Hailee Steinfeld Does Lingerie

Hailee Steinfeld

Last time I did a post on Hailee Steinfeld here, I said that if she really wanted to become a big star someday, she needed to stop acting like a wannabe pop star and start acting like Bella Thorne — AKA start posting sexy Snapchats and lingerie selfies. And I’m happy to report that it looks like someone in her entourage was listening, because this is the hottest I’ve ever seen Hailee look. Let’s just hope she can keep this up.

Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld

Porn Star Yuri Luv Found Dead, Surrounded By Pills After Apparent Drug Overdose

Porn star Yuri Luv was just found dead after suffering an apparent drug overdose in her California apartment.

As RadarOnline.com has learned from IBT reports, the 31-year-old’s body was discovered by the resident’s owner.

A distressed former colleague allegedly told reporters that several pills were found scattered on her bed next to her body.

Dan Hogue, director of business development for PornStar Platinum claimed in a statement to Xbiz that the company was in mourning over Luv’s sudden death.

“Yuri was found today at the age of 31. She was always kind to me and we will miss her,” he said after the news.

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Various porn industry insiders and fans took to Twitter to voice their sadness over Luv’s passing.

As Radar readers know, Yuri Luv’ drug-induced death comes less than a week after porn star August Ames took her own life at 23.

The brunette beauty – who also suffered problems with drugs and alcohol in the past – allegedly committed suicide due to constant online bullying.

Stay with Radar for updates.

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Porn Star Yuri Luv Found Dead, Surrounded By Pills After Apparent Drug Overdose

Porn star Yuri Luv was just found dead after suffering an apparent drug overdose in her California apartment.

As RadarOnline.com has learned from IBT reports, the 31-year-old’s body was discovered by the resident’s owner.

A distressed former colleague allegedly told reporters that several pills were found scattered on her bed next to her body.

Dan Hogue, director of business development for PornStar Platinum claimed in a statement to Xbiz that the company was in mourning over Luv’s sudden death.

“Yuri was found today at the age of 31. She was always kind to me and we will miss her,” he said after the news.

PHOTOS: ‘This Is Disturbing!’ Farrah Abraham Posts Porn Link On 8-Year-Old Daughter’s Twitter

Various porn industry insiders and fans took to Twitter to voice their sadness over Luv’s passing.

As Radar readers know, Yuri Luv’ drug-induced death comes less than a week after porn star August Ames took her own life at 23.

The brunette beauty – who also suffered problems with drugs and alcohol in the past – allegedly committed suicide due to constant online bullying.

Stay with Radar for updates.

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Former Facebook Exec Admits Social Media Is Largely An Evil Time Sucking World of Hate

The former Facebook V.P. is making hay in the news by admitting to the world that Facebook and social media in general is tearing apart what's left of society, and doing so with open eyes to their wanton destruction. read more

Hailey Baldwin Working Out in Lingerie for Love Advent!

Hailey Baldwin is looking terrific in sexy lingerie in this clip from Love advent! I'm really becoming a fan of her. View the video (Via Popoholic)

Taylor Swift hunched like Quasimodo when she was with her boyfriend last year, huh


As we now know, Taylor Swift couldn’t have asked for a better year. Her 2017 was great: her album sold well, she became a snake, she made sh-tty music videos that her fans defended incessantly, and she got a new boyfriend: Handsome Joe Alwyn, who looks very much like he could be her anemic brother. She and Handsome Joe are SO HAPPY (and so private) and this time it’s for real, you guys. You don’t even know how NOT FOR REAL it was with those other guys. What were their names? Adam ScottishFace Deejay? Tam Hiddleswarg? She can’t even remember because they were so awful and SO 2016. Her friend Todrick Hall opened up about how Taylor was basically Quasimodo when she was with one of her boyfriends last year:

Taylor Swift is sitting on top of the world with a record-breaking album, an upcoming tour and a blissful relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but it took some stumbles for her to get there. The 28-year-old Grammy winner’s close pal Todrick Hall opened up about their friendship — and Swift’s tougher times — in a new interview with The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on Thursday morning.

“I think she’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her. I love it,” he said. “There was a time last year … I don’t know if I’m supposed to say anything, but she was dating someone — I never actually met this person — but I could just tell every time I would talk to her, she would hunch over.”

The Broadway star, 32, ended up sending Swift a “picture of her as Quasimodo” and warned his friend not to let a guy turn her into the fictional character born with a hunched back.

“I was like, ‘You cannot turn into Quasimodo for this guy. Every time you say his name, you hunch over,’” said Hall. “Now she’s so happy, standing up completely straight and so tall and so confident … I’m so, so happy for her.”

Hall also gushed about the “Gorgeous” singer, saying she “wears her heart on her sleeve.”

“Every time I bring anyone around her to her house, she can’t even have a good time because she’s making sure everybody has water, ‘Do you need anything?’” says Hall. “If I fall asleep, she’s the first person to go get a blanket and put it over me and be like, ‘Buddy, like are you okay?’ I’m like, ‘You’re gonna be the best mom in the entire world.’ She’s just so thoughtful.”

[From People]

To be fair, it could be Calvin Harris. I don’t think Taylor was happy with Calvin Harris in the last months of their relationship. She was actively looking for a jumpoff in those months, and she found her jumpoff at the Met Gala in the form of dragonfly. But for some reason, I do think Todrick is referring to the dragonfly, Tom Hiddleston. “There was a time last year… she was dating someone — I never actually met this person — but I could just tell every time I would talk to her, she would hunch over.” Taylor dated Calvin Harris for more than a year – roughly February/March 2015 through May-ish 2016. I feel like Todrick was being very specific about it being last year, and The Glorious Tiddlebanging was so brief, really. It was just a few short months in the summer. It involved swan pastries and canoodling on the beach and a worldwide love tour, and yes, the bloom was off the rose for Taylor rather quickly. By September 2016, I could see how she would start “hunching over” when Tom’s name came up.

I know we’re supposed to be following the new Taylor Swift snake branding, which means that she’s not giving interviews to drop her blind item clues about her songs. But I’m amazed by how she manages to keep putting it out there that she hated every part of the Tiddlebanging. I’m sure she is embarrassed about it now – but she should also acknowledge that she was super into it at the time. That “I Heart TS” tank didn’t come out of nowhere.

Taylor Swift Splits From Tom Hiddleston ***FILE PHOTOS***


Photos courtesy of Backgrid.
AG_120983_004 AG_120983_011 AG_121004_005 Taylor Swift Splits From Tom Hiddleston ***FILE PHOTOS***

<em>Saturday Night Fever</em> Turns 40 This Year: Here’s Who We’d Cast in a Reboot

Where we you when you got your first taste of Saturday Night Fever? Considering the film is celebrating its 40th birthday this year, there's no doubt you've either heard one of the many iconic songs from the film's Bee Gees-filled soundtrack or you may have unwittingly struck a pose à la John Travolta's iconic character, Tony Manero. Or maybe, just maybe, you've shouted at your mom to "Watch the hair!" as Tony famously does in the film's early scenes.

No matter which way you slice it, it's hard to deny Saturday Night Fever is not only a classic dance movie, but it’s one that has stood the test of time. Sure, it's more than a little problematic, but it's hard to deny that the story of Tony and his disco dreams haven't deeply embedded themselves into pop culture.

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And so, on the 40th anniversary of this film, we thought we'd get ahead of the curve and dream-cast the inevitable reboot. Don't you wanna see who we picked to play Tony and Stephanie?

Harry Styles as Anthony “Tony” Manero (originally played by John Travolta)

Harry Styles as Tony in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Harry Styles may not be Italian-American, but he's got that sweet voice and those... uh... great dance moves. Plus, he proved he's got decent acting chops in Dunkirk, so why shouldn't he be in a dance movie?

Ariana Grande as Stephanie Mangano (originally played by Karen Gorney)

Ariana Grande as Stephanie Mangano in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

In the original Saturday Night Fever, Tony is so enamored with Stephanie, he begs her to be his dance partner. If you've seen Ariana Grande move, you'll see why we think she'd be great in this role.

Selena Gomez as Annette (originally played by Donna Pescow)

Selena Gomez as Annette in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Sweet Annette is so mistreated by Tony and his friends. Selena Gomez would certainly bring a ferocity to the role, and if the writing was updated to give her more agency, it would be amazing to see Gomez play that out.

Liam Hemsworth as Bobby C. (originally played by Barry Miller)

Liam Hemsworth as Bobby C. in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Bobby is one of the most reckless characters in Saturday Night Fever, and he needs an actor who can embody that recklessness while still making him sympathetic. Liam Hemsworth has proven he's capable of that more than once, so we'd trust him in this part.

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Devon Bostick as Joey (originally played by Joseph Cali)

Devon Bostick as Joey in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Joey is... not a good person. He's arguably the most aggressive friend Tony has, and he has no concept of boundaries. Devon Bostick (The 100) is good at playing characters who fluctuate between humorous and dark with a moment's notice, so he'd be perfect opposite Harry Styles in this role.

Cameron Monaghan as Double J (originally played by Paul Pape)

Cameron Monaghan as Double J in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Cameron Monaghan has proved his acting chops in Shameless and Gotham, and he'd be a great addition to this imaginary cast... especially as Double J, who's a lot like Joey in nature.

Tom Holland as Gus (originally played by Bruce Ornstein)

Tom Holland as Gus in Saturday Night Fever
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

Poor Gus. He has a more minor role in this film than Tony's other friends, but a familiar, friendly face wouldn't go amiss... Plus, seeing Tom Holland get beat up and hospitalized would likely make the whole audience tear up.

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Charlie Heaton as Frank Manero Jr. (originally played by Martin Shakar)

Charlie Heaton as Frank Jr. in Saturday Night Live
Image: WENN, Paramount Pictures

The similarities between Charlie Heaton and Harry Styles have been mentioned quite a few times, which means it makes perfect sense for Heaton to play Styles' older brother in this fantasy reboot of Saturday Night Fever. Plus, Heaton totally has that brooding, disgraced priest look — or he could, in any case, which is a definite need for this part. He just might need a little age makeup to make it work.

Do you agree with this dream casting or do you think another actor should be cast as one of these iconic Saturday Night Fever characters?

Idris Elba: ‘Meghan Markle, as a person, regardless of her color, is a role model’

Embed from Getty Images

Idris Elba is quite friendly with the royal family. He’s a long-time ambassador for The Prince’s Trust, having received a scholarship from the foundation to go to acting school, and I believe he is quite friendly with Prince Charles on a personal level. Idris has also spent time with Prince William and Harry, and some of Idris’s films have been screened to raise money for various royal foundations and royal-adjacent charities. He’s down with the Windsors, basically. Idris was invited to the One Million Young Dinner at Buckingham Palace last night, and he brought his girlfriend Sabrina Dhowre as his date. He introduced Sabrina to Prince Charles, which you can see in these photos. Before the dinner, Idris chatted with Sky News about Meghan Markle, the first woman of color to marry into the royal family. Idris is beyond pleased about Meg!

“Meghan Markle, as a person, regardless of her color, is a role model,” he told Sky News. “As a strong woman marrying into our royal family, she’s going to be a role model for any woman. The point is that of course our society is one of mixed heritage and it’s nice to see Meghan within the Royal Family,” he continued. “It’s great. And of course she’s going to be a beacon and of course she’s going to be someone that people look towards.”

[From People]

The idea that the royal family could be and should be racially representative of Britain’s multiracial, multiethnic society is a somewhat modern idea. I get that there would be no way to force that conversation, nor would there be any way to force a prince or princess to marry a person of color. But look no further than the quiet freakout from the British Establishment over the idea that Princess Diana would end up getting remarried to a Pakistani doctor (Hasnat Khan) or an Egyptian playboy (Dodi al-Fayed) in the 1990s – there was a lot of racist drama that the heir to the throne could have a stepfather who was Egyptian or Pakistani. And now, twenty years later, one of Diana’s sons is marrying a mixed race American woman and the British Establishment still doesn’t know what to say or do about it. Idris is right though – Meghan will be a role model to so many girls around the world.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

Meghan Markle attends Royal Household Christmas party with The Queen in attendance

Meghan Markle did not join Prince William, Catherine, and Harry today at the Grenfell memorial. It would have been too distracting, not appropriate for the occasion. There is, however, a story about her in the UK papers today. Writing for the Daily Mail longtime royal correspondent Richard Kay repor...

Intro for December 15, 2017

Dear Gossips, I wrote yesterday about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joining the Queen at Windsor Castle on Monday night to celebrate the holidays with the royal household. Apparently champagne was served and everyone drank from champagne flutes. I would love to sip champagne from a champagne flu...

December 15, 2017 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Ashley! Happy Birthday on Sunday from Kate who requested your Five: John David Washington, Taika Waititi, Oscar Isaac, Lenny Kravitz, and Jason Momoa.

Angelina Jolie’s First They Killed My Father left off Oscar short list

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released its shortlist of films contending for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar yesterday: Chile, A Fantastic Woman Germany, In the Fade  Hungary, On Body and Soul  Israel, Foxtrot Lebanon, The Insult Russia, Loveless Senegal, Félicité So...

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Makes $45 Million from Thursday Night Previews

We all figured that The Last Jedi would mint the second biggest opening weekend of all-time behind its story line predecessor The Force Awakens, and its haul from last...

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, Best Buds, Shamelessly Poke Fun at Each Other on Ellen

Whenever Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson are in the same room, you know it's going to be a good time. The Jumanji stars recently stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and made the audience bust at the seams with their hilarious jokes. Aside from bonding over being proud dads, the two poked a little fun at each other as they argued over who Ellen likes more. We seriously can't get enough of their funny bromance.

Macaulay Culkin Smashes Swoggle In Pro Wrestling Match

You guys give up or ya thirsty for more?!!?!  Macaulay Culkin channeled his inner-Randy Savage -- and dominated a pro wrestling match in L.A. on Thursday, culminating in a move where the actor FLEW OFF THE TOP ROPE! Culkin was ringside at…

All the Exciting Things We Can Expect Now That Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged

Any bride or groom knows that the engagement is the easy part: choose a ring, say yes, jump up and down, tell EVERYONE. Done! But then come the endless decisions: finding a location, choosing a dress, keeping the guest list below Coachella-esque numbers . . . Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged, they will have many of the usual concerns as they plan their big day, but given their unusual circumstances, there are plenty of other areas they'll need to address, too.

Firstly, since the announcement was made, Meghan's security detail was likely immediately stepped up. Following her first official appearance with Harry at the recent Invictus Games, Meghan was drafted a security detail for the first time, but it is currently paid for by her Suits bosses. Since she's now betrothed to a member of the royal family, it makes sense that they'd start picking up the bill.

The usual early decisions about wedding venue and date will also apply to Harry and Meghan. They have a number of churches, abbeys, and cathedrals at their disposal, and each will need to be assessed according to the couple's personal preference, the size of their guest list, and their security issues. The date - which is currently set for sometime in Spring 2018 - obviously won't clash with any big royal events such as Ascot, Trooping the Colour, or any scheduled state visits (although it's certainly close to Kate Middleton's due date).

Royal engagements are always brief - usually no longer than six months - so personal decisions about dress and theme will need to be made pretty quickly. The honeymoon will also need to be decided on in the early stages so that security can be arranged. An advance team of personal protection officers will need to make an planning trip to flag up and address any areas of concern. Overseas bachelor and bachelorette parties are increasingly popular, so if Harry or Meghan want to follow in the footsteps of Pippa Middleton (who celebrated her bachelorette in Courchevel, France), this will also need to be agreed upon early on so that the necessary security trips can be put into place.

There's no doubt that Meghan has already been prepped for life in the royal family and has had access to assorted advisers, but with the engagement announced, her involvement will really ramp up. Soon after they are married, she'll take on a set of patronages, and in order to do this, she'll need to do research, take meetings, and make visits in order to choose the charities she would most like to be involved in.

In order to ease Meghan into royal life and introduce her to the people of the UK, she will likely go on a handful of official engagements alongside Prince Harry before their wedding. Between William and Kate's engagement and wedding, they made sure to undertake visits to Scotland (to their former university, St. Andrews), Northern Ireland (for pancake flipping during a charity visit on Shrove Tuesday), Wales (where they launched a lifeboat in Anglesey), and England (where they attended a charity gala).

