Anfisa Nava Reveals Body Transformation Secrets Before Bodybuilding Debut

Even though Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava is not on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? this season, fans are still following her life.

She has her first-ever bodybuilding competition coming up, and has totally transformed her body in preparation for it.

But what's her secret?

Anfisa Nava Wears Green

In an interview with E! News, Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava is opening up about her body transformation -- and her secret to losing weight.

"First," the 90 Day Fiance alum reveals. "I lost about 15 pounds in about six months."

"And," Anfisa shares. "That's when I started thinking about competing."

"So then I actually gained a little weight," she explains. "To increase my muscle."

Those increased muscles are hard to miss.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava - abs pic

"But then I lost more," Anfisa continues.

Overall, her body transformation didn't happen overnight.

"It took about a year and a half," she divulges, adding that "I wasn't in a rush."

Sow hat kinds of numbers are we talking, here?

"In the beginning, I was 146 pounds," Anfisa shares. "And now I'm about 120."

Anfisa Nava Poses Before NPC Competition

A lot of total body transformation stories have to do with much more dramatic degrees of weight loss.

Anfisa's is another story.

"I've actually been skinny my whole life," she acknowledges.

"But when I moved to the United States," Anfisa notes. "I gained about 15 to 20 pounds."

That's not a lot of weight, but on her small frame, it gave her a curvier look.

Anfisa Nava Has Been Working Out

Not that it matters, but why did she gain weight?

"The food here is different from the way I used to eat in Russia," Anfisa explains.

There are three things that the United States does better than any nation on earth: military size, entertainment industry, and food.

"In Russia," she shares. "I would eat home-cooked meals."

"But here," Anfisa continues. "I would go out to eat a lot."

Anfisa Arkhipchenko, Birthday Dinner

It's not just restaurant food (which, for many, can be healthier than what they can afford to make at home) or American food that made the difference.

"And I wasn't really controlling it," Anfisa admits.

She characterizes: "I was eating everything."

There was a reason for which she was using food to keep herself happy.

"There was also more stress," Anfisa acknowledges.

Stress from moving, stress from her marriage, stress from her reality career, and of course stress from Jorge's arrest (and eventual imprisonment).

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava Dance

So how did she trim down and get those insane abs?

"I just reduced my portion size," Anfisa reveals. "And started doing cardio too." 

She gets specific about aspects of her workout routine.

Anfisa spells it out: "I was doing the elliptical or the treadmill five or six times a week for 30-40 minutes."

She has also shared details of her home-cooked meals.

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava - food portion examples

Next weekend is the NPC West Coast Classic in Riverside, California. It will be Anfisa's first ever bodybuilding competition.

Could this be the start of a whole new career for her?

"Possibly," Anfisa admits. "We'll see how this first one goes."

"I don't really have any expectations," she clarifies.

"I just want to get my feet wet," Anfisa explains. "And see what its like and go from there."

Anfisa Nava, Fitness Results

"Besides the competition," Anfisa reminds her fans. "I'm going to school,"

"I'm in community college," she notes. "But this August I want to apply to a four-year university."

"I want to go to one of the universities in California," Anfisa expresses.

"But," she admits. "I don't know which one."

We hear that USC may have an opening or two.

Anfisa Nava Flaunts New Figure

As fans may recall, Anfisa and Jorge dropped out of Happily Ever After? after negotiations fell through.

They wanted more money than the notoriously cheap show was willing to pay.

Real talk: is Anfisa ever coming back to reality television?

"I don't have plans for it right now," Anfisa replies. "But never say never!"

Hofit Golan Swimsuit Pokies!

Candids of sexy Israeli TV personality Hofit Golan wearing a yellow swimsuit at the beach!

View the pictures (Via Kanoni)

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This Luxe Cleansing Balm Is A Must-Have For Anyone Who Travels

Summer is officially here and that can only mean one thing: vacations! Our trips are booked, our bags are packed and right as we start to head out the door, we realize we missed one small detail. We forgot to find travel-sized skincare products!

For some, this isn’t a big deal but to others? It’s earth shattering! We can definitely vacation from our regular routines for a getaway but we need to keep our skincare regimens up to snuff. So what’s a traveler to do?

Well since we can’t cancel the trip, it’s time for a plan B and it includes this top-rated cleansing balm that was made for travelers!


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When applied directly to the skin, this lightweight formula starts off as a silky cleansing oil. When mixed with water, this fragrance-free cleanser transforms into a milky emulsion that feels so luxurious when massaging in circle-like motions.

We love that this product won’t leave any greasy residue despite being an oil-based formula. Skin will feel not only clean but conditioned, an essential when jetting or driving as we travel.

Sure, we all love a good luxury vacation as much as the next but there’s something better! According to reviewers, this 5-star cleansing balm is a little luxury that won’t require any TSA hassle.

See it: Grab the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Micro Cleansing Balm for $47, available at Dermstore!

Not your style? Check out additional Estée Lauder products and cleansers also available at Dermstore!

RadarOnline has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

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Today In Ironic Twists: 2 Florida Men Brawl Because One of Them Showers Too Much

Folks, we're gonna be honest -- we don't really know what's going on here.

We've brought you many, many Florida Man stories over the years, and usually, they're bizarre and trashy, and they frequently involve gators and/or dynamite --  but they always make some sort of sense, and it's generally pretty easy to figure out the motives of the principal players.

This one, however, has thrown us for a loop.

florida map

Is it opposite day? Are we in Bizarro World? Is M. Night Shyamalan writing the news today?

Whatever the case this is a twist that no one could have seen coming.

Pasco County resident Byron Christianoudis, 48, was arrested this week after he allegedly attacked his 70-year-old roommate.

Abnormal behavior by the standards of any other state, but pretty standard Florida Man stuff so far.

Byron Christianoudis Mug Shot

But here's the twist:

Christianoudis attacked his elderly roomie because the man accused him of taking too many showers!

Frankly, we didn't know that anyone, anywhere in the world took issue with their roommates being too hygienic.

And we definitely didn't know that this happens in Florida, where a single ride on Splash Mountain is generally considered to be sufficient bathing for an entire summer.

Now, we probably don't need to tell you that this was not Mr. Christianoudis' first arrest.


No, the original Greek Freak was taken into custody in 2015 after he was caught masturbating on a public beach.

Christianoudis was allegedly looking at an adult woman and a girl who were seated near water's edge.

Asked what motivated this nauseating act of self-pleasure, Christianoudis offered the following explanation:

“My girlfriend was out of town and I miss her."

Clearly, dude is an old school romantic.


At first, it might seem like these two incidents have nothing to do with one another -- but we'd like to posit that there may be a connection

Byron's roommate was upset by how much time he was spending in the shower.

Byron's roommate probably knew about his previous arrest and the effect that water seems to have on Mr. Christianoudis.

You see what we're getting at?

We're sure the poor roommate eventually reached the point where he could no longer convince himself that the stalactites on the bathroom ceiling were the result of violent sneezing fits brought on by Byron's extreme allergy to body wash.

Gross ... but that's Florida for ya!

Olivia Munn Cleavage at the Premiere of The Rook!

Olivia Munn showing off a lot of cleavage at the red carpet premiere of a new Starz show called The Rook!

View the pictures (Via GCeleb)

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DMX Reports for Duty as Detective on Set of ‘Chronicle of a Serial Killer’

DMX is resuming his acting career, but in a role most would consider a stretch ... 'cause now he's playing Johnny Law and busting bad guys. It's called "range" in the biz.   We got this shot of DMX on the set of the upcoming film,…

Ron Goldman’s Sister Slams O.J. Simpson’s Twitter Threats: ‘He’s Compelled To Lash Out’

In an exclusive statement to, slain Ron Goldman’s sister slammed O.J. Simpson as someone who is “compelled to lash out” after the former murder suspect said he wanted to “get even” with naysayers.

“In the killer’s predictable fashion, like he did when we released our book if I Did It: Confessions of the Killer, he is compelled to lash out,” an angry Kim Goldman told Radar.

As Radar reported, Simpson — who was infamously acquitted of the grisly June 12, 1994, killings of Goldman and ex-wife Nicole Brown — joined Twitter just two days after the 25th anniversary of the slayings.

“Now there’s a lot of fake O.J. accounts out there, so this one, @TheRealOJ32 is the only official one. So, it should be a lot of fun,” The 72-year-old said with a smile in a 22-second video he posted on his new Twitter account, adding, “I got a little getting even to do. This should be fun. So God Bless, take care.”

Just days later, Simpson caused chaos on social media. A parody account user posted a video of a disturbing alleged back and forth exchange with the disgraced former NFL player.

“Think I’m playing motherf***er…” Simpson allegedly wrote under The Juice’s new Twitter handle @TheRealOJ32.

“Sadly, nope,” responded @KillerOJSimpson before pointing out that the alleged real Simpson was “weak AF” if the parody account with a few hundred followers bugged him.

“Seen that video just posted about me. You think I’m playing? Tired of all your bulls**t. I WILL FIND YOUR A** AND CUT YOU. Don’t believe me? Just watch and see bitch,” @TheRealOJ32 allegedly fired back.

The parody account owner then responded: “You gonna cut me? Awesome, is that what you said to Nicole?”

Simpson allegedly responded with a row of knife emojis followed by the words “you next.”

However, the Blast reported from sources that the video exchange was fake.

Goldman’s sister Kim challenged Simpson to call in to her podcast.

