Ivanka Trump was ‘booed & hissed’ during a women’s summit in Berlin

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Emperor Baby Fists still hasn’t left the comforts of Mar-a-Lago long enough to undertake any overseas trips. But his precious daughter Ivanka Trump made her first overseas trip, in her capacity of De Facto First Lady/Most Precious Daughter and adviser to the president. Ivanka arrived in Berlin this morning, and she attended the international summit on women’s entrepreneurship. So, you know that wasn’t going to go well right off the bat. I imagine Ivanka’s conversation about entrepreneurship boils down to, “My daddy let me have a clothing line!” But she didn’t even get that far. According to Politico, Ivanka was “hissed and booed” on stage and questioned about her complicity in her father’s rampant misogyny. Here’s a big chunk of what happened:

On her first international trip as an official representative of the United States, the first daughter was put on the spot about her father’s attitudes toward women, booed and hissed at by the crowd, and grilled by the moderator about what, exactly, her role is in President Donald Trump’s administration.

“You’re the first daughter of the United States, and you’re also an assistant to the president,” the moderator, WirtschaftsWoche editor-in-chief Miriam Meckel, said. “The German audience is not that familiar with the concept of a first daughter. I’d like to ask you, what is your role, and who are you representing, your father as president of the United States, the American people, or your business?”

It was an aggressive opening for the first daughter, who was seated next to Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund and one seat down from Merkel. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands was also a participant on the W20 panel, which Ivanka Trump attended at Merkel’s invitation. And it appeared to put her on the spot.

“Certainly not the latter,” Ivanka Trump said. “I’m rather unfamiliar with this role as well…It has been a little under 100 days and it has just been a remarkable and incredible journey.” She did not define what her new role as a senior White House official entailed, but said that she cared “very much about empowering women in the workplace” and defined her goal as enacting “incremental positive change. That is my goal. This is very early for me, I’m listening, learning.”

“I’m striving to think about how best to empower women in the economy,” she said, at one point calling herself a feminist. “I have no doubt that coming out of this trip I’ll be more informed.”

But she was booed and hissed at by the majority-women audience at the conference when she lauded her father for supporting paid leave policies. “I’m very proud of my father’s advocacy,” she said, calling him “a tremendous champion of supporting families and enabling them to thrive.” Meckel, the moderator, pushed her to address the vocal disapproval from the audience. “You hear the reaction from the audience,” she said. “I need to address one more point — some attitudes toward women your father has displayed might leave one questioning whether he’s such an empower-er for women.”

“I’ve certainly heard the criticism from the media, that’s been perpetuated,” she said, drawing laughs from the audience. And despite being invited to attend the panel by Merkel in her role as a senior White House official, she defended her father from her vantage point of loyal daughter — a familiar crouch from when she was confronted by uncomfortable questions about her father on the campaign.

“As a daughter, I can speak on a very personal level,” Ivanka Trump said. “I grew up in a house where there was no barriers to what I could accomplish beyond my own perseverance and tenacity. That’s not an easy thing to do, he provided that for us.” She said that her father treated her exactly the same way he treated her two brothers, who now run the family business. “There was no difference,” she said.

[From Politico]

Politico keeps insisting that the questions directed at Ivanka were pretty harsh, but I have to say… they could have been a lot worse. While Ivanka is not responsible for her father’s deranged actions, she’s absolutely complicit and she absolutely puts herself out there as some kind of positive spinmaster/spokeswoman for her father. She’s there to put a preening face and a glittering sheen on her father’s misogyny, derangement and white supremacy. And as such, I have no problems with Ivanka being questioned harshly, jeered at, booed, hissed at and publicly maligned. I sort of wish people had thrown sh-t at her. *rings bell* SHAME. *rings bell* SHAME.

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Jay Z and Beyonce are, like, really rich

Jay Z and Beyonce at The Grammys in FebruaryIt's official: Beyonce and Jay Z have made it in life . . . okay that was official a long time ago, but it's really really official now. They're trying to buy a house worth nine digits. More... More

Aaron Hernandez Gay? Secret Sexual Life Rumored as Motive for Odin Lloyd Murder

A new report suggests a stunning new possible motive for the murder of Odin Lloyd, for which former NFL star Aaron Hernandez was convicted. 

Lloyd, a former semi-pro football player and friend of Hernandez, was killed in 2013; Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison in 2015.

Years later, the question of why Lloyd was killed remains.

Aaron Hernandez in Courtroom

Despite his conviction, prosecutors - who had sufficient evidence to prove means and opportunity - could never quite pinpoint a motive.

Hernandez's death in prison last week has opened up a Pandora's Box of mysteries, however, and may have finally shed light on this.

The 27-year-old, who had just been acquitted of two more (unrelated) murders a few days earlier, was found dead in his cell last week.

After his death, bombshell reports of Aaron's alleged gay lover, to whom some believe Hernandez wrote suicide notes, have surfaced.

Now, a new report by Newsweek implies that the real reason Hernandez committed the murder may have been to hide his bisexuality.

Granted, there's a whole lot of speculation here.

Aaron Hernandez Handcuffs

Aaron's alleged bisexuality as a possible motive for murder implies, first and foremost, that he was even bisexual, which is unproven.

Still, the Newsweek article cites “interviews with multiple law enforcement officials directly involved in the case” who support this theory.

Those sources cite three pieces of evidence, most notably that Lloyd apparently knew about the football star's closeted gay tendencies.

Says one insider quoted by the magazine:

“Hernandez had a complicated sex life and [Lloyd] could pass that information to his girlfriend, the sister of the Patriots player’s fiancée.”

Moreover, Ernest Wallace, one of two co-defendents in Aaron's murder trial, testified that Hernandez was a “smoocher,” a gay slur.

Aaron Hernandez in Cuffs

Wallace was also recorded calling Hernandez a “limp wrist,” another homophobic remark, in a later jailhouse visit with Aaron's cousin.

Newsweek's report also states that the all-star tight end was “high on hydroponic marijuana” when he murdered Lloyd in June of 2013.

The second piece of alleged evidence is that Hernandez left one of his suicide notes for an unidentified man he'd been involved with.

According to the magazine's sources, Aaron had been part of a homosexual relationship since they were in high school in Bristol, Conn.

In addition, detectives confirm that he “moved a large amount of money into three accounts” just before he was arrested for murder.

The beneficiaries of those accounts?

Shayanna Jenkins Pic

1. Aaron's fiancée Shayanna Jenkins;

2. His baby daughter with Jenkins;

3. The aforementioned "friend."

Hernandez’s alleged homosexual tendencies became of interest to detectives only because of a possible link to the murder of Lloyd.

As for the third piece of evidence? Beyond this alleged lover, Aaron reportedly had a prison boyfriend as well (the man is also unidentified).

The prisoner is now on suicide watch as police probe the sad and almost unbelievable life of Hernandez, who was laid to rest Monday.

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Scott Baio Defends Erin Moran Overdose Comments

Earlier this week, we learned the sad news that former Happy Days and Joanie Loves Chachi star Erin Moran had passed away at the age of 56.

Sadly, Moran's later years were characterized by substance abuse, financial difficulties, and a seemingly endless string of bad luck.

As a result, the question of Moran's cause of death sparked a good deal of wild speculation, and prompted one of her former co-stars to jump to an insensitive conclusion.

Erin Moran Pic

Asked about Moran's passing in a recent interview, Baio opted out of the traditional route (singing her praises as an actress and human being, offering thoughts and prayers to her family) and instead took the opportunity to remind us all that he's one of Hollywood's premiere washed-up douche bags.

Baio stated that we not surprised by Moran's death, and proceeded to play medical examiner by declaring that her death was a direct result of her lifestyle:

"She was troubled," Baio said, "could never find what made her happy and content. For me, you do drugs or drink, you're gonna die."

It was an ignorant comment to make under any circumstances, but now Baio looks like even more of a jackass as a result of the revelation that Moran likely died of cancer, not from a drug overdose.

Erin Moran

In light of that revelation, one would expect Baio to express some contrition, but Chachi is a graduate of the Donald Trump School of A-Hole Public Relations, which means he never apologizes for any reason.

“This is so wrong. Now I know what fake news is!” Baio tweeted yesterday, sounding very much like his Day-Glo idol.

He added:

"I said 'IF' (You abuse drugs/alcohol). My wife @MrsScottBaio spoke to Erin less than 1 month ago."

Oh, well if his wife talked to Erin a month ago, then he must be a good guy!

Scott Baio Photo

You need only scroll up to see that Baio most definitely did not say "if," but hey, we're living in the post-fact world, right?

Hell, we want in on the fun, too!

Do you guys remember when Scott Baio moved on from his laughable stint as a terrible '80s sitcom actor and went on to a respected career in which he was totally not a walking punchline?

It was right around the time Adam Sandler took home all those Oscars and the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl.

Those were the days.

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PHOTO Kim Zolciak gives update on Kash’s traumatic dog bite

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retiring from NASCAR After 2017 Season

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is waving the white flag on his storied career -- announcing he'll retire from NASCAR after the 2017 season. The 42-year-old has racked up 26 wins (including TWO Daytona 500 victories) in 603 starts since turning pro in…

‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Arrested After Fatal Crash (MUG SHOT)

'Bachelor'Chris Soules is in custody after allegedly slamming into a tractor trailer, killing the driver and then fleeing the scene ... TMZ has learned. The incident happened in Iowa Monday at 8:20 PM. According to docs, Chris was driving a…

Who should play the young Madonna in the ‘Blonde Ambition’ bio-pic?

The Beatles Eight Days A Week World Premiere

Did you know that Madonna is getting a bio-pic? It’s true. Apparently, there was a script called Blonde Ambition which made last year’s Black List (scripts that are good but haven’t been made for various reasons) and now Universal has bought the script. According to THR, the story follows a young Madonna in New York as she works on her debut, self-titled album.

Universal is getting into the groove for a Madonna biopic. The studio has picked up Blond Ambition, Elyse Hollander’s script that topped the 2016 Black List, the industry ranking that tracks Hollywood’s most-liked unproduced screenplays.

The story is set in early 1980s New York as Madonna Louise Ciccone works on her first album, struggling in a business that treats women badly, while also dealing with a burgeoning love life and the first hints of fame. Madonna moved to New York from Michigan in 1978 to pursue dance but segued to singing and writing songs. After failing at a rock band, she switched to dance and pop. After achieving some success with a few dance singles, she began work on her debut album, Madonna, which was released in 1983. The album yielded hits “Holiday,” “Borderline” and “Lucky Star,” and set the stage for her ground-breaking Like a Virgin album.

Blonde Ambition is the debut script for Hollander, who worked as an assistant to Alejandro G. Inarritu while he made Birdman, and Fresh Off the Boat co-executive producer Kourtney Kang. She is repped by WME, Bellevue, Ryan Pastorek and Robby Koch of Hansen Jacobson.

[From THR]

I don’t know, am I crazy for thinking that if this is done well, it could actually be good? Like, that was an interesting time in music-history, in the history of New York and those are the years that formed Madonna as an artist. That’s when she began copying and appropriating so much of underground gay culture. That’s when she started hanging out with the artists who would influence her throughout her life, like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

So, obviously, we should figure out who we should dreamcast. I’ve already seen some people say that this role could be the one that puts Paris Jackson on the map. Paris absolutely looks like a young Madonna, but can she act? The thing is… Madonna could never act. So Paris might be perfect. Of course people are suggesting Margot Robbie too, and I wouldn’t hate that at all. Lady Gaga as Madonna would be funny. I imagine Chloe Moretz will probably audition. I’d also like to throw Haley Bennett’s name out there, just because she impressed me in Girl on the Train and I could definitely see her playing Young Madonna.

2016 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Brain On Fire' - Press Conference

The 59th Annual Grammy Awards arrivals

Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book Collection Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals

'Suicide Squad' World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.
'Suicide Squad' World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals The Beatles Eight Days A Week World Premiere 2016 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Brain On Fire' - Press Conference The 59th Annual Grammy Awards arrivals 28th Annual GLAAD Media Awards Tiffany & Co. 2017 Blue Book Collection Gala - Red Carpet Arrivals Lady Gaga seen performing on the main stage at Coachella weekend 2 Day 2

Aaron Hernandez’s Prison On Lockdown

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

The prison where Aaron Hernandez killed himself is under lockdown as investigations probe beyond the ex-NFL star’s suicide, a top state official said.

What Happened?

A Massachusetts judge has ordered that Hernandez’s three suicide notes be given to his family so they can try and understand why the 27-year-old took his own life with a bed sheet last week, the Boston Globe reported. Daniel Bennett, the state’s top public safety officer, appeared in court Monday to argue against handing over the letters.

During a recorded sidebar released by the Boston Globe, Bennett argued that releasing the letters would impede the investigation into the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center where Hernandez was detained.

“It’s in lockdown and one of the reasons is because of issues with Mr. Hernandez. And things that have happened with Mr. Hernandez,” Bennett said during the huddle, which included the judge and lawyers in the case.

It is unclear what officials are investigating, however.

“There was a lot of other issues that could have gone on at Souza,” he added, referring to the Shirley, Mass. facility as the state’s “most dangerous prison.”

Bennett admitted that he hadn’t seen the letters, nor did he acknowledge what significance they might hold to the investigation. But he did say Hernandez wrote “essentially don’t cry for him, he’s going to be happy in the afterlife,” according to the Boston Globe.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Retired: Full Story & Must-See Details

(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

After 18 seasons, legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has announced he will retire from NASCAR racing following the 2017 season.

Earnhardt, who won has won Most Popular Driver 24 times, won 26 times in 603 starts over a career that began at age 24 in 1999.

Earnhardt won two Daytona 500 crowns (2004, 2014) and two championships (1998, 1999) in what is now the NASCAR XFINITY Series.


Earnhardt, 42, returned to competition in the No. 88 Chevrolet this year after a concussion sidelined him from NASCAR’s top series for half of the 2016 season. Through his rehabilitation process, Earnhardt has become a vocal advocate for research of sports-related brain injuries.

Earnhardt’s best finish in eight starts this season was fifth place at Texas Motor Speedway on April 9. He currently is ranked 24th in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series standings.

After 18 seasons, @DaleJr will bring his Cup Series driving career to a close at the end of 2017.

Info: https://t.co/8n7dRjSc9l pic.twitter.com/REdWACH2KD

— Hendrick Motorsports (@TeamHendrick) April 25, 2017

This story is developing. Please refresh for updates.