Plans for their first royal tour are probably already springing into action as well. When William and Kate married, they went on their first tour to Canada just three months later, and it's likely Harry and Meghan will hit the road soon after their big day, too.

Meghan has already met Harry's father, Prince Charles, and grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. She's also become close with William and Kate, who shared their excitement about the engagement via Twitter. Harry has also met Meghan's mother, but a meeting that could well be set up between engagement and wedding would be between all the parents. So, it's likely that Charles and Camilla will meet Meghan's mother, Doria, and father, Tom, ahead of the wedding so they aren't meeting for the first time on the big day.

The guest list will take a long time to hash out. Harry's wedding will not be a state occasion, but diplomacy will still be required when it comes to who gets an invite. Royal wedding invitations are always sent out incredibly close to the day - William and Kate's were posted just two months before their wedding. In the run-up to the event, it's likely that keen royal fans would start camping out around where the wedding is to be held, so barriers will be erected and additional security measures undertaken.

According to tradition, the couple will spend the night before their wedding apart. Harry could either stay at his home in Kensington Palace or follow in his brother's footsteps and stay the night at his father's home, Clarence House. If he is with his father, then Meghan might stay at Kensington Palace, or she could take her lead from Kate and stay in a nearby London hotel.

See? Just your totally normal, completely average wedding.

Addie Zinone Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details of Matt Lauer Accuser

via Addie Zinone

Another woman has come out with claims about Matt Lauer’s conduct while working on TODAY for NBC.

Addie Zinone, a woman who began her career as an intern at The Today Show before being promoted to a PA, claims she had a sexual relationship with Matt Lauer.

In an essay published by Variety,  Zinone says she went to lunch with Lauer in July 2000 to ask him for job advice. She says at this time, Lauer began to aggressively hit on her. When the two returned to work, he sent her a message that read: ‘meet me’.

Text messages seen by Variety shows that Lauer telling Zinone to head to an empty dressing room above Studio 1A so the two could have sex before he left at 3pm. Lauer sent that text at 2:42 PM. Lauer was just two years into his marriage with second wife Annette.

via Variety:

In 1999, Addie Collins arrived at NBC’s “Today” as a young intern with big aspirations. A few months later, she landed her dream job as production assistant, forming close bonds with her new colleagues Katie Couric, Ann Curry and Al Roker. But Matt Lauer kept more of a professional distance—until Collins (who now goes by her married last name Zinone) was ready to leave the show.

One day in July 2000, he invited her to lunch, which Zinone thought would be a chance to ask him for career advice. Instead, Lauer, who was in his 40s and newly married, started to aggressively hit on the 24-year-old employee. Zinone felt dumbstruck and numb. Intimidated by his stature, she gave in to his flattery, and she entered into a month-long relationship with Lauer, who would arrange to secretly meet her in his dressing room.

Although Zinone’s situation was consensual, she saw parallels between her own story and several accounts from the unnamed victims. Her situation is different than other allegations against Lauer, which involved unwanted advances. But it illustrates what can happen when a prominent person brings sex into the workplace, and there’s an imbalance of power. For Zinone, Lauer’s behavior had a devastating and lasting effect on her personal and professional life

Soon after this incident, Zinone left her media job and decided to enlist in the Armed Forces.

You can read the transcripts of the text messages over on Variety.

Susan Sarandon unironically thanked black voters for voting for the Democrat

Embed from Getty Images

Democrats keep winning big elections this year, from the Virginia governor’s race to, just this week, the special election for the Senate seat in Alabama. The reason for so many of these Democratic victories is quite simple: black women. Black women have been coming out to vote like crazy. We could argue – and pollsters are arguing right now – about WHY African-American women are coming out to vote in droves for Democratic candidates, but I think that question sort of dismisses the historical reality: black women have always voted in really high percentages, even when their votes are being actively suppressed, even when they don’t particularly like the candidates they’re voting for.

Black women vote out of self-interest – the lesser of two evils is an okay choice to make, especially if the more evil choice is violent white supremacy and even more oppression and marginalization. It wouldn’t be so notable if the majority of white women didn’t consistently vote against their own interests all the damn time. A majority of white women voted for Donald Trump. A majority of white women voted for Roy Moore. A majority of white women will consistently vote against their own reproductive freedom, the health and safety of their children, equal pay, their own ability to work without being harassed, their own ability to exist without being abused and a lot more. And a minority of white women will make it all about being “pure” and having “ideals.” Women like Susan Sarandon. This is what she posted yesterday, after Doug Jones won the Senate seat in Alabama.

Says the woman who threw away her vote on a third party candidate, leaving African-Americans to pick up the slack in an attempt to keep a sexual predator and white supremacist the hell away from the White House. If you have a few minutes, read through the comments on that tweet – people were not having any of it. I wonder how she explained the African-American turnout for Hillary Clinton? Did she “thank” those millions of voters for turning out to stop an unhinged predator? Or nah?

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

Josh Duggar: Was Sex Rehab Stint a Lie? Did He Even Go?!

With the holiday season upon on, families everywhere are looking for extra attention/posting about memories and good cheer on Facebook.

In this, the Duggars are certainly no exception, though their fans' attention to detail is quite exceptional - and may have uncovered a conspiracy.

Anna, Joshua Duggar Photo

Not the fact that they sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus instead of trimming a tree, although that could be discussion-worthy another time.

No, a throwback photo they shared of some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s younger daughters was what whipped fans into a frenzy.

The picture (below), shows the girls in Christmas dresses as one of their little brothers impishly pretends to throw a snowball at them.

Cute, right? Obviously. Innocent, right? Mostly.

Duggar Internet detectives quickly realized that this was the year Josh was away at his Christian-oriented sex rehab hard labor camp.

You know, the place in Illinois he was shipped off to after he was exposed as a child molester, adulterer and porn addict back in 2015.

Duggar Christmas

Just a coincidence?

Possibly, but first, some background: Reformers Unanimous, the “Christian rehab” center for his sexual problems, was always controversial.

Those familiar with RU say it boasted no actual psychologists on staff, calling it another case of the Duggars handling things "in-house."

In any case, Josh was allegedly sequestered there for months, during which time his long-suffering spouse Anna lived with her in-laws.

Their four children shared the room as the younger Duggar daughters and the older unmarried girls at the family compound in Arkansas.

Which brings us to the photo from that same year, and which conveniently crops out the head of the adult male standing in the background.

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

Now, we can't prove who that is.

Maybe it's Josh Duggar, maybe it's not, but that's not the only reason some fans are wondering whether he attended rehab at all.

Earlier reports indicated that Josh, now a father of five, "left for at least some time" during his extended stay in the Illinois facility.

Most legitimate rehab facilities have strict policies that govern when people can and cannot leave the premises, so that's already suspicious.

Moreover, the Duggar family specifically stated that year that Josh could not leave Reformers Unanimous until his treatment was completed.

Since he couldn't leave, allegedly, Anna Duggar would be visiting him regularly there. We were led to believe that this happened.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

All of this could be conjecture, but given the way the family handles matters like this, the whole thing was always shrouded in mystery.

Is it a stretch to assume that he was simply sequestered in some sort of home confinement while the family concocted this rehab ruse?

Probably. But would you really put it past a man (Jim Bob) who was clearly reluctant to address Josh's sexual issues head-on for years?

In any case, it raises a series questions:

If Josh Duggar wasn’t actually in rehab, where the heck was he? If he was there, did he just leave and come back whenever he chose?

If that's the case, what kind of facility is this, and did he get any real help while he was there? Can you trust anything this family claims?

42 Celebrity Couples Who Have Broken Up This Year

This year has been peppered with sad celebrity breakups. We're nearing the end of 2017, and while we haven't reached 2016 levels yet, we're still hoping we won't have to mourn the end of many more high-profile pairs. Read ahead to see the couples who have already called it quits this year.

New Study Claims That A Colorado Infant Once Died Due To Cannabis


Two Colorado doctors claim they have documented the first case of a cannabis overdose.

The doctors, Drs. Thomas Nappe and Christopher Hoyte, published their findings in the medical journal Clinical Practice and Cases in Emergency Medicine. According to Dr. Nappe and Hoyte, an 11-month-old boy was the first person to die of from a marijuana overdose.

The study reports that the infant, who died in 2015, was rushed to the emergency room after having a seizure. The boy’s guardian told doctors that the child had been retching, was “irritable” and lethargic in the days leading up to his hospitalization. KSUA reports that a team of doctors, including both Hoyte and Nappe, examined the boy but found he was otherwise healthy. The unidentified child became unresponsive in the hospital and was given a breathing tube as his condition worsened. Doctors said the boy’s heart stopped and, despite efforts to resuscitate, the child died.

via KUSA:

“The only thing that we found was marijuana. High concentrations of marijuana in his blood. And that’s the only thing we found,” Hoyte said. “The kid never really got better. And just one thing led to another and the kid ended up with a heart stopped. And the kid stopped breathing and died.”

The case report makes what amounts to a very bold statement in the scientific world, “As of this writing, this is the first reported pediatric death associated with cannabis exposure.”

If correct, the phenomenon Dr. Hoyte claims to have documented would remain the only time a marijuana overdose is known to have caused a human death.

However, despite Hoyte and Nappe’s findings, other doctors are reportedly skeptical of the “strong language” used in the report.

“That statement is too much. It’s too much as far as I’m concerned,” said Dr. Noah Kaufman, an emergency medicine specialist based in Northern Colorado. “Because that is saying confidently that this is the first case. ‘We’ve got one!’ And I still disagree with that.”

Following the child’s death, doctors found tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the child’s blood and urine. THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

When Harry Met Meghan: Pals Tell All On Prince’s Obsession With The American Actress

Meghan Markle shocked the world when she announced her engagement to Prince Harry this November.

The actress-turned-princess quickly became the symbol of hope for many mixed-raced Americans and women everywhere.

While her estranged sister claimed Meghan had always dreamt of marrying a royal, it seems Harry was the one who first caught interest in the gorgeous star.

In REELZ’s new episode, When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance, friends of the former Suits star open up about how her first meeting with her royal fiancé came about. Apparently, the Prince described his soon-to-be bride as his “ideal woman,” long before their first date.

“He had a crush on Rachel Zane [Meghan’s character in Suits] two years before he met Meghan Markle,” says royal biographer Katie Nicholl in the show teaser. “The reason I know that is because I was having drinks with one of his friends and she told me she’d been on a night out with Prince Harry. He was single at the time. She said to him ‘so, you know Harry, who’s your ideal girl?’ and he said ‘Meghan Markle, from Suits.’”

When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance airs Monday December 18 at 9ET/PT on REELZ.

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When Harry Met Meghan: Pals Tell All On Prince’s Obsession With The American Actress

Meghan Markle shocked the world when she announced her engagement to Prince Harry this November.

The actress-turned-princess quickly became the symbol of hope for many mixed-raced Americans and women everywhere.

While her estranged sister claimed Meghan had always dreamt of marrying a royal, it seems Harry was the one who first caught interest in the gorgeous star.

In REELZ’s new episode, When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance, friends of the former Suits star open up about how her first meeting with her royal fiancé came about. Apparently, the Prince described his soon-to-be bride as his “ideal woman,” long before their first date.

“He had a crush on Rachel Zane [Meghan’s character in Suits] two years before he met Meghan Markle,” says royal biographer Katie Nicholl in the show teaser. “The reason I know that is because I was having drinks with one of his friends and she told me she’d been on a night out with Prince Harry. He was single at the time. She said to him ‘so, you know Harry, who’s your ideal girl?’ and he said ‘Meghan Markle, from Suits.’”

When Harry Met Meghan: A Royal Romance airs Monday December 18 at 9ET/PT on REELZ.

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Kelly Cutrone hopes alleged rapist Russell Simmons chokes on his Om pendant

Embed from Getty Images

Russell Simmons has allegedly been a rapist for a very long time. I’m saying “allegedly” because Simmons, I feel, is lawyering up and preparing to sue all of the women he allegedly raped over the years, and he’s probably going to sue all of the media outlets who gave his alleged victims platforms to tell their stories. For what it’s worth, I believe all of the women. I believe Jenny Lumet. I believe Toni Sallie. I believe Tina Baker. I believe Drew Dixon. I believe Keri Claussen Khalighi. I do not believe Russell Simmons, especially when he’s out here creating #NotMe hashtags:

In the wake of Simmons’ bullsh-t #NotMe statement, the LA Times reports that the New York Police Department’s special victims unit has now opened up an investigation into Simmons. TMZ magically got their hands on a photo of Simmons taking a polygraph test this week, like that proves something. In the wake of all that, Page Six spoke to Kelly Cutrone – the famous fashion publicist – who has her own Simmons #MeToo story. Cutrone says that Simmons tried to rape her in 1991, when she was 26. He manipulated her into his apartment, threw her on the floor and:

“And I started kicking him really, really hard, screaming, telling him to get the f–k off of me. And that I would have him killed if he ever f–king laid a hand on me. I actually think I told him I would call Page Six! I was a publicist! I think I told him I would call Page Six and have him murdered.”

“Then what would happen afterward — and this would happen years afterward — I’d be at a table and Russell f–king Simmons would come up to the table and then people would be like, ‘Kelly, do you know Russell?,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yes, I know Russell — he tried to rape me.’”

Cutrone says she’s was horrified by Simmons’ #NotMe idea, which he unveiled on Instagram on Thursday. Cutrone says: “It’s a call to every man who wants the right to abuse women to continue. All these guys have been doing is, like, go, like, ‘Hey, I’m really, really sorry and I’m going to step away from my business. But you know what, a lot of these women have to go to work everyday because they have to pay bills and they haven’t made $100 million.” Of Simmons — an avid yogi — she added, “I hope he chokes on his om pendant.”

[From Page Six]

“I hope he chokes on his om pendant” is maybe the quote of 2017. It’s a necessary thing to take a deep breath and listen to the #MeToo stories in all of their horror. But sometimes it’s nice to hear from someone who is just really f–king angry, someone who wants rapists to choke on their bullsh-t.

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

AM Hottie: Kinga Rajzak has a Sexy Presence!

Kinga Rajzak is a beauty from Slovakia who knows that she is sexy and she is not trying to deny it. Why should she? All she has to do is be present and the temperature all of a sudden increases.

Her sexy presence would make anyone drop everything that they are doing and just stare in awe. Her dark locks and fair skin really give an appearance of innocence and pure beauty.

But what can we really assume about her? If we only knew her on a personal level, maybe our opinions can be changed. But for now, she definitely is one of the hottest babes in town. Take a look to see for yourself!


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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Wedding Date Revealed!

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Date

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding date has finally been confirmed!

“His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle will marry on 19th May 2018,” Kensington Palace announced on Twitter this Friday morning.

“Today’s announcement follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle,” the statement continued.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, the news of Meghan and Harry’s engagement broke late this November.

PHOTOS: The Royal Family Revealed: Secrets William, Kate & Harry Don’t Want You To Know

Ever since, the two lovebirds have moved extremely quickly with their plans – prompting fans to believe they could be having a shotgun wedding.

The same day Meghan, 36, and Harry, 33, shared their happy news, they sat down for a tell-all interview to speak of their relationship. The next day, they announced their wedding location, and soon after disclosed their plans to move into a new home and celebrate Christmas together.

Do you think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are rushing down the aisle? Sound off in the comments below.

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Wedding Date Revealed!

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Wedding Date

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding date has finally been confirmed!

“His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle will marry on 19th May 2018,” Kensington Palace announced on Twitter this Friday morning.

“Today’s announcement follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle,” the statement continued.

As RadarOnline.com readers know, the news of Meghan and Harry’s engagement broke late this November.

PHOTOS: The Royal Family Revealed: Secrets William, Kate & Harry Don’t Want You To Know

Ever since, the two lovebirds have moved extremely quickly with their plans – prompting fans to believe they could be having a shotgun wedding.

The same day Meghan, 36, and Harry, 33, shared their happy news, they sat down for a tell-all interview to speak of their relationship. The next day, they announced their wedding location, and soon after disclosed their plans to move into a new home and celebrate Christmas together.

Do you think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are rushing down the aisle? Sound off in the comments below.

