Quiet Place

There were some significant snubs today when the SAG nominations were announced. We’ll discuss them here and there in other posts later and what that means for Oscar. It’s a competitive year. That’s the simple, incomplete explanation. It’s also, as always, a popularity contest. And what was confirme...
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