Kevin Hart Says Chris Paul’s No Loser

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60 California Teenagers Storm BART Subway & Rob Passengers

Tony Gonzalez Says Tony Romo Didn’t Cost Him His CBS Job

Tony Gonzalez says he was NOT forced out at CBS to make room for the new guy, Tony Romo -- telling TMZ Sports the decision to leave was HIS and his alone. The future Hall of Fame tight end spent 3 seasons on "The NFL Today" (and was pretty good)…

How ‘The Fast and the Furious’ Franchise Turned the Streets Into a Universe

The Fast & the Furious franchise is my favorite movie franchise of all-time. I love everything about it. The over-the-top action. The adding of stars to every movie. The corny one-liners. The way people hate those of us who love it.

The producers and writers of the original The Fast and the Furious had a vision. It was to remake Point Break, one of the most underrated films of all-time. If you’ve seen both films, you’ll notice all of the similarities. Small scale heists by thrill-seeking junkies, undercover FBI agent who falls in love with someone associated with the leader, ending escape. This doesn’t take away from the first film, but it also didn’t have you believing that it would turn into something larger.

It turns out they had something larger in mind. They decided to create a universe not unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars Universe or any other major franchise universe.

The Fast & the Furious franchise doesn’t get enough credit for the universe they’ve created. They built an entire world around an illegal street racer who just wanted to steal electronics. Vin Diesel’s absence from the second and third movie helped further the plot and characters for later movies. They’re already talking about making spin-offs for The Rock and Jason Statham.

Some believe it’s similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Diesel would be Iron Man, Paul Walker as Captain America, and Sung Kang as Thor. Diesel is the guy who got the ball rolling. The other two had their standalone films. Then, they finally came together. This almost ignores the fact that The Fast & the Furious came out years before Iron Man and that the franchise was three films deep before Iron Man hit theaters in 2008. If anything, Marvel copied Fast & Furious. Just think about that for a second.

Here’s how The Fast & the Furious films evolved.

The Fast and the Furious

In The Fast and the Furious, Vin Diesel and his group of friends were street racers in Los Angeles who stole electronics from truckers. Paul Walker, an FBI agent, was tasked with going undercover in order to take them down. The movie was essentially a Point Break remake except about cars instead of surfing and skydiving.

2 Fast 2 Furious

2 Fast 2 Furious is similar. Walker is no longer an FBI agent, but cuts a deal with the FBI in Miami to go undercover to stop a drug lord. Diesel and his movie family have nothing to do with this movie. While disappointing at first, it does allow for Tyrese and Ludacris to develop and take on roles later in the franchise.

Two movies in and the franchise is still small scale. The stories are reduced to one area and things haven’t gotten too crazy. Ok, maybe jumping a car onto a boat is a little crazy, but it’s nothing compared to what is to come.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift has almost nothing to do with Walker or Diesel. Vin shows up at the very end, setting the stage for later movies, but it’s an out of place movie that fits between the sixth and seventh film despite being released third. The only thing that matters in this film is the death of Kang. Once again, since the movie has nothing to do with Diesel and his family, the producers are able to develop Kang’s character and then tell a larger story.

Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious is where shit starts to get real. Walker and Diesel reunite, we start off in the Dominican Republic, go briefly to Panama City, head back to Los Angeles, and end up in Mexico. This is the first movie that truly goes outside of one city and has a larger scope. Michelle Rodriguez is dead, Diesel is looking for revenge, Walker is trying to help people he bonded with in the first film, and so much more. This is the movie that set the stage for what is to come.

Fast Five

Fast Five is where shit got really really real and the whole universe starts to come together. While the first four movies were all centered around street racing in some form, Fast Five abandoned that in order to go full Michael Bay. They added The Rock, had two different major stories going on (Diesel’s gang being on the run from the cops and Diesel’s gang fighting with a crime lord), traveled across the world, and added trains. This is the first film where everyone from the first four movies come together. Fast & Furious plays more like a sequel to the first film than a sequel to the second. Fast Five begins to tie all four of the previous films together.

Fast 6

In Fast 6, Michelle Rodriguez is alive again, we have the longest runway in movie history, and The Rock needs the help of Diesel and Walker in order to take down a special ops soldier. Now we’re really starting to see things take shape. The end of credits scene has Jason Statham’s character being revealed as the man who killed Kang’s character in the third film. This not only ties up the major plot in the third film, it sets up the seventh film.

Furious 7

Furious 7 adds Jason Statham to the mix, more explosions, helicopters, drones, and a bunch of other crazy things. Diesel, Walker, and The Rock are now on the same team, they continue to cause billions of dollars in damages, and it’s the last film to feature Paul Walker.

I won’t spoil anything about The Fate of the Furious. But Charlize Theron is now part of the cast and they’ve now taken to the ice.

The switch to over-the-top action angered some people, but there’s no doubt that it worked. Furious 7 cracked one billion dollars worldwide. The Fate of the Furious is well on its way to Furious 7. Since Fast Five, when they changed directions away from street racing, the films have always done at least $500 million worldwide.

In eight films, Vin Diesel and his crew went from Los Angeles street racers jacking trucks in the middle of the night to working with the Defense Security Service (DSS) and traveling all over the world in order to combat the world’s most notorious criminals.

When they had trouble dealing with a trucker armed with a gun in the first film, there’s no way I would have imagined that they’d be fighting Jason Statham and The Rock, always the baddest men in any film, by the seventh film. AND THEY ADDED CHARLIZE THERON!

Maybe this was their vision from the start. Maybe they lucked into the whole thing. All I know is that we should all aspire to be as great as everyone and everything associated with The Fast & the Furious franchise.

Donald Trump will temporarily kill The Wall to avoid government shutdown

Embed from Getty Images

We are fast approaching the 100 Days of Bigly landmark. The official 100-day mark is May 1st, next Monday. They said he would never make it this far! No, scratch that. They said he should NOT make it this far. They said he should be impeached by the summer. They said he will get bored and find some way to leave. Well, we’re still waiting. So is Trump. And he’s SO bored. He also doesn’t understand how anything works, which is why this week is full of stories about Emperor Bigly doing various things to look busy. Here are some stories going around:

The government shutdown. It’s very possible we could have a government shutdown over spending in the coming days or weeks or whatever. Bigly was talking big and trying to say that he would shut down the government if Congress didn’t finance his big, beautiful Border Wall. Well, guess who blinked? Bigly blinked. The Bigly White House is now telling Congress that they don’t have to finance the Wall right now, they can wait until autumn.

Bigly’s executive orders. As NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait says, “Trump Is Writing Fake Executive Orders Because He Doesn’t Know How to Be President.” This too is pretty damning: “If Republicans wish to pretend that Trump is really making America great again by signing pieces of paper asking people who work for him whether they have any ideas how to make America great again, more power to them.” Pretty much.

The corporate tax rate. We still don’t know if Trump pays his taxes or what he pays or anything like that. But we do know that he wants the corporate tax rate to be slashed to 15% or lower. I imagine he’ll make up for the decrease in tax revenue by raising taxes on the middle class, right?

Bigly’s bigly AP interview. I didn’t get a chance to discuss this on Monday because I was dealing with a power outage situation. Over the weekend, Bigly sat down with the Associated Press for an interview and it is insane, unhinged and unintelligible. You can read the full piece here. I could only get through about one page of the transcript. His English is no bueno.

Bigly’s inaugural. Apparently, terrible people paid a lot of money to get access to Bigly at his sad inauguration. Who would have thought?

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

AM Hottie: Allie Lewis, Cute And Artsy

Allie Lewis is simply the definition of cute, from her name to the features of her face. She looks simply adorable, like it’s easy to like her and fall in love with her. But one thing that I’ve noticed about her that makes her an absolute hottie is her artsy vibe.

She’s not just your regular cute model who can sing to animals and ask cute critters to do her bidding. No. She also has this tough vibe about her that I just can’t put a finger on. This makes her perfect for artsy themed photo shoots and runways. Maybe it’s the way she carries herself, specifically her hair, or an entirely different thing. I’m not really sure. Hence, I invite you to take a look and tell me what I’m missing.

[VIA forums.thefashionspot.com/listal.com]

The post AM Hottie: Allie Lewis, Cute And Artsy appeared first on Brosome.

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Kate Gosselin: INSANE Rules For Kids’ Visits With Jon Revealed!

We're used to finding out that Kate Gosselin subjects her kids to ridiculous rules and borderline abusive disciplinary actions.

And we're used to finding out that she despises her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, with the sort of passionate intensity usually found only in comic book villains.

But it's nice to know that despite all her years of cruelty and severe emotional instability Kate hasn't lost her ability to surprise us with just how bonkers she truly is.

Kate Gosselin Losing Her S--t

The latest news of Kate's troubling behavior comes from a new report published by In Touch Weekly.

A source close to Kate tells the magazine that the Gosselin children are “are prisoners in their own home."

The anonymous tipster goes on to detail some of the bizarre rules that Kate uses to keep her children under her thumb:

“Kate says no clothing or belongings can be brought from her house to Jon’s house, so the kids arrive for visitation [at Jon’s] in their school uniforms and change into clothes Jon has for them when they get to his house,” the insider explains. 

“Then they put their uniforms back on before head­ing to their mom’s house.”

Kate Plus Eight Photo

Not surprisingly, Kate doesn't want her kids carrying devices that can transmit and receive messages (or take incriminating photos and video), so she takes a Kim Jong-Un-like stance on communication devices:

“So after they visit with their dad, she lines the kids up and pats them down for cell phones," the source says, adding:

“She has these insane practices and rules to ensure she has total control of everything her kids do."

As In Touch points out, Kate has a long history of resorting to drastic measures to prevent Jon from having any sort of relationship with his eight children:

Kate Gosselin Looks Happy

In the past, she's accused Jon of being a drug dealer, and even suggested that he carried on an inappropriate relationship with daughter Hannah.

“Jon had no idea at the time that she accused him of having an inappropriate relationship with Hannah,” says one insider.

“He was upset when he found out.”

Jon's been fighting for joint custody of the kids for years, but insiders say he's really ramped up his efforts in recent months.

Like any good despot Kate hes been running a non-stop propaganda campaign, tearing Jon apart in interviews and trying unsuccessfully to create the impression that he's the unstable one in the relationship.

Don't get us wrong: Jon won't be winning any father of the year awards any time soon.

But when it comes to horrendous parenting, no one can top Kate.

Ben Affleck: ‘you have to have a certain thickness of skin in this business’

Embed from Getty Images

Do you guys watch Intervention on A&E? While the lead-up to rehab is usually so hard to watch, it’s worth it to see how different the alcoholics/addicts look after being clean for over a month. The people don’t always make it through rehab of course, but it’s inspiring to see the transformations when of the people who get sober. That’s what I’m reminded of when I see these photos of Ben Affleck at the AutFest International Film Festival. He looks like his head is clear and he’s regained some of the hotness. Plus he looks happier for whatever reason, maybe it’s sobriety, it could be that his divorce is moving forward, maybe it’s a little of both.

Anyway this was a film festival sponsored by the Autism Society, where Affleck was honored for his portrayal of a autistic man in The Accountant. During the Q&A session he was asked whether he would want his kids to go into show business and said he didn’t want them to act before they’re 18 due to the pitfalls of being a child actor. As for his longevity in show business, Affleck credited it to his thick skin, which… no.

The star chatted about his kids during a Q&A portion of the event, which honored him for his performance in last fall’s thriller The Accountant as an action hero with autism. Affleck noted that he’s unsure whether he’d want his little ones to take up acting.

“I think it’s a hard thing. I love being an actor, I got into it as a child and I wouldn’t change that. But I also wouldn’t want to take my kids and push them out there before they were 18,” Affleck said. “If they are 18 and they want to make those choices and do that kind of thing, that’s fine. But being a child actor, I just know too much of the downside of what that can be like.”

He added: “I had some great rewards, and I probably wouldn’t have made it as an adult had I not built up that body of work as a kid, so it’s a strange thing. My kids would be good in the school play. If they can handle that, they’re in good shape.”

As for how he’s survived so long in the movie industry, Affleck credited his “thick skin.”

“You know you have to have a certain thickness of skin in this business because success and failure, as a performer, are really two sides of the same coin,” he said.

“You’re putting yourself out there and being evaluated, and it doesn’t go one way, all the way, every time.”

Affleck appeared upbeat at the event, and a source previously told PEOPLE that both he and Garner seemed “happy” about spending Easter Sunday together as a family recently.

[From People]

This is the guy who had a PBS genealogy show censor the fact that he had a slave-owning ancestor. This is the guy who complained about for years about the way the tabloids treated him, even getting his friends to complain about it. He doesn’t have a thick skin. His people have worked overtime to control the narrative around his separation and divorce for years. That’s not someone with a thick skin, that’s someone who thinks they can take criticism while doing everything they can to deflect it.

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Ben Affleck And Son Out For Coffee In Brentwood

1st Annual AutFest International Film Festival Ben Affleck And Son Out For Coffee In Brentwood 1st Annual AutFest International Film Festival 1st Annual AutFest International Film Festival

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Erin Moran’s Former Personal Trainer Says Star Was Desperate For TV Return

Erin Moran was desperate to kick her booze habit and land another TV role before she tragically died, Radar Online has learned.

The Happy Days actress, who is said to have died from Stage 4 cancer, worked with personal trainer Michael Banyar some years before she died, and he tried in vain to help her get in shape and prevent her from falling off the wagon.

“There was always this kind of urgency that this was her last ditch effort to make it in acting,” he told Radar. “After Happy Days and everything else, her career plummeted — we talked about it a few times.”

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“She wanted to get back on track and be ready physically, mentally and emotionally before it was too late,” Banyar added. “Erin was taking it one step at a time, but she would have taken any job she could to be employed again. She’d always say, ‘I’m too darn fat, don’t take any pictures of me until I’m in shape’ and she worked really hard.”

Michael says he was aware of her drinking issues and worked with her on a healthy living plan, but insists he saw no sign of drug abuse.

The pair trained together three times a week for three months for a series of Celebrity Fit Club on VH-1.

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“She would come to my private studio a lot and I got to know her as a client and a friend,” Michael said. “We kept in contact and I sent her Christmas cards, but after a while they started coming back, ‘no address found.'”

“I heard she was living in a trailer trying to write her memoirs and I sent letters but never heard anything. Her phone was also disconnected.

“She was weak but she was always really positive and made a lot of progress when we worked together. I wish I had more time with her.

“I knew there were problems in her life, with liquids, let’s say it that way, but I just know she was trying really hard to change her lifestyle.”