“If he feels he needs to ‘get even,’ he is invited to join me on my podcast Confronting: O.J. Simpson, where I welcome him to voice what he claims are ‘setting the record straight,’” she continued, noting, “If my first three episodes have upset him, just wait until he hears the remaining episodes.”

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Cop In Raptors’ Masai Ujiri Fight Blasts Racism Claims, My Family Is Black

The cop who was shoved by Toronto Raptors President Masai Ujiri during a fight after Game 6 of the NBA Finals is blasting racism claims ... with his attorney telling TMZ Sports, "The injured officer's family is African American." After it was…

Lauren Bushnell: Engaged to Country Star Chris Lane!

Lauren Bushnell has officially left Bachelor Nation.

And she's done so for a different country entirely.

By which we mean the following: The former Bachelor contestant is now engaged to a country singer named Chris Lane.

Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane

The proposal took place on Sunday in the backyard of Bushnell's family home in Oregon, with Lane telling People Magazine:

“I knew she wouldn’t want some elaborate crazy proposal.

"So, I decided to keep it pretty casual.

"I asked her parents for different places in Portland I could potentially take her to, but after a lot of thought I decided doing it at the family cookout would be the most laid-back setting and that she’d appreciate the simplicity of me proposing to her in her parents’ backyard.”

Lane added, provided a lot more detail:

“I was initially worried that doing it on Father’s Day might not be the best move, but her dad, Dave, said that it could only add to his Father’s Day and that’s when I decided Sunday, June 16 was the day.

"Shout out to Lauren’s parents, Dave and Kris, for having the yard in tip-top shape!”

Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell

Bushnell is known to celebrity gossip followers for having won Season 20 of The Bachelor.

She agreed to marry Ben Higgins immediately afterward, but the pair broke up in May of 2017.

The two even starred in a short-lived spinoff titled Lauren & Ben: Happily Ever After, but Bushnell later admitted she was anxious about committing to forever with Higgins.

"I remember waking up that morning and I kind of had an idea that I was possibly going to get engaged and I remember having so much anxiety about it," she told Reality Steve on his podcast anout a year ago, referring to the Season 20 finale and adding:

"I remember being really anxious that morning to the point where like I kind of snapped at my producer, which I had never done."

Ben and Lauren Picture

Fast forward to this summer, and Bushnell is singing a far happier tune.

"I can't stop smiling," Lauren wrote on her Instagram on Tuesday, confirming her engagement to Lane.

"I feel so incredibly blessed that every misstep, mistake and heartache has led me to you. I couldn't be happier to call you mine, forever. The journey was well worth it."

She continued:

"Thank you Christopher Eric Lane for softening my heart and making it whole.

"Never going to stop telling you how much I love you and I will hold onto you forever and ever! Lauren Lane has a nice ring to it."

Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane Photo

Bushnell and Lane got together toward the end of 2018, about three months after she split from someone named Devin Antin.

The stars made their public debut at the 2018 Country Music Awards, with Lane telling E! News on the red carpet:

"She's the first date that I've ever brought to any award show. She's an amazing girl, no doubt about it."

In March, the pair moved in together in Nashville.

The following month, while on the red carpet at the 2019 ACM Awards, Chris told E! News there's "no doubt" he's going to marry Lauren.

And, would you look at that... he was right!

NBA Team Asked Silly Brain-Teaser to Top Draft Prospect Nassir Little

It ain't just the NFL asking bizarre, silly questions to potential draft picks -- NBA teams are hitting prospects with some crazy brain-teasers,too ... so says projected lottery pick Nassir Little!! Little was a STUD at the University of North…

Celebrity Social Media, June 18, 2019

You know Jake Gyllenhaal loves his own jokes.          View this post on Instagram                       A post shared by Jake Gyllenhaal (@jakegyllenhaal) on Jun 18, 2019 at 2:05am PDT I tried to...

Brie Larson wins MTV Movie Award for Best Fight in Captain Marvel

Brie Larson also won an MTV Movie Award, for Best Fight in Captain Marvel. They singled out the “Carol vs. Minn-Erva” fight, which…was that the Nerf gun bit? I assume this is really for the whole third act of Captain Marvel, because Carol and Minn-Erva didn’t really throw down. Larson, wearing half ...

Jenelle Evans: David Eason Is the Best Dad In the World! CPS Can Suck It!

It's been over a month since CPS took David Eason and Jenelle Evans' kids away.

As terrible as Jenelle and David are as both parents and human beings, it's always a little sad to see a family broken up -- but in this case, it really needed to be done.

Teen Mom 2 viewers long suspected that David's violent and abusive tendencies presented a threat to his children, and authorities arrived at the same conclusion when Eason shot and killed the family dog.

Now, it's up to Jenelle and David to prove to a family court judge that they can provide a safe and stable home life for their kids.

But since that's pretty much a losing battle, they're trying to convince their Instagram followers instead.

Take a look:

1. David and Daughter

David and ensley eason
Jenelle posted several photos of David with 2-year-old daughter Ensley today. Like the rest of the couple's kids, Ensley has been removed from their home and placed with relatives.

2. Before the Fall

David eason and ensley pic
Evans captured the pics with the hashtag "#MemoriesNeverFade". For obvious reasons, she disabled comments.

3. Bad Times on The Land

David hangs with ensley
We're not sure what Jenelle's goal was in posting pics of David hanging out with his daughter. Was she trying to trick her followers into thinking she had regained custody?

4. Nice Try

Jenelle with ensley on instagram
Whatever the case, judging from the reaction on Twitter, nobody was fooled into thinking Dave is anything other than a horrendous father.

5. The Very Brightest Bulb

Pb and jenelle y
Yes, Jenelle disabled the comments on her Instagram, but she also linked to the post on Twitter, which left the door wide open for critics to offer their two cents.

6. Boom. Roasted.

Ensley tweet 7
Like we said, Jenelle's Twitter followers REALLY didn't hold back on this one.
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Lindsay Lohan Was Robbed At The MTV Movie & TV Awards

For those of you who aren’t part of Bachelor nation, the fellow above isn’t the result of scientists trying to make Michael Bublé look even more like a generic white guy. It’s Colton Underwood, the virgin bachelor from The Bachelor. And during MTV Movie & TV Awards, which aired last night, Colton won a golden popcorn trophy for Most Meme-able Moment. But I demand a recount, because he was up against Lindsay Lohan, who obviously should have won by a landslide.

Colton was nominated for that time when he jumped over a fence like a drunk frog to get away from the Bachelor cameras.

The other nominees for Most meme-able Moment were Ray J’s Hat from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, The Notorious RBG, Asia O’Hara’s dead butterfly moment from RuPaul’s Drag Race, and Lindsay Lohan’s dance moves.

The nominees really should have just been Lindsay, the announcer who screamed, “Honey, this is how you throw a party in Mykonos, bitch!“?, and the silver jumpsuit that provided Lindsay with enough freedom to move like a disco silverfish. And it would be a three-way tie, with two of the winners wondering where the trophy went, as a pawn shop owner tells Lindsay he can give her $20 for it.

But aside from that obvious oversight by MTV, the rest of the winners were pretty predictable. Avengers: Endgame won three awards, Game of Thrones won Best Show, Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before took home two, and Dan Levy won for Schitt’s Creek (an award I assume he celebrated backstage with a bottle of Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wines).

Lady Gaga also won two awards for A Star is Born: Best Performance in a Movie, and Best Musical Moment for “Shallow.” But she wasn’t there to accept the awards, because she’s too busy performing in Las Vegas. I’m not sure why Lady Gaga’s publicist didn’t think to send Bradley Cooper to accept on her behalf. Then again, she probably didn’t want to deal with another week of tabloids writing headlines like, “Did Bradley use the awards as door stops in their shared bedroom? Sources say: maybe!

Here’s the list of all of last night’s winners and below that a gallery of the night’s looks:

Best Movie
Avengers: Endgame

Best Show
Game of Thrones

Best Performance in a Movie
Lady Gaga, A Star is Born

Best Performance in a Show
Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale

Best Kiss
Noah Centineo & Lana Condor, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Best Hero
Robert Downey Jr., Avengers: Endgame

Best Villain
Josh Brolin, Avengers: Endgame

Reality Royalty
Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

Best Comedic Performance
Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek

Breakthrough Performance
Noah Centineo, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Best Fight
Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel vs. Minn-Erva

Best Real-Life Hero
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RBG

Most Frightened Performance
Sandra Bullock, Bird Box

Best Documentary
Surviving R. Kelly

Best Host
Nick Cannon, Wild ‘n Out

Most Meme-able Moment
The Bachelor, Colton Underwood jumps the fence

Best Musical Moment
A Star Is Born, “Shallow


Larissa Lima Scoffs at Deportation Rumors: I’m Staying Here!

On Sunday night, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers witnessed the aftermath of Larissa Lima's second arrest.

Those who only watch the show, and don't keep up with Larissa and Colt in real time, were shocked.

They're wondering if Larissa will be deported.

That is a question shared by those who have kept up with their activities.

After Larissa's assault trial earlier this month, the verdict was not immediately clear.

Will Larissa be deported? The Blast overheard her speaking about just that.

Take a look:




1. Will Larissa Lima be deported?

Larissa lima selfie
That is the question seemingly on everyone's lips -- particularly on those of viewers who saw Sunday night's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

2. What happened?

Larissa and colt for 90 day fiance happily ever after
The cameras were not there to capture it all -- we wish that they had been. As far as viewers were told, Larissa locked herself in the bathroom, someone called the police, Colt's door got broken down, and it was Larissa who was arrested.