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The 20 Biggest, Craziest, and Most Inspiring Moments of 2017

Winter came to Westeros on Game of Thrones this year - finally. Meanwhile, we wished for a real-life Jon Snow to rescue us from the insanity of 2017. This year's news cycle has been an emotional roller coaster, but along with heartbreaking headlines and difficult debates, we've witnessed empowering, history-making events and damn good entertainment. #TeamDianaPrince, anyone? This year POPSUGAR followed (and sparked) conversations about the inauguration, award season, the royals, and, of course, the many movies, TV shows, stars, and products that took over our social media feeds. From pop culture to politics, take a look back at some of 2017's biggest cultural moments as the year comes to a close.

- Additional reporting by Brinton Parker, Celia Fernandez, Erin Cullum, Kelsey Garcia, Perri Konecky, and Victoria Messina

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry named the date: they will marry on May 19th

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement

Breaking news! We finally have confirmation of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding date. From Kensington Palace:

His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Ms. Meghan Markle will marry on 19th May 2018. Today’s announcement follows earlier confirmation of the month of the wedding and its location at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

I like this? It’s far enough away from the Met Gala (the first Monday in May) so as to not vye for coverage. We’re still going to be knee-deep in royal sh-t during the Met Gala, of course, but it will be fun.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen some comments – here and other places – about Meghan Markle’s faith. There was some gossip that Meghan’s father is Jewish, just as there was some gossip that Meghan “converted” to Judaism when she married her first husband, Trevor Engleson (who is Jewish). Converting to Judaism is a formal process and it’s not like the loosey-goosey conversion to Church of England, which is basically just being baptized/christened, right? To convert to Judaism, there’s a whole long process. So there were questions about whether Meghan was Jewish to start with or whether she converted to marry Trevor. Well, as it turns out, all of that was just internet rumors. Immediately following the engagement announcement, her publicist told media outlets that, once and for all, Meghan is NOT Jewish. In any case, she’s going to convert to the CoE to marry Prince Harry! And now the Archbishop of Canterbury won’t shut up about how Harry and Meg are committing themselves to God and each other. Sure, Jan.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are showing a “profound sense of commitment” to each other and to marrying in the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury said on Thursday. Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, who was named the Archbishop of Canterbury in 2013, has met Harry several times and says that the couple is not going through with a grand religious service out of a sense of tradition.

“I am very, very sure after conversations that this is no tick-box exercise of ‘We ought to get married in church,’ ” he told BBC Radio Four’s Today program. “There is a profound sense of commitment, of seriousness both about faith and about their lives together which is quite inspirational.”

Meghan will be baptized and confirmed in the Church of England before her May wedding. The former Suits actress‘ father is Presbyterian and her mother is a Protestant. Harry — whose grandmother Queen Elizabeth II is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England — was baptized as an Anglican shortly after he was born.

Welby says he doesn’t know if he will marry the couple at St. George’s Chapel in May. “I think that’s up to them,” he told the BBC, but he adds the celebration will be a “beautiful moment” that will undoubtedly be watched by millions around the world.

“Of course it’s important because people will look at it and they’ll see a model of how two people commit their lives to one another before God, in the presence of millions of people,” Welby said. “That’s going to be wonderful, it’s always a beautiful moment. Every wedding is profoundly beautiful.”

[From People]

Her father is Presbyterian?? Hm. Anyway, I think this is what the Archbishop of Canterbury needs to tell himself about Harry and Meg. I don’t think either of them are godless heathens or whatever, but I’d be willing to bet that Meghan is merely converting to CoE because, oh right, she’s marrying a prince in the immediate line of succession. She’s not converting out of a sense of “wow, the Church of England is the only true religion!” at least that’s what I think. In any case, mazel tov to them.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle Nottingham

Photos courtesy of WENN.
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Visit Nottingham Prince Harry Meghan Markle Nottingham

The Sweet and Uplifting Way Princess Diana Told William About His Father’s Affair

Prince William had an especially close bond with his late mother, Princess Diana, and has talked openly about their close relationship in recent months ahead of the 20th anniversary of her tragic death. While William hasn't been quite as outspoken about the impact that his parents' divorce had on him and his brother, Prince Harry, there are a few instances that likely influenced and cemented the connection he had with Diana at the time.

Diana and Prince Charles separated in 1992 amid rumors of infidelity on both sides, but particularly concerning Charles's ongoing affair with former girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles. It was in 1986 that Charles rekindled their romance, and when Diana caught wind of it, she didn't back down; the normally shy princess pulled a badass move when she confronted Camilla (at her sister's birthday party, no less) about the affair, destroying what little harmony was left in her marriage. By 1995, Diana made another brazen gesture when she did a sit-down, televised interview with BBC's Martin Bashir. In it, she not only made the infamous quote, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded," but she also revealed that she told William, then 13, about his father's extramarital affair. "I told William, 'If you find someone you love in life, you must hang onto it and look after it,'" Diana said. "'And if you are lucky enough to find someone who loves you, then you must protect it.'"

She went on to admit that she didn't want to end the marriage, saying, "I don't want a divorce, but, obviously, we need clarity on a situation that has been of enormous discussion over the last three years," adding, "I await my husband's decision of which way we are all going to go." In an unprecedented move, the queen sent letters to Diana and Charles requesting that they divorce immediately. The divorce was finalized on Aug. 28, 1996, and Diana was killed in a car accident almost one year later. And judging by William's picture-perfect relationship with wife Kate Middleton, we have to imagine that he has taken his mother's advice to heart.

The Most Memorable Royal Christmas Quotes

The royal family are fiercely protective over the time they get to spend together privately, and Christmas is no exception. Very few pictures exist from inside a royal festive celebration, and over the years they have all kept pretty tight-lipped about it too. However, occasionally they will let slip a little tidbit of information or share an insight into their feelings about the big day. Here we've rounded up all the times the royals have spoken about the most magical time of the year.

Image Source: Getty / WPA Pool

The queen, 2015: "At this time of year, few sights evoke more feelings of cheer and goodwill than the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree. One of the joys of living a long life is watching one's children, then grandchildren, then great-grandchildren, help decorate the Christmas tree. And this year my family has a new member [Princess Charlotte] to join in the fun. There's an old saying that 'it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.' There are millions of people lighting candles of hope in our world today. Christmas is a good time to be thankful for them, and for all that brings light to our lives."

In 1939 when the Second World War began and Britain saw three kings, the newly acceded and not yet crowned King George VI took to the airwaves as he clearly worked hard to control his stammer: "The festival which we all know as Christmas is, above all, the festival of peace and of the home. Among all free peoples the love of peace is profound, for this alone gives security to the home."

Equally moving was what was to become King George's final Christmas message in 1951. The effects of his throat cancer can clearly be heard as he spoke: "Though we live in hard and critical times, Christmas is - and always will be - the time when we can count our blessings . . . I myself have every cause for deep thankfulness, for not only - by the grace of God and through the faithful skill of my doctors, surgeons, and nurses - have I come through my illness, but I have learned once again that it is in bad times that we value most highly the support and sympathy of our friends."

Image Source: Getty /Chris Jackson

Prince Harry speaking just before the Christmas he was in Afghanistan, 2012: "There are less patrols - no one really goes out patrolling. So there's no guys on the ground, which reduces the number of us having to go out." The prince also revealed his father Prince Charles had sent him Clarence House honey and Cuban cigars, which he traded with US service-people for some of the treats they'd been sent.

Sarah Ferguson on the royal family's traditional Christmas Eve meal: "You never let the queen beat you down for dinner, end of story. To come in any later would be unimaginably disrespectful."

Image Source: Getty / Handout

Prince William on Christmas in 2015: "If I get any sleep on Christmas Eve it'll be good, because George will be bouncing around like a rabbit. I think George will be extremely bouncy this year because he's suddenly worked out what Christmas is all about . . . We'll go to church as a family on Christmas Day, as we always do. Then we'll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them. It's a very different experience at Christmas, having a family of your own. It'd be nice if we got a white Christmas because we haven't had one in many years."

Princess Diana in 1985: "A parcel of any shape or form has never been safe with me and I fear that William has also picked up this dreadful habit from his mother, as I find wrapping paper undone in the most extraordinary places!"

Viscount Linley on the royal family opening their gifts: "Total uproar."

Image Source: Getty / Chris Jackson

Kate Middleton on her first Christmas at Sandringham: "I can remember being at Sandringham for the first time at Christmas, and I was worried what to give the Queen as her Christmas present . . . I thought back to what would I give my own grandparents. And I thought, 'I'll make her something.' Which could have gone horribly wrong. But I decided to make my granny's recipe of chutney. I was slightly worried about it, but I noticed the next day that it was on the table."

Zara Tindall on Christmas in 2015: "Having all the generations of my family together at Christmas is my favorite part of the season. It's a time of year that is about being with people you love, great food, and loads of games to play. Christmas takes on a new magic when you have children. Mia will share this Christmas with lots of her cousins, some very close in age to her, and I think this year will be the one when she really starts to understand it all."

Christina Hendricks Brings Out the Big Guns for Show

You'd hate to say a thespianic talent and beauty was known primarily for one thing, but in the case of Christina Hendricks, her overwhelmingly alluring twin set of massive...

Demi Lovato

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Hannah Simone

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Set the Date For Their Wedding

We have a royal wedding date! Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced that they will wed at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle on May 19, 2018. Kensington Palace announced the news with a statement on Twitter, accompanied by a picture of the happy couple.

Harry and Meghan announced their engagement at the end of November and wasted no time in making their first official appearance together and taking part in their first TV interview as a couple. They'll soon spend Christmas together as guests of the Queen and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

USC Petitioning To Have Bryan Singer’s Name Removed From School Following Rape Allegations


Students at the University of Southern California have created a petition to have Bryan Singer’s name removed from the university’s film school amidst sexual harassment allegations. Singer has been accused of numerous sexual crimes, including raping a 17-year-old boy.

Following the allegations against Singer, he was forced to step down from directing the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.  After Singer’s departure, Fox hired Dexter Fletcher (Eddie The Eagle) to replace him.

According to the petition posted to Change.org, the students at USC are calling for Singer’s named to be removed from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. Singer, director of films such as The Usual Suspects and X-Men, has recently been accused of sexual harassment and assault multiple times.

In 2014, Singer’s film X-Men: Days of Future Past was nearly called ouff when actor Michael Egan III filed a civil suit alleging that Singer drugged him and “forced him into sex at parties in Encino and Hawaii — starting when Egan was only 15.”

The university recently denied a $5 million donation from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, a decision which the students “applaud”.

via Change.org:

We, the students of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, are formally requesting that Bryan Singer’s name be removed from our Division of Cinema and Media Studies. It is completely unacceptable that this prestigious department within our school still carries the name of Bryan Singer, a man accused multiple times of sexual harassment, assault, and pedophilia.

Despite Singer’s philanthropic work for SCA, having his name attached to a division of the School of Cinematic Arts gives the impression that we, both as an institution and as members of the entertainment industry, value his financial contributions over the safety, respect and future of students. It sets a precedent of lenience for sexual criminals and further undermines the visibility and respect that victims of harassment and assault deserve.

Sexual harassment and assault are prevalent issues in Hollywood, the entertainment industry, and the American workplace as a whole, and they require action to catalyze change, little by little. By continuing to associate Mr. Singer’s name with our university, USC is openly supporting a man who has been publicly accused of reprehensible sexual misconduct. As USC students and alumni, we hold ourselves to a standard of respect, and the SCA administration’s actions are not representative of that standard. We applaud USC and SCA for refusing Harvey Weinstein’s donation; however, this division name change is overdue, and it is a gross administrative error that it has been allowed to remain. It is only consistent with our institutional morality to make this change.

As students of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, we implore Dean Elizabeth Daley and the appropriate administration to change the name of the Bryan Singer Division of Cinema & Media Studies to simply the SCA Division of Cinema & Media Studies. Our university should promote education, respect, and consent, as well as prepare its students to be model members of the USC and entertainment communities, and this continued relationship with Mr. Singer publicly negates those values.

As of the time of this writing, the petition has over 4400 signatures.

Dave Bedrosian/WENN

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes celebrated his 50th birthday together

Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

Entertainment-dom’s most low-key couple, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx, got together this week to celebrate Jamie’s 50th birthday – along with a bevy of famous folks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire were among the guests in attendance at Jamie’s big bash, which was held at Paramount Studios in LA. Jamie entertained the crowd, rapping and performing a cover of the Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” with the help of friends Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and Ludacris. Katie was also on the guest list, and a source told PEOPLE that “They walked in together. They mostly mingled with other guests, and spent very little alone time. It was obvious that Jamie had a great birthday. Katie looked like she had fun as well. She looked gorgeous.” Party guests not only got an impromptu concert, they also noshed on nachos, burgers and burritos and Jamie indulged in gold-dipped strawberries to ring in the golden anniversary of his birth. One guest told E! News that “it was the best party ever.”

Entertainment Tonight reports that Jamie also took a moment to serenade his lady love during his b-day concert. An attendee told ET that “Even when on stage he would look over and point at her and then smile. She would smile back.” The Daily Mail posted some photos of the couple from the party and they really do look happy and in love. Speaking of love, Katie’s new short hairdo looks fantastic on her.

At an earlier celebration that night, Jamie, sans Katie, celebrated with family and friends, including his daughters, 23-year-old Corinne Fox and eight-year-old Annalise Bishop. They brought Dad a cake with a hilarious throwback photo and the frosting inscription “Happy 25×2.” Actress and Jamie’s co-star from The Jaime Foxx Show, Garcelle Beauvais, posted a pic of Jamie and the baked treat on her Instagram with a caption wishing Jamie a happy day. Enjoy the 80s deliciousness of that cake.

I’m sorry, but I kind of don’t get these two. Katie and Jamie pretty much made their relationship “paparazzi public” when they were spotted holding hands together back in September, but they’re still just at meaningful glances and smiles? It’s cool that they’re keeping things on the DL, but no PDA? At all? I do hope they’re happy. And happy birthday Jamie – he looks fabulous at 50 – and since escaping the grasp of Xenu, Katie has looked radiant. They seem to make a good couple, even if they are never really seen together.

Z100's Jingle Ball 2017

2017 American Music (AMA) Awards

Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event Z100's Jingle Ball 2017 2017 American Music (AMA) Awards Prive Revaux Eyewear's New York Flagship Launch Event

Photos: WENN.com

Morena Baccarin

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Amy Smart’s Husband Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By Female Employee!

Amy Smart Husband Sexual Misconduct

Amy Smart’s Husband, Trading Spaces star Carter Oosterhouse was just accused of sexual harassment by a makeup artist that worked on his show.

The woman, Kailey Kaminsky, told The Hollywood Reporter that the actor pressured her into performing oral sex on him while on set in 2008.

Kaminsky said that the first inappropriate encounter occurred when Oosterhouse, 41, allegedly told her to perform the sexual act on him while running errand for their show.

“He’s like, ‘You know what would be a good idea?’ If you went down on me,’” she said. “I was shocked — it was so random. I said, in my sarcastic way, ‘Well, that’s not sexual harassment at all.’ He said, ‘I just think it would be fun.’ I made it clear that I did not think it would be fun. Still, I thought he was just goofing around.”

PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Shocking Sex Scandal: Inside Rape & Abuse Claims Against Harvey Weinstein

Kaminsky – who identifies as a lesbian – claimed she refused, but Oosterhouse kept trying. Eventually, he reportedly even threatened her position in the company.

“Do you enjoy your job?” he allegedly asked her. “I said I did and in fact would like to work more, handling more of his personal appearances outside of the show. He said, ‘Well, I can help you with that. But you need to do something for me,’” said Kaminsky to THR.

She added that the show star always wanted to finish on her face, an act which made her feel like “a prostitute.”

Kaminsky continued, saying that she developed anxiety and depression from the allegedly toxic sexual relationship, and eventually was not invited back on set.

“I developed this stomach ulcer, something I’d never had before, and was hospitalized for a week,” she said. “I kept beating myself up psychologically — that I was nothing but a prostitute. And the longer this went on, the less he would allow me to do my job. If I wanted to step in and touch up his hair and powder, he would push me away.”

Oosterhouse has denied all claims of unwanted sexual contact, saying that he and Kaminsky were in a mutual sexual relationship nine years ago.