PHOTOS; ‘Happy Days’ Co-Stars & Other Celebs Pay Heartbreaking Tributes To Erin Moran

Erin, 56, died in a mobile home she shared with her husband, Steve Fleischmann, and mother-in-law Donna Woods, on April 22 after reportedly being diagnosed with cancer late last year.

It was believed to be Steve who made the 911 call this weekend and she was found dead on arrival at the trailer park property in New Salisbury, Indiana.

“Steve is shy, but there was a really good connection between them,” Michael added. “She had a lot of support from him, he’s a good guy. Whatever pain she was suffering, I know she is in a better place now.

“My heart goes out to Steve and her family and friends and I hope they all find peace.”

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The First Trailer For ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Is Here & Of Course It Looks Fantastic

via 20th Century Fox

You want to see the sign of a confident director? Dropping Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in the middle of a trailer. That right there is the sign of a confident director.

The director’s name is Matthew Vaughn, and pound-for-pound, he’s one of Hollywood’s best directors.

After unleashing Daniel Craig on the world over a decade ago with Layer Cake, Vaughn transitioned into directing action, and as a result, he has put out some of the most surprisingly entertaining action movies of the last decade.

First, there was Kick-Ass, which absolutely no one saw coming, yet Vaughn was able to turn it into a franchise.

Then there was X-Men: First Class, which NO ONE was excited for, considering the bad taste left in fans mouths after The Last Stand and X:Men Origins: Wolverine. Well, turns out that was fire too.

Then came Kingsman: The Secret Service, which was by far Vaughn’s best movie. It was perfectly paced, genre-norm eschewing, consistently funny, ironic, unorthodox, action-packed, and most surprisingly, it had characters worth investing in.

Now, Vaughn and Kingsman are back with an even more loaded cast for the second time around, adding monster stars like Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, and Halle Barry to the already awesome cast of Collin Firth, Mark Strong, and Taron Edgerton.

This is going to be the best action movie of the year and will clock in around 85-90% on Rotten Tomatoes. You heard it here first.

Here’s hoping the rumors are true and Vaughn moves onto the Man Of Steel franchise next, ’cause that would be LIT.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle official synopsis:

Kingsman: The Secret Service” introduced the world to Kingsman – an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents’ strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy…

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Damian Lewis: ‘As an actor educated at Eton, I’m still always in a minority’

'Billions' cast arrives at the Paley Center for Media

Damian Lewis is a television actor. Instead of trying to make the movie-star thing happen, Damian just leans into TV work and aims to be on the best TV shows he can find. His TV projects have included: Band of Brothers, Life (which was canceled way too soon), Homeland, Wolf Hall, To Appomattox and currently the Showtime series Billions. Damian is absolutely posh in the Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hiddleston/Eddie Redmayne school of poshness too – Damian came from a wealthy family and his natural British accent is very posh. Damian, like Hiddles and Redmayne, also went to Eton, the poshest of the posh-boy schools. Amongst British actors, there’s a lot of talk about whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing that their industry is being overrun with posh private-school actors. But according to Damian, he’s in the minority!

Damian Lewis has said that being an actor from Eton puts him in a “minority”, saying it is “statistically not true” that privately educated actors are becoming dominant in acting. Asked in a Guardian live Q&A about whether a lack of funding for the arts was leading to less diversity among British actors, the Wolf Hall and Billions star said that it wasn’t true that privately educated actors were overrepresented.

“We have to protect against lack of diversity,” he said. If theatre, film, TV, dance, opera, ballet are going to remain true artforms, they must be reflective of all society. “But that’s a different point from saying that only privately educated actors are becoming dominant in acting, because statistically that’s not true. A handful of actors from privileged backgrounds have done well, very well, and of course that’s high profile news. But whenever I work, wherever I work, as an actor educated at Eton, I’m still always in a minority,” he said.

He went on to say that actors have experiences of being in a minority whatever their background.

“What is true and always rewarding about the acting profession is that everyone has a similar story about them being in a minority. From whatever background. And that coming into the acting profession is when we all finally find likeminded people. But it goes without saying, I hope, that theatre and the arts generally in my view are a fundamental and important part of any child’s education, and to see any more cuts would be sad.”

[From Radio Times]

I AM OPPRESSED AS A MINORITY TOO, cries the posh white man. Only a expensively educated, posh, privileged white guy would actually believe that he’s “always in a minority” as an Eton-educated actor. I know the point he was trying to make, which is that the “problem of poshness” is not as widespread as people believe, and that Damian rarely works with actors who have a similarly posh background. But let’s be real – this is also dismissive of those real minority actors and dismissive of the big issue within the British acting community, which is: if only Eton-and-Cambridge-educated white actors get consistent work, how is that not a huge problem of representation, storytelling and inclusion?

Range Rover Velar launch party

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Owen Wilson is hungry . . . and Monday’s Paparazzi Leftovers

Owen Wilson out and about in ParisPaparazzi photos from Monday, April 24 Owen Wilson out and about in Paris (pics start here) Salma Hayek leaving a press junket for her new film How to Be a Latin Lover in New York (pics start here) More... More

Emmanuel Macron’s wife was his teacher, she’s 25 years older than him

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Since I’m sort of obsessed with the French presidential election, I’ve been reading a lot of the American-media coverage of the candidates and their campaigns. Emmanuel Macron, the independent candidate who is running against fascist Marine le Pen, has already been referred to as a potential “French JFK.” He’s good-looking and photogenic, with a youthful, rigorous and TV-friendly vibe. Which is probably why I was curious to learn anything about his wife. Was she the French Jackie Kennedy? Which is probably why I completely misread this headline as “Emmanuel Macron is married to a high school teacher.” I thought, “wow, that’s so nice, he’s married to a teacher!” No, that wasn’t the headline. The actual headline is “Emmanuel Macron married HIS high school teacher.” Seriously.

On Sunday, the first round of voting in the French presidential race narrowed the candidates down to infamous far-right leader Marine Le Pen, and the front-runner, centrist independent Emmanuel Macron. As Macron moves closer to the presidency, one petit fun fact about him is making the news cycle: He’s married to a woman 25 years his senior, who also happened to be his teacher back in high school.

In a story that would likely sink a candidate’s chances in a more uptight country (uh, here), the 39-year-old Macron first met his 64-year-old wife, Brigitte Trogneux, when he was 15. More specifically, she was a drama teacher and he was playing the lead role in the school’s adaptation of the Milan Kundera play, Jacques and His Master. If you were wondering how this story could possibly get more French, Trogneux is reportedly from a family of “respected chocolatiers in the northern French town of Amiens.”

Trogneux was married at the time, and though there are rumors that they had an affair, it’s unclear when their romance actually began. They wed in 2007 and Macron now has several step-grandchildren. In a recently published book, Macron is reportedly quoted as saying, “Nobody would call it unusual if the age difference was reversed” — and, well, he does have a point.

[From NY Magazine]

If it was JUST the age difference – he’s 39 years old, she’s 64 – I would shrug and say “that’s unusual but different strokes, etc.” Like, if they had met when he was in his early 30s, who cares? But the fact that they met when he was 15 and she seemingly left her husband for him, maybe??? I don’t know. If they married in 2007, then he was 29. How long were they together before they married? No one knows. This story reminds me a bit of Aaron Taylor Johnson and Sam Taylor Johnson.

Also: Marine Le Pen has “temporarily stepped aside” as the leader of the National Front. Somebody *taps nose* is trying to look like they aren’t a fascist ahead of the election.

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Birthday Sluts


Al Pacino (77)
Sara Paxton (29)
Daniel Sharman (31)
Melonie Diaz (33)
Hazel E (37)
Jacob Underwood (37)
Marguerite Moreau (40)
Jason Lee (47)
Joe Buck (48)
Gina Torres (48)
Renee Zellweger (48)
Hank Azaria (53)
Andy Bell (53)
Jeffrey DeMunn (70)
Talia Shire (71)
Stu Cook (72)
Bjorn Ulvaeus (72)
Len Goodman (73)
William Roache (85)
Ella Fitzgerald (1917-1996)

Pic: Paramount Pictures

This New Footage Of Pacman Jones Being Arrested For Assault Is Vintage Pacman Jones

Did you know that Pacman Jones has been in the league since… 2005?

2005, man! If you’d have asked me who Barack Obama was back then, I’d have assumed he was one of Saddam’s underlings. iPhones were not of this earth. The Detroit Pistons had just won the NBA Championship. You get my point? Long f*cking time ago and a lot has happened since then.

And throughout all that, Pacman Jones has remained. Yes, PACMAN JONES. The guy with a rap sheet so excessive that it would make Grey Hardy cringe has survived the NFL for over a decade. Just get a load of the guy’s Wikipedia rap sheet:

Yeah, so as you can see, the dude likes to f*ck around.

People thought that just because Pacman had started ‘behaving’ that he had also ‘changed.’ Oh, no no no.

Pacman’s still Pacman. Just take a look for yourself:

WATCH: Pacman Jones Arrest Video, Curses At Police Officer WATCH: Pacman Jones Arrest Video, Curses At Police OfficerVideo of the Pacman Jones arrest has hit the web, and it features everyone’s leastCLICK HERE TO READ MORE →

Zoe Saldana in Ulyana Sergeenko at UK ‘Guardians’ premiere: fug or fab?

The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo

Go ahead and yell at me, but I’ve never “gotten” Zoe Saldana’s style. I understand that she enjoys bizarre, intricate, overworked gowns and dresses. I understand that she uses big statement “looks” to stand out on a red carpet, and hey, it totally works. We usually end up talking about her specifically because of the fug, overworked dresses she wears and yes, that’s free publicity for her films. But I have to wonder… isn’t there an easier way? Like, with her figure, with her coloring, and her face, it shouldn’t be this f–king hard to find some styles that are actually flattering and beautiful rather than these “stunt pieces.”

So, with that in mind, here are some photos of Zoe at the London premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She wore this Ulyana Sergeenko dress to the premiere which… is better than the orange barf she wore at the LA premiere. But that’s setting the bar pretty low. I don’t get the tiered ruffles on the hips. I don’t the “structure to nowhere” of the sleeves. I don’t get mixing chocolate brown silk with a black bustier. None of this makes any sense. Something nice: her hair and makeup look great.

The premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Arrivals

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals

I’m also including photos of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who wore a simple purple velvet slipdress which is one of the best things I’ve seen on her. This could have skewed way too ‘90s, but I think she looks great (plus I’m a ‘90s girl). I’m also including a shot of Karen Gillan, wearing a dress that would have been so much cuter without the asymmetrical mullet.

'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals

The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo

The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo

Photos courtesy of WENN.
'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' U.K. Premiere - Arrivals The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo The European Gala of 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' held at the Eventim Apollo The premiere of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Arrivals

Donald Trump won’t fire Sean Spicer because ‘that guy gets great ratings’

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Did you know that Sean Spicer is tiny? I never realized how short he is until this ^^ photo, where we get to see him standing next to Donald Trump. Trump is a tallish guy, well over 6 foot tall. And Spicer is what? Like, maybe 5’6”, if that? I’m surprised Trump doesn’t stand next to Spicer more often, just so Trump will get to look biglier. Anyway, for the past 100 Days of Bigly, everyone has been hating Sean Spicer. Spicer is the White House press secretary and he’s terrible at his job. He can’t speak, he can’t pronounce words, he lies constantly and he thinks German Jews who died in the Holocaust were not innocent. At all. For several weeks, people wondered who would be fired first, Steve Bannon or Sean Spicer. We’re still waiting on the Bannon firing, but Emperor Bigly wants us to know that he’ll never fire Spicey.

During a small working lunch at the White House last month, the question of job security in President Trump’s tumultuous White House came up, and one of the attendees wondered whether press secretary Sean Spicer might be the first to go.

The president’s response was swift and unequivocal. “I’m not firing Sean Spicer,” he said, according to someone familiar with the encounter. “That guy gets great ratings. Everyone tunes in.”

Trump even likened Spicer’s daily news briefings to a daytime soap opera, noting proudly that his press secretary attracted nearly as many viewers.

[From WaPo]

The same article also notes that Bigly’s staffers and now foreign diplomats have figured out the way to speak La Lingua de Bigly, which is… appear on one of his favorite cable news shows or just watch his favorite cable news shows. If a White House staffer wants a heads-up on the fires they’ll be putting out throughout the day, the staffer just has to watch Fox & Friends and wait for Bigly’s tweets about it. If a diplomat or staffer wants to reach Bigly with a nuanced argument about anything, they’ve figured out that the best way to reach him is through a television interview. WaPo also says that Bigly basically watches cable news all day, from first thing in the morning until late at night. He really is Peak Fox News Viewer, isn’t he?

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The Voice Recap: The Beginning of the End

The final 12 are set for Season 12 of The Voice and for the first time this spring, it's out of the coaches' hands and solely in America's.

Following The Voice results of last Tuesday night, just three singers are left from Teams Alicia, Blake, Adam and Gwen.

The Voice Season 12 Cast

It's time to face the music and recap the best and worst of the night on this NBC ratings juggernaut. 

Jesse Larson

Larson went with "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan. As has been the case several times this season, Jessa is a good singer who reacts well to the feedback the coaches give him. 

That's always a good thing, and his latest performances showed just how far he has come from the person we met a few weeks ago at the blind auditions. 

There were some points he struggled, but it was a solid performance. 

The Voice Cast Season 12 Pic

Mark Isaiah

Mark is one of those contestants that will always be flirting with the bottom spot. He's just not a very good performer and sounds like a mash-up of some of the most popular pop artists of today. 

There's nothing new in his voice, and that's part of the reason why his performance of "One Dance" by Drake fell flat. The bottom two is calling his name. 

Stephanie Rice

Stephanie Rice is a solid performer, and her rendition of "White Flag" by Dido continued to prove that. She effortlessly hit all of the notes, but it would have been more engaging if she changed some of it. 

It was pretty much the same way Dido performed it all those years ago. Still, it was a cut above most of the other performances of the night. 

Troy Ramey

Troy went with "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty. Here's the thing: Troy is very inconsistent, and that's not what he should be like at this stage of the competition. 

He should be throwing it out of the park every single performance. This week was one of his bad weeks. He did improve as the performance went on, but still, he's not cutting it. 

Blake Shelton is Ready for Battle

Aliyah Moulden

Aliyah went with "Heat Wave" by Martha and the Vandellas. She went for a high-tempo sound tonight, and it worked wonders for her voice. Seriously, it was that good. 