3. So what really happened?

Colt johnson and larissa lima face each other
We, of course, do not claim to have any special knowledge about what went down in their home. However, those of us who were covering Larissa and Colt back when this happened in November remember it like it was yesterday.

4. Colt and Larissa had a heated argument

Colt johnson shares larissa lima throwback selfie
That afternoon, Larissa shared video of what she claimed was damage done to their downstairs (shelves knocked over) by Colt. That evening, as they argued, she locked herself in the bathroom.

5. This is when things went from bad to worse

Colt johnson and larissa lima face off
Colt cut off Larissa's phone signal so that she could not call anyone. He would later explain that he hoped to diffuse the system and cause his wife to calm down. Instead, it terrified her and made her fear for her life.

6. She begged fans for help

Larissa lima is unhappy
Larissa could still access social media via the household WiFi, so she begged people on Instagram to contact Colt (she even shared his number) and implore him to turn her phone back on. The panic in her messages was very palpable to her fans and followers.
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Jenelle Evans’ Sister: My Family is Trailer Trash, But I’m Awesome!

Jenelle Evans is really having a tough time with her family these days.

As you've likely heard by now, the former Teen Mom OG star has lost custody of her children because a judge has determined that she and husband David Eason have established a dangerous environment in which to raise their kids.

The final straw in this decision centered on Eason shooting and killing his family's dog with a shotgun.

Meanwhile, while Jenelle is dealing with this troubling situation, another family member has also made her presence felt and known -- much to the chagrin of Evans.

We speak here about Ashleigh Evans Wilson.

She is Jenelle's estranged sister and she wants you to know that she is NOTHING like her famous siblings.

What are their differences? And what has Jenelle said in response to Ashleigh going public?

Scroll down to find out!

1. Have We Seen Ashleigh Evans Wilson Before?

Ashleigh evans wilson
Ashleigh is not very close to Jenelle, but we did see her pop up on Teen Mom back in 2016.

2. In What Capacity?

In what capacity
She went shopping with the pair's mother, Barbara and... that was about it. But the appearance prompted a few negative remarks from Jenelle.

3. She's So Jealous of Me!

Shes so jealous of me
"Reason why my sister doesn't even have my phone number or address. She's always been jealous of me," Tweeted Evans after her sister make this cameo.

4. We. Are. Estranged.

We are estranged
"I don't speak of or to her. I tried being nice to her and this is what she does. She rolls with majority," added Evans.

5. Just How Bad is This Relationship?

Pb and jenelle y
Well... Ashleigh announced her second pregnancy on Facebook in 2015, prompting Jenelle to respond: “congrats to my sister she is having a baby girl and happy she got pregnant with all her 101 diseases she made up herself.”

6. It's Very Bad

Its very bad
Ashleigh subsequently posted yet another message on the social media site, throwing shade at her famous reality star of a sister:“It’s sad my sister is so jealous of me I posted I was pregnant 2-3 days ago … It [sic] sad she can’t live without drama and jerks won’t stop screen shotting my FB. My mom even said she’s brainwashing Jace and done with her sh-t.”
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Elizabeth Turner

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Bella Thorne is Braless in NYC!

Candids of a braless Bella Thorne wearing a Chanel outfit while out and about in NYC! Photos via ImgBox: View the pictures

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Husband From Hell? Amy Claims ‘Domineering’ Ex Matt Forbade Her From Speaking To ‘Little People’ Crew

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff not only accused her ex-husband Matt of betraying her with his now-girlfriend Caryn Chandler during their marriage, but claimed he also belittled her with his “strong and domineering” personality in her bombshell new book, can exclusively report.

“Many discussions I had with Matt eventually made me feel less than,” she wrote about her 27-year union in her memoir, A Little Me. “He may not have meant or realized how his words, businesslike attitude, and lack of compassion affected our relationship and me. But they did.”

“His words stayed in my mind and played with my emotions, and I sometimes became intimidated by Matt with his strong and domineering personality. I just didn’t get the support and encouragement.”

Amy — who announced her separation from Matt in 2014 after years of what she later called an “inappropriate” relationship between her husband and the then-family farm manager, Caryn — claimed he often shut down her business ideas, made “impulsive” family decisions without her consideration, and even attempted to control who she spoke to.

She said he told her she couldn’t talk to the Little People production crew directly, even though they were filming in their home.

“He believed we shouldn’t really talk to or trust any of the producers or crew because they didn’t really care about us,” she claimed. “We weren’t their priority, making a TV show was, and they’d say anything to appease us to get what they wanted. It would be best if everyone in the family went through Matt about everything, and he would communicate with the production staff on our behalf and take care of everything.”

“Matt would get upset if, after filming and off camera, I’d be talking to the producers,” she added. “I felt conflicted because he did it all the time. I wasn’t sure what the issue was about me doing the same.”

Matt has not publicly responded to Amy’s recent accusations, and did not reply to Radar’s request for comment.

The family is still filming the long-running TLC reality show, even though Amy and Matt finalized their divorce in 2016 and rarely seem to get along onscreen.

As Radar exclusively reported, Amy claimed Matt and Caryn sent photos and messages to each other years during the parents of four’s decades-long marriage.

“I was devastated,” she wrote.

The post Husband From Hell? Amy Claims ‘Domineering’ Ex Matt Forbade Her From Speaking To ‘Little People’ Crew appeared first on RadarOnline.

Allison’s Neighbors Still Up In Arms Despite Mack’s Forfeiture Of Sex Cult Homes

Allison Mack’s former upstate New York neighbors are still up in arms about her alleged sex crimes amid the recent forfeitures of her NXIVM homes, sources exclusively revealed to

Court records obtained by Radar showed that Mack had to forfeit the rights to multiple properties in Halfmoon and Clifton Park, New York that she once owned and/or lived in. The ruling came weeks after she pleaded guilty to two counts of racketeering in the horrific sex cult case.

One neighbor who remembers witnessing Mack gallivanting around her Halfmoon, New York neighborhood with cult leader Keith Raniere dished to Radar that despite Mack’s recent forfeitures, neighbors don’t want her around ever again.

“I think it’s a good thing but it’s still going to take us a little bit for the fear to wear off,” a neighbor told Radar.

As readers know, Raniere is currently on trial in Brooklyn, New York for seven counts of horrific charges including sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of a minor. A jury is anticipated to reach a verdict as early as Friday.

The neighbor said that although the government has been shedding light on the allegedly criminal sex acts that took place in Halfmoon and Clifton Park neighborhoods where Mack and sex slaves resided, it’s not enough to rid the towns of disgust.

“I’m always going to be known as one of Allison’s neighbors,” an outraged resident said. “We feel kind of bamboozled by the whole thing! It all started here, let’s face it. Right under our noses it’s been going on for years.”

Some neighbors are convinced that the many young females in the neighborhood are connected to NXIVM.

“We hear it is still going on. Keith may be gone, but there are talks it is here again,” the neighbor said. “The girls are not even friendly at all! They walk around with their heads down. They don’t want to talk or say hi.”

As Radar readers know, Mack, 36, is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

The post Allison’s Neighbors Still Up In Arms Despite Mack’s Forfeiture Of Sex Cult Homes appeared first on RadarOnline.

Sara Malakul Lane

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Emily Ratajkowski in a Tiny Blue Bikini!

Pics of Emily Ratajkowski looking amazing as always in a tiny blue bikini at the beach!

View the pictures (Via Popoholic)

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Bella Hadid Apologized To The Middle East For An Instagram Post

So I heard that Bella Hadid had pissed off her Middle Eastern fans and I was curious as to why. I wondered what she could have done as a model to offend them and immediately pictured her posing in some kind of hijab/thong-bikini combo while dry humping on the Quran (Lindsay Lohan is probably doing that photo shoot as I type this). But that’s not what pissed people off. You see, Bella took a picture of her foot up against a window as she waited for a plane, but because of the flag on a plane and the position of her foot, it was considered highly disrespectful and people were OUTRAGED!

So People says that Bella Hadid started an international controversy when she posted this picture to her Instagram story:

Seems innocuous enough apart from the boot being kind of ugly, but maybe it’s the angle. What you don’t know is that there is so much going on in the photo. The planes in the background are from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates–Bella’s foot is positioned showing the sole of her foot towards the flags on the planes. This is disrespectful in Arabic culture, and it sent people off. The hashtag #BellaHadidIsRacist was born. People were even calling for brands that work with her to drop her from their campaigns. 

After Bella was called racist and dumb and became the newest target of cancel culture, she apologized for her shoe selfie of HATE.

She even posted to Twitter to drive the message home:

Nice try, Bella Hadid, but you’re CANCELED now that Twitter has spoken!!! And all over a shoe post that wasn’t even sponsored. Shameful.


Jordyn Woods is Trying to Be All Chill About Her Scandal Playing Out on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

The past is about to come back and haunt Jordyn Woods.

But at least she knows that it's coming.

Jordyn Woods on Her Gram

In a new trailer for the two-part Keeping Up with the Kardashians season finale, viewers get to see Khloe Kardashian and her family react to the news that rocked their world several months ago.

Yes, Woods really did make out with Tristan Thompson after a gathering at the basketball player's house earlier this year.

This scandalous incident happened long while back, of course, but episodes are filmed way in advance of when they air -- which means Woods will once again be thrust into the national spotlight this Sunday night.

Here's a look at what's to come:

In a scene that totally happened naturally and which wasn't at all staged, Kim answers the phone during a confessional featured in the footage above and asks:

"What's going on?"

"Tristan and Jordyn were all over each other last night," we hear in a voiceover.