PHOTOS: Lipgate Lies! Kylie Jenner ‘Forced’ Into Coming Clean About Lip Enhancement Surgery After Fan Backlash — 10 Photos Of Her Fakery

“I did say I thought it was mutual — because it was,” he told THR, adding that he was upset Kaminsky was going through a hard time and only wished her the best.

A show producer agreed with Oosterhouse’s response, saying they knew of the actor’s relationship with Kaminsky, but not once did he believe it was abusive.

Stay with Radar for updates.

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Taylor Swift Is ‘Happiest I’ve Ever Seen Her’ With Joe Alwyn, Says Pal

Taylor Swift Happy With Joe Alwyn

Taylor Swift Is the ‘Happiest I’ve Ever Seen Her,’ Says Pal Todrick Hall (Us Weekly)

Kourtney Kardashian Snubs Lisa Vanderpump In Cringe Worthy Video (Ok!)

Look At J. Lo’s Mini-Me Daughter All Grown Up! (Star)

Inside What Really Killed Carrie Fisher (National Enquirer)

Victoria Justice

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Mario Batali Fired From ‘The Chew’ After Sexual Misconduct Claims

Mario Batali Fired From The Chew Sexual Misconduct

Mario Batali, was fired from The Chew – days after his sexual misconduct scandal. As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the beloved celebrity chef and TV personality was accused of inappropriately touching four women over the span of twenty years. The network conducted an investigation into the alleged victims’ claims and decided to dismiss their star from their hit show.

“Upon completing its review into the allegations made against Mario Batali, ABC has terminated its relationship with him and he will no longer appear on The Chew. While we remain unaware of any type of inappropriate behavior involving him and anyone affiliated with our show, ABC takes matters like this very seriously as we are committed to a safe work environment and his past behavior violates our standards of conduct,” an ABC spokesperson told ET in a statement this Thursday.

After the news broke of his alleged sexual misconduct, Batali, 57, apologized to his victims, saying he would work on himself and step away from his restaurant empire. He did not deny the claims.

PHOTOS: You’re Fired! Kim Kardashian & Her Sister Want Momager Kris Jenner Out — 7 Reasons Why

I apologize to the people I have mistreated and hurt. Although the identities of most of the individuals mentioned in these stories have not been revealed to me, much of the behavior described does, in fact, match up with ways I have acted. That behavior was wrong and there are no excuses. I take full responsibility and am deeply sorry for any pain, humiliation or discomfort I have caused to my peers, employees, customers, friends and family,” he said in a statement this Monday.

Are you surprised Mario Batali got fired from The Chew after his sexual misconduct scandal? Let us know in the comments below.

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Matt Damon worries that the #MeToo movement is going to get out of hand

Embed from Getty Images

Matt Damon spent October in a haze of denial, his shifting stories coming across as less and less believable as he tried to explain what he knew and when he knew it about Harvey Weinstein. His first version was that he never knew anything about anything with Weinstein. Then he admitted that, oh right, Ben Affleck had told him that Weinstein had harassed Gwyneth Paltrow. Then Matt settled on a defense of “well I never saw Harvey Weinstein rape anyone right in front of me.” To be clear, Matt Damon is not responsible for Harvey Weinstein. But it came across as really sh-tty for Matt to play dumb, like he had been consciously oblivious to everything bad about Weinstein.

Well, Matt Damon is currently promoting Downsizing. He’s being very quiet about it, hoping that he doesn’t get any questions about Weinstein. He sat down for an interview on Popcorn with Peter Travers, and it ended up being a rather in-depth conversation about Weinstein and the unfolding Sex Predator-gate 2017 bulls–t. You can see the interview here. There’s a ton of really f–king problematic sh-t here, quite honestly. Okay, deep breath. Let’s get started.

Matt thinks people need to moderate their reactions depending on the abuse: “I think it’s wonderful that women are feeling empowered to tell their stories, and it’s totally necessary … I do believe that there’s a spectrum of behavior, right? And we’re going to have to figure — you know, there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right? You know, we see somebody like Al Franken, right? — I personally would have preferred if they had an Ethics Committee investigation, you know what I mean? It’s like at what point — you know, we’re so energized to kind of get retribution, I think. And we live in this culture of outrage and injury, and, you know, that we’re going to have to correct enough to kind of go, “Wait a minute. None of us came here perfect.”

On Louis CK: “The Louis C.K. thing, I don’t know all the details. I don’t do deep dives on this, but I did see his statement, which kind of, which [was] arresting to me. When he came out and said, “I did this. I did these things. These women are all telling the truth.” And I just remember thinking, “Well, that’s the sign of somebody who — well, we can work with that” … Like, when I’m raising my kids, this constant personal responsibility is as important as anything else they learn before they go off in the world.

The continuum of abuse: “I mean, look, as I said, all of that behavior needs to be confronted, but there is a continuum. And on this end of the continuum where you have rape and child molestation or whatever, you know, that’s prison. Right? And that’s what needs to happen. OK? And then we can talk about rehabilitation and everything else. That’s criminal behavior, and it needs to be dealt with that way. The other stuff is just kind of shameful and gross, and I just think … I don’t know Louis C.K.. I’ve never met him. I’m a fan of his, but I don’t imagine he’s going to do those things again. You know what I mean? I imagine the price that he’s paid at this point is so beyond anything that he — I just think that we have to kind of start delineating between what these behaviors are.

Al Franken & Harvey Weinstein are different: “When you see Al Franken taking a picture putting his hands on that woman’s flak jacket and mugging for the camera, going like that, you know, that is just like a terrible joke, and it’s not funny. It’s wrong, and he shouldn’t have done that … But when you talk about Harvey and what he’s accused of, there are no pictures of that. He knew he was up to no good. There’s no witnesses. There’s no pictures. There’s no braggadocio … So they don’t belong in the same category.

On the rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein: “Nobody who made movies for him knew … Any human being would have put a stop to that, no matter who he was. They would’ve said absolutely no. You know what I mean? … I knew I wouldn’t want him married to anyone close to me. But that was the extent of what we knew, you know? And that wasn’t a surprise to anybody. So when you hear Harvey this, Harvey that — I mean, look at the guy. Of course he’s a womanizer … I mean, I don’t hang out with him…. So the question is, at what point does somebody’s behavior that you have a professional relationship with … away from the profession bother enough that you don’t want to work with them? For me, I’ve always kind of, you know, as long as nobody’s committing a crime — well, that’s your life, and you go live it. I don’t need to be spending time with you, away from my professional life, at least.

What he would do if a friend came to him with a #MeToo story: “It depends on what the accusation is. It depends what’s going on. If it’s a friend of mine, I’m always talking to them. I know the real story if it’s my friend. If it’s a colleague … I don’t know … I guess it depends on the situation and the allegation and how believable I think it is.

On confidentiality agreements: “I also think the day of the confidentiality agreements is over. I think it’s just completely over. Ten years ago, you made a claim against me and I had a big movie coming out, OK? I have $100 million or I have a movie that is personally important to me coming out, and close to the release of that film, you say, “Matt Damon grabbed my butt and stuck his tongue down my throat.” We would then go to mediation and organize a settlement. I’d go, “I don’t want this out there. Peter’s going to go out and talk to the press and run his mouth, and it’s going to be overshadowing the opening of this movie. How much money do you want?” The lawyers would get together, and they do this cost-benefit analysis, and they’d go, “Oh, this is what it’s worth.” And I look at the number and go, “OK, I’ll pay it, but you can never talk about this again. You’re f—— lying about this, but never talk about this again. Now … with social media, these stories get — it’s like they get gasoline poured on them. So the moment a claim is made, if you make that same claim today to me, I would be scorched earth. I’d go, “I don’t care if it costs $10 million to fight this in court with you for 10 years, you are not taking my name from me. You are not taking my name and my reputation from me. I’ve worked too hard for it. And I earned it. You can’t just blow me up like that.” So I think once a claim is made, there will no longer be settlements. That’s just my prediction, I mean, just based on what I’ve seen.

[From ABC News]

I’m so f–king tired of all of this, this entitled white male privilege and bullsh-t and assholery. I was done with this as soon as he started defending Louis CK’s character, but he just kept digging and digging. If you go to Matt Damon and tell him that one of his bros groped you, he would be like “well, I don’t know you well enough to believe you, and anyway it’s just a sexual assault, it’s not like you were raped, so you need to shut up. And I hope he sues you for saying that.” That’s basically it. I am so tired of this. I’m so tired of him. He is the problem. Dear commenters: light him up. Scorched earth style.

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Los Angeles Premiere of 'Suburbicon' - Arrivals Matt Damon signs autographs at LAX Airport

Birthday Sluts


Don Johnson (68)
Michelle Dockery (36)
Camilla Luddington (34)
Charlie Cox (35)
Brendan Fletcher (36)
Adam Brody (38)
Geoff Stults (40)
Surya Bonaly (44)
Stuart Townsend (45)
Imani (46)
Michael Shanks (47)
Helen Slater (54)
Donna Brazile (58)
John Lee Hancock, Jr. (61)
William Orbit (61)
Julie Taymor (65)
Rodney Bingenheimer (70)
Dave Clark (75)
Cindy Birdsong (78)
Tim Conway (84)

Pic: Playgirl/SO

Birthday Sluts


Don Johnson (68)
Michelle Dockery (36)
Camilla Luddington (34)
Charlie Cox (35)
Brendan Fletcher (36)
Adam Brody (38)
Geoff Stults (40)
Surya Bonaly (44)
Stuart Townsend (45)
Imani (46)
Michael Shanks (47)
Helen Slater (54)
Donna Brazile (58)
John Lee Hancock, Jr. (61)
William Orbit (61)
Julie Taymor (65)
Rodney Bingenheimer (70)
Dave Clark (75)
Cindy Birdsong (78)
Tim Conway (84)

Pic: Playgirl/SO

A <em>Game of Thrones</em> Actor Just Revealed an Interesting Season 8 Spoiler

Fridays are great, but you know what would make them even better? Well, specifically this Friday? A Game of Thrones Season 8 spoiler. It's been so long since we've had one of those and if you're anything like me, then you're in desperate need of some GoT news.

Thankfully, we have one of our most exciting Season 8 spoilers yet and it comes courtesy of John Bradley, who plays the bookish Maester-wannabe Samwell Tarly. Bradley recently sat down with TV Guide to chat about the show in seasons past, but during his interview, he managed to let slip a fresh and mysterious Season 8 spoiler that will have you scratching your head until the season actually premieres.

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While he couldn't reveal too much, Bradley was able to tell TV Guide that Season 8 would provide major tests for each character and further change them.

"Each of the characters this year is placed in a completely alien environment at some point in the season that they've never been placed in before," he explained. "The thrill is seeing how they react to it and how they respond...This season, I think, more than any other is stretching these characters."

Not to get too, too tinfoil hat about the whole thing but it's very interesting that Bradley uses the phrase "alien environment," since that could refer to a couple of things. Firstly, it's inevitable that the characters in GoT will be plunged into war, which is something only a few characters — namely Jaime, Tyrion, Jon and Daenerys — have had a taste of. War can certainly feel alienating and there's no doubt it will test each of the characters.

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Additionally, "alien environment" could refer to a literal location. While GoT hasn't been afraid to push its horizons wider and wider with each season, giving us a better sense of what the worlds of Westeros and Essos are like, there's definitely more to be explored. Going north of The Wall is certainly an option, perhaps someone will return to Dorne (a land we rarely get to see), or maybe we'll go somewhere we haven't seen yet.

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But Bradley's final words on Season 8 perhaps best sum up how all GoT fans feel about this show, regardless of who we're cheering on or theorizing about: "We want to give people a payoff that they're going to be happy with. We know how militantly passionate the fans of this show can be — in a good way — and we just kind of want to give them an ending that they deserve."

Dustin Hoffman is basically Roy Moore, only without the ban at his local mall

70th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Meyerowitz Stories' - Premiere

Dustin Hoffman is a garbage dump of a human being. I’m now convinced that he’s basically Roy Moore, only with two Oscars. The same sense of unjustified indignation runs through both predators, a sense that HOW DARE YOU for questioning them and their methods. At least Roy Moore’s community had the decency to ban him from the mall for preying on little girls. Dustin Hoffman got to keep on working for decades, using theaters and TV sets and film sets as his hunting ground. Variety published a new article in which they speak to three women who detail the ways in which Dustin Hoffman assaulted them. You can read the full Variety piece here. What I learned from the Variety article:

Cori Thomas was a 16-year-old friend of Hoffman’s daughter, and Hoffman used his daughter as bait to abuse Cori. He took his daughter and Cori out for the day in New York, then manipulated Cori into being in a hotel room alone with him. She was waiting for her parents to come pick her up when Hoffman took a shower, then came into the room wearing nothing but a towel, which he then dropped. He paraded around her naked, then asked her to massage his feet. She did, and he kept trying to come on to her and abuse her further.

Melissa Kester was a recent college graduate living in LA when Hoffman was in post-production on Ishtar. Kester was dating a guy who was working on the music for Ishtar. Hoffman showed interest in her the first few times they met, but she thought his interest in her was genuine, that he wanted to know her as a person. One day, Hoffman was in the recording booth and he – seemingly jokingly – requested that Melissa come into the isolated booth with him. She did. Once he got her alone in the booth, he sexually assaulted her, sticking his hand down her pants. She says she felt like she had been raped. Hoffman kept calling her after the assault until she told him to stop.

A third woman asked to remain anonymous told Variety that she was 22 years old when she was working on Ishtar in New York. Hoffman started flirting with her on the set, he invited her to eat lunch in his dressing room. A week later, Hoffman invited her to the set, and he showed her around, trying to impress her. He invited her to the wrap party and kept his eye on her. At 1 am, he offered her a ride home. In the back of a station wagon (which was being chauffeured), he sexually assaulted her, once again sticking his hand where it didn’t belong.

The Hollywood Reporter has a thorough recap of all of the allegations against Hoffman, which you can read here if you have the stomach for it. Included in the summary is one account I had not previously read – a woman named Pauline says that when she was 15 years old, Hoffman befriended her, spent time with her (grooming her), and then manipulated her into being alone with him in his apartment… where he then exposed himself to her and forced her to watch him masturbate. SHE WAS 15. THR has an additional account with another woman who wants to remain anonymous – she was 21 when Hoffman basically coerced her into oral sex.

God, I wish John Oliver had gone even harder on Hoffman now.

70th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Meyerowitz Stories' - Photocall

Photos courtesy of WENN.
70th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Meyerowitz Stories' - Photocall 70th Cannes Film Festival - 'The Meyerowitz Stories' - Premiere

Is Oscar Isaac Married? Here’s What We Know About His Love Life

Like Oscar Isaac himself, the actor's dating life has been quite a mystery over the years, and it's about time we worked it all out. Although fans would like to believe that the Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor is in fact their boyfriend, he is actually taken . . . but is he married?

The short answer is that no, Oscar is not married, but we're sorry to report that he is definitely taken. Before we talk about the lucky lady who is currently attached to the X-Men: Apocalypse actor, let's break down what we know about his past romances.

While the Guatemala native has keep his personal life very private since he began acting - and making female fans swoon - he has been linked to at least one woman before his current flame that the press has been able to identify and follow closely.

According to numerous publications, Oscar's most public relationship was with Maria Miranda, who was reportedly his childhood sweetheart, and took place sometime in the early '00s. The two were very secretive and serious, so much so that the couple reportedly got engaged in 2007, but as far as anyone can tell they never tied the knot.

Although a few publications continued to report that Oscar and Miranda were an item well into 2015, based on photographs, they were actually identifying the wrong woman. Instead, Oscar began dating Elvira Lind - who he is currently in a relationship with - back around that time, which would make the couple an item beginning at least in January 2015.

What we know about The Promise actor and his current love, Elvira, who is a documentary filmmaker (her most-recent film, Bobbie Jene, was featured at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2017), is that the two are forever linked. The couple met more than five years ago, and have worked together in the past, creating a website called Staircase Sessions full of music acoustic videos beginning in 2013.

They've been together for at least three years, making their first public appearance at the Golden Globes in January 2016 - and simultaneously breaking hearts and making us love him even more, when the two kissed before Oscar received his award for Show Me a Hero. Then, in Spring 2017 they welcomed their first child together, making Oscar not only a hot actor, but a hot dad.

So there you have it: Oscar is not married, but he does have a child with his girlfriend Elvira, and we are so happy for this adorable little family . . . and maybe just a little jealous that it's not us.