If she winds up in the bottom two, there will be hell to pay.

Chris Blue

Chris Blue continued to delight in his latest performance. His performance of "Love and Happiness" was solid. He's one of those contestants who is different enough from the other contestants. 

That will likely keep him in the game for longer. 

Lauren Duski

Lauren continued to show off her country prowess, singing "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good" by Don Williams. The harmonies in the vocals were solid. 

She's a very likable person, and viewers will surely pick up on that. 

Gwen Stefani Smiles on The Voice Season 13

Lilli Passero

"Man I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain was a horrible song choice, and just downright dreadful. Lilli deserved better, but it's probably going to be too late for her. 

Brennley Brown

Brennley's vocals have always been strong, so it made sense that she would go with "Long, Long Time" by Linda Ronstadt. It was impressive, breathtaking and solid. 

Brennley is one of the most likely candidates to make it to the end. 


The performance tonight from TSOUL was on point. "Always On My Mind" by Willie Nelson is a cheesy song, but TSOUL made it into something much better. 

Whether that means his previous dud performances are in the past, we have no idea. 

Alicia Keys on The Voice Season 12

Hunter Plake

Hunter went with "Somebody That I Used to Know" by Gotye and it was awesome. He managed to dance and sing in thrilling fashion. While other contestants just stand there, Hunter really went one step further. 

Vanessa Ferguson

"A Song for You" by Donny Hathaway was not the right song for Vanessa, and it showed. It was tedious, and all over the place. She tried her best, but it was poor all round. 

What did you think of the performances? Sound off below!

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Dog Impersonates Baby, Insists on ALL the Attention

It can be a major adjustment to welcome a newborn baby into a household.

Other kids must prepare to receive less attention for a period of time. Parents must say goodbye to the concept of sleep for many months,

Even pieces of furniture have to take a deep breath and get ready to get peed on (at best).

But what about the life of pets? How are they affected by the presence of a tiny human being in their home?

It can be quite scary and concerning for a dog to no longer be the most adorable creature in the eyes of his owners, but the canine featured in the following video is NOT about to let that be the case.

He's on a mission.

He's intent on remaining Option Number-One when it comes to attention from his family.

In one of the funniest pieces of footage we've seen in awhile, a grandmother is sitting between her actual grandchild and her four-legged grandchild.

She really wants to pick the baby up, but the dog won't let her.

He's on his back. He's using his paws to grab her arm. He's basically doing his best impression of a very young child in order to garner the belly rubs he so rightfully deserves.

And we can't stop laughing as he goes through these adorable motions.


Dog refuses to let grandma hold newborn insists hes the baby

Serena Williams is not here for Ilie Nastase’s racist, sexist douchebaggery

Serena Williams Gets Interviewed On An Italian Show In Milan

I mentioned this in a few posts about Serena Williams, but it’s worth compiling altogether. Ilie Nastase is retired Romanian tennis player, former world #1 and a tennis Hall-of-Famer. He’s 70 years old. This year, he became the captain of the Romanian Fed Cup team, meaning he’s coaching the Romanian ladies throughout the year (and Team Romanian won their semifinal this weekend). A few months ago, during the Fed Cup quarterfinals, Nastase was asked about Russian athletes and their doping issues. This was his response:

“Russia’s image when it comes to sport suffered a lot because of doping, but it’s pretty clear in Serena’s case as well. Don’t you see how she looks like? No one controls the Americans when it comes to doping. If the truth came to light, all big tournaments would disappear, all sponsors would leave. You can’t even imagine.”

[Via UBI Tennis]

Then, during the SF over the weekend, Captain Nastase and the Romanian team were doing press together with the international media. Simona Halep was asked about Serena’s pregnancy and her 23rd grand slam, and Nastase said to Halep (in Romanian): “Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?” Because no one in tennis ever gets tired of making comments about Serena’s race, you guys. Did you know Serena Williams is black? Isn’t that something?

Anyway, that was going to be the big story, until Nastase outdid himself in the 24 hours that followed. First, he berated a British journalist for (accurately) reporting his racist comments. Then during the rubber between British player Johanna Konta and Romanian Sorana Cirstea, Nastase got into a heated exchange with the umpire, who was trying to coax the Romanian crowd to stop heckling the British players. Nastase ended up erupting at the umpire and referring to Konta and the British captain as “f–king bitches.” Nastase was thrown off the court and Konta left the court sobbing, and later returned and won the match, although Team Britain did end up losing the SF on the second day.

The ITF is investigating Nastase now… but the investigation is mostly about his comments about Serena. I think the investigation into those comments should happen, for sure, but he should also be investigated for his treatment of the British team. Throughout it all, Serena Williams has said nothing about Nastase. Until now! She posted this message to her Instagram:

It disappoints me to know we live in a society where people like Ilie Nastase can make such racist comments towards myself and unborn child, and sexist comments against my peers. I have said it once and I’ll say it again, this world has come so far but yet we have so much further to go. Yes, we have broken down so many barriers—however there are a plethora more to go. This or anything else will not stop me from pouring love, light and positivity into everything that I do. I will continue to take a lead and stand for what’s right.

I am not afraid unlike you. You see, I am no coward. “Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? You may shoot me with your words… you may try to kill me with your hatefulness but still, like the air, I rise”

I humbly thank the ITF for any consideration given to all the facts in this case. They will have my full support.

[From Serena’s Instagram]

I honestly wonder if she would have said anything if Nastase was merely coming after her and no one else. I feel like Serena was equally offended by how Nastase treated Jo Konta too, you know? But yes, Serena just put all the haters on notice. Don’t f–king talk about her baby. Don’t call women “f–king bitches.” Don’t act like an irrelevant, racist old dirtbag.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and Getty.
Serena Williams Gets Interviewed On An Italian Show In Milan Serena Williams Gets Interviewed On An Italian Show In Milan

Did Ryan Murphy take too much creative license for the ‘Feud’ finale?

Embed from Getty Images

Warning: this post contains spoilers for the season finale of Feud

I’m still waiting for the grief counselor to show up at my house to help me get past the fact that the first season of Feud is over. Ryan Murphy really struck gold, in my opinion, with his interpretation of the events that occurred during the filming of 1962′s Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and the relationship between stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford following the cult classic.

The season finale, entitled You Mean All This Time We Could Have Been Friends?, dealt primarily with the last days of Joan Crawford. The actress, desperate for work, took on a role as an anthropologist in the 1970 B-movie howler, Trog. Joan suffered the indignity of having to change costumes in a van and share the makeup area with a guy in a bad bigfoot costume. Post-Trog, Joan wrote a lifestyle book, My Way of Life, which offered helpful tips including telling ladies to sit in hard chairs because soft chairs make the hips spread. (I am taking that one to heart.) Seeing photos of herself in the newspaper that she felt were unflattering (most likely from the 1974 party she threw for friend and fellow actress Rosalind Russell), she left the limelight. She laid low until her death from cancer on May 10, 1977. Upon hearing the news of Joan’s death, Bette notoriously said, “You should never say bad things about the dead, only good…Joan Crawford is dead. Good.”

Bette was also having trouble landing parts in Hollywood. She shot eight unsuccessful television pilots and even allowed herself to be the subject of a Dean Martin Roast. She and daughter B.D. Hyman had a falling out over Bette’s care of her grandkids and B.D. forbade her from taking them into her home again. Of course, B.D. went on to write a scathing book about her mother, My Mother’s Keeper – just in case you didn’t think Joan was the only one whose was immortalized in a nasty tell-all.

The pivotal and most talked-about scene in the finale was a laughter-filled get-together between Joan, Hedda Hopper (played by the wonderful Judy Davis), Jack Warner (played by the equally wonderful Stanley Tucci) and Bette. When left alone for a moment, Joan tells Bette she wishes she had been more generous to her and Bette wishes she had been a friend to Joan. Unfortunately, that conversation never occurred, it was Joan’s illness-induced hallucination. When asked about the scene, show creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that he learned that prior to her death, Joan was “having hallucinations where she was having imaginary conversations with people. So when we found that out, we were like, ‘Well wouldn’t it be great if she hallucinated….’” He went on to explain:

So we thought we know that Joan was talking to people in her mind, and what if one of those people was Bette. I wanted to give the audience something that Joan and Bette actually did not have: a sense of closure. They talked about it individually, like “Oh I wish I would have handled it better.” But I thought what if they said that to each other’s face? Obviously that conversation never happened, but it could have happened in Crawford’s imagination. Also, it was inspired in part by the fact that Bette Davis said she had regrets. So I felt like I wasn’t putting words in her mouth. So that’s how that very long, great scene happened. It was based on the Crawford death research and what Bette Davis told me.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

As for the significance of the title of the episode, Ryan told Variety, “I have always had a wistful dream that Bette and Joan could have watched this [show] together. I think that my favorite line from What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is at the end of the film, when Jane tells Blanche, just as she is dying, ‘You mean all this time, we could have been friends?’ To me, that’s what the whole show is about.” And, when asked what he wanted the audience to take away from the series, Ryan said:

When I started it, for me, I was really interested in telling a story of women working against the system in Hollywood and shining a spotlight on sexism and misogyny and gender wage differences. But I think at the end of the day, the thing that I was so moved by was a personal one. I got into Bette Davis because of my grandmother. Bette Davis reminded me of my grandmother. That’s how I discovered her and started to write to her. At the end, Allison Wright’s character says, “Is your grandmother still alive?” and the interviewer says, “Yes.” And she says, “Call her.” I feel like for me, the whole show was a tribute to my grandmother and the difficulty of her aging as it is for any older person. So I feel like it was some weird tribute to my grandmother I didn’t know I was making until I was watching it. It was about my feelings about her, about how hard it is to grow old in our society and how hard it is particularly to be a woman growing old. You kind of become invisible, not just to society but sometimes your family. So I think that’s what it became.

[From Entertainment Weekly]

I am going to miss this show so much. I think Ryan’s creative touches made the show even more compelling. It leaves you with a lot to think about – how Hollywood (and society in general) perceives aging, it shows that fame and fortune doesn’t always buy happiness (Jessica Lange was tearing my heart out this episode. I have always been #TeamBette, but I really felt for Joan as the series went on). I’m not sure how Ryan can top this one, but he’s telling the Prince Charles and Princess Diana story for season two – which could prove interesting as well. I am curious to see how the Emmys are going to turn out this year. There are so many strong performances here. I think Jessica Lange is a shoo-in for a nomination and, if there’s an “Emmy God”, Jackie Hoffman should be getting a nod as well. With all of his upcoming projects, I’m sure no one is going to be asking “Whatever happened to Ryan Murphy?” anytime soon.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Feud: Bette and Joan FYC Event

Feud: Bette and Joan FYC Event 'Feud' Premieres In Hollywood Catherine Zeta-Jones at The Premiere Of FX Network's

Photos: Getty Images, WENN.com, Fame Flynet

Miranda Kerr

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Alexandra Daddario: ‘I’m getting my revenge by being a Baywatch babe’


Actress Alexandra Daddario may not quite be a household name but she has been steadily working since her breakout role as Laurie on All My Children. She is also my new Spirit Guide for her comments at Saturday’s SlowMo Marathon in LA, held as promotion for the movie Baywatch. For anyone who doesn’t know, Baywatch is based off the TV series by the same name, which revolved around a group of beach lifeguards. The series was widely popular and led to cultural phenomenons like a resurgence in the US of David Hasselhoff’s career and the Baywatch Babe. No amount of attention to detail or story-telling complexity could distract viewers from the fact that beautiful people were running in slow motion in swimsuits. There was a time that merely being hired to appear in one of the iconic red suits automatically elevated an actor/actress to the status of sex symbol. Alexandra knows this and is rubbing it in the faces of all those who wouldn’t give her the time of day back in high school.

In the dating world, it doesn’t get much better than being a Baywatch babe. At least that’s the case for Alexandra Daddario, one of the female stars of the much-buzzed-about big screen reboot of the popular TV series.

“It feels really surreal — as a teenager I could never really get guys and I was pretty nerdy,” Daddario told PEOPLE at the Slowmo Marathon in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday morning. “Now I feel like I’m getting my revenge by being a Baywatch babe. I’m like, ‘You could have had this and now look at me.’ ”

The star, who admits that she’s dating right now, also revealed what she was looking for in a partner: “It’s hard. I just want to date someone nice. Like everyone else, I want to be happy so that’s what I’m looking for.”

[From People]

Although I generally consider myself a peaceful person, I adore a good revenge story. Like I’ve read The Count of Monte Cristo repeatedly – and it keeps getting better with each read. That’s why Alexandra is my new Spirit Guide. You aren’t supposed to say this out loud, right? You can think it, but society says we have to keep these thoughts locked up in the name of propriety. Not Alexandra: screw you, high school jerks – how do you like me now? Think of how many films deal with the awkward/clumsy nerd transformed into a hottie trope – we eat that stuff up. And Alexandra is living it out loud. I believe her when she says she just wants “to date someone nice,” but I also believe that the descriptor “white-hot” must be hovering somewhere behind those words.

The SlowMo Marathon asked participants to run, in Baywatch slow motion, for 1,000 feet. They were judged on style, hairdo and outfit. Along with Alexandra, fellow Baywatchers Zac Efron, Ilfenesh Hadera and Kelly Rohrbach were on hand to weigh in on the competition. Original TV series stars Erika Eleniak, Nancy Valen, Donna D’Errico and Kelly Packard were also there. See, now promotion like this and the fact that the film cannot take itself seriously tells me I’m going to enjoy it. Okay, that and because Alexandra said, “You’ll be seeing probably more penises than you will boobs.” The film comes out May 25th.

Impressive moves! #SlowMochallenge pic.twitter.com/ZqvfSt7sB4

— Leslie WimmerOsborne (@lwimmer2u) April 22, 2017


Embed from Getty Images


Photo credit: WENN and Getty Images

Lily Mo Sheen (Kate Beckinsale’s 18 year old daughter) is adorable

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Kim Kardashian Chronicles WILD and CRAZY Birthday Bash

KourtneyKardashianturned 38 years old on April 18.

She celebrated the occasion with a trip to Mexico that included her sister, her friends... and a plethora of sex toys?

Yes, according to KimKardashian, who documented many details from the wild and crazy adventure on Twitter.

Scroll down for a look at what transpired and join us in wondering: How will the gals trop this party next year?!?