We also get glimpses of Khloe crying in bed, her universe simply collapsing all around her after discovering that Tristan has cheated on her. AGAIN.

How does Woods feel about her most salacious act being brought up once again?

She has no real choice at this point but to be as relaxed and profound about it as possible.

Jordyn Woods in a Bathing Suit

"Everyone has their truth and their story, so you just go with it. Everyone has the right to speak their truth," she told Entertainment Tonight this week about the impending finale, adding:

"Life moves on. Money doesn’t stop. The world doesn't stop. And hopefully, everyone is just, you know, going forward."

Woods, who has been best friends with Kylie Jenner for years, has admitted to kissing Thompson back when he was still dating Khloe.

She has strongly denied, however, that she slept with Tristan or that she initiated the contact between their tongues.

"Never once was I giving him a lap dance, making out with him, sitting all over him," Jordyn told Jada Pinkett Smith in response to the scandal during an appearance on her Facebook Live show this spring.

"We're all together, in a group, never once did we leave the public area, go to a bedroom, go to a bathroom. We're all in plain sight," she explained of what transpired.

Jordyn Woods on Insta

Woods did confess at the time to sitting on the arm of a chair Tristan was sitting on and draping her legs over has at one point.

"If you're looking for a story, I can understand why that would be the story," she said. "We all were just dancing and having fun ... but never anything intimate."

But, again, Woods confessed to locking lips with the highly paid NBA role player.

Angry at the time, Khloe, wasn't buying any of it, Tweeting:

"Why are you lying @jordynwoods ?? If you’re going to try and save yourself by going public, INSTEAD OF CALLING ME PRIVATELY TO APOLOGIZE FIRST, at least be HONEST about your story.

"BTW, You ARE the reason my family broke up!"

Into the Jordyn Woods

She later took back this last comment and placed all the blame for her family breaking up on Tristan himself.

Where it belongs.

Which is not to say that Woods didn't eff up as well. Or that Khloe is letting her totally off the hook.

"I knew who he was," Khloe says to Kylie in a scene from this Sunday's episode, referring to Thompson... and then to Woods:

"I never in a million years thought that's who she was."

Sexy Model Khloë Terae on Instagram!

Smoking hot model Khloë Terae has been in plenty of magazines and she's got one of the sexiest Instagram accounts out there!

View the pictures (Via Yes Bitch)

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CJ Perry in a Sports Bra and Shorts!

Candids of CJ Perry looking hot in a sports bra and athletic shorts while out and about!

View the pictures (Via Egotastic)

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XXXTentacion Fans Flood to Gravesite on 1-Year Anniversary of His Death

XXXTentacion is being remembered on the one year anniversary of his murder ... by a bunch of fans who have flooded to his gravesite. Throngs of people made their way to the Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park on Tuesday ... where XXX -- gov.…

Christina Ricci

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Leanna Decker is a Goddess (AIC) [X-Post /r/Celebrity_Abs]

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Prince Harry Reportedly Wanted To Make Jennifer Aniston A Princess

Move over “lonely, miserable” Jennifer Aniston tabloid storylines as a new (even sadder!) Jennifer Aniston storyline is happening. Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be a princess of Britain! A new book is claiming Prince Harry wanted Jennifer Aniston to be his forever princess, but she couldn’t get past the 16 year age difference. This is what happens when an AniSTAN (I’m assuming that’s what they call themselves) writes fanfiction while high on bath salts after scrolling through The Daily Mail’s royal section. is reporting:

According to a new book and documentary on Aniston, Harry got a hold of Aniston’s phone number and texted her emojis, reports The Sunday Mirror. He allegedly became “obsessed” with her after seeing her famous 2009 GQ Cover, where she is wearing only a tie.

The couple never had a date, but he told friends he thought Aniston, 16 years his senior, was “princess material.”

Princess material” is a very sweet way to describe someone. I imagine that’s how all the guys in college thought of me, as I gracefully chugged Busch Light and talked mostly in Chris Farley lines from Tommy Boy. Turns out Jennifer is a bit more charming:

“Harry was infatuated with Jen for years. He told friends she was ‘princess material.’ He visited LA and was partying heavily with models there,” author Ian Halperin claims in his upcoming Aniston book. “He told a close friend his favourite actress was Jen and got her number. He texted her and sent emojis. One source told me Jen was aware of Harry’s crush but didn’t want to lead him on because of the age difference.”

First of all, what the hell Jennifer Aniston?! Imagine hearing that Prince Harry has a crush on you and HE SENDS YOU A TEXT WITH EMOJIS and instead you marry Justin Theroux and his enormous back tattoo  of rats and pigeons. All because of a 16 year age difference? I mean is that even a big age difference by Hollywood standards?

It turns out Aniston’s team claims this didn’t happen, which is weird. If there was a rumor that Prince Harry sent me sexy emojis, and called me princess material, I would never let that rumor die.

A spokesman for Aniston told The Mirror Halperin’s claims are “false,” although the author insists stood by his reporting.

“I stand by everything in the film and book,” Halperin told The Mirror.

I doubt Prince Harry will address this rumor, but I do have a feeling that Duchess Meghan will wear a vintage Team Jolie t-shirt to her next royal event.


Molly Qerim Says ESPN ‘Had My Back’ After LaVar Ball Comments

Molly Qerim is breaking her silence after the LaVar Ball incident on "First Take" -- telling TMZ Sports she's grateful for the way ESPN execs "had my back" after the way LaVar talked to her on-air.  "ESPN was really supportive," Qerim told us…

Madelaine Petsch and Adelaide Kane

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sneak Peek: Tristan Cheated With Jordyn!

Earlier this year, Jordyn Woods was blacklisted and shunned after being accused of making out with Khloe's cheating baby daddy.

In this Keeping Up With The Kardashians teaser, Khloe first hears the bad news about Tristan Thompson.

In this season finale two-parter, viewers will get to see the entire family in meltdown mode.

Kuwtk 2 part finale teaser kim gets bad news

The start of this teaser trailer begins with a classic phone ring sound effect.

You know, like it's the 1990s.

We then see Kim, in the confessional, gaze down at her phone in bewilderment and concern.

"What's going on?" Kim's voice is heard with a dreamlike effect.

We then hear the bad news in a haunting voiceover: "Tristan and Jordyn were all over each other last night."

Khloe kardashian in total tears

The promo then shows us Khloe, dabbing at her eye with a tissue while she weeps in bed.

This, folks, is the episode that fans have been waiting to see all season.

It's a two-parter. And yes, of course, it's the season finale.

This is Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal, after he was spotted allegedly giving an unsolicited kiss to Jordyn Woods.

But as we all know, the verison of events that Khloe chose to believe is that Jordyn was making out with him.

Kuwtk 2 part finale teaser kris is the voice of reason

Kris Jenner comes across as the voice of reason during this teaser promo.

"We just need to figure out what the whole full story is," she suggests.

See, Jordyn has been like family for years. 

She is -- or was, before this scandal -- besties with Kylie.

Kim doesn't appear willing to wait around and hear what went down.

"Tristan admitted it!" Kim accuses.

Kuwtk 2 part finale teaser kim believes tristan

In other words, it sounds like Kim is willing to believe a version of events that Tristan, of all people, is presenting.

But maybe we'll find out, in this two-part finale, what lead Kim and Khloe and maybe even Kylie to believe Tristan over Jordyn.

We do see Kylie speak frankly, either to a family member or perhaps to Jordyn herself.

"I'm just like, what were you thinking?" Kylie expresses.

We then see her speaking with Khloe, who feels betrayed on two different sides.

Kuwtk 2 part finale teaser khloe and kylie

"I knew who he was," Khloe admits about Tristan.

"I never in a million years thought that's who she was," Khloe expresses to Kylie.

Wait, so she's confirming that she knew that her cheating baby daddy was a cheater.

(Which, you know, she had to)

But she's still laying blame at the feet of Jordyn Woods?

Even worst case scenario, like if Jordyn really was going hard for Tristan that night, it's just because she was a pretty girl close to him.

It could have been any pretty girl. And it was probably many pretty girls, let's be real.

Khloe has lost it

Then, the promo takes us back to Khloe and her ongoing suffering.

"It just sucks it has to be so public," Khloe confesses to the camrea through tears.

That's true. And we sympathize with Khloe for having to endure so much.

Similarly, we sympathize with Jordyn for losing her home, her best friend, aspects of her career, and her reputation.

We wonder if, these days, Khloe is feeling differently towards Jordyn now that Khloe has learned that she, too, was once Tristan's "other woman."

Keeping up with the kardashians sneak peek tristan cheated with

TMZ Live: Bill Cosby: Lecturing Prisoners on Parenting and Drug Abuse

ON TODAY'S SHOW Honey Boo Boo: Not Moving Back in with Mama June Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Touching Accuser's Breast Danielle Bregoli's Concert Canceled Over Twitter SNAFU Djimon Hounsou Speaks About his Rough Father's Day

Lizzo’s joyful performance of “Juice” on the MTV Movie & TV Awards

Is there a song you play or that’s in your head when you’re getting ready in the morning? Or getting ready to go out? And in your mind you’re in a movie montage in your closet and your bathroom, totally feeling yourself as you’re about to go out and kill the day, or the party you’re going to?  I ...

Sandra Bullock shames her kids at the MTV Movie & TV Awards

The MTV Movie & TV Awards aired last night, bringing with it an annual reminder of the march of time and our ever-growing disconnectedness with The Youths (nothing makes me feel as old as contemporary MTV, except maybe the Grammys), but there was an old-school Movie Star on hand for the awards. Sand...