Paul Ryan doesn’t want to be Speaker of the House after the 2018 midterms

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Paul Ryan is a weasel. He is a coward. He is a hypocrite. He doesn’t give a sh-t about anybody other than his wealthiest donors. He actually makes me miss poor ol’ weeping John Boehner (who was also good for nothing). Paul Ryan assumed the role of Speaker of the House after Boehner got the f–k out of Dodge in the fall of 2015. Ryan’s tenure as Speaker has been unnotable. As in, the only thing Ryan has accomplished is “pandering to the worst elements of his own suicidal caucus so they don’t kick him out of the Speakership.” Ryan has no moral authority, no backbone, and there’s no there there. He’s like an overgrown frat boy hellbent on mansplaining how social programs actually go against the teachings of Jesus. Anyway, it seems like Paul Ryan doesn’t want to stick around the Speaker’s office much longer. From Politico:

Tinkering with the social safety net is a bold undertaking, particularly in an election year. But Ryan has good reason for throwing caution to the wind: His time in Congress is running short.

Despite several landmark legislative wins this year, and a better-than-expected relationship with President Donald Trump, Ryan has made it known to some of his closest confidants that this will be his final term as speaker. He consults a small crew of family, friends and staff for career advice, and is always cautious not to telegraph his political maneuvers. But the expectation of his impending departure has escaped the hushed confines of Ryan’s inner circle and permeated the upper-most echelons of the GOP. In recent interviews with three dozen people who know the speaker—fellow lawmakers, congressional and administration aides, conservative intellectuals and Republican lobbyists—not a single person believed Ryan will stay in Congress past 2018.

Ryan was tiring of D.C. even before reluctantly accepting the speakership. He told his predecessor, John Boehner, that it would be his last job in politics—and that it wasn’t a long-term proposition. In the months following Trump’s victory, he began contemplating the scenarios of his departure. More recently, over closely held conversations with his kitchen cabinet, Ryan’s preference has become clear: He would like to serve through Election Day 2018 and retire ahead of the next Congress. This would give Ryan a final legislative year to chase his second white whale, entitlement reform, while using his unrivaled fundraising prowess to help protect the House majority—all with the benefit of averting an ugly internecine power struggle during election season.

[From Politico]

First of all, WTF is this? “Despite several landmark legislative wins this year…” Like what? I’m really asking. The multiple attempts to kneecap Obamacare made the ACA more popular than ever. The disgusting tax bill is falling apart in committee. Speaker Ryan can’t even lead his caucus to an agreement that, like, neo-Nazism is bad. And because every white bro is bound and determined to go out in a destructive blaze of glory, Ryan wants his coup de grace to be “dismantling entitlement programs.” Because why not? Ugh. Speaking of Medicare and Social Security, Ryan said this in a press conference on Thursday:

“This is going to be the new economic challenge for America: people. Baby boomers are retiring — I did my part, but we need to have higher birth rates in this country,” Ryan, a father of three, told reporters as he riffed on how Republicans will tackle entitlement and welfare reform in 2018. “Baby boomers are retiring and we have fewer people following them in the workforce. We have something like a 90-percent increase in the retirement population of America but only a 19-percent increase in the working population in American. So what do we have to do? Be smarter, more efficient, more technology … still gonna need more people.”

[From The Hill]

That’s the kind of speech men make right before they declare uteruses to be property of the government, outlaw abortion and birth control and just start to Handmaid’s Tale this entire country. The answer to “how do we get more people/taxpayers/citizens/workers into the country?” is also pretty simple: we need to let in more immigrants. We need to have a more robust immigration system. But I guess Paul Ryan has never thought of that. Also: what self-respecting, birth-control-hating Catholic – who has been married for 17 years – only has THREE kids to show for it?

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Harry and Meghan’s Road to Romance: See How Their Lives Intertwined, Side by Side

Separated by an ocean and born three years apart, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle led very different lives - until in 2016, when the stars aligned, a mutual friend acted as matchmaker, and they met for the first time. So at pivotal times in their lives, what was happening with the other at the exact same time? What was Harry's life like when Meghan was dealing with her parent's separation, and what was Meghan doing when Harry's parents split? What was Meghan up to when Harry was serving in Afghanistan, and how was Harry spending his time when Meghan landed her first big acting role in Suits? We're taking a look at their individual roads to romance.

Net Neutrality was overturned by the FCC in a 3 to 2 vote yesterday

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Because we can’t take a step forward without being shoved back into a muddy puddle almost immediately, the FCC overturned net neutrality yesterday, as was widely expected. Three Republican men on the five person FCC panel made the decision to dismantle consumer protections and disable a free and open internet despite widespread bipartisan outcry against it. I watched the entire hearing yesterday and all of the panelists who voted to overturn Net Neutrality characterized the opposition as alarmist and out of touch. Several cited the profane comments they received, and all three showed disdain for the public, promising that the free market would correct itself and that we could trust the telecom industry to regulate itself. (If you’re not familiar with net neutrality it’s a measure enacted in 2015 that classifies internet service providers as telecom utilities under government regulation. It requires ISPs to treat all websites equally and not to disable access or slow down access to certain sites. You can read more about net neutrality and why it matters here, on Vox.)

The two Democratic women on the FCC panel were the sole dissenters, Commissioners Rosenworcel and Clyburn, and they were impassioned and convincing on behalf of the public. As Commissioner Clyburn stated, “the fix was in” however and there was nothing they could do. It’s almost as if it didn’t matter at all that the public was rallying against this measure. Incidentally, there was fraud in the online comments submitted on the measure, with Russian bots and comments made using stolen identities. For this reason alone the vote should have been delayed, but the men who were dead set on pushing it through used it as an excuse to disregard the majority opinion. 18 Attorneys general requested that the FCC delay this vote due to commenting fraud and identity theft, a federal crime, and were ultimately ignored. The FCC has not held one public hearing on this sweeping measure that affects all Americans with Internet access.

The new FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, was of course appointed by Trump and used to be Verizon’s chief counsel. He argued repeatedly that the telecoms couldn’t expand broadband access and invest in their networks unless the government let them do whatever they wanted to consumers. His comments were woefully out of touch and ignored the concerns of millions of Americans that their Internet access would be heavily controlled by a small handful of corporations.

I take comfort in Commissioner Clyburn’s promise that “the fight to save net neutrality does not end today” and that “the agency does not have the final word.” Commissioner Rosenworcel was equally badass, promising that she’s “not going to give up” and telling us to persist. “If the arc of history is long, we are going to bend this toward a more just outcome… Let’s persist, let’s fight, let’s not stop here or now. It’s too important, the future depends on it.

Legal challenges will of course be mounted against this. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is suing the FCC and hopefully more attorneys general will follow suit. What’s more is that, by disabling net neutrality, Pajit may have screwed the Republican party more than they’re already screwed. Net neutrality is an issue that 83% of voters support and this will hopefully propel us to victory in the 2018 elections, when Congress can wipe this disgusting decision off the books.

Also, this is the kind of asshattery that Pai thinks is funny and cute. This is an actual video he made to convince the public that dismantling net neutrality is a good idea. He thinks he’s parodying himself I guess, but instead he’s showing that he thinks consumer protections and the Internet are a joke. (Note that Youtube deleted the primary copy of this, the one on the main page of Reddit, after a copyright claim.)

Let’s end with these comments from Commissioner Clyburn. I was so impressed by her and by Commissioner Rosenworcel.

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George Clooney Gave 14 of His Friend $1 Million Dollars As a Gift

Is George Clooney the most generous friend ever? George's business partner Rande Gerber recently revealed that back in 2013, George gifted 14 of his closest friends $1 million each. Gerber told MSNBC's Headliners that George invited "the boys" round for dinner, and left designer luggage at each place setting. On opening the bags, each friend found $1 million in $20 bills. Gerber (with whom George launched Casamigos Tequila) attempted to refuse the gift, but George argued that if Rande didn't accept the money, nobody would get it.

Gerber explained that at the time, some of their friends were going through difficult times, struggling to make ends meet. George made the gesture as a thank you for the help each of the friends had given him in the past when he was in a similar position, saying: "I want you guys to know how much you've meant to me and how much you mean to me in my life. I came to L.A., I slept on your couch. I'm so fortunate in my life to have all of you and I couldn't be where I am today without all of you."

George and his wife Amal, who is a human rights attorney, are known for their generosity and philanthropy. They have made many generous donations to charities and worthy causes, and take every opportunity to speak out about causes that are important to them. Earlier this year it was revealed that they took in an refugee from Iraq, who is now attending the University of Chicago.

#GlobesBlackout: Actresses plan to wear black to the Golden Globes for solidarity

Angelina Jolie

There were several stark and conversation-altering moments in the 2017 Oscar season. Meryl Streep using her Cecil B. DeMille Award speech to trash Donald Trump was pretty great. Mahershala Ali standing up at the SAG Awards to talk about diversity and inclusion as Trump’s “Muslim Ban” went into effect was also an interesting moment. While the 2017 Oscar season was in the shadow of Trump, the 2018 Oscar season is in the shadow of Sex-Predatorgate. Women in Hollywood are standing up for themselves and for each other more than ever before. So how will that translate at various awards shows? Well, here’s one thing: at the Golden Globes, women are going to wear black for solidarity.

Women in Hollywood are making a statement. Amid sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood, a source tells E! News that more than thirty female actresses who are attending and or presenting at the 2018 Golden Globes have vowed to wear all black to this year’s ceremony. The insider shares that it started as a small group but has grown and the women see it as a sign of solidarity. This news was also confirmed on The Morning Breath show by hosts Jackie Oshry and Claudia Oshry on Thursday.

“So all of the female actresses and attendees, or most of them at least, are standing in solidarity together in a form of protest. There all going to be wearing black, obviously to protest the injustices that have been taking place in Hollywood since forever,” the hosts shared.

Nominations for the 2018 Golden Globes were announced on Dec. 11. Jessica Chastain, Sally Hawkins, Frances McDormand, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan and Emma Stone are just some of the actresses nominated for their work this year.

[From E! News]

Eh, it’s a start. I don’t hate it, honestly. If there’s a sea of black gowns and black suits at the Golden Globes, why not? What’s the harm? Plus, it will cut down on the frivolous chitter-chatter. Suddenly, #AskHerMore is a real thing – when actresses are asked about why they’re wearing black, they’ll have a chance to talk about solidarity and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other women and maybe it will all be real. Was anyone paying attention to the last Paris shows? Which designer did a lot of black in their Resort collections?

Also: Angelina Jolie has been waiting for this act of fashion solidarity all of her life. Now all we need to do is convince people to wear sack dresses in solidarity at the SAGs.

Angelina Jolie

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.
Angelina Jolie Angelina Jolie 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals 74th Golden Globe Awards

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Relationship Timeline Proves That When You Know, You Know

Image Source: Getty / Max Mumby

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement, and even though we've all had to put our own ambitions about marrying Prince Harry to bed, the silver lining is that we'll be getting one badass, philanthropic American princess - and that has a lot of people psyched for various reasons. The main reason is that these two seem truly, deliriously happy and in love. The evidence: oh, just everything they've said about each other and how quickly - or efficiently - their relationship has moved. Here is a timeline of their relationship milestones that'll make you believe in the adage of "when you know, you know."

May 2016: The Prince and the Actress Meet

Harry and Meghan were set up by a mutual friend in May of 2016, in Toronto, the city where she filmed her series Suits and where Harry was launching the 2017 Invictus Games.

Summer to Fall 2016: Meeting the Parents

Though the biggest royal family meeting wouldn't come for a while, Harry was introduced to the most important woman in Meghan's life when he met her mom over the Summer, shortly after they started dating. Meghan reportedly met Prince Charles in September 2016, and soon after, she met Harry's big brother, Prince William, in November.

November 2016: Harry Publicly Confirms Their Relationship

After news broke that Meghan and Harry were dating, Meghan was subjected to nasty attacks in the tabloids and on social media. Despite being quite private, Harry gallantly - and very publicly - defended Meghan in a statement on the Kensington Palace Twitter account, urging the media and public to respect his new girlfriend's privacy. It just so happened to be the first time he publicly called her his girlfriend.

December 2016: Spotted!

Even though the general public had known about the relationship for months by then, it wasn't until December 2016 that that the two were spotted together, out on a date in London. The two traveled back and forth between his home in London and hers in Toronto, nurturing their long-distance relationship. She also started wearing a necklace with his and her initials on it in the cutest (and most fashionable) subliminal declaration of love.

March 2017: Meghan Becomes Harry's Plus One

Is there anything more official in a relationship than becoming your new BF's wedding date? The couple hit that milestone in March, when Meghan came to a wedding of a friend of Harry's in Jamaica. Two months later, she also attended an even bigger wedding when she came to Pippa Middleton's wedding reception as Harry's date.

Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tang

September 2017: Their First Public Event as a Couple

Over a year after they started dating, Meghan and Harry attended their first public event together, the 2017 Invictus Games. They even showed a little PDA after the event.

September 2017: Meghan Gives Her First Interview About Harry

Just after the Invictus Games, Meghan opened up to Vanity Fair about Harry, saying, "We're two people who are really happy and in love," marking the first time she spoke about him publicly. Meanwhile, rumors were beginning to spread that she would be leaving her TV series Suits.

Image Source: Vanity Fair / Peter Lindbergh

October 2017: Meghan Meets the Queen!

Over a year after Meghan and Harry had met their other important family members, Meghan finally met the queen, and it happened in the most British, most royal way: they had tea together.

November 2017: They're Engaged!

Which brings us to today: after that fortuitous meeting with the queen, Meghan and Harry announced their engagement, posing for fairy-tale-worthy engagement photos and giving an interview about their relationship. The romantic proposal was private and sweet and took place in early November.

Image Source: Getty / Daniel Leal-Olivas

2018: The Wedding!

Next up is Meghan and Harry's wedding, which will take place in Spring 2018 (which is also when Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child is due). Even though we know this royal wedding will be much more low-key than Prince William's, it doesn't make us any less excited for it.

Anatomy of a Royal Engagement: Behind the Scenes of Harry and Meghan’s Big News

Image Source: Getty / Daniel Leal-Olivas

It's the news that royal fans have been waiting 392 days to hear: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged! Just over a year after their relationship became public in October 2016, the office of Harry's father, Prince Charles, made the announcement. Behind the simple statement of "His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales is delighted to announce the engagement of Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle" lies a long list of to-dos that needed to be ticked off before the news was made official.

Meeting the Parents

In order to get to the point where an engagement was possible, the couple needed to rack up a few milestones so that everything could be deemed "proper." One of the most important was meeting each other's families. It's likely that Harry met Meghan's mother, Doria, during one of his visits to stay with Meghan in Toronto, while for Meghan it was about meeting Harry's brother, William, his father, Prince Charles, and his grandmother the queen. Meghan revealed in their engagement interview that she has spent lots of time with William and Kate over the past 18 months and accompanied Harry to meet up with Prince Charles a handful of times as well. It was reported that she then met the queen for the first time in September at Buckingham Palace.

A Few Formalities

In conjunction with the usual signs of a relationship getting serious - such as meeting each others' families - royal status calls for a couple of formalities to be taken care of too. It's likely that since the relationship has, from the beginning, moved along at a brisk pace, Harry and Meghan would have discussed marriage before Harry proposed, and when they knew they were heading very firmly in that direction, they made their first public appearance, when Meghan accompanied Harry to various Invictus Games events in September.

They will have needed to wait a while rather than rushing into marriage, too. In the past, royal relationships have been a bit of a whirlwind: Princess Anne, Prince Charles, and Prince Andrew all married when they had been dating for just one year, but after those three marriages all ended in divorce, it's likely that Harry would have been strongly advised to wait until at least the one-year mark before proposing - meaning that by the time he and Meghan marry next Spring, they will have been together for two years. As their relationship became serious, Meghan would have also had palace advisers on hand to brief her on her shifting profile.

The Royal Seal of Approval

Once Harry had decided to to ask Meghan for her hand in marriage, he was faced with something of a royal obstacle course that lay between his proposal and his wedding day. First up: getting permission from the queen. The Royal Marriages Act of 1772 means members of the royal family need permission from the monarch in order to marry, and although these days it's more of a formality, it still needed to happen. Her majesty's permission comes in the form of an Instrument of Consent, which is written out in ornate calligraphy and marked with her red wax Seal of the Realm.