1. Let's Break It All Down Lets break it all down We don't know what got into Kim (a lot of alcohol?), but she went on a very revealing Tweet storm while the shindig was taking place. 2. EWWW! Ewww At 38 years old, however, way to commit to the party, Kourt! 3. Don't Try Twerking at Home Dont try twerking at home Or on vacation, either, apparently. 4. We Hope Steph Won We hope steph won It would be embarrassing to lose to someone who had just blacked out. 5. But Did Anyone Miss Her? But did anyone miss her Sorry, but we have to ask. 6. Drunk Kim is a Litigious Kim Drunk kim is a litigious kim Who knew?!? View Slideshow

Unsurprisingly, Obama Opened His First Post-Presidency Event With A Classic Dad Joke

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Just look at this cocky motherf*cker above you. That’s one smug guy. I’m a fan of Obama, and even I’ll admit he’s got a real shit-eating grin going on here.  This looks like a guy who knows that he’s not only sitting on tens of millions of dollars from his book deal, but of the glorious cushion that is 20/20 hindsight.

We’ve all seen the memes — where America is a lonely ex-girlfriend of Obama’s. And it looks like he’s seen them, too, cause this also looks like the face of the man who knows he won a break.

But why’s Obama so smug? I call it the Russell Westbrook scenario.

When KD left the Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder for the greener pastures of Golden State, I said that it’s the greatest thing that could have ever happened to Russell Westbrook. Not the Thunder, but Westbrook himself.

KD’s exit, and the way he did so, left such a bad taste in the mouths of basketball fans that it didn’t matter what Westbrook did from that point forward — he was always going to be the hero. He may be ill-tempered, take ill-advised shots, be a control-freak, yada yada yada, but he’ll never be like KD — the guy who quit, the guy who left — and that’s the best thing he’s going for him.

Obama is in a similar situation. We’re not even half a year into Trump’s presidency and people on both sides of the isle are already up and arms. So you know that at his first post-presidency appearance, he’s gonna be looking cocky as hell and drop a wildly corny Dad joke.

Obama: "So, uh, what’s been going on while I’ve been gone?" pic.twitter.com/Esac4fD5mP

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) April 24, 2017

Here’s the rest of Obama’s appearance:

Obama: The single most important thing I can do is prepare next generation to take their crack at changing the world https://t.co/TEcIgsbkXW

— CNN (@CNN) April 24, 2017

Jennifer Lopez on A-Rod: ‘Mama don’t sleep over on the first date’

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez At Miami Airport

Here are some photos of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez out and about over the past week. I get the feeling that most of you are already over this couple, but I still find them interesting/intriguing, in that I think they’re going to get married and I want to figure out if they’re actually sort of terribly perfect for each other. I think Ellen DeGeneres wants to figure out the same thing. J.Lo appeared on The Ellen Show on Monday and they basically acted like two middle school girls gossiping about the new boyfriend. Stick around for the surprise at the end of the video:

Ellen asks how they got together and Jennifer tells an incomplete story, which is basically that they sort of knew each other already and were somewhat social friends – meaning he already had her phone number – and they happened to be at the same restaurant at some point in the past six months. Jennifer says that she saw A-Rod walk by her in the restaurant and: “I saw him walk by and then afterwards I went outside, but for some reason I just felt like tapping him on the shoulder and saying hi. And I said, ‘Hi, Alex,’ and he was like, ‘Hi, Jennifer,’ … and then that was it.” They chatted for a few minutes and Alex said they should “hang out” and “I said, “Well, you can find me. You have my number.” And he texted her and asked her out to dinner.

Hilariously, Ellen asked about the date-meal and whether the first date ended in a sleepover and Jennifer replied, “Mama don’t sleep over on the first date.” Which is an interesting rule, I guess. I mean, I think most women don’t sleep over on the first date and Jennifer should do whatever she feels is right, I’m judging the no-sex-on-the-first-date rule. But I wonder if Jennifer is more “old fashioned” than her public persona would have us believe.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Hit The Gym

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.
Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Hit The Gym Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez At Miami Airport Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez At Miami Airport Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez At Miami Airport Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez At Miami Airport Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Hit The Gym

Snapchat Murder Case At Standstill: No Arrests As Cops Fight To ‘Find Who Did This’


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend treat date night like prom night

Embed from Getty Images

In a day and age where I (for one) suspect chivalry could be taking its last breath, along comes John Legend to prove me wrong. On Sunday night, John and wife Chrissy Teigen hit a party in New York. The 31-year-old model wore a mini-dress and didn’t seem to plan well for a slightly chilly Big Apple evening. John, ever the gentleman, took off his jacket and gave it to his wife to keep her warm. Aww.

Before the evening’s festivities, John presented his wife of four years with a wrist corsage and the couple posed for photos reminiscent of prom pictures. Chrissy shared the whole thing on Snapchat, because of course she did.

A post shared by Chrissy Teigen Snapchat (@chrissyteigensnapchat) on Apr 24, 2017 at 2:55pm PDT

Also on Sunday night, Chrissy showed us all the dark side of prom night, if you will. The social media over-sharer took to Snapchat to document “The Great Hair Extension Battle of 2017.” Apparently, Chrissy had difficulty removing her clip-on hair extensions and enlisted an assistant to help her try to remove them. The model was clad in a white leotard as she squiggled around, making the task at hand quite the challenge for her poor assistant. At one point, she announced, “Now hiring: new assistants to take my hair out cause this one sucks.”

A post shared by Chrissy Teigen Snapchat (@chrissyteigensnapchat) on Apr 23, 2017 at 3:17pm PDT

Fortunately, the extensions were removed and life went on. I’m not sure if Chrissy was drunk, but she sure seemed like it. I know some people think it’s cute when girls are drunk, and Chrissy likes the hooch, obviously. But, I can speak from experience and say that it’s really not cute. I’m kind of tired of seeing her drunken shares. And, I don’t have kids, but is she really setting a good example for Luna here? But, having said that, I can only say Thank God that the internet wasn’t around when I was young. Who knows, a clip of myself setting my acrylic nail on fire while attempting to light a cigarette after my prom (true story) would have gone viral.

Embed from Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Launch in NYC

Chrissy Teigen poses with a fan as she departs LAX airport in Los Angeles

Chrissy Teigen, John Legend at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Launch in NYC Chrissy Teigen poses with a fan as she departs LAX airport in Los Angeles John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Out For Walk In Manhattan Chrissy Teigen arrives at LAX Film Premiere Beauty and The Beast Film Premiere Beauty and The Beast Film Premiere Beauty and The Beast

Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News, Fame Flynet, WENN.com

They’re Friends?! 20 Celebrity Pals That Might Surprise You

There are tons of famous friendships that we all know about, from Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, but you might be surprised at some of these little-known celebrity duos. Scroll through to see the high-profile pals that might make you scratch your head. And if you want to see more surprising relationships, check out stars that you didn't know were twins and the celebrities that are godparents for their famous friends.

Bob Saget’s Big As A House — Friends Fear ‘Fuller House’ Star ‘Is Killing Himself’

bob saget weight gain

Beloved Full House funnyman Bob Saget has packed on so much extra weight, friends and medical experts fear he’s killing himself.

The formerly slender star, who is starring in Netflix’s reboot Fuller House, has piled on the flab, and insiders say he’s topping the scales at 267 pounds!

That’s a serious 77-pound weight gain for the once-scrawny sitcom dad, who is 6-foot-4!

PHOTOS: Everywhere You Look… It’s A Scandal! Bob Saget Reveals The 20 Biggest ‘Full House’ Secrets In New Tell-All

“Bob’s really ballooned,” says an astonished pal, who notes Bob, now 60, was heavy as a kid.

Nutrition expert Dr. Stuart Fischer, author of The Park Avenue Diet, warns the excess weight could be killing the funnyman.

“Bob Saget is unrecognizable in his current unhealthy state,” says Dr. Fischer, who has not treated Bob. “The illnesses due to obesity are no joke, so it’s time to tighten the belt.”

PHOTOS: Husband Stealer? Ashley Olsen Takes A Dip With Mary-Kate’s Man!

In a 1990 interview, Bob said he was “a cocky, overweight 22-year-old.”

He continued, “Then I had a gangrenous appendix taken out, almost died, and I got over being cocky or overweight.”

The divorced dad of three grown daughters has let himself go in the past.

PHOTOS: 21 Years Apart! John Stamos Takes Much Younger Girlfriend Out On The Town

Radar showed the dirty-mouthed comic in 2005 with a full set of man boobs and a roly-poly gut!

Bob, who was hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos at the time, was snapped showing off his unsightly belly rolls while sporting granny glasses on a Hawaiian beach.

The insider admits, “Bob’s weight has yo-yo’ed in the past. But as his age heads north of 60 now it gets harder and harder for the man best known as genial dad Danny Tanner to keep the pounds off.”

The source also jokes, “And it doesn’t help for him to stand, or even sit, next to his ‘Fuller House’ cast mate John Stamos, who’s always remained fit as a fiddle!”

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7 Hollywood Stars Who Were Teen Moms


Watch: Sociopathic Interrogation Behavior Of Travis Alexander’s Killer Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias Murder Travis Alexander Sociopath Behavior Video

The Jodi Arias murder case was one of the most bizarre of all time. And on this week’s explosive episode of Reelz’s series National Enquirer Investigates  viewers will see Arias’ sociopathic behavior as she’s being interrogated by police.

Arias was convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, salesman Travis Alexander, in 2013. Alexander sustained gruesome multiple knife wounds and a gunshot to the head.

And a big part of the case against his former galpal Arias was the odd things she did in the interrogation room.

As the Reelz show reveals, Arias sounded sincere in front of the detectives–but when they left the room, things got weird.

PHOTOS: See 25 Photos Of Evidence That Got Jodi Arias Convicted Of Murder

Arias started singing, as Radar’s exclusive clip shows. Then she was smiling and laughing.

“What the camera captured was absolutely disturbing,” Melissa Cronin, Senior Editor for The National Enquirer, told the cameras.

And legal analyst Beth Karas said, “She just seemed so relaxed.”

Dylan Howard, Editor in Chief of The National Enquirer, noted, “It was the complete opposite to her ‘poor me’ image that she was trying to portray.”

PHOTOS: Jodi Arias’ Sexts Exposed! Prosecutor Reveals Filthy, Freaky Messages The Murdering Seductress Sent Her Ex

As Radar has reported, Arias claimed later that she had killed Alexander,  30, in self-defense.

But in this early video before she was even charged, Arias did a handstand in the interrogation room.

“It was the behavior of a psychopath,” said Howard.

After observing Arias’ moments, which didn’t seem right for a young woman being questioned about her ex-boyfriend’s death, investigators booked her on murder charges.

PHOTOS: Creepy! Jodi Arias Pictured With Finger Gun Pointed At Travis Alexander’s Head – See The Shocking Photo & More

But the strangeness didn’t stop there as Arias was then most concerned about her mug shot!

Howard said, “She insisted that she do her makeup” for the photo.

Karas said, “It’s one of the prettiest mug shots there is, head cocked with a little smile.”

As Howard explained on National Enquirer Investigates, “The police were dealing with a narcissist, someone with sociopathic behaviors.”

PHOTOS: 25 Shocking Evidence Photos That Helped Get Jodi Arias Convicted Of Murdering Travis Alexander

The Reelz show will also explore new evidence on the case, as alleged information has come to light about how a detective hid key evidence that Alexander supposedly liked child porn. Enquirer investigators tell Reelz if that information could eventually set Arias, now 37, free.

For more, tune in to National Enquirer Investigates: Jodi Arias, Saturday, 10ET / 9PT.

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‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus: My Baby Daddy Is A Violent Druggie

Briana DeJesus will have no problem bringing drama to Teen Mom 2 when she makes her debut!

RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal Briana and her mother Roxanne DeJesus filed a request for a protection order against baby daddy Devoin Austin!

In court papers obtained from Orange County Court in Florida, Briana and Roxanne filed a request for a domestic violence protection order against Austin on December 27, 2011.


“[Austin] previously threatened, harassed, stalked or physically abused the petitioner,” the court papers alleged. “[Austin] attempted to harm the petitioner or family members or individuals closely associated with the petitioner. [Austin] threatened to conceal, kidnap or harm the petitioner’s child or children.”

They also claimed Devoin has a “drug” and “alcohol” problem.

In a description of Devoin’s acts of violence, the women claimed he caused a “big scene” at the hospital when daughter Nova was born in 2011, forcing Briana to switch rooms and have security guard outside her door.

“Devoin Austin and his sister came to my house after I told him to please not come and they started banging on my door at 10:30pm and made nasty threats,” Roxanne alleged. “I had to call the police.”

When the exes were on better terms a month later, he invited Briana and Nova to his mother’s home. But Roxanne claims he “tricked” her and brought her to his father’s house instead, refusing to drive her back home.

PHOTOS: ‘Most Horrible Mother Ever’? Teen Mom Jenelle Lashes Out

“She saw a big marijuana plant in the middle of the living room,” Roxanne claimed. She also alleged, “Devoin’s father started to text myself and Briana saying things such as the big bad wolf is here and that she has to deal with him.”

She claimed that Devoin would post photos of drugs of social media that were seen at his father’s house during the visit.

“I’m afraid for Briana and Nova,” Roxanne wrote. She also claimed that he “texted me threatening to take the baby.”

In the request, the former Teen Mom 3 stars asked that Devoin have no visitation with Nova and be referred to a domestic violence center.

PHOTOS: Popping Pills! Secret Reason Behind Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Shocking Slimdown Revealed

Their request for a domestic violence protection order was denied because of insufficient evidence.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup was the first to report that Briana will join the Teen Mom 2 cast.

Cast members Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer aren’t happy about the new addition.

“If something isn’t broke, why fix it?” a source close to the cast told Radar. “The show is doing beyond well.”

PHOTOS: So Cruel! ‘Teen Mom’s Matt Baier SLAMS Fiancée Amber Portwood’s BFF Kailyn Lowry On Twitter

Another insider added, “It’s the most bizarre move MTV has ever made. They are jumping the shark!”

Stay with Radar for more on Briana’s bad boy baby daddy!

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Over Already! Baller Tristan Thompson ‘Ready To Run’ From Khloe K

Khloe Kardashian has been showering Tristan Thompson with gifts, birthday parties and public declarations of love, but sources tell RadarOnline.com that he’s “getting cold feet” and has told her he wants to slow things down.

“Tristan’s barely getting used to the idea of being a dad and here’s Khloe pushing him into a high-profile engagement,” explained one insider, adding the Cleveland Cavalier player “is ready to run because it’s too much too quickly.”

PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Caught Holding Hands In Miami

As Radar reported, Kardashian has been spending at least $50,000 a week on her basketball boyfriend, including for a huge bash when he turned26 in March.

“He was pissed that Khloe threw all that money on his birthday, just for bragging rights,” the insider told Radar. “His friends are calling her ‘Khloe Warbucks’ after the rich guy in Annie.”

Even Thompson’s loved ones want him to rethink his relationship with the 32-year-old reality star.

PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian Bares Her Butt On Steamy Mexico Trip With Tristan Thompson

“All his friends and family are begging him to get out of this situation before that family takes over his life,” said the insider.

“He really likes Khloe but not the package deal — and her pushiness with him is starting to scare him off.”

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Suicide Secret: ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee Confesses — I Tried To Kill Myself

Mackenzie McKee suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her third child – and her pain was so deep that she almost attempted suicide.

In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, the Teen Mom 3 star opens up about the darkest time in her life.

“My postpartum was so bad,” McKee, 22, told Radar. “I would fill up the bathtub and go under water. I would take anxiety meds and hope not to wake up.”

McKee explained how her husband Josh didn’t support her through her depression, as he even took their three children Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs from her for a short time.

PHOTOS: Betrayal! Nude Photos! Arrests & More: Teen Moms’ 20 Most Shocking Scandals

“I was in the bathtub and Josh took the kids,” she confessed. “I definitely needed him, but I was pushing him away. He would come home from work and I would be crying and I would threaten suicide. He couldn’t handle it.”

As Radar readers know, McKee was also going through a cheating scandal during her postpartum depression.

While the former MTV star admitted to texting another man, she claimed there was no “flirting or affair.”

PHOTOS; Secret Children, Rehab & Rape Claims: What To Expect On The New Season of ‘Teen Mom OG’

“He said, ‘I don’t love you, you’re crazy,’” she said of Josh. “I was suicidal. He said, ‘Go kill yourself, but don’t do it in front of me and the kids.’”

Although their relationship improved, her health continues to be a “mess” because of her Type 1 Diabetes and recent vasectomy.

“A diabetic is going to have bad days,” she said. “I got my tubes tied and my body is jacked up.”

While McKee’s Teen Mom 3 co-star Briana DeJesus was chosen to be on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2, McKee is focusing on her Body By Mac videos. She also hopes to pursue a career in motivational speaking.

Are you surprised by her confession? Tell us in the comments.

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What Gwen Doesn’t Know: Blake Shelton Is Hiding Shameful Family Secrets From Stefani

Blake Shelton‘s family tree is full of rotten apples — and their dark secrets could tear his relationship with Gwen Stefani apart! That’s the fear of sources close to the couple, after RadarOnline.com uncovered that the country superstar’s relatives have a sleazy past of DUI busts, infidelity, and even worse.

That’s the fear of sources close to the couple, after RadarOnline.com uncovered that the country superstar’s relatives have a sleazy past of DUI busts, infidelity, and even worse.

Shelton has already divorced first wife, Kaynette Gern (in 2006), and country star Miranda Lambert (in 2015). And his parents may have set a bad example when it comes to marriage.

In their divorce papers, Shelton’s father claimed Dorothy began “dating and spending all night on numerous occasions … living with at his place… a third party who is married!”

In addition, Radar has discovered exclusive documents that show that Shelton’s former stepbrother was allegedly busted for booze.

PHOTOS: Blake & Gwen Caught At Stefani’s Parents’ House On Christmas

Terrell Delozier — whose mom, Terrie, was married to Shelton’s dad until his death in 2012 — was arrested for DUI in 2003, when he wasn’t even 21.

Delozier got off with a six-month deferred sentence, but went on to be arrested twice in 2010 — on weapons and drug charges, along with public intoxication.

READ The Explosive Court Documents!

Last year, he was charged with attempting to elude police after he reportedly fled on foot when a witness described him as “messed up on something” while driving.

Do you think that Blake and Gwen will still make it despite his family’s dark past? Let us know in the comments!

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Kate Upton

Kate Upton submitted by /u/zelsmer [link] [comments]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Recap: Seeing Redd

On Monday's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 8, Tommie hosted a wine tasting event that caused absolutely no drama whatsoever.

Just seeing if you're paying attention, LOLs.

Watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6 Episode 8 Online

But seriously y'all. If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you don't even need to tell us that shade gets thrown at every turn.

That's why we watch, is it not people?!

If there wasn't a chance someone would get a drink tossed in their face, or security would have to break up a fight, would you tune in?

Exactly. It's LHHA's reason for being.

At the soiree, Tommie admitted that she was waiting for Karlie Redd to pull up to Yung Joc’s comedy show but was otherwise entertained.

By what, you ask? Scrappy’s hair.

Now, seeing Yung Joc flirt with Tommie Lee basically affirms his status as a male THOT in the eyes of Melissa (if that wasn't obvious).

Tommie Lee

Ever self-aware, Tommie can't help but be amused by the trouble she’s causing for Karlie Redd, who is slowly starting to lose her mind.

Karlie calls Lovely Mimi and Tommie “birds” for their actions, to which Tommie unabashedly and insincerely says sorry; Joc loves this.

The drama continued from there.

Jessica Dime observes that Karlie is so messy at this stage that you can’t even tell the girl any drama, because she beat you to it.

“She so messy you can’t even be messy with her!” Dime tells the camera, and well, what are you gonna do with someone like that?

There's always gonna be someone richer, smarter, or in this case, messier than you, and there's nothing to do but take your hat off to 'em.

Don't hate the player.

Karlie Redd Photograph

Dime tells Karlie about Tommie’s wine tasting event, comparing the beverages served to urine but in less flattering terms if that's possible.

We didn't imagine it would be any good, but that's harsh. Come on, you know they enjoyed drinking it no matter what they said after.

Of course, Karlie feels no one around her is loyal, because how else can you explain Jessica even attending that piece of s--t event.

Also, for such a messy person, she would expect that Jessica would not sit on that kind of tea for that long, so she is doubly pissed.

And so it goes in the ATL.

Sometimes, you get messy and things happen that you don't expect. As the old saying goes, you play in the dirt, you get dirty.

View Slideshow: 15 AMAZING Moments from Love & Hip Hop

Emma Roberts

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Justin Bieber: Look at Me! I’ve Come So Far!

Justin Bieber may still be nailing models and screaming at fans, but the artist has not been arrested for drunk driving in, like, three years.

As a result, Bieber jumped on Instagram this week in order to congratulate himself for being a changed young man.

In his very proud post, the 24-year-old reflected on his troubled past and said he’s looking forward to a bright and prosperous future.

Justin Bieber Runs Hand Through Hair

Sharing his mug shot from that 2014 arrest, Bieber wrote the following as a caption on Monday:


Bieber did not face any jail time for allegedly street racing in Miami in January of 2014, while also reportedly having had too much to drink prior to getting behind the wheel.

He was taken into custody by police around 4 a.m. and proceeded to fail a field sobriety test at the time; hence the charges of DUI, driving with an expired license and resisting arrest.

Tests later proved that his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit, although he did test positive for Xanax and for marijuana.

Justin Bieber, Then and Now

Justin Bieber has received 2.3 million Likes and counting for these contrasting (and cute!) photos.

In August of that same year, the handsome Grammy winner avoided prison when he reached a plea deal with prosecutors.

He entered a plea of guilty to reduced charges of misdemeanor careless driving and resisting arrest.

Florida judge Bill Altfield told Bieber to undergo a 12-hour anger management course... complete a program in which he'd meet regular folks affected by drunk driving... and make a $50,000 charitable donation, along with the payment of a few fines.

"Here is someone who is young, 20 years of age, his whole life is ahead of him and he just hopefully will get the message," said the judge at the time of the hearing, adding:

"He will grow up, he will use all of his talents positively."

In 2015, Bieber released his fourth studio album, "Purpose," which went very platinum.

But has he really come as far as he'd like to think?

Justin Bieber is Soulful

We're glad Justin hasn't endangered any lives via drunk driving again, of course.

But he's blasted his own fans on numerous occasions, exhibiting a cocky attitude and even a penchant for a bit of violence.

Bieber has often been accused of threatening anyone who dares to take his picture and even, on occasion, of physically confronting those who disobey his orders.

Seriously, what other singer out there would say the following to his supporters?!?

Justin Bieber to Fans: You Make Me SICK!

Bieber made many negative headlines last fall for berating fans at concerts who dared to yell a lot when he wanted to hold a conversation with them in public.

After doing so one too many times and getting beat up in the press about it, Justin wrote a lengthy message on social media.

"I simply feel like, if I didn't use this platform to say how I truly feel, and if I didn't use this platform to be the man that I know I am, and speak from what's in my heart, then I'm doing myself injustice, and I'm not doing anybody in this audience any justice," Bieber wrote at the time.

There's going to be times where I say the wrong thing, because I'm human.

But I don't pretend to be perfect and I hope to God that, you know, I don't say the right thing all the time because if that was the case then I'd be a robot, and I'm just, I'm not a robot.

There's times when I get upset ... times when I get angry, there's times when I'm going to be myself on this stage.

When people try to twist things and say, 'Justin's angry at his fans. He doesn't want his fans to scream' that's not at all what I was doing.

All I was simply doing was wanting people to listen; to kind of hear me out a little bit. Certain people ... certain cities aren't going to want to hear me out, and you know, sometimes it's my job to just say, 'hey, I'm not going to try to force anything.'

I just appreciate you guys tonight, listening to me and understand, and rocking with me. You guys are truly amazing.

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Do YOU think Justin Bieber has really come very far since 2014?

Or is he the same douchebag as ever, just with fewer arrests to his name?

Teen Mom OG Recap: Hello World! Again!

This week on Teen Mom OG, the fab four continued to wrestle with myriad issues threatening to impact their already tumultuous lives.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you know that for Catelynn Lowell's husband Tyler Baltierra, his father's fate often hangs over his head. 

This week was no exception, that's for sure.

Watch Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 2 Online

On Teen Mom OG Season 4 Episode 2, after about 20 days in jail, Butch got sprung from the slammer and was a free man once again.

Tyler, dutiful son that he is, picked up his old man. 

Rather than taking him back to the new house he and Catelynn recently moved into, however, he did not allow Butch to move in there.

The troubled patriarch instead moved into the couple's old home, and in lieu of rent, will be fixing up some stuff that needs fixing there.

Butch's sobriety, as always, is a tenuous situation.

It's no surprise that Ty didn't seem optimistic, as he'd be foolish to watch the same thing happen over and over again and expect otherwise.

Poor kid. He and Cate have been through a lot.

Tyler Baltierra with Butch

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran ...

[We don't even know how to continue that sentence without audible sighs and shaking our heads, so just bear with us for a little bit.]

Okay, where were we. Yes, they appeared to be on good terms again, with Farrah's on-off-on-off-on-off-on-off BF training her employees.

At her furniture store, which is obviously a thing that she has. Farrah and Sophia were off playing with horses while this was happening.

Unfortunately, a fun mother-daughter day took a dramatic turn once Sophia started talking s--t about this new nanny Farrah just hired.

Soph doesn't care for “old” nannies apparently.

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham

For once, Farrah acted like the grown-up in the situation, putting her young daughter in her place and refusing to stand for “hate crimes.”

Yes, that terminology was used in this situation.

Just in case you thought Farrah could get through a whole episode without vintage Farrah weirdness, well, there was also this twist:

Abraham told Simon that - what do you know, can you imagine the odds - she suddenly found the engagement ring she bought herself.

As subtle hints go, this was an all-timer; Farrah clearly hoped he would grab the thing and propose, which he did not do, which infuriated her.

Farrah. We are at a loss for words as always.

In even more surprising news, Maci Bookout threw Bentley a birthday party and Ryan Edwards not only showed up, but on time. On time!

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer Pic

Obviously, his new girlfriend Mackenzie Standifer (pictured) can take a lot of credit for that, but give Ryan his due at least in part here.

He must have done something right in order to convince her he's worth her time, right? Or maybe he just grew up a bit, at long last?

One can only hope, for all of their sakes.

Speaking of amicable co-parenting, or attempts thereof, an Indiana foursome was trying to navigate that road as well, with good results.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier invited Gary Shirley and Kristina Anderson to join them on a haunted house trip with daughter Leah.

The only awkward part? Amber bought presents for Gary’s girlfriend’s daughter, who was in the hospital, and Leah said mom is “rich.” 

Is that true, though? Take a look below ...

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Bill O’Reilly Makes First Remarks After Being Let Go From Fox News

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Hollywood Reporter )

Bill O’Reilly has made his first remarks about the circumstances surrounding his exit from Fox News, saying ‘the truth will come out’.

O’Reilly’s new podcast, No Spin News, launched on Monday, April 24, with it’s first free episode (the podcast has a $4.95 subscription fee after that).

While speaking on the matter, O’Reilly said that he is “very confident the truth will come out” about his firing and that the public is “going to be shaken, as I am.”

via No Spin News:

“I don’t want the media to take what I say and misconstrue it. However you, as a loyal O’Reilly listener, have a right to know, I think, down the lane what exactly happened. And we are working in that direction, okay?”

“I was very surprised how it all turned out. I can’t say a lot because there’s much stuff going on right now.”

O’Reilly was bought out from Fox News after it was revealed that over the course of the years, it was revealed that five women were paid a collective $13 million for agreeing not to file lawsuits or speak publicly about allegations that Bill O’Reilly had sexually harassed them.

According to The New York Times report, the women who made the allegations against O’Reilly were either employed by him or appeared on his show. The complaints detail a wide range of inappropriate behavior, including verbal abuse, lewd comments, unwanted advances and phone calls in which it sounded as though O’Reilly was masturbating.

Tucker Carlson is slated to take over O’Reilly’s slot at 8 PM EST tonight on Fox News.

Bill O'Reilly Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Fox News Host Worth? Bill O'Reilly Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Fox News Host Worth?In early April of 2017, it was revealed that over the course of the years,CLICK HERE TO READ MORE →

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Flip or Flop: The Show Will Go On… and On!

Tarek and Christina El Moussa no longer share a bed, a bubble bath or a home address.

But the former husband and wife will continue to share the small screen together for the foreseeable future.

In a piece of news both surprising and sensible, it has been confirmed that HGTV has picked up Flip or Flop for many more episodes...

Christina and Tarek El Moussa Smiling

... despite the fact that the hosts at the center of the series are no longer married.

Actually, it may be because the hosts at the center of the series are no longer married.