Taylor Swift And Katy Perry Have Been Good For A While Now

There’s a big reveal at the end of Taylor Swift’s new music video, “You Need To Calm Down” (aka “Taylor Discovered Drag Brunch“). Taylor spots her arch nemesis, Katy Perry, across a crowded food fight, and they embrace, thus ending their nearly five-year-long feud. Two grown women finally acted like grown women – albeit while dressed like children in a pageant about the food pyramid. As it turns out, Taylor and Katy’s hug wasn’t the peace dove we all thought it was, as they had already been friends for some time.

Taylor called in to the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James yesterday to promote her new song and video, and she was asked about the Katy Perry moment. Taylor says that Katy has been her pal again for a little over a year. It started after Katy sent Taylor a letter and a literal olive branch on the opening night of Taylor’s Reputation Tour.  Taylor was asked how Katy’s appearance in the video came about, and she answered:

“Well, we have been on really good terms for a while. She sent this beautiful note and an olive branch to the opening night of the Reputation Stadium Tour, a while ago. And from then on, we’ve been on good terms. And we hadn’t seen each other though, so the first time we saw each other was at this party. And when we saw each other, it was just very clear to both of us that everything was different, that we had grown up, we had grown past allowing ourselves to sort of be pitted against each other. It just was really really clear that we remembered how much we had in common.

And both of us have been in a really good place for a while, but I don’t think either of us really knew if we were going to talk about it publicly. So when I thought of this concept for this video, and I wrote the treatment, I thought of this idea, and I thought ‘I’m just going to ask her if she’d be interested in this, but I’d be totally fine if she’d rather keep it private between us.’ She was like, ‘I would love for us to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness.'”

Taylor adds that she chose the burger and fries costume after Katy wore a burger costume designed by Jeremy Scott to a 2019 Met Gala after party.

What I’m hearing is that Taylor is the reason for taking the reunion public, and she’s the reason for Katy’s appearance in the video, and Taylor thought of the burger and fries thing. Taylor Taylor Taylor! Do I smell the start of a new feud? Is Katy Perry about to release a statement in which she passive-aggressively praises Taylor for attempting to put her own spin on the video for “This Is How We Do.” I bet their second attempt at friendship will be over the minute Taylor invites Katy to a party, and they start fighting over who will be the first to Instagram a selfie with the giant inflatable pool lounger shaped like a taco.

Pic: YouTube

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: We Bang While Watching Real Housewives!

Tori Spelling is an actress, but prior to the upcoming 90210 reboot, it had been quite some time since she made any real money in her chosen career field.

Dean McDermott is technically an actor, but since he's best known for hosting the Canadian version of Choppped, it might be time to surrender that title.

Tori and Dean McDermott

The McDermotts have expensive taste, and Hollywood isn't exactly chomping at the bit to cut them 8-figure checks, which is why Tori and Dean are aways broke.

Fortunately for them, this is 2019, a time when no one ever really stops being famous.

And so, they still have revenue streams available to them, and they'll probably be able to avoid getting real jobs for the rest of their lives.

Mostly, Spelling and McDermott have been trying to pay the bills by appearing on various short-lived reality shows.

Dean McDermott with Wife

But they've dabbled in other side-hustles as well.

Tori and Dean's pyramid scheme didn't prove to be as lucrative as they had hoped, so now McDermott has become the 50 bajillionth D-lidst celeb to launch a podcast.

His is rather unfortunately titled Daddy Issues, and of course, Tori was his first guest.

Like literally every other person living in Hollywood, Dean decided that his 'cast should have an edgy, irreverent tone, so within minutes of Tori sitting down, one of his co-hosts remarked that he would like to see her star in a sex tape.

Tori and Dean in Hawaii

“If I knew you were going to watch it, I would vajazzle. I did it once for [Dean],” the actress replied.

“Yes, it was fantastic,” Dean chimed in, adding that they haven't done it again for fear that the Tori's vadge jewels could become a “choking hazard.”

“I went down on her and I came up and it looked like I had a stud in my nose, like did you get your nose pierced?" McDermott recalled/

"No, your vajazzle came off.”

Spelling and McDermott

Things got even weirder from there, as Tori revealed that the Real Housewives franchise plays a role in their bedroom shenanigans:

“For a second, I’m like, ‘Oh bummer, I had a Real Housewives episode to catch up on,” she said recalling a time when Dean tried to put the moves on her.

Dean replied by swithing from Housewives to porn, which apparently got tori's motor running.

“After that, I’m like let’s go!” she said.

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: 2016 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Dean then suggested that the best thing they could do in order to keep both parties interested would be to seek out a Housewives porn parody.

“Mixing interests, keeping passion alive!” Tori exclaimed.

Obviously, we're left with a lot of questions -- primarily, which Housewives series are we talking about parodying?

New Jersey would be the funniest, but we're sure a million Jersey Shore porn parodies have already covered similar ground.

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Dine at Cecconi's

Given her location, Beverly Hills is probably Tori's favorite, but if you're gonna go that route, might as well just make it a Vanderpump Rules-inspired skin flick.

We guess we have to give Dean some credit here, as the first episode of his podcast actually made us think.

That doesn't mean we'll ever, ever listen to it again -- but still, credit where it's due.

Peak Katy Perry

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‘Tidying Up’ Star Marie Kondo Accused of Stealing Famous Folding Method

Decluttering guru Marie Kondo -- who rose to fame with the Netflix series 'Tidying Up' -- stole her famous folding technique ... at least, that's the claim of another celeb organizer who wants her due credit. We got Linda Koopersmith --…

Sophie Turner

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Sydney Sweeney Nude Selfies Collage

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Sara Underwood

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9021-Uh-Oh! Reboot In Jeopardy After Behind-The-Scenes Drama Derails Production

The highly-anticipated reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 is already packed with drama! But has learned that all the action is going down behind the scenes and not on film.

“They finally started shooting a few days ago but are rushing things to meet their August premiere deadline,” an insider told Radar.

The series, titled BH 90210, is set to premiere Aug. 7 on Fox. But there have already been numerous production delays, such as the loss of several senior writers who suddenly quit the six-episode series in May, and the shocking death of co-star Luke Perry.

“The network is not happy with the delays after their massively promoted August premiere,” the insider noted. “They also aren’t 100% sold on the direction of the show, so they are trusting that the actors and producers will deliver.”

As Radar recently reported, the series is expected to be more of a parody of the classic 90’s characters.

Original series regulars, including Shannon Doherty, Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris, Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling will be playing heightened versions of themselves in the revival, which has been in the works since last year.

But as production ramped up, various senior writers quit the show following rumors of behind-the-scenes trouble with the lead actresses.

The premise of the new BH90210 was to show the original cast’s stars grappling with making a reboot.

However, “Tori didn’t want to portray her real life, which is being broke and on the D-list,” a source previously said, explaining Spelling, 46, instead “wanted to live in a big mansion in Beverly Hills and show the life she envisioned her character would be leading — a life much more glamorous and wealthy than her real life.”

She then dug in her heels and refused to budge. Eventually, the reboot’s original team of writers had enough and decided to quit.

The troubled reboot was dealt another blow, when Perry died at age 52 on March 4 from a massive stroke.

“Luke’s tragic passing will be acknowledged in some way,” an insider told Radar.

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WWE Wrestler CJ Perry’s Cameltoe Game Is On Fire

CJ Lana Perry is one of the hottest WWE wrestlers out there right now, and she just strutted her stuff out on the streets of Los Angeles in a very Kim Kardashian-esque athleisure getup. While we can tell from the oversized glasses that Lana is a bit of a bookworm, she also works hard on her physique, and man does it show. She has amazing abs and hot wrestler legs that you only wish would get you in a headlock. And then of course there are those boobs. And then of course of course, there’s the cameltoe. Lana must have opted out of underwear for this particular outing, because her shorts are hiked up enough to give us an outline of the promised glad. I mean land. Hey you. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: MEGA

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Netflix Defended Its Upcoming Prank Show Hosted By Gaten Matarazzo

Netflix is doubling down on Prank Encounters hosted and produced by that Stranger Things kid Gaten Matarazzo. Not since Terrence Howard’s Fright Club has a prank show sounded so gross and pointless, but Nexflix released a statement reassuring folks that the premise of PE isn’t as bad as it sounds. Netflix says that the cannon fodder for PE all came in under the pretense of a “one-day, hourly gig” and they got paid for it. So calm your tits, these lazy gig economy schlubs wouldn’t know what to do with health insurance, PTO, or weekends and evenings off anyway!

Netflix released a clarifying statement in response to widespread criticism that the premise for PE was inherently cruel and stupid (via Metro UK):

A Netflix spokesperson said: ‘The pranks in Prank Encounters are spooky, supernatural, and over the top, and everyone had a great time.

‘All participants came in with the expectation this was a one-day, hourly gig and everyone got paid for their time.’

What Postmates delivery person’s day isn’t improved by getting an order to deliver Thai food to a spooky abandoned building only to be greeted at the door by an expensive and realistic looking Gorgon monster threatening to drink your blood while a teenager practically pisses their pants cackling at your stupidity? If you scream loud enough, you might even get a tip!

Netflix has a point, though. I’m sure the people who ultimately agreed to appear on the show had an OK time, were compensated, and probably got a charge out of the thought of being on TV. People love being on TV! But the thought of millions of Americans juggling multiple gigs and hustling in order to keep a roof over their heads and their families fed is terrifying enough. Do we really need to be throwing ghosts into the mix?!