Permission From the Bride-to-Be's Parents

Tradition dictates that any potential husband-to-be should ask for permission to marry from the parents of his intended, and although this practice is now pretty relaxed, Harry would want to do things "properly" - and the announcement from the palace stated: "Prince Harry has also sought and received the blessing of Ms. Markle's parents." It isn't yet known whether this occurred before the proposal - as is tradition - or afterward, which is what Prince William did when he proposed to Kate Middleton. His reason? As he revealed in his engagement interview, "I was torn between asking Kate's dad first and then the realization that he might actually say 'no' dawned upon me. So I thought if I ask Kate first, then he can't really say no. So I did it that way round. I managed to speak to Mike soon after it happened really and then it sort of happened from there."

Choosing the Ring

Selecting an engagement ring is never going to be easy for a husband-to-be, but in Harry's case, there was a whole other layer of considerations, as royal engagement rings are usually steeped in history and personal meaning. When his grandfather Prince Philip proposed to the queen, he used a ring made up of diamonds from a tiara which had belonged to his mother. When Prince Charles proposed to Camilla Parker-Bowles, he selected a ring that had belonged to his grandmother, the queen mother, and when William proposed to Kate, he of course chose Princess Diana's iconic 12-carat sapphire. By selecting two diamonds from Diana's collection for the ring he helped design, Harry clearly wanted to continue the family tradition.

Image Source: Getty / Karwai Tang

Telling Friends and Family

Although they like to keep their happy news to themselves for a while, there are certain people the royal couple tell before the news becomes public. Immediate family and very close friends would have been on Harry and Meghan's list.

Informing the Prime Minister

It was reported that Prime Minister Theresa May had been informed a week before the royal engagement, and it is usually protocol to inform the sitting PM. On the day the news broke, Theresa tweeted, "I would like to offer my very warmest congratulations to HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle upon their engagement. This is a time of huge celebration for two people in love and, on behalf of myself, the Government and the country, I wish them great happiness for the future."

Official Engagement Portraits

Having formal engagement photos taken in a private setting is common practice among senior royal family members. They are usually taken before the announcement so that they can swiftly be supplied to the press to quell the demand for perfectly posed pictures of the couple - and in them, the couple is likely to be more relaxed and polished than they are at their press call.

Breaking the News

It's traditional for the parents to break the news, and in both William's and Harry's cases, the announcement came from Prince Charles's office at St. James's Palace. Simultaneously, the announcement was made across all royal social media platforms.

Stepping Into the Spotlight

The final part of a royal engagement process is that the couple get suited and booted to meet the world's media during a press call. For the queen and Prince Philip, it was at Buckingham Palace; for William and Kate, it was at St. James's Palace; and for Harry and Meghan, it was in the gardens of Kensington Palace. As was the case with William and Kate and Harry and Meghan, a television interview was recorded directly afterward with someone already known to the couple. Once the engagement itself is done and dusted, it's simply on to the small matter of planning a royal wedding.

The 2018 SAG Awards will feature all female presenters: cool gimmick?

SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Patron of the Artists Awards 2017 - Arrivals

When the SAG Award nominations came out on Wednesday, they definitely felt more “woke” than the Golden Globe nominations. Like, the Best Ensemble nominees feature ensemble casts from two films directed by women (Lady Bird and Mudbound) and one film directed by an African-American man (Jordan Peele’s Get Out). The film nominees also feature two black men nominated for Best Actor, and an African American actress (Mary J. Blige) and a Vietnamese-American actress (Hong Chau) nominated in the supporting category. The Globe nominations definitely felt more like a sausage party, is what I’m saying, and not just a sausage party – a party for almost all-white sausages exclusively.

So here’s something interesting: the SAG Awards are actually leaning into this appearance of wokeness a little bit. Kristen Bell was announced as the host of the 2018 SAGs, and this will be the first-ever host of the SAGs. Not only that, but the SAGs are now going to do ONLY female presenters and only actresses doing the “Actor Stories” in the opening. Huh.

The SAG Awards are set to feature only female presenters at the 2018 ceremony. Nominations for the 24th annual ceremony were announced on Wednesday, along with the news that the ceremony’s 13 acting awards will all be presented by women, EW can confirm. The two stunt categories will also be presented by women prior to the televised ceremony during a live red carpet pre-show webcast. Additionally, the signature Actors Stories that open the SAG Awards will exclusively feature female actors.

Traditionally, a male and female pair hand out each award. The names of the presenters have yet to be announced. Executive producer of the SAG Awards Kathy Connell told EW the idea to feature all-female presenters arose from a conversation with her daughter after attending the Women’s March in January.

“We’re an awards show. We’re not trying to proselytize to anyone — the idea was to salute our women,” explains Connell. “So many of our women have been very, very brave, as have other women in other industries this year and we thought it was an opportunity to salute our women because it’s not just about one issue. Our women are very famous and yet they face the issues that women across this country do, which is they don’t have equality in income. They don’t have creative equality. And they have the same kind of safety issues that other women have been facing. We just thought we wanted to acknowledge as many wonderful women on our stage this year as we could, while we’re celebrating the best performances by women and men of the year.”

Men will still participate in the ceremony, introducing clips for the nominees in the film ensemble category as is tradition, and obviously male winners will take the stage. Rounding out the bevy of female talent on tap for the Jan. 21 awards, Kristen Bell will serve as the first-ever host of the ceremony as previously announced. The ceremony takes place on Jan. 21 and will air on TBS and TNT. Morgan Freeman will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award.

[From EW]

I kind of don’t hate this? I mean, having all-female presenters won’t change anything structurally in Hollywood, but it’s legitimately a cool little gimmick. It’s like that time that President Obama only called on female reporters in a press conference – it didn’t change journalism or the nature of the media, it was just a cool thing to do. My guess is that the Hollywood bros will probably be fine with it too, don’t you think? I mean, what are they going to say? I would love it if one of the bros tried to claim that the SAG Awards are oppressing them. Please let that happen.

SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Patron of the Artists Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Photos courtesy of WENN.
SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Patron of the Artists Awards 2017 - Arrivals SAG-AFTRA Foundation's Patron of the Artists Awards 2017 - Arrivals

Kate Beckinsale

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Emma Watson

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The Rock got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame


At the rate Dwayne Johnson is going, he’s not going to have any presents left to put under the tree. His big movie opens next week *fingers crossed it’s worth the 85% on RT*. He just announced he is expecting his third daughter, second with girlfriend Lauren Hashian, and now he has his own star. Dwayne was given the 2,624th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Wednesday.

Lauren attended the ceremony with Dwayne. Also there was Dwayne’s mother, Ata Johnson, his ex-wife Dany Garcia and her brother Hiram Garcia, Jumanji co-star Jack Black and Sony Entertainment’s Tom Rothman also showed up to support him. The real star, of course, was… Dwayne’s two-year-old daughter Jasmine. While accepting the honor, Dwayne brought up “Jazzy” to the podium to finish up his emotional speech. On her way to the microphone, Jasmine waved to the audience and continued to wave all around. Then she grabbed the mic and eventually said “I love you.” The kid’s a natural. You can watch Dwayne’s speech below. Jasmine’s entrance is at 16:30.

As I mentioned, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opens next Friday and the cast are in full promo modet. This makes me so happy because I truly adore Jack Black. This is pretty cute:

And since it is the holiday season, I’m not going to address the fact that Dwayne now says he is strongly considering a run for president in 2024. I guess I should be happy 2020 is off the table?



Dwayne with mom Ata Johnson

Dwayne with Dany and Hiram Garcia

Photo credit: WENN Photos, Twitter and YouTube

She-Ra is returning in a new Netflix series: fabulous or meh?


Another day, another reboot. At least today’s news is a little more welcome than yesterday’s talk of the possible return of Blossom. She-Ra, Princess of Power is returning with a new animated series coming to Netflix next year. In a release announcing the new project, the streaming service said the new She-Ra is “a modern take on the ’80s girl power icon for a new generation of young fans” and will celebrate “female friendship and empowerment, led by a warrior princess tailor-made for today”.

She-Ra 2018 is coming to you courtesy of DreamWorks Animation and showrunner Noelle Stevenson, an award-winning cartoonist and writer, whose previous work includes the fantasy comic Nimona and the comics series Lumberjanes, centering on a group of campers fighting supernatural forces at a “Camp for Hardcore Lady Types.” Noelle also worked on Marvel Comics’ Runaways, featuring a lesbian heroine, and was on the writing team for Disney’s animated TV series Wander Over Yonder. On Tuesday, Noelle shared the news of her project on Twitter:

In case you’re too old (or young) to remember, She-Ra was a spin-off of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The original animated series, which ran for 93 episodes from 1985 to 1986, introduced She-Ra as the alter ego of Princess Adora, the sister of He-Man. Along with sidekicks Swift Wind, her pegasus/unicorn hybrid companion, and Kowl, a Dr. Moreau-esqe fever dream creation mixing an owl and a koala bear, She-Ra led the Great Rebellion, fighting against the Evil Horde, who took over the planet Etheria. She-Ra has super strength and the ability to telepathically communicate with people and animals. Yes kids, drugs were a hell of a thing in the 80s. The series was quite popular and sold a lot of toys.

Needless to say, fans of the original series were ecstatic to hear the news of the reboot.

Initially, the thought of this reboot left me feeling very “meh,” but with Noelle’s credentials, this is sure to be a radical, but welcome update of the original series, which, if you want to catch up on (or take a walk down childhood memory lane), is now streaming on Netflix. Heck, I might even tune in. And, in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, if you have 45 minutes to spare, check out the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special. It’s a whole lot of holiday-themed WTF, and I kind of love it.


The Details of JFK’s “Affair” With Marilyn Monroe Are Way More Chill Than We’ve Been Told

Image Source: Getty / Baron

Marilyn Monroe was one of the most glamorous and sought-after stars of her time. John F. Kennedy was, well, the president of the United States. After Marilyn performed a steamy rendition of "Happy Birthday" at the commander-in-chief's 45th birthday party in May 1962, rumors of an affair were propelled - and those rumors have persisted throughout history, even though details of an ongoing relationship between the two are actually pretty scarce.

The first time Marilyn and JFK were confirmed to have been at the same place at the same time was at the April in Paris Ball on April 11, 1957, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in NYC; Marilyn was there with her then-husband, playwright Arthur Miller, while John attended with his wife, Jackie, and his sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver. Both of them were photographed extensively throughout the night, but no meeting between them took place at that event. It's more likely that John and Marilyn first met at a dinner party hosted by actor Peter Lawford in 1961. Peter was married to John's sister Patricia, whom Marilyn became friends with while filming Let's Make Love. They also had a mutual friend in Frank Sinatra, who was a member of the Rat Pack with Peter and who briefly dated Marilyn after her divorce from Arthur Miller.

Multiple Marilyn historians, including respected biographer Donald Spoto, who wrote the 1993 book Marilyn Monroe: The Biography, allege that the most plausible time that Marilyn and JFK could have had a sexual encounter was during a party at Bing Crosby's home in Palm Springs, CA, on March 24, 1962. Marilyn's masseur and close friend Ralph Roberts told Spoto that he received a call from the actress asking him for massage techniques for muscles of the back, and that he "heard a distinctive Boston accent in the background" before Marilyn handed the phone to President Kennedy. Ralph Roberts added, "Marilyn told me that this night in March was the only time of her 'affair' with JFK. A great many people thought, after that weekend, that there was more to it. But Marilyn gave me the impression that it was not a major event for either of them: it happened once, that weekend, and that was that."

"Marilyn loved the secrecy and the drama of it, but Kennedy was not the kind of man she wanted to spend her life with, and she made that very clear."

Donald Spoto also wrote, "No serious biographer can maintain the existence of an affair between Marilyn and the Kennedys. All we can say for sure is that the actress and the President have met four times, between October 1961 and August 1962, and it was during one of those meetings, that they called to a friendly relation of Marilyn from a bedroom. Shortly after, Marilyn confided this sexual relation to her close relatives, insisting about the fact that their affair ended there." The late actress Susan Strasberg, whose father Lee was Marilyn's acting coach and who considered Marilyn to be "a surrogate sister," wrote in an unfinished memoir that Marilyn did spend that night with the president, but denied any sort of ongoing affair. "It was OK to sleep with a charismatic president," Strasberg said, adding that "Marilyn loved the secrecy and the drama of it, but Kennedy was not the kind of man she wanted to spend her life with, and she made that very clear." It was reportedly that night at Crosby's home that John asked Marilyn to perform at his upcoming birthday party at Madison Square Garden.

Image Source: Getty / Cecil Stoughton / The LIFE Images Collection

On May 19, 1962, Marilyn, clad in a curve-hugging sequined dress, sang a breathy rendition of the song for JFK (on his request, mind you). While rumors of an affair ran rampant after the event - and pictures have been doctored over time to show them together - the only photographic evidence of them that exists is a shot of Marilyn, John, and Bobby Kennedy having a conversation during a party at the home of movie executive Arthur Krim after she performed.

Less than three months after the famous performance, Marilyn would be dead from an accidental overdose of barbiturates, leaving behind a lifetime of unconfirmed rumors of a relationship between her and the president (not to mention his possible involvement in her death). Despite the fact that JFK's philandering ways were well known, it's most likely that his connection with Marilyn was just a dalliance and nothing more than a one-night stand. Was it salacious? Yes. But was it the torrid, persisting affair that we've been told it was? All signs point to "nah."

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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What Else for December 14, 2017

It was Taylor Swift’s birthday yesterday. And she posted a message to thank her fans. She also said she had the best year. And, well, the general consensus is that 2017 was a pretty f-cking bullsh-t year that will not stop giving us more and more f-cking bullsh-t. This brings up an interesting quest...

FIRED! Kenya Getting Kicked Off ‘RHOA’ After Secret Marriage Scandal

Kenya Moore Getting Fired RHOA

Bye, Kenya!

Kenya Moore was going to be fired at the end of the Real Housewives of Atlanta season after she was fined $25,000 by producers for her shady secret marriage RadarOnline.com exclusively learned.

“Kenya is not going to have her contract renewed at the end of the season,” a production insider told Radar. “The producers are not looking to pick up her option.”

Moore’s surprise wedding to New York based restauranteur Marc Daly and her refusal to have him on the show burned her chances of returning for another season.

PHOTOS: Diva Fits & Lawsuit Threats! ‘Humiliated’ Kenya Moore Lashes Out At Bravo After Fake Engagement – 7 Ways She Refuses To Take The Blame

“No one thinks Kenya has ever told the truth of her personal life. There is nothing going on. Normal people got married, had children and shared it all with producers on the show.”

“This is Bravo’s #1 show and the producers don’t have access to the story,” the snitch told Radar. “That doesn’t work.”

Moore rejected producers’ efforts to film her post-married life.

PHOTOS: Gone With The Wind Hot Mess? Kenya Moore’s 13 Wildest Secrets & Scandals Revealed

Kenya told us she didn’t tell her Dad that she got married. But she wouldn’t do it on camera. All she would give us was one scene where she spoke on the phone to her dad and we filmed it way later. It wasn’t really when she told him. She just refused to do anything with him about it and we have deadlines to meet. So, since we couldn’t have anything but the car scene in there she lost half and episode’s pay, which was $25,000.”

Producers were then so furious with Moore that they banned her from the group trip to Spain.

“She got taken off the Spain trip the day before the ladies were leaving,” the insider spilled to Radar. . She doesn’t get paid for the two episodes for the trip. So, she missed out on $100,000 and they fined her $25,000 for the filming with her dad.”

PHOTOS: The 14 Most Outrageous ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Secrets & Scandals

The show insider told Radar that producers had grown tired of Moore’s antics.

“It has been a lot of things over the years that they haven’t been too happy about it. Unless something compelling changes (and they think the IVF efforts are only for a storyline) she is not coming back at the end of the season.”

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Fake Photo Op! Inside The Royal’s Media Scheme To Squash Meghan & Kate Feuding Rumors

Meghan Markle Kate Middleton Money Shots

Is Meghan Markle’s first royal Christmas all for show?

An insider exclusively told RadarOnline.com that Kensington Palace is desperate to get “natural money shots” of Meghan interacting with Kate Middleton.