“Tarek and I have been working together for a long time and we look forward to continuing to work together on Flip or Flop,” Christina told People Magazine of the news.

Adds Tarek: “

From the beginning, HGTV has shown Christina and me tremendous support and we are excited to go out there and flip many more houses for Flip or Flop.”

For those keeping score at home (for some reason), HGTV is extending Season 7 to a total of 20 episodes; the network it not filming a new eighth season of the program at this time.

Christina El Moussa Poses

Christina and Tarek separated about a year ago.

They kept said separation quite, however, while continuing to toil away at their home buying and renovation show, which was the second most-watched series on HGTV in 2016.

Finally, toward the end of the year, the estranged couple was forced to issue a statement that acknowledged their status after word leaked that they had gotten into a monumental argument back in May.

To conclude this fight, Tarek grabbed a gun and stormed off into the woods.

Christina responded by calling the police. who eventually tracked her husband down and were told he was simply blowing off some steam with a hike; he took the weapon with him for protection from animals.

Since then, Tarek has filed for divorce and the reality star have said all the right things.

They've both repeated many times that the plan is to co-parent six-year old daughter Taylor and one-year one sold Brayden and that nothing matters more than the well-being of these kids.

But tabloid cover stories such as the one below have hinted at serious trouble beneath the surface.

El Moussa Divorce Cover

Last we heard, Christina was angling for a new show without Tarek, as she's conducted numerous interviews since the split and shared a number of revealing photos on Instagram.

She's clearly been on a mission to make herself into a sympathetic figure/celebrity.

So... why would HGTV agree to more episodes of Flip or Flop with the El Moussas as host?

Because they're legitimate stars now. D-List stars at best, but still much bigger names than they were previously.

Ratings have only gone up ever since the break-up was announced, with viewers likely tuning in each week to study and debate every interaction.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa and Kids

Yes, sex sells. But so does a lack of sex between two people who used to have sex and the tension that comes along with it.

Tarek is currently residing in Newport Beach and told People in March that he’s “adjusting” to splitting custody of daughter Taylor and Brayden “pretty much 50-50” with Christina.

“We had a talk and said, ‘We still want the kids to understand we’re a unit - that we’re still a family even if we’re not together,’” he said this spring.

Insiders have been saying, meanwhile, that Tarek has been pushing for an extended working relationship with Christina, if not even a reconciliation on a romantic level.

Flip or Flop premiered in 2013.

At the outset, the couple made a reported $10,000 per episode. 

View Slideshow: HGTV Shows: RANKED!

Over the past seven seasons, the series has become one of the network’s most popular, recently spawning spinoffs featuring house flipping experts working in Las Vegas, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Nashville and Chicago.

“Tarek and Christina’s expertise and success flipping houses has made Flip or Flop an audience favorite on HGTV for many seasons,” says Allison Page, the general manager for U.S. programming and development for HGTV, Food Network and Travel Channel.

“The series is so successful because it shows how real estate and renovation savvy can lead to financial success.”

Following this new deal, Flip or Flop will run to the end of 2017.

Dancing With the Stars Results: The Most Shocking Elimination EVER?!

Dancing With the Stars' 2017 season is already coming down to the wire, with the margin of error narrowing with each passing week on ABC.

Heather Morris, Simone Biles and Rashad Jennings, Normani Kordei, David Ross, Bonner Bolton and Nancy Kerrigan have all hung tough.

Oh, and Nick Viall is still on the show.

Nancy Kerrigan and Artem Chigvintsev

Whose luck would finally run out Monday night, as the top eight dancers competed under the ever-changing format for a spot next week?

Incredibly, it was a dancer NO ONE saw coming.

On Monday night’s Boy Bands vs. Girls Groups-themed episode, the remaining contestants took the stage fighting for survival as always.

A bizarre format change and a dubious voting system ended up doing in one of the best dancers, though. Let's break down the scores:

Simone Biles with Sasha Farber - Samba - "Survivor" by Destiny's Childo

Score: 35/40

Bonner Bolton with Sharna Burgess - Rumba - "I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys

Score: 30/40 

Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess

Nancy Kerrigan with Artem Chigvintsev - Paso Doblé - "Free Your Mind" by En Vogue

Score: 33/40

Nick Viall with Peta Murgatroyd - Jive - "Fun, Fun, Fun" by The Beach Boys

Score: 28/40

Normani Kordei with Valentin Chmerkovskiy - Salsa - "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls

Score: 38/40

David Ross with Lindsay Arnold - Argentine Tango - "I Want You Back" by *NSYNC

Score: 29/40

Rashad Jennings with Emma Slater - Tango - "Reach Out, I'll Be There" by The Four Tops

Score: 37/40

Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater

Heather Morris with Maksim Chmerkovskiy - Rumba - "Waterfalls" by TLC

Score 40/40!

That's right, the first perfect score of the season! But before team dances ... it was announced which "team" would be safe next week.

One would think that because David, Nick and Bonner are all on the male team, then obviously, based on talent, they'd be in jeopardy.

One would be wrong, though.

The women, a group that includes Heather, Normani, Simone and Nancy, were in danger of elimination regardless of how they performed.

Those four went on to outscore the men, 34-33, in their respective team dances, but again, it doesn't matter at all, which is so ridiculous.

Heather Morris and Maksim Chmerkovskiy

So which one got eliminated? Remarkably, it came down to Nancy and Heather for elimination, and even more remarkable than that?

Heather Morris is OUT!

That's right. After Morris hit the dance floor with returning pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy for the first time since week one, she's done.

After he choreographed a rumba for the duo to the tunes of TLC’s “Waterfalls” that was lauded by audiences and judges alike, she's done.

After she earned a score that was literally perfect, which no other dancer had done this week or this entire season, she's done.

“Well, you hear the reaction. I’m shocked, audience not happy, how are you?” Erin Andrews asked Morris over the loud boos of wrath.

“I’m okay,” Morris said.

View Slideshow: 22 Things You Didn't Know About Dancing with the Stars

“It’s a hard competition and I’m really happy that I got to do exactly what I got to do. It was very, very fun,” she said, high road taken.

“I have to say, in 24 seasons, that was probably the most vocally unhappy reaction we’ve gotten about a result,” Tom Bergeron said.

That's saying something, as there have been more than a few Dancing With the Stars results shockers over that span. But he's not wrong.

Maks, like his partner, added, “I’m good, I’m good. I put in a lot of work to try and come back and give her the chance. I’m not saying anything."

Added Morris, whom he called an inspiration: “I really really want to say thank you to both of them because they were magical. It was fantastic.”

What a joke.

View Slideshow: Dancing with the Stars: All the Winners!

Ironically, some people were saying Dancing With the Stars is rigged FOR Morris because the actress she used to he a dancer by trade.

Instead, a truly absurd and unfair voting system and arbitrary decision to keep the men safe (?!) combined to doom Heather last night.

It's time for the show to rethink things. Yes, it's a popularity contest, and the best dancers don't always win, but this makes literally no sense.

Guess that Model . . . and the morning links

Olivia Culpo Street Clothes 17+ Confirmed: Amber Heard hooked a billionaire [The Superficial] + What can't Jaden Smith do!!!! [WWTDD] + More of J.Lo's ass in leggings [Drunken Stepfather] + Alyssa Arce's sweet underboob action [Linkiest] More... More

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Bella Thorne kissing

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Find Someone Who Looks at You the Way Jonah Hill Looks at Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill formed quite a special bond while filming 2013's The Wolf of Wall Street, and honestly, how could they not? When you spend your days pretending to do hardcore drugs and have orgies with women aboard airplanes, we imagine you become friends pretty quickly. During the film's press tour and that year's award season, we got to see Leo and Jonah's bond in real life. They hit red carpets together, shared a few cocktails, and made each other laugh while goofing off during fancy events. But that was just the beginning. Leo made a surprise appearance during Jonah's Saturday Night Live opening monologue in 2014 (they re-created that famous "Jack, I'm flying" scene from Titanic), and he pulled an epic prank on Jonah when he pretended to be an excited fan taking pictures on the streets of NYC in 2016. Leo is known for his large group of guy friends, or the "P*ssy Posse," but his bond with Jonah is definitely one of our favorites.

A Not-So-Brief History of All the Ladies Leonardo DiCaprio Has Dated

Here’s Reese Witherspoon Running Because She Has to Work ‘Twice as Hard’ as a Man

Technically, she gets seventy cents on the dollar, so she doesn’t really need to run twice as hard. Maybe 30% harder.

Anyone seen Big Little Lies? Good show, a definite must watch. Liane Moriarty wrote the book of the same name, but she hasn’t gotten to a sequel yet. Witherspoon and co-star Nicole Kidman executive produced the HBO series. Count Witherspoon interested in a second season.

“Yeah, Nicole and I just spoke about it three days ago,” Witherspoon told E! News about a second season. “We’re talking to Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, about how could these characters go on, what would happen? We definitely left it open-ended so there’s a possibility there.”

Did I mention Witherspoon executive produced? It was a hard battle to get to that position she says.

“I finally had my three hits,” she said, referring to her films “Gone Girl” and “Wild” and her HBO series “Big Little Lies.” “Finally, I feel like the story had changed. I am a producer.”

Look at me! I’m the producer now.

Witherspoon also talked about how women have to prove themselves way more than men. I feel like I’ve heard this before.

Women still have to prove themselves “twice as hard,” a process that can take “twice as long,” said Witherspoon. “A guy has one hit and it’s like, ‘Oh, he deserves an Oscar!'”

“A guy has a hit at Sundance and he gets Jurassic Park,” she added. “A woman has a hit at Sundance and she has to make six more movies.”

Well duh, that makes sense. Women don’t get the lead roles, only supporting roles, so naturally they have to do more movies to match the men. It’s simple math, so if you look at it that way, men and women really are equal in Hollywood.

Remembering Princess Diana’s Sweetest Mom Moments

In honor of the late Princess Diana, who was born on July 1, 1961, and who passed away in a tragic accident on Aug. 31, 1997, we're taking a look at some of the special moments she shared with Prince William and Prince Harry through the years. Just like the royal baby fever that surrounded Kate Middleton's pregnancies with Prince George and Princess Charlotte, there was plenty of buzz when Princess Diana was expecting.

The world watched as she raised Prince William and Prince Harry, and 19 years after her death, we're reliving the sweet moments that were caught on camera when she brought the boys to official events, toted them along on trips, and took them to school. From the princes' first pictures to their later years as young boys, take a look at Princess Diana's adorable public moments with her sons, then see some of Kate Middleton's best mom moments.

Prince William on Princess Diana: "I Still Miss My Mother Every Day"

La La Anthony Hits NYC Strip Club After Split from Carmelo (VIDEO)

La La Anthony didn't let her split from Carmelo Anthony keep her from spending her weekend in one of NYC's top strip clubs ... but this time, it was more business than pleasure. We've learned La La hit up Sapphire New York on Friday night --…

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Scott Baio Regrets Erin Moran Drug Comments, Didn’t Know She Died from Cancer

Scott Baiofeels terrible for ripping his co-star,Erin Moran, for her drug use and says he never would have done it if he'd known she was battling cancer. Scott tells TMZ he was wrong to insinuate Erin -- his "Happy Days" and "Joanie…

Eva Mendes

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Talib Kweli Says Trump’s Victory is America’s Payback for a ‘N**** President’ (VIDEO)

Talib Kwelithinks Donald Trump's rise to the White House was powered by America's desire for revenge after Barack Obamawas elected the first African-American president. Talib was brutally honest at LAX Monday ... about President Trump's…

Ellie Goulding Rides Ex-BF in Midair for ‘Magic Mike Live’ (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Ellie Goulding ran into her ex bf during his gig in "Magic Mike Live," and decided to take him for a ride ... suspended above the stage. Ellie was sitting front row Saturday at the new Las Vegas revue when her ex,Jackson Williams, pulled her…

Khloe Kardashian’s Body Being Robbed Blind by Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian wore lingerie out because why not. She must’ve been filming Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Here she is in all red with a red slip and red flowery dress over the top. Is this how fashion people describe clothes?

Her cleavage popped out and that’s good enough for me.

In other Khloe news, there are rumors that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson is bleeding her dry.

An insider tells Radar that the reality star “feels like she needs to drop big bucks” in order to keep the Cleveland Cavaliers star happy — which has led to her spending more than $50,000 a week on fancy jewelry, ritzy dinners and a bottomless supply of booze for him — and even for his friends!

Thompson found his sugar mommy. Ha ha. I love it. Let’s see how Khloe reacts when Thompson breaks up with her.

“If she keeps this up, she’ll go broke,” says the insider, who adds that Khloé also shells out for private jets when she flies to visit the Ohio-based athlete.“ Tristan makes way more than she does, but he never spends a dime. It’s completely lopsided.”

She needs to watch her money. Ratings for KUWTK keep dropping. Soon, that well will run dry. When that does, Thompson gonna hop off Khloe and leave her penniless. As much as these Kardashians suck, even I don’t wanna see that happen. :(

Youngest Latika in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ ‘Memba Her?!

Rubina Ali is best known for playing the youngest version of the street kid Latika -- opposite Ayush Mahesh Khedekar as the youngest Jamal -- in the 2008 film 'Slumdog Millionaire.' Guess what she looks like now!

Web Finds, 4.25.17

47 WTH photos [Radass] Adriana Lima‘s dress goes up to the cooch (Site NSFW) [IDLYITW] Christie Brinkley‘s grannie tits (Site NSFW) [Linkiest] Brooke Burke caught topless (Site NSFW) [TDM] Gigi Hadid‘s birthday cake [Celebitchy] Best video clips today [CavemanCircus]

Model at Midnight: Elisabeth van Tergouw

Elisabeth van Tergouw in her underwearDutch model Elisabeth van Tergouw … More

Christian Serratos

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‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Has a Trailer and Channing Tatum

Kingsman: The Secret Service was Matthew Vaughn’s surprise hit of 2015. At the time, trailers made it look awful, campy and forgettable but it was none of that. It ended up having all the elements of an action movie that studios were shying away from: Ultra-violence, fun stunts and it didn’t pretend to be anything more than it was.

Two years later, Vaughn is finally releasing his follow up, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Here’s the trailer complete with Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and, the man himself, Channing Tatum, who seems genetically engineered for this role. You want Channing Tatum as an action star? This is how you get Channing Tatum as an action star.

Elton John will also star in some capacity which sounds about right.