Emotional XXXTentacion Documentary Announced 1 Year After Death

A new documentary about XXXTentacion’s life is set to be released.

This Tuesday, June 18, on the one-year-anniversary of his death, his mother posted an emotional teaser.

“Documentary coming soon,” she captioned the video post.

As readers know, the “SAD!” rapper — who once admitted to abusing his girlfriend and stabbing nine people — died on year ago at age 20 after being shot in Deerfield Beach, Florida. A group of male suspects were arrested and charged for his murder.

Instagram Photo

But despite the fact that XXXTenatcion is no longer present, his musical legacy still lives.

“This is my story and this is the last time I will tell it,” he is heard saying in the documentary teaser.

A Broward County judge confirmed to Radar on Tuesday that the suspects are expected to appear in court next on September 6 for a calendar call hearing. At least two of the four suspects will be discussing violation of probation from previous charges.

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Vanessa Hudgens

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Max Landis Accused of Sexual and Psychological Abuse by 8 Women

Screenwriter and director Max Landis is being accused of sexual abuse and emotional torture ... as 8 women have gone public with their allegations. The women claim the son of legendary director John Landis has a pattern of manipulative and…

XFL’s ‘He Hate Me’ Rod Smart Missing In South Carolina, ‘Family Worried’

Rod Smart -- who shot to fame in the XFL using the nickname "He Hate Me" -- has gone missing and his family is extremely worried for his safety.  The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina has issued a Missing Person Advisory --…

“Ansel Elgort is in the ‘West Side Story’ remake, just FYI” links

Guests pose as they arrive to the Dior Mens fashion show during Paris Fashion Week

OMG, Ansel Elgort is in the West Side Story remake and I can’t. [Dlisted]
Jenelle Eason’s sister called Jenelle “trailer trash.” [Starcasm]
Gabrielle Union looked amazing in Monte Carlo. [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]
Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers keep quitting, lol. [The Blemish]
Yes, Taylor Swift’s whole message these days is a mess. [LaineyGossip]
Green Book didn’t win any MTV Movie Awards, so there. [Pajiba]
I can’t even follow this train of thought, it gave me a headache. [Towleroad]
Zendaya is so much more dressed-up than Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland. [Tom & Lorenzo]
Kirsten Dunst’s new show looks amazing & weird. [Jezebel]

2018 Tribeca Film Festival - Jonathan - Premiere

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 154: Sydney Sweeney’s Boobs and Jillian Janson Interview

This week’s Mr. Skin Podcast is staring at Sydney Sweeney‘s breasts!

Today Mr. Skin and Andrea talk about Sydney Sweeney‘s boobs on the HBO show EuphoriaCarla Gugino promise that she’ll get nude on the new Cinemax show Jett, more boob tube nudity from Vida and Doom Patrol, and more. Also, stick around to hear an interview with the AVN nominated adult star, Jillian Janson.

Click on the player below to listen to the show and then click over to the Mr. Skin Podcast page for all the links mentioned in the episode, as well as your chance to call into the show and make your voice heard!

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Paige Spiranac

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Gwyneth Paltrow

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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Brandy Admits Ex Bernie McGee’s Death Is ‘Very Hard’

Bernie McGee dated Brandy with the hope of welcoming her to his family as a second wife on Seeking Sister Wife.

Months after their split, Bernie passed away from a heat stroke/heart attack while bike riding on Saturday, June 15.

In an exclusive interview with, Brandy opened up about Bernie’s untimely death.

Scroll through Radar’s gallery to go inside the shocking tragedy.

The post ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Brandy Admits Ex Bernie McGee’s Death Is ‘Very Hard’ appeared first on RadarOnline.

Gal Gadot

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David Ortiz’s Condition Upgraded to ‘Good,’ Still In ICU

Good news about David Ortiz ... the Boston Red Sox say his condition has been upgraded from "serious" to "good" just 9 days after he was shot in the Dominican Republic.  "This morning, David's condition was upgraded to 'good' by his doctors and…

Natalie Dormer

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Prince Philip to Prince Harry: Meghan Markle Ain’t the One For You, Homie

Prince Philip is not your typical 98-year-old royal.

In fact, as far as we can tell, the man's lifestyle has more in common with Keith Richards than with any of the King Richards.

Prince Philip Smiles

For examples, let's just look at the last six months of Philip's life, shall we?

Back in January, Philip flipped his Land Rover while driving like a mad man in the English countryside.

Last month, we learned that Philip and Queen Elizabeth are essentially separated, living under different roofs and leading "separate lives" as one insider put it.

Now, we've come to find out that the UK's answer to Joe Biden is still offering ribald and painfully outmoded advice to his grandsons.

Prince Philip Walks

According to a new report from London's Sunday Times, Philip issued a stern warning to Prince Harry shortly after the latter began dating Meghan Markle.

“One steps out with actresses, one doesn’t marry them,” a source recalls Philip remarking.

Fortunately, the insider says Philip has since come around and now realizes that Meghan is Harry's ideal mate.

And apparently, Philip wasn't the only one who harbored some early doubts about Meg.

Prince Philip, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

“William wanted to make sure that Harry was making the right decision,” royal expert Katie Nicholl recently told Fox News.

“And I think what was intended as well-meaning, brotherly concern and a bit of advice went down quite badly with Harry, who felt that William wasn’t being as supportive as he might’ve been.

"So there has certainly been tensions between the brothers.”

Nicholl's comments were made in the context of speculation about an alleged feud between William and Harry.

Baby Sussex

It's not surprising that Will's comments wouldn't sit well with Harry.

Unsolicited relationship advice is always tough to swallow, and considering Will's trash talk came around the same time he was allegedly cheating on Kate Middleton while she was pregnant, we imagine it was especially tough to take.

But like Phil before him, Will has reportedly come to realize just how awesome Meghan is:

“I think William sees how happy Meghan makes Harry,” Nicholl explained.

Laughing with the Prince

“I think he’s quite impressed by Meghan, her work ethic, how quickly she’s adapted to royal life," she added.

"Of course … the jury is still out. But actually, I think William has realized that Meghan is probably the best thing to happen to Harry.”

So William's under the impression that Meghan is good for Harry?

On behalf of the entire world, we'd like to say, no, duh!

Luke Parker is the Worst in Disturbing New Bachelorette Promo

If you've read The Bachelorette spoilers this season, you know that Luke Parker has had a target on his back for some time.

Based on the revealing trailer featured here, however, it's apparent that the villainous front-runner isn't going away quietly.

If you watched last night's episode of The Bachelorette, you know that Parker (somehow) remains in the running for Brown's heart.

As we've been hearing about for weeks, Parker may very well end up getting sent home from the series because he basically thinks Hannah is his property.

To what extent? To the extent that he sex-shames her for getting close with other men, that's for darn sure.

This rumor had merely been included in an influx of Bachelorette spoilers that we had read, but now you can see it play out for yourself.

In this newly-released super trailer, Hannah is clearly set to have a good time with as many guys as she can.

Which is pretty much why ones signs on to be The Bachelorette, right?

Tyler appears to be giving her a full-body massage with his own body in one scene, while we also see her kissing Peter in a cave.

There's a hot tub glimpse and some smooches for Mike and this line from Hannah to an unknown suitor:

I want to be physical with him. But I don't want to just have sex. I want to like, love you in every way.

Elsewhere, Hannah sings about how she's "gonna get the fantasy suites."

How does Luke feel about this? How does he feel about Brown apparently going NAKED BUNGEE JUMPING with Garrett?

“That’s like a slap in the face from her and from Garrett,” the import/export manager says. “I want to make sure that she’s not sleeping around. I don’t think she would ever do that, but I’ve got to make sure.”

Ummm, GROSS, right?

Just a totally gross thing for Luke to say about a woman who has every right to do whatever she pleases with her body.

Luke then brings up the subject during a one-on-one dinner with Hannah.

“So let’s talk about sex and how the marriage bed should be kept pure,” he actually says to her.

“And let’s say you have had sex with one or multiple of these guys. I would be wanting to go home.”

Thankfully, Hannah basically responds by packing Parker's bag for him.


“I don’t owe you anything,” she says angrily, adding:

“My husband would never say what you’ve said to me.”

Miss Alabama 2018 continues to spell it out for Luke as plain as she can: “I have had sex, and honestly, Jesus still loves me

And we now love her even more for putting Luke in his place.

Check out the extended preview here and then join us in standing up to cheer Hannah with every fiber of our being.

The bachelorette promo who sex shames hannah

Carmella Rose is a Tanned Temptress Who Looks Amazing Nude


Carmella Rose is one of those chicks that makes you think of the late 70s or early 80s, all tan lines and an absolutely devastating body to die for. This photo spread features the beauty toiling around in California home that’s sure to give you nostalgic feelings in your special places. Seriously, if you’re one of these dudes with an affection for throwback beauties, Carmella Rose might just be your new dream girl.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Carmella Rose is now in her sixties, with these pictures having been taken in the late 70s, they’re just that period authentic. She’s also a period authentic babe, which lends an air of verisimilitude to the photographer’s whole vibe. The good news, though, is that Carmella Rose is not in her sixties. She may have the look and air of a vintage gal, but she’s living in the modern world.

It’s nice to know that there are some dream girls out there that are carrying the torch for this throwback look in this day and age. It’s difficult when you fall for someone who was actually around in the 70s, but when she’s got that vibe living in 2019, that’s a potent combination!