Recently, rumors began circling around of The Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan’s icy relationship. The royal family is not happy with the scandal, and has reportedly been trying to catch the two in a sweet photo-op moment in order to squash rumors of a rift between the two.

PHOTOS: Princess Bride! Meghan Markle Strips Down In Saucy Wedding Album

“Kate isn’t rushing to get the shot,” said the source, but the royals believe the best place to get them together and looking happy is over the holidays when Meghan joins fiancé Prince Harry and his family at the Sandringham church.

Do you think Meghan Markle’s royal Christmas is just a media scheme? Sound off in the comments below.

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‘Teen Mom’ Bride Behind Bars! Matt Baier’s New Wife Arrested On DUI & Drug Charges

Amber Portwood’s ex-fiancé Matt Baier has struggled with substance abuse issues for years – and it seems his new wife is battling her own addiction issues. RadarOnline.com can exclusively reveal Jennifer Conlon was arrested on DUI and drug charges.

Conlon was arrested on November 7, 2017 for DUI drugs chemicals organic solvent, no driver’s license in possession and red traffic signal position/method.


In an impaired driving report obtained from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, police approached Conlon while she was behind the wheel of her vehicle.

“[Conlon] was involved in an accident prior to my arrival,” the reporting officer wrote. “Above said she took medication. She answered slowly enough for me to notice.”

Conlon told police that she didn’t want a DUI because of the holidays. She offered to park the car and walk home.

PHOTOS: So Cruel! ‘Teen Mom’s Matt Baier SLAMS Fiancée Amber Portwood’s BFF Kailyn Lowry On Twitter

“A witness thought he smelled alcohol,” the officer wrote.

According to Las Vegas Municipal Court, Conlon pled not guilty to all three charges. She is expected back in court on April 12, 2018.

Baier married Conlon after only months of dating on November 27 in Las Vegas. He split with Portwood after years of relationship troubles in July despite a stint on Marriage Bootcamp.

“When you meet somebody and you have a connection, you know it in your heart,” Conlon told Radar. “It’s not something you question. It felt right to us. Getting married is something we wanted. We decided it was time, so he asked me to marry him.”

PHOTOS: No More Feuding! ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood & Fiance Matt Baier Visit Her Ex Gary Shirley’s New Baby, Bring Gifts

In November, Baier told Radar that he has remained sober from drugs despite relapsing earlier this year.

As for Portwood, she is expecting a baby boy with new boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Does the arrest surprise you? Tell us in the comments.

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‘Selena Makes Me Sick!’ Father of Dead ‘13 Reasons Why’ Fan Wants To Sue Star

Selena Gomez 13 Reasons Why Suicide Lawsuit

Selena Gomez was just as excited as fans to announce that filming wrapped for season 2 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why earlier this week. But one heartbroken father whose daughter committed suicide after watching the popular show’s first season is now slamming the pop star for completing season two – and claims he wants to sue, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

John Herndon, of Livermore, Calif., says executive producer Gomez couldn’t be more clueless.

“I’m still completely disgusted,” Herndon told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “Selena makes me sick. She is an extremely disturbed individual to think that this show has any kind of redeeming social value at all.”

Herndon and his wife, Donna, discovered their 15-year-old daughter, Bella, hung in her closet on April 18. The teenager was rushed to the hospital, and died 10 days later.

PHOTOS: Is She OK? Rehab Alum Selena Gomez Caught Drinking Amid Weeknd Romance

Shortly after Bella’s funeral, Herndon learned his teenage daughter had binge-watched the Netflix show. Herndon then began his quest to stop the show from being renewed for a second season.

Herndon, who told news outlets in April that his daughter had battled depression, claimed the show was a trigger for Bella.

“Remember that there are teens out there that are in a little darker place and these could be your friends, your sisters,” Herndon said. “Selena Gomez and Netflix need to understand that not everybody’s going to understand this very well. Some people who are battling with depression, this could catch them at the wrong time, creating what is called the trigger event.”

As Radar reported in April, the series has been accused of glamorizing suicide from parents and even school districts. 

Herndon said he has reached out to Gomez and her team via her website, www.selenagomez.com, begging for her to end the show.

PHOTOS: The Weeknd ‘Caught Off Guard’ By Selena Gomez Breakup — And Justin Bieber Reunion!

“I asked that she remove her support and get Netflix to stop,” Herndon said. “I received no response.”

Herndon called both Gomez and Netflix “hypocritical” as the streaming service fired Kevin Spacey and Danny Masterson after allegations of sexual harassment, but has made no changes to 13 Reasons Why.

“They made those decisions to make themselves look like a socially responsible company yet they are making a product about people who are hurt and how they can hurt themselves,” Herndon said.

Herndon claimed Netflix, like Gomez, has ignored his emails and phone calls multiple times. With season 2 ready to air, Herndon said he’s lost all hope that the new episodes won’t trigger vulnerable viewers from hurting themselves.

“I’ve seen too many posts by the creators who indignantly say it’s helped more people than it’s hurt,” the devastated dad said. “How many people have to be hurt before somebody aside from me stands up and says, ‘You know, this is wrong.’”

Herndon said no matter how much time has gone by, he and Donna experience the effects of their daughter’s suicide daily. “Every day we’re assaulted by these feelings we get for Bella. I can’t control how sick it makes me feel,” Herndon said.

PHOTOS: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Caught On Sweet Church Date After Intimate Reunion

The father added that seeing Gomez receive attention for speaking up about her own health struggles angered him even more.

“She has spared no expense rattling her own saber about her kidney transplant,” Herndon said. “She talked about how painful it was and spent significant effort getting that ‘oh poor me’ out there. That’s just disgusting.”

Herndon told Radar that if he could, he would sue everyone involved in the show.

“Suing a billion-dollar company like Netflix is not within my means right now unless there are other like-minded individuals that want to engage collectively together to bring a suit against them,” said Herndon.

If that were ever to become reality, Herndon added he would bring forth a huge liability and wrongful death suit, naming “Selena, Netflix, the show director, screenwriter – anybody I could think of.”

“I’d do it in a heartbeat,” Herndon concluded.

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Rock Bottom: Artie Lange’s Family Devastated Over Arrest & Downward Spiral

Artie Lange‘s heartbroken mother is gravely concerned following her son’s recent arrest on Tuesday, going so far as to call the jail for constant updates, Radaronline.com can exclusively report.

Judy Lange “called at least 12 times asking about her son,” a law enforcement insider said. “She’s very worried. She wants to make sure they are giving him his insulin for his diabetes. She wanted them to know he was struggling with addiction.”

A separate source told Radar his mother has been in tears nonstop since the arrest.

The former Stern Show star, 50, was handcuffed in his Hoboken, New Jersey, home and transported to the Essex County Jail for failure to appear in court following a prior drug arrest.

PHOTOS: Amber Heard Was Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Ex Tasya Van Ree

His arrest comes on the heels of a bizarre episode last weekend when the comic tweeted a selfie looking disheveled and injured. Cops were dispatched to his home after fans expressed concern.

According to a source close to Lange, his swollen nose may have been the result of “being beat up by his bookies.”

The elder Lange, 75, recently spoke to Radar on her troubled son’s demons.

“Artie has to take care of a few things. He’s got diabetes, so that doesn’t help,” she said. “He’s okay, as much as he can be. But he is fighting addiction — trying to get through that, and hopefully he will.”

Right before his arrest, Lange was put on medical leave from his podcast The Artie and Anthony show.

Lange has been open about his struggles in recent months.

PHOTOS: Booked And Beautiful! Bikini Babes Who Have Been Arrested

As recent as October, Lange cancelled a show in Akron, Ohio, after having to make an emergency trip to the hospital for a blood sugar problem.

In July, he was hospitalized for days following emergency open-heart surgery. He claimed he nearly died as a direct result of his chronic heroin and cocaine use.

The comedian is due in court on December 15.

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Meghan Markle Will Be the Second British Royal Bride Who Has Ever Done This

Meghan Markle's royal wedding to Prince Harry will be historic for many different reasons. Aside from being an American, the Suits actress has also done something that is almost unheard of when it comes to royal brides: she graduated from college. In fact, the only other royal bride who has received a college education is her future sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Looks like these two ladies already have something to bond over!

After graduating from a private Catholic school in LA, Meghan attended the Chicago campus of Northwestern University, which is based in Evanston, IL. Aside from earning a bachelor's degree with a double major in theater and international studies in 2003, she was also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority during her time in school. Shortly after her graduation, Meghan worked at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before pursuing acting.

12 Major Tragedies That Befell the Kennedys

The Kennedy last name is attached to key points in history, and we're just not talking about Jackie's iconic style. The Kennedy Curse is real and has stretched over decades; John F. Kennedy's assassination may be the most well-known of the Kennedy tragedies, but the family has endured some heartbreaking sufferings dating back even before that. Between young deaths and freak accidents, the famous last name comes with a list of unfortunate outcomes. Here is the timeline of crazy incidents for their misfortune to be given such a title.

The Cute Thing Kate Middleton Does When Prince William Isn’t Looking

Prince William and Kate Middleton are living a real-life fairy tale, and it's not just because they're part of the royal family. After meeting at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where they were living at the same residence hall, the two fell head over heels for each other. Even though they took a brief break from 2007 to 2010, they eventually got their happily ever after (or at least their happy beginning) when they tied the knot in one of the biggest and most newsworthy weddings of our generation in April 2011. Six years and two children later, the pair still have that look of love whenever they're together. While they have had a number of sweet appearances over the course of their relationship, we can't help but notice the way Kate smiles at Will when he isn't looking. See the duchess's most royally in love moments ahead.

Of Course the Christmas Trees at Buckingham Palace Are Decorated With Crowns

The Royal Family has released a behind-the-scenes video of the Christmas trees being installed at Buckingham Palace, and it'll come as no surprise to you that Queen Elizabeth II goes big when it comes to festive decor, even though she won't actually be in London on Christmas Day, but celebrating with the family at Sandringham.

The palace plays host to 3 trees, one giant 15 foot Nordmann Fir, sourced from Windsor Great Park, which stands pride of place in the Marble Hall, and two "smaller" 10 foot trees at the Palace's Grand Entrance. The trees are all festooned with lights, and this year are hung with dozens of bejeweled gold and velvet crowns that pay perfect homage to their royal owners. The video also reveals that the palace balustrade is decorated with giant garlands hung with jewel-colored baubles.

Christmas trees and the British royal family are intrinsically linked, as it's the royals who are responsible for bringing the Northern European tradition to the UK. Queen Charlotte, consort of King George III, installed the first British Christmas tree at the Queen's Lodge, Windsor, in December 1800. However, it's Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who are credited with popularizing the trend, which endures to this day.

See Harry and Meghan’s Royally Sweet Engagement Photos Side by Side With Will and Kate’s

After officially announcing their engagement on Monday morning, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a celebratory appearance at Kensington Palace. Harry and Meghan definitely had that newly engaged glow as they held hands and Meghan showed off her stunning engagement ring. In addition to their outing being extra adorable, it instantly reminded us of when Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out to celebrate their engagement at St. James's Palace back in November 2010.

While there were many similarities in the way both couples gazed lovingly into each other's eyes and held onto their other halves' arms, there were also a few differences. For starters, Meghan and Harry chose to have their engagement photocall outside at the Sunken Garden and Will and Kate had theirs inside at St. James's Palace. Kate also wore a blue wrap dress for the occasion, while Meghan opted for a white trench coat. And then there are the rings. Kate's engagement ring includes a 12-carat sapphire that once belonged to Princess Diana. Meghan's ring, on the other hand, features a center-stone diamond from Botswana and two smaller diamonds from Harry's personal collection, which was given to him by Diana. Keep reading to see Harry and Meghan's engagement photocall side by side with Will and Kate's.

Prince Charles Made a “Joke” After Harry’s Birth That Actually Broke Diana’s Heart

Princess Diana was many things to many people, but above all else, she was an adoring and doting mother of two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. While much is known about Diana's special connection with her boys, there's one thing people may not know about Harry's birth in particular: Prince Charles "desperately" wanted a little girl, and Diana, knowing that she was carrying a baby boy, kept the secret from her husband throughout her entire pregnancy.

About a year after Prince William was born in June 1982, Diana was under pressure to produce a spare to the heir. In September 1983, Buckingham Palace announced that Diana was pregnant for a second time, but sadly, she suffered a miscarriage later that week while at the Balmoral estate in Scotland. Cut to early 1984, when Charles and Diana found out that they were expecting again. During her difficult pregnancy, Diana told friends, "I don't think I'm made for the production line, but it's all worth it in the end."

In September 1984, Diana gave birth to a baby boy, Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor, after nine hours of labor and zero drugs. In Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story, the princess revealed her husband's "dismay" after welcoming their second child: "Charles always wanted a girl," she said. "Harry was a boy. His first comment was, 'Oh God, it's a boy.' His second: 'And he's even got red hair.'" Charles discounted the comment as a joke, but Diana was extremely hurt and offended: not only had she just endured nine f*cking hours of natural birth, but her older sisters and younger brother, Earl Spencer, all happen to have red hair, a trait that runs in the Spencer family. What's worse, at Harry's christening in December, Charles reportedly told Diana's mother, "We were so disappointed - we thought it would be a girl."

Diana went on to explain that she and Charles were "the closest we've ever, ever been and ever will be" in the weeks before Harry was born, adding, "Then, suddenly, as Harry was born, it just went bang, our marriage. The whole thing went down the drain." She went on to admit that "something inside me closed off," after Harry's birth - especially because Charles had picked up his longtime affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. "By then, I knew Charles had gone back to his lady," she said of the rekindled romance.

Harry's red hair led many to believe that his biological father was actually James Hewitt, an English Army captain who was hired to teach Diana, William, and Harry horseback riding. While Diana and James did carry on an affair in the late '80s, they didn't meet until two years after Harry's birth. And Charles's desire for a baby girl has held strong after all these years, as evidenced by his excitement over the birth of Princess Charlotte in 2015. "I was hoping for a granddaughter - someone to look after me when I am very old," he told reporters during a public engagement that year. "I am really rather thrilled."

12 Naughty and Nice Gifts For Every Member of Rihanna’s Navy

Rihanna sure has come a long way from the island girl next door we first met in 2005. Over the last 12 years, the 29-year-old singer has solidified her status as a trendsetter in fashion and beauty with the release of her Fenty Beauty collection, all while amassing a collection of No. 1 hits and gaining an ever-loyal fan base whom she lovingly refers to as her "Navy." Between releasing provocative music videos and giving back to her Clara Lionel Foundation, Rihanna is the embodiment of the term "naughty and nice." In celebration of all that Rihanna does, we rounded up a gift guide for lovers of pop music's favorite bad gal this holiday season.

Thanks to Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton Will No Longer Be the Oldest Royal Bride

When she wed Prince William at the age of 29, Kate Middleton became the oldest bride to marry into the British royal family. But now that her brother-in-law Prince Harry is engaged to Meghan Markle, Kate is about to gain a sister and lose a record: Meghan was born on Aug. 4, 1981, making her 36 years old, and three years older than Harry. In addition to being the new oldest royal bride, Meghan will also join 35-year-old Kate in being the only women with college educations to join the British royal squad. So many records to break, so little time.

These 2 Royal Sisters Are So Close, They Rarely Attend an Event Alone

Beatrice and Eugenie are two real life princesses you should know more about. Over the years, they have showed us that they lead pretty normal lives (considering who their grandmother is), that they are some of the most underrated members of the royal family, and that, just like us, they also like to have a good time. But, most of all, the sisters have showed us that they have an undeniably sweet bond, and we can't get enough of seeing them together at events. Read on to see all the times they made us wish we also had a sister.

Yes, Meghan Markle Will Have to Curtsy to Kate Middleton

Now that Meghan Markle is about to join the royal family, she's knee-deep in a lot of new etiquette rules - literally. No amount of binge-watching The Crown is going to prepare her for how to meet, greet, and show respect to members of her new extended family, which includes the age-old and slightly confusing curtsy.

Female members of the family are given lower rank than male members, and until recently, wives of the queen's sons were given higher rank than her daughters and granddaughters.