Selena Marie Gomez

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CJ Franco and Danielle Lombard are Models on a Yacht

CJ Franco, a model, and Danielle Lombard, from The Bachelor, were coaxed into a strange photoshoot with the triumvirate of Arsenic, Uniq Yacht and 138 Water. It’s like the 3 businesses with a pipeline of models banded together to form a fully erect Voltron. Good for them. Now, if you would just let me on board to congratulate them in pers… Oh… no? Alright.

The Rest of the Web, Monday, 4.24.17

Hot new beauty hack: Bounce your boyfriend’s balls on your face [TheBlemish] Alyssa Arce underboob [Linkiest] Rihanna offends Queen Elizabeth [IDLYITW] Girls who make you forget your name [Radass]

Alyssa Arce from behind

MAXIM MEXICO. | 📷- @thechandlerphoto | Hair- @saratintari | MUA- @danimtz86 | Styled- @sugarpussclothing | @maximmexico @maximmag

A post shared by Alyssa Arce 💀 (@miss_alyssaarce) on Apr 19, 2017 at 9:33am PDT

Return to Amish Jeremiah Raber arrested for domestic violence [Starcasm] Michael Moore‘s Donald Trump prediction [Celebitchy] Photos to scratch that nostalgic itch [CavemanCircus] J. Lo‘s ass still going strong (Site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]

Sarah Harris from New Zealand

Monday mayhem with @Shuttersqueeze this is from my last shoot with him. It's been too long 😭 Cannot waitttt to show you guys what we've been up to.w

A post shared by Sarah Harris (@iamsarahharris) on Apr 24, 2017 at 1:25am PDT

Elsa Hewitt nude for Playboy (Site NSFW) [BoobieBlog] Ashley Schultz natural breasts. Follow her on IG [GCeleb] Chrissy Teigen MILF boobs [Celebslam] Jenna Dewan Tatum leaves little to the imagination [Popoholic]

Grace Castillo


A post shared by Grace Castillo💎 (@gracieecast_) on Apr 20, 2017 at 1:47pm PDT

Karlie Kloss catwalks into TODAY [MoeJackson] Uh-oh, Elton John has a health condition [Newser] RHONY Luanna de Lesseps drags Bethenny Frankel [RealityTea] Zayn Malik still into Gigi Hadid [Celebuzz] Zahra Elise assumes the position (Site NSFW)[YesBitch!]

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran filming house flipping show, plus Froco expanding?

It has been rumored for quite a while that Farrah Abraham and sidekick Simon Saran might be expanding their reality show resumes into the popular house flipping genre. Those rumors went into... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

12 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s Million-Dollar Wedding

Image Source: Getty / Evan Agostini

Nowadays, when we hear about a celebrity wedding that racked up millions of dollars in fees (cough, Kim Kardashian, cough), we barely bat an eye. In the late '90s and early 2000s, however, a celebrity dropping that much money on their nuptials was practically unheard of. That's why the $1 million price tag on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's July 2000 event was such a shock and it remains one of Hollywood's most memorable A-list affairs. Though the marriage didn't last, it's worth a walk down memory lane if you are feeling nostalgic or just need some inspiration for your own million-dollar bash.

The Ultimate Celebrity Wedding Gallery

The Venue: Jennifer and Brad exchanged vows at sunset on July 29 at the five-acre, multimillion-dollar Malibu estate they rented from television executive Marcy Carsey, whose property sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Although airspace was restricted over the estate during the couple's ceremony, the reception was held inside a massive white tent to ensure privacy from any helicopters buzzing overhead. The Security: The couple spared no expense when it came to their privacy. On top of getting restricted airspace, they asked their guests to sign confidentiality agreements, had "No Parking" signs posted all along the road leading up to the event space, and had the Los Angeles County sheriff on hand to provide traffic control at the location. The only way to really get a glimpse of the wedding was by sea, which led a few voyeurs to attempt to scope things out via boat. At the end of the day, they spent around $100,000 on security. The Guest List: You might think Brad and Jen's guest list would be a mile long, but they kept the number around 200. Fellow stars like Courteney Cox, Edward Norton, Salma Hayek, and Cameron Diaz all scored an invite. Jen's mother, Nancy Dow, was notably absent, since her tell-all book about her daughter, From Mother to Daughter to Friend: A Memoir, had recently come out and Jen refused to invite her to the wedding. The Flowers: Jennifer and Brad dropped a cool $75,000 on flowers to achieve the groom's vision for a "zen garden" look. Over 50,000 flowers were brought in by florists from La Premiere of Beverly Hills, who set tables with roses, wisteria, and tulips. Floated lotus flowers were also chosen to enhance a specially built slate fountain, and Jen carried a loose bouquet of Dutch Vendela roses down the aisle with her. Her Dress: According to the bride's father, Days of Our Lives actor John Aniston, "Jennifer looked beautiful." In a glass-beaded, floor-length, low-backed, white satin and silk gown from Milan-based dress designer Lawrence Steele, how could she not? The Friends actress paired her dress with custom-made ivory suede heels by Manolo Blahnik and wore a delicate veil attached to a pearl and Swarovski crystal crown. For her walk down the aisle, she was accompanied by bridesmaids in pale green chiffon slip dresses. His Tux: Brad wore a four-button black tuxedo designed by Hedi Slimane and outfitted his groomsmen in tuxes by Prada. Even though his brother and best man, Doug Pitt, dropped the ring at one point, it's safe to say he looked damn good while doing it.

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The Vows: They wrote their own vows, which included Brad promising to "split the difference on the thermostat" and Jennifer swearing to always make him his "favorite banana milkshake." When the more traditional part of the ceremony began, Jennifer missed her cue, leaving Brad and the officiant waiting. "Oh! I've never done this before!" she joked after realizing it. The Reception's Ambience: Inside the reception tent, guests encountered plenty of flowers, fountains, lanterns, and countless imported candles from Thailand made of brown sugar ("Jennifer wanted tons of candles," an insider revealed. "We made it very romantic."). The Music: When it came time to choose a band for their wedding, Brad and Jen couldn't pick just one. Fortunately, with their budget, they didn't have to. The night kicked off with a six-piece band backed up by a 40-member gospel choir, who sang Al Bowlly's 1930s classic "Love Is the Greatest Thing" before the 15-minute ceremony began. In between the ceremony and the reception, the band Gypsy Magic took the stage to play some Latin jazz. For the couple's first dance, 12-year-old Sinatra-style singer Dakota Horvath (whom Brad first heard at a Beverly Hills nightclub years earlier) belted out "The Way You Look Tonight." As the night wore on, guests Dermot Mulroney and Melissa Etheridge performed an acoustic version of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," and a Greek bouzouki band played traditional music that had a group of 30 circle-dancing around the dance floor. The Food: Directly after the ceremony, guests enjoyed appetizers like shrimp, gourmet pizza, and caviar, which they were served with Dom Pérignon Champagne. For the main course, Jen and Brad decided on crab, lobster, peppercorn beef, pasta, and risotto. The Cake: What would a celebrity wedding be without a giant cake? They settled on a six-tier, white-frosted confection and "were looking into each other's eyes when they fed it to each other," People reported. "They were laughing with cake in their mouths." The Fireworks: Once it got dark enough during the reception, Brad and Jen surprised guests by setting off fireworks over the Pacific, which reportedly cost $20,000. The lavish 13-minute display included pyrotechnic hearts and smiley faces, which were accompanied by Radiohead, Garbage, and Jeff Buckley songs. James Souza, whose company created the custom display for the couple, told People that "they wanted it big, grandiose" and asked for "the greatest effects that we had."

Doutzen Kroes’ Awesome Booty In A Skimpy Bikini Will Melt Your Freaking Eyeballs!

Doutzen Kroes New

Here’s supermodel/super hot mama Doutzen Kroes shooting a photoshoot at a beach in Miami yesterday afternoon, and proving once again that she has the best/most perfect booty on the entire freaking planet busting out big time in skimpy little bikini bottoms… sweet Christmas! I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that said photoshoot is going to be focused on her bikini booty. All jokes aside, that booty is the best I’ve ever seen/drooled over. And I’ve seen a ton. Some in person too! Alright, enough nonsense… enjoy the sizzling photos and check out the rest (damn right I posted a ton!) after the jump!

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Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New

Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New

Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New

Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New

Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New Doutzen Kroes New
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Ariel Winter Gets Leggy, And Ultra Busty, And Bootylicious, Oh My!

Ariel Winter New

Here’s Modern Family star Ariel Winter doing what she does best at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Dog Years the other night, and that’s looking like a hot little minx, and showing off her sexy legs, bootylicious booty curves, and especially her ginormous bosom… lord have mercy! She’s literally showing off all of her best assets in that skimpy little dress, eh? God bless her. Alright, enjoy!

Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New

Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New

Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New Ariel Winter New
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Jennifer Lopez Busting Out Her Bootylicious Booty To The Max… WOW!

Jennifer Lopez

Here’s Jennifer Lopez making her way to a gym in Miami the other day, and sweet baby Jesus… get a load of her awesome bootylicious booty popping out like bananas in those skin-tight leggings! Still the proud owner of the best bootylicious booty on the planet, eh? And when Jen is busting out said booty in an ultra tight/revealing pair of leggings… epic drool-fest! So why the hell are you still reading this!? Go! Enjoy!

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez
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22 Celebrity Couples Who Have Already Broken Up This Year

It hasn't been very long since the start of 2017, but the year has already been peppered with sad celebrity breakups. It's still early, so we haven't reached 2016 levels yet, but here's hoping we won't have to mourn the end of many more high-profile pairs. Scroll through to see the couples who have already called it quits this year.

Kim and Kourtney’s Beach Vacation Involves a Good Amount of Booty and Underboob

Kourtney Kardashian rang in her 38th birthday last week and celebrated with a girls-only trip to Tulum, Mexico. The eldest Kardashian had the company of her sister Kim as well as close friends Stephanie Sheppard, Malika Haqq, Brittny Gastineau, and Larsa Pippen. On Monday, the ladies bared it all in tiny bikinis - Kourtney showed a ton of underboob while Kim's greatest asset was on display in a printed two-piece - and appeared to have a blast while splashing and posing for photos in the ocean.

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The girls' beach trip comes on the heels of big news for Kim, who recently announced her plans to collaborate with sister Kylie Jenner on a collection for Kylie Cosmetics. Both Kim and Kourtney also hit the red carpet along with Cher for the LA premiere of The Promise, which follows a love triangle during the Armenian Genocide.

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Shania Twain Should Be a Permanent Coach on <em>The Voice</em>

One of the best things about getting to the Top 12 on The Voice is hearing new and insightful feedback from the show's mentors. This season's choice was particularly impressive: country darling Shania Twain. We loved Twain so much, we hope she returns in the future — perhaps even as a full-time coach!

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Shania TwainImage: NBC

When meeting individually with the remaining contestants and their coaches, Twain offered direct, actionable advice. For example, she told Brennley Brown, "Less is probably best." When speaking with the lovely Aliyah Moulden, Twain offered valuable technical feedback and advised against oversinging.

With Twain, it's very easy to tell what she thinks of a particular contestant while they're up on stage. She really got into the performances this evening, and it was clear she was having the time of her life alongside the typical four judges. When it was time for critiques, however, she offered positive, yet useful feedback. She told Jesse Larson, "You hit the peak in that song right at the right moment. You got there with perfection. You are a stunning vocalist. Without your guitar, I could read your body language, the emotion."

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At the end of the night, Twain told Vanessa Ferguson, "You have a sense of style inside and out and that comes out in your voice and your delivery."

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We're certainly not alone in our love of Shania Twain. Several fans spoke out on Twitter this evening, and many really want her as a judge!

Shania is the best thing to ever happen to #TheVoice .... well actually she's the best thing to happen to the world in general

— Caitlyn Carter (@CaitCartaa) April 25, 2017

First Celine, now Shania?!?! BEST. VOICE. SEASON. EVER. Right in the nostalgia @NBCTheVoice #TheVoice @ShaniaTwain @celinedion #melting

— Janelle Howard (@jnll_A) April 25, 2017

Not everybody was into Twain as a mentor, however. A few claimed that she was far too nice and should have offered harsher critiques, particularly when Lilli Passero "butchered" one of Twain's most iconic songs. But we can't imagine Twain being harsh, not to mention, that's really not her job as a mentor. She can provide constructive criticism, sure, but her kindhearted approach is exactly what the show's contestants need.

Here's hoping that we see more of Shania Twain on The Voice in the future!

What did you think of Shania Twain on The Voice? Should she be a permanent judge, or do you like the judging panel as is? Comment and share your opinion below.

Jessica Alba Ass

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LINKS! Ariel Winter mostly clothed, Elton John’s near-death recovery, Melania Kardashian…

DLISTED – LeAnn Rimes is as happy to be married to Eddie Cibrian as Zoolander is to be good looking REALITY TEA – “Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright went to Florida and got... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]

Zayn Malik Wishes Gigi Hadid a Happy Birthday: “My Everything”

A post shared by Zayn Malik (@zayn) on Apr 23, 2017 at 9:32pm PDT

Gigi Hadid was showered with love from everyone in her life when she celebrated her 22nd birthday on Sunday. The stunning model shared an adorable photo of her boyfriend, Zayn Malik, giving her a sweet kiss as she held up a birthday cake that said, "Happy birthday Gigi." A few hours later, Zayn posted a photo of his own on Instagram, captioning another snap of their PDA, "happy birthday to my everything ❤️." The two, who started dating in November 2015, have never been shy about showing off their chemistry for the cameras. In addition to Gigi starring in Zayn's music video for "Pillowtalk," the two frequently attend events together and share personal photos of their romance on social media. While Gigi's pal Taylor Swift wasn't in any of the birthday photos, we have a feeling the model blasted the singer's hit "22" on repeat all day.

You'll Never Guess What Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Bonded Over When They Started Dating

A post shared by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on Apr 23, 2017 at 6:34pm PDT

Elisha Cuthbert

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Which of Kim Kardashian’s Weddings Was More Insane? An Investigation

When it comes to over-the-top celebrity relationships, no one does it better than Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. From their rollercoaster courtship to Kanye's jaw-dropping proposal, everything about them is cranked to 11. It should be obvious, then, that their May 2014 wedding was a lavish, blow-out affair attended by Hollywood's A-list. At this point, the only couple that can even come close to topping their Italian nuptials is maybe . . . Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? That's right - the August 2011 wedding that launched hundreds of 72-day jokes was also an insane, over-the-top affair. How do the two events stack up? Well, let's just say they're both a little fancier than Kim's $60 Las Vegas wedding was.

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