Photos courtesy of Playboy Plus

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Vicki Gunvalson: Not Even Meghan King Edmonds Deserves to Be Cheated On!

Former The Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King Edmonds is enduring her husband Jim Edmonds' ugly cheating scandal.

Meghan opened up about her feelings, and her former castmates are sending their sympathies.

Even Vicki Gunvalson feels for her -- despite having once predicted the collapse of the Edmonds marriage.

Vicki Gunvalson is Glowing

On Friday, Meghan spoke out about her husband's affair, confirming everything despite his denials.

"I’m sad," she tweeted alongside a link. "I’ve written about it in my blog."

"I’m so sorry," Vicki Gunvalson wrote in response. "You are right, YOU did not deserve this."

Some were surprised to see such a heartfelt and sympathetic message from Vicki.

After all, this is the woman who once predicted to Meghan's face that her marriage was doomed to not last very long.

Meghan joked about passing Vicki's predicted threshold a couple of years ago, and Vicki shared that she had retracted her assessment.

Vicki Gunvalson Tweets Sympathy to Meghan King Edmonds

As we reported on Saturday, Meghan King Edmonds no longer trusts her husband.

This isn't tabloid speculation -- she said as much in her own words.

"I found out the same way you guys did: in the tabloids," Meghan revealed on her blog.

"I never left a voicemail for the other woman," she shared.

"I called Jimmy and he confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman over the course of several months," Meghan wrote.

"And," she added, Jim told her that "a physical relationship never existed."

Meghan King Edmonds, Family

Meghan writes that Jim told her that "He paid her off to protect me so I’d never find out."

"Do I believe him?" she asks. "I don’t know. Because I don’t trust him anymore."

"Physical or not, he still had an affair," Meghan explains. "And he admits this to me."

"I refuse to be humiliated by this," she affirms.

"I did nothing wrong, I don’t deserve this," Meghan correctly writes.

"I did nothing except be pregnant with our twins," she reasons. "And try to have a healthy pregnancy."

Meghan King Edmonds Twins

"So what is so broken in him to propel him to do this to me? To us?" Meghan asks.

"It wasn’t one mistake," she characteriszes "One lapse in judgement."

"I saw the texts – each one represents his decision to throw our marriage in the trash," she writes.

"Why did he self-sabotage?" Meghan asks. "And who sends nudies?"

It's not clear if she's correctly shaming people for sending nudes while married, or incorrectly shaming people for sending nudes period.

(For the record, they're called nudes, not nudies, and almost everyone on the planet sends them)

"Doesn’t everyone know better than this in 2019?" Meghan asks. "What drives someone to self-destruct in such a way?"

Meghan King Edmonds Channels Beyonce

"And all of this could not have come at a worse time," Meghan writes.

"Again, something I wasn’t ready to share but here I am sharing it," she adds.

Meghan announces: "we are worried our son, Hart, might have a neurological disorder."

"It’s been the most trying last couple months of my entire life and we still don’t have answers," Meghan laments.

"Sometimes I leave the house after the kids go to bed so I can drive around and ugly cry in the dark with no one around," she confesses.

Jim Edmonds and Meghan King Edmonds

"Now I have this to deal with," Meghan bemoans. "My one true love betraying me in the most disgusting and public way possible."

"I do not fault any other person except my husband," she emphasizes. "There are so many people out there with bad intentions."

"And it’s our responsibility to ignore and rise above," Meghan correctly states. "One slimy person doesn’t make another person cheat."

In other words, she's not pushing any "homewrecker" BS.

"Ultimately," Meghan expresses in her blog post. "I have hope our marriage can recover."

Real Housewives of Orange County in Iceland

Vicki wasn't the only former castmate to send Meghan well wishes.

"Healing takes time," Tamra Judge writes. "My heart hurts for you Meg. Wish I could give you a big hug."

"Thinking of you Meg. Love you," comments Lizzie Rovsek.

Gretchen Rossi expresses: "I’m so sorry you are going through this. Sending you all healing prayers."

We, too, wish Meghan and her children the absolute best.

Bill Cosby’s Weird Father’s Day Messages Really Did Come From Bill Cosby

There was a time when Bill Cosby could go by the title of “America’s Dad,” and most people would agree with that. But then Bill Cosby became an irrefutable monster, and the title couldn’t be stripped off him fast enough. But Bill Cosby lives in a giant pudding cloud of delusion, which apparently means he still thinks he’s got paternity rights over America.

On Sunday the Twitter and Instagram accounts belonging to Bill wished everyone a Happy Father’s Day in a weird  throw-back post about fathers and communities. He posted the following video to Instagram and Twitter, then a follow-up tweet containing a multitude of hashtags like “#FarFromFinished,” and “#AmericasFavoriteDad.”

The clip is from an old CBS Black History Month special, and Bill is talking about how black fathers are systematically broken up from their families. Just some light stuff to go with your Father’s Day waffles. Lots of people saw Bill’s tweet and weren’t sure what was going on, because Bill is supposed to be in prison, and usually your phone gets checked at the door. So who was tweeting from Bill’s account? Well, TMZ says that it was Bill himself dictating what he wanted to say to his rep, Andrew Wyatt. Andrew spoke to TMZ about Twitter’s second most awful moment from this weekend, and he says that Bill called from prison on Sunday night and dictated the whole message over the phone. He apparently does this 3 to 4 times a month, whether it be over the phone or face-to-face.

As for Bill clinging to the title of America’s Dad, Andrew says that people shouldn’t be pissed off; that’s just Bill’s nickname in prison. You’re probably thinking “Sure, Jan,” but TMZ reports that Bill is playing up his father figure role in the big house. According to Andrew, lots of other inmates call Bill “their dad,” and he’s been lecturing on fatherhood about four times a week, for the past three months. Bill works with a group called Man Up, which primarily deals with inmates up for parole.

The lectures reportedly get about 100 people at them, and they’re all about inmates setting a good example for their own children and bonding with their kids when they get out. He also covers topics like how to interview for a job, how to keep said job when they get it, and how to stay clean, drug-wise, when they’re back on the outside. Bill lecturing about staying away from drugs? That’s rich. I joke, but really whoever organizes those Man Up lectures better be ready to cut off Bill’s mic on the day he utters the words,  “Alright fellas, welcome to Relationships With Women 101.


Katharine McPhee

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Sizzle In Style This Season In This Little White Dress

Spring has officially sprung and that can only mean one thing! It’s time for those little black dresses to step aside! That’s right, there’s officially a new go-to piece in town — or in this case, hanging in our closets. The little white dress!


See it: Grab the Missguided White Cotton Button Down Skater Dress (originally $47) now with priciest starting at $38, available at Missguided!

Fashion lovers know that when something is referred to as a “staple,” it’s really just a way of calling something “versatile.” A good example? This dress!

The top half of the Missguided White Cotton Button Down Skater Dress features a silhouette that mimics traditional white button-down shirts. The collar is crisp and clean and it gives this dress a very classic feel while its pearl detailing on cuffs gives it a more modern and upgraded feel. Together, the two make this “staple” the always appropriate piece we’ll always be reaching for!

The A-line skirt is fitted and flared and gives this entire dress a feminine feel that’s fun and flirty. The above-the-knee length is the perfect balance when looking for a piece that isn’t all work and some play!

What we’re loving the most about this dress? It’s also majorly marked down at the moment! That’s right, this dress also happens to be on sale! With so much versatility and wearability within this one dress, it’s the deal we’d recommend adding to your cart ASAP!

See it: Grab the Missguided White Cotton Button Down Skater Dress (originally $47) now with priciest starting at $38, available at Missguided!

Not your style? Check out additional sale dresses also available at Missguided!

RadarOnline has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

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Josh Duggar Takes The Stage At Grandma’s Funeral 4 Years After Molestation Scandal

Josh Duggar resurfaced on Monday for the attendance of his Grandma Mary’s funeral – and has learned that the disgraced reality star played a large role in the somber ceremony.

In shocking photos posted to Jill Duggar’s Instagram account, the disgraced 19 Kids and Counting star is spotted onstage speaking into a microphone alongside many of his brothers.

“Yesterday was a very hard, yet beautiful day. The service was lovely and very honoring to my Grandma and the one she loved more than anyone or anything else, Jesus Christ!” Jill captioned the photo.

As Radar exclusively reported, a 911 call revealed that the 78-year-old famed grandmother possibly drowned in her swimming pool on June 9.

Another intimate photo posted by Jill showed the Duggar men, including Josh, Josiah and John-David, and cousin Amy Duggar’s husband Dillon King, as pallbearers.

However, according to the blog Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, the touching tribute to the popular grandmother featured some drama. The blog reported that TLC cameras filmed the funeral service until Josh began speaking.

“Josh spoke which caused the TLC cameras to immediately shut off,” the blog reported.

As readers know, Josh, 31, was exposed as a child molester by a magazine in 2015. Police documents showed that the disgraced oldest Duggar child fondled five minor females in Jim Bob and Michelle’s family home, four of which were his sisters.

The horrific sex scandal only got worse after Josh, married to Anna Duggar, was busted in a salacious cheating scandal and admitted he was going to therapy for a porn addiction.

Josh’s wrongdoings caused TLC to pull 19 Kids and Counting from the network.

According to Jill, Mary’s tribute was special in that it featured rain showers followed by a rainbow.

“Then there was a beautiful rainbow…’a sign of God’s faithfulness,’ as Grandma would always say!” Jill added.

“We’ll see you in heaven, Grandma! I know you’re enjoying your time with Jesus before the rest of us arrive!”

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John Cusack Says He Was “Tricked” Into Re-Tweeting Anti-Semitic Garbage

Page Six says John Cusack is not an anti-semite. That’s according to John Cusack. You see, when he re-tweeted an anti-semitic message about Jews holding the world down, it was an “accident.” An “accident” he defended at first, but now he’s claiming it was a total accident. John didn’t mean to tweet that, it was a trick! Poor guy just can’t use technology and got got by an alt-right bot. Womp-womp!

Yesterday John re-tweeted an anti-semitic message, which was later deleted by him:

At first John was antagonistic when met with backlash and defended that re-tweet.

“You think Israel isn’t commuting [sic] atrocities against Palestinians?… What planet are you on? Palestinian [sic] are forced to live in an open air prison. That’s not anti semetic to say that–that recognizes their plight as part of the fight for justice.”

John got the message eventually (once his publicist or anyone around him with eyes and common sense saw what he’d done) and he came up with a bullshit excuse saying that a bot got him, which sounds like nothing but a lie since he defended that re-tweet at first.

“A bot got me- I thought I was endorsing a pro Palestinian justice retweet – of an earlier post – it came I think from a different source – Shouldn’t Have retweeted.”

And then he tweeted a much longer apology explaining himself:

So there you have it. He just got too heated about something else and ended up just accidentally using highly anti-semitic imagery to make a point he wasn’t even referencing to! Easy mistake, y’all. But of course the damage is done and now Roseanne Barr is coming for John since she’s a huge supporter of Israel. Although…. if he says that by “bot” he meant “Ambien,” Roseanne would put down her shank and join hands with her brother in Ambien-fueled Twitter foolery.


Intro for June 17, 2019

Dear Gossips, We are celebrating today in Toronto. Today is our championship parade. The Toronto Raptors are coming home with the NBA’s championship trophy. According to the latest estimates, as many as 2 million people will be downtown to cheer the Raptors’ historic win.  In The Athletic, the...

The new Beyoncé “interview” at the Wearable Art Gala is actually a statement

I came across this headline on the weekend: “For the First Time in Six Years, Beyoncé Has Done an Interview” People online were talking about it too.  You can imagine the reaction. WHAT?! It’s well-known by now that Beyoncé doesn’t give interviews anymore. When she has something to say, she as...

Taylor Swift needs to do her homework if she wants to be a true ally to the LGBTQ+ community

Sometimes, even though I’m enjoying a song or a movie, I’ll get this unsettled feeling in my gut that tells me that something’s off. That perhaps I should be looking a little deeper or thinking a bit more critically about what I’m consuming. That gut feeling is also unhelpfully unspecific, leaving i...

How Taylor Swift and Katy Perry made up

Taylor Swift released the “You Need to Calm Down” video yesterday revealing what she and Katy Perry have been building towards for a while now: they’ve made up, the feud is officially officially over. Katy even tweeted about it and Taylor replied that it’s a “happy meal”.  This meal is BEEF-f...

Alexandra Daddario

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Olivia Munn

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Emilia Clarke

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Cardi B Wardrobe Malfunction at Bonnaroo!

Cardi B

Cardi B suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her big booty split the sparkly jumpsuit she was wearing in half! She opted to finish the performance in a bathrobe and underwear which gave us a bunch of areola hints! View the pictures + video

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Nicholas Sparks Is Sorry That You’re Mad About Him Not Wanting An LGBTQ Group At His School 

Multi-millionaire sappy romance novelist, Nicholas Sparks, got into some more trouble the other day because of some emails that got released by The Daily Beast. The emails showed that Nicholas didn’t want the queers tainting his Christian school with their gay shit. The school is called the Epiphany School of Global Studies. Honestly, that is a “yikes” name to me. They either train witches or highly-pretentious rich folk–and I know all the witch schools in North America, so it ain’t that. Nicholas has now come out (wink-wink) with an apology to us gays during our Holy Month: Pride. And it is a tepid one–unlike his distaste for homosexuality.

Nicholas and his school are involved in a discrimination lawsuit which touched on the fact that there was no diversity at the Christian school he helped found in 2006. Emails were leaked which showed Nicholas saying that he didn’t want any gays talking about their gayness there. And he also emphasized that the school lacked black students because of “1) Money and 2) Culture”. So… don’t put that racism stuff on HIM, okay?

I guess Nicholas faced some backlash, which is weird to me. I don’t know who in their right mind would think that anything involving Nicholas Sparks would contain gays or ethnic diversity, but I guess some people were shocked he was a bigoted trash goblin–Surprise!–so he tried to apologize for it.

He posted to Twitter a long-winded apology which says he’s:

“An unequivocal supporter of gay marriage, gay adoption and equal employment rights and would never want to discourage any young person or adult from embracing who they are… As someone who has spent the better part of my life as a writer who understands the power of words, I regret and apologize that mine have potentially hurt young people and members of the LGBTQ community, including my friends and colleagues in that community… When in one of my emails I used language such as “there will never be an LGBT club” at Epiphany, I was responding heatedly to how the headmaster had gone about initiating this club… My concern was that if a club were to be founded, it be done in a thoughtful, transparent manner with the knowledge of faculty, students and parents–not in secret, and not in a way that felt exceptional.”

Oh so you mean, you didn’t want the bigoted faculty, parents and students to get mad–you weren’t mad yourself? Perfect. That’s much better. He continued about that “quiet your gayness” stuff:

“Similarly, when I referred  to a prior headmaster addressing the presence of gay students “quietly and wonderfully,” I meant that he supported them in a straightforward, unambiguous way–NOT that he in any way encouraged students to be silent about their gender identity or sexual orientation… It’s never been my intent to be unresponsive to the needs of the LGBTQ or any minority community. In fact the opposite is true, and I trust my actions moving forward will confirm that.”

Okay, so I guess the next Nicholas Sparks book will be about an interracial gay couple of which neither is white?  He’d need a ghostwriter for sure otherwise the characters would be a transgender woman who named herself Boquesha and her lover Mohammad, and there would be a terrorism backstory, and Boquesha would convert Mohammad to Christianity by the end and then die of cancer. Can’t wait.

Here’s Nicholas’ full statement if you want to start your day with a heaping dose of bullshit:


Emily Ratajkowski is Thrilled to Be Here, Obviously

There are so few things in this world worth getting excited about and Emily Ratajkowski knows that you’ve got to pace yourself. If you go getting excited every time a bunch of photogs whip out their cameras and start taking pictures, you’re going to burn out quickly. Better to keep things under control and look like you’d rather be anywhere else on the planet.

I doubt there’s anywhere else on the planet that Emily Ratajkowski would want to be, however, particularly when the assembled masses begin snapping pictures of you. It’s hard to contain your excitement and bottle it up when you’re presented with the situation, so Emily Ratajkowski is clearly a pro. She’s got the skills to pay the bills, particularly when those skills are maintaining a neutral face at all times.

So don’t take offense the next time you see Emily Ratajkowski looking like she’s thoroughly disinterested. She’s not, she just can’t go around getting excited every time someone takes a picture of her. It’s not a healthy way to live and Emily Ratajkowski is nothing if not good for your health.

Photos courtesy of Mega Agency

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Sydney Sweeney [Mobile Crop + Color Corrected + Slow Mo]

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Cop Claims Concussion, Jaw Injury After Fight with Raptors’ Masai Ujiri

The cop who says he was attacked by Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri after Game 6 of the NBA Finals now claims he suffered a concussion during the incident ... and he's threatening to sue.  "He has a serious concussion; a templar…

Nathan Griffith to David Eason: I’m Such a Better Dad Than You, Bro!

At this point, it's been so long since Jenelle Evans and David Eason's kids were removed from their home, the couple is probably struggling to remember what raising children was actually like.

But if they ever want a reminder, they need look no further than Nathan Griffith's social media pages.

Griffith, of course, is the father of Jenelle's youngest son, Kaiser.

Now, he has full custody of Kai for the first time, and it seems he's loving every second of it.

It also looks as though Griffith is having fun demonstrating to the Easons what real parenting looks like.

Take a look:

1. Nate & Kai

Nathan griffith and kaiser image
Kaiser seems happier than ever now that he's living with Nathan. And Nate seems pretty darn ecstatic, as well.

2. A Loving Home

Kaiser smiles
In addition to Nathan, Kaiser is currently being looked after by Griffith's mother Doris and fiancee Ashley Lanhardt.

3. Paying Tribute

Ashley lanhardt image
On Father's Day, Lanhardt gave a major shout-out to Nate in a heartfelt Twitter post.

4. Dad Vibes

Nate tweet
"Happy Father’s Day to this special man," she wrote. Thank you for being such an amazing daddy to the kids & our fur babies!!! We love you."

5. Nate With Kai

Nate with kai
In her photo collage, Ashley made sure to include a photo of Nathan spending time with Kai -- a right that Griffith has had to fight for much of the boy's life.

6. Mission Accomplished

Nathan griffith profile pic
Clearly, Ashley's intention was to make Nathan realize how loved he is within their young family -- and it seems she did exactly that.
View Slideshow

Heidi Klum Brushing Her Teeth!

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Jeff Prescott Slams Kate Gosselin’s Claims That They Were Never a Thing

Kate Gosselin clearly doesn't deserve love or companionship, but she may find both on her new dating show.

But with all of the talk about Kate Plus Date, she has been slamming reports about a previous relationship.

That hasn't stopped her "non" ex from coming forward and confirming that they dated very seriously for two years.

Kate Gosselin Talks to Reporters