There's no law that enforces a curtsy, and just a few years ago, Queen Elizabeth II herself admitted that she doesn't expect to be curtsyed to by the women she meets in public. But it is considered a sign of great respect, which is why it's remained such a tradition, whether the family is at a state function, official event, or celebrating Christmas in Sandringham.

Female members of the family are given lower rank than male members, and until recently, wives of the queen's sons were given higher rank than her daughters and granddaughters. However, now "blood princesses" like Anne, Beatrice, Eugenie, Alexandra, and even 3-year-old Charlotte are given precedence over women who have married into the royal family, like Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Kate Middleton, and soon, Meghan Markle.

So, who will Meghan be curtsying to? Her sister-in-law Kate, for one, as she's married to a future king. Same goes for Prince Charles's wife, Camilla Parker Bowles. Meghan will also curtsy to "blood princesses" like Anne, the daughter of the sovereign, as well as Prince Andrew's daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. When it comes to men in the family, Meghan should curtsy to anyone with a prince title. No title, no curtsy. But because of a pretty outdated rule that states that a woman's status is "validated by her royal husband," Meghan won't have to curtsy to Sophie, Countess of Wessex unless her husband, Prince Edward, is in the room. And if Harry is around, even blood princesses like Beatrice, Eugenie, and Anne's daughter Zara Tindall should curtsy to Meghan. Are you royally confused yet?

Oceans 8 is exactly what we need right now

Sarah Paulson shared the first poster for Ocean’s 8 today on Twitter.  Get Ready: pic.twitter.com/ShGu4L90Gw — Sarah Paulson (@MsSarahPaulson) December 14, 2017 I’m ready!!! I have my hand up in the air, waving it around. I AM READY. You know, no matter how cynical I get, timing neve...

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Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts

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Proof That Princess Eugenie Is the Most Underrated Member of the Royal Family

We're constantly inundated with lovely family photos of the royals on their duties and attending weddings, but it isn't often we see them being their natural, and in this case pretty hilarious, selves. Princess Eugenie can't keep her cool at the races, is an excellent selfie taker, delivers a devastating eye roll, and is a surprisingly big fan of nail art. Who'd have known Prince Andrew's youngest was such a cool girl? Read on to see Eugenie wave pip pip to her royal duties and enjoy a jolly good show.

The Queen Ordered Charles and Diana’s Divorce and More Dramatic Details You Didn’t Know

Prince Charles and Princess Diana pose with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in March 1981, shortly after their engagement. Image Source: Getty / Hulton Royals Collection

With the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana's tragic death approaching, interest in her life - and especially her marriage to Prince Charles - has piqued in recent months. The relationship between Charles and Diana was tumultuous, to say the least; they met after Charles first dated Diana's older sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, and only went on 12 dates before getting engaged in February 1981 and tying the knot five months later. By late 1992 (after collective affairs and embarrassing leaked audio conversations), Charles and Diana's 11-year marriage was a disaster - and the royal family couldn't hide it anymore.

Charles's parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, met with the couple for an intervention of sorts. Philip and Diana exchanged heartfelt letters that Summer in which he expressed his disappointment at both her and Charles's extramarital affairs and asked her to see both of their slip-ups from the other's point of view; at one point he seemed ready to give up, writing, "I will always do my utmost to help you and Charles to the best of my ability. . . but I am quite ready to concede that I have no talent as a marriage counselor." Their attempts at reconciliation were unsuccessful, and that December, Prime Minister John Major publicly announced the pair's "amicable separation," reading an official statement from the royal family.

Diana and Charles looked less than enthused during their royal tour of Canada in October 1991. Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein

After their separation, more rumors of cheating emerged, and Diana conducted a tell-all interview with the BBC's Martin Bashir in which she disclosed details about her own infidelity and struggle with bulimia as well as Charles's affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, making the famous quote, "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded." Ultimately, Elizabeth gave up too - likely fed up with doing damage control for Charles and Diana's cheating scandals and the blowback from Diana broadcasting their business, she sprung into action. On Dec. 20, 1995, Buckingham Palace announced that the queen had written separate letters to the couple ordering them to divorce ASAP, an unprecedented move at the time. "After considering the present situation, the queen wrote to both the prince and princess earlier this week and gave them her view, supported by the Duke of Edinburgh, that an early divorce is desirable," a palace statement said. It added that both Elizabeth and Philip would "continue to do all they can to help and support the Prince and Princess of Wales, and most particularly their children, in this difficult period." Charles agreed formally in writing soon after, but it took Diana until February to announce her agreement after negotiations with Charles and representatives for Elizabeth and until July for the couple to agree on the terms of their divorce.

Queen Elizabeth reportedly wanted to let Diana keep the style of her royal highness, but Charles was "adamant" that she give it up.

Their divorce was finalized in August 1996, but some drama surrounding her title ensued. Queen Elizabeth reportedly wanted to let Diana keep the style of her royal highness, but Charles was "adamant" that she give it up - instead, she was given the title Diana, Princess of Wales. The loss of the honorific separated Diana from the rest of the family in such a way that she had to curtsy to those that had it, including her own children. Heartbreakingly, a 14-year-old Prince William is said to have comforted his mother after the loss of her title by saying, "Don't worry, Mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king."

Diana, Harry, William, and Charles watch a parade in London in March 1995. Image Source: Getty / AFP

Diana was allowed to keep her apartment at Kensington Palace - which now serves as the official residence of William, Kate Middleton, and their two children - as "a central and secure home for The Princess and the children." She was given access to the royal family's jets and was able "to use the state apartments at St. James's Palace for entertaining," as long as asked the queen's permission first. She was also permitted to keep all the jewelry she amassed during her marriage, with the exception of the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, which Elizabeth gave to her as a wedding present after only wearing it once. It was lent to Kate Middleton in both 2015 and 2016.

Buckingham Palace publicly stated that as the mother of heirs to the throne, Diana would continue to be regarded as a member of the royal family and "will from time to time receive invitations to state and national public occasions" at the invitation "of the sovereign or the Government." She and Charles were granted equal access to Prince William and Prince Harry, who were 14 and 11 at the time, respectively, and the boys alternated holidays with each of their parents when they weren't attending boarding school. Things seemed to be civil between Charles and Diana as they worked together to coparent their boys after the divorce and up until Diana's death in August 1997. During an inquest into the tragedy in January 2007, Deputy Coroner of the Queen's Household Baroness Butler-Sloss said, "I am satisfied that at her death, Diana Princess of Wales continued to be considered as a member of the Royal Household."

A Look at Charming Prince Philip Through the Years

Before Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth, she married the handsome foreign Prince Philip from Greece, who also happens to be her third cousin. According to Sally Bedell Smith's biography titled Elizabeth the Queen, Philip came from a tumultuous background despite his lineage. Born in 1921 on the island of Corfu, he moved to Paris at age 1 with his parents, Alice Marie and Prince Andrew of Greece. By age 8, he'd headed to England for boarding school. With generous good looks and confidence, Philip made his way to England with the help of royal relatives. He would later be invited to have lunch with the royal family, and that's when Elizabeth reportedly fell for him. During World War II, Philip served in the Mediterranean and Pacific, and he and Elizabeth wrote each other letters. By 1946, he was back in London and making regular visits to Buckingham Palace. During that Summer, he spent a month at the royal family's Balmoral Estate, where he proposed. Their wedding was held at Westminster Abbey on Nov. 20, 1947.

During their 70 years of marriage, most of them during Elizabeth's reign as the monarch, Prince Philip has been as constant as the queen herself, although he's a bit more controversial, making a few insensitive gaffes. But when he's not giving the press an unfortunate quote to run, he's either by the queen's side, working as a patron for several charities, or, until recently, enjoying carriage racing. Let's look back at pictures of Prince Philip over the years, then see the facts about the British royal family every diehard fan should know.

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33 Photos of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’s Family That Will Replace Your Morning Coffee

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos may be big names in Hollywood (she has her own star on the Walk of Fame, after all), but when it comes to their personal life, they're just normal parents to their three gorgeous kids: Michael, 19, Lola, 15, and Joaquin, 14. Kelly and Mark, who eloped in Las Vegas in 1996, have never been shy about sharing glimpses of their family on social media over the years. Whether they're celebrating Christmas, bonding on family vacations, or visiting their parents at work, the Consuelos kids seem to have really good heads on their shoulders. And despite them growing up so fast (Michael recently went away to college), the family of five remains as tight as ever.

Queen Elizabeth II Took the Throne at a Crazy-Young Age

Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, at Windsor Castle in July 1946. Image Source: Getty / Lisa Sheridan

Think back a moment to your mid-20s: you were likely just settling into postgrad life, landing your first adult job, and trying to balance fun nights out with paying back your student loans. Or maybe you're in your mid-20s right now, trying to navigate the world after college, on the prowl for a significant other, and trying to balance your desire to travel the world with the responsibility of paying rent on time.

Imagine at that time having the responsibility of running a country - wait, more like four countries - placed on your shoulders. That's exactly what happened to Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 when her father, King George VI, died and she was appointed to the throne. At the time, she was only 25 years old - a 25-year-old woman who, for all intents and purposes, was not expected to become queen; Elizabeth's uncle, Prince Edward, inherited the throne from King George V, and many assumed he would marry and have children of his own (that would knock Elizabeth down the line of succession). But in 1936, when Elizabeth was just 10, Edward abdicated the throne to marry his divorced mistress, American socialite Wallis Simpson, and George VI took over. For the first 10 years of her life, Elizabeth would have been just like today's Princess Beatrice: a distant heir to the throne. Nobody predicted that George would fall ill and pass away so soon - he was only 56 - but those royal duties quickly became hers.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arriving back in England to mourn the death of her father, King George VI, in February 1952. Image Source: Getty / Popperfoto

In early 1952, Elizabeth and Prince Philip, whom she had married four years earlier, set out for a tour of Australia and New Zealand with a stop in Kenya. While at their Kenyan home, Sagana Lodge, they got word that the king had died - and that Elizabeth was now queen. It was Prince Philip who broke the news to her, and when she was asked to choose a regnal name, she opted to "of course" remain Elizabeth. She and Prince Philip headed back to London and almost immediately moved into Buckingham Palace. In June 1953, Elizabeth was coronated at Westminster Abbey; Prince Charles and Princess Anne, who were just four and two at the time, respectively, were present for the big event.

Queen Elizabeth II on the Buckingham Palace balcony after her coronation in June 1953. Image Source: Getty / Hulton Archive

Since taking the throne, Elizabeth has become head of the Commonwealth (which currently includes 52 countries) as well as queen of another 12 countries that have become independent since her accession. In 2015, she broke an astounding record, becoming the UK's longest reigning British monarch (the previous record of 23,226 days was held by Queen Victoria). She's celebrated huge milestones with her Silver, Golden, and Diamond Jubilees, and in 2017, she became the first British monarch to commemorate a Sapphire Jubilee, marking 65 years of her reign. Elizabeth is certainly not your average 90-year-old, but the duties and challenges she's taken on since becoming queen can still inspire all women - whether you're in the throes of your 20s right now or looking back on those heady days with fondness.

Tupac Murder Weapon Was Found, Current Location a Mystery

The handgun used to shoot and kill Tupac Shakur turned up in a Compton backyard -- 19 years ago -- but, mysteriously, no one in law enforcement seems to know where it is today. That bombshell information comes from a police document dug up by…

The Line of Succession to the British Throne Has More People Than You May Have Thought

The birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third child will certainly bring some changes to the royal family. Not only could Princess Charlotte soon become the quintessential rebellious, open-minded middle child, but there will also be some adjustments to the line of succession to the British throne - namely for Uncle Harry, who will be moving down a spot. Before baby Cambridge shakes things up next Spring, let's take a look at the current roster for one of the most important jobs in the world.

  1. Prince Charles: At almost 69 years old, Charles will be the oldest heir to accede to the British throne. There is also debate of whether Charles will become King Charles III or take on the regnal name of King George VII.
  2. Prince William: As the firstborn of the queen's firstborn, William stands to inherit the throne after his father. There stands the small possibility that Charles decides he doesn't want to take on the responsibility of the Commonwealth, and William would take over almost immediately.
  3. Prince George: It may be hard to picture now, but one day, the spunky 4-year-old prince will rule all of England.
  4. Princess Charlotte: As a spare heir to the throne, Charlotte will act as a support to her big brother until he has a family of his own.
  5. Prince Harry: Until the birth of baby Cambridge, Harry is fifth in line for the throne - and judging by his comments about becoming king one day, we have a feeling he's not too bummed about being pushed down the line even further.
  6. Prince Andrew: The queen's second-born son will also move down once baby Cambridge is born, and his new place as seventh in line will officially mean that he can marry whoever he wants without having to seek permission from the queen first.
  7. Princess Beatrice: The Duke of York's older daughter, whom he shares with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, is next in line.
  8. Princess Eugenie: Beatrice's younger sister is positioned after her; both women can marry whomever they want without having to ask Granny for her permission!
  9. Prince Edward: The Earl of Wessex is the last born to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, but due to the Act of Settlement 1701 (which was amended in 2013), Edward was able to displace his older sister, Princess Anne, in line for the throne. Because of the updated Succession to the Crown Act, Princess Charlotte's place in line will not be affected, even if her younger sibling is a boy.
  10. Viscount Severn: James, Viscount Severn, is the only son of Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie. Because he was born in 2009 - the Act applies to those born after October 2011 - he was able to cut in line ahead of his older sister, Louise.
  11. The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor: The 13-year-old, whom you may remember as a bridesmaid in Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, is in line for the throne after her younger brother.
  12. Princess Anne: As the queen's second child, Anne was third in line for the throne at the time of her birth - but being a girl meant that both of the princess royal's younger brothers, Andrew and Edward, would later surpass her in the succession line.
  13. Peter Phillips: Princess Anne's son was able to jump in line ahead of his older sister, Zara.
  14. Savannah Phillips: Peter's 6-year-old daughter, Savannah, is next in line.
  15. Isla Phillips: Five-year-old Isla follows her sister, Savannah.
  16. Zara Tindall: Rounding out the list is Zara Tindall (née Phillips), who is Princess Anne's firstborn and is married to former English rugby player Mike Tindall.

Ronda Rousey: No Deal with WWE … Yet

Ronda Rousey and the WWE have been circling each other for months ... but sources close to both sides tell TMZ Sports Ronda has NOT put pen to paper -- not yet, at least. It's no secret that there's serious interest -- Rousey's teased the…

George Clooney gave 14 buddies $1 million each as a thank you

There are two stories currently circulating about George Clooney’s generosity. One is about his babies. The other is about his friends. We’ll come back to babies.  The story about George Clooney’s friends goes like this: in 2013, George invited 14 of his closest buddies over for dinner. The point...

Tomi Lahren Says Don’t Count Out Omarosa, Mueller Won’t Get Trump

Tomi Lahren thinks Omarosa has nine lives when it comes to President Trump. We got the FOX News contributor at LAX Thursday and she thinks the only thing Omarosa's unceremonious exit proves is it's never a dull moment at…

DJ Khaled’s Son Asahd Gets Sippy Cup Service at Bar’s Grand Opening

DJ Khaled's famous son is just a 1-year-old, but he's already mastered the art of ordering bottle service ... 'cause yeah ... baby bottles count too! The mega rapper/producer hit up the grand opening of The Hideaway bar Wednesday night in Fort…

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Lil Yachty Says Joe Budden-Migos Beef Just Good Fun, No Anger

Lil Yachty's doing his best to downplay the beef he and Migos had brewing Joe Budden -- but it's hard to believe him when they just collab'd on a Budden diss track! We got the "Peek A Boo" rapper at LAX Thursday, and asked if he…

Tom Hanks’ Thoughts on Sexual Predators, Sexy Jenn Selter and More

  • Tom Hanks says to separate the art from the predator [Celebitchy]
  • Jenn Selter will dominate your nights [Linkiest]
  • Pamela Anderson goes all Eyes Wide Shut (Site NSFW) [TheNipSlip]
  • Meet Swiss vegan hottie Valeria Frei [GCeleb]
  • Amply endowed women [Radass]
  • Charity Crawford is a skinny girl next door [CavemanCircus]

Emil in ‘RoboCop’ ‘Memba Him?!

Paul McCrane played the cop killing Emil Antonowski -- who famously drives into a vat of toxic waste and melts on-screen -- in the 1987 cyborg masterpiece, 'RoboCop.' Guess what he looks like now!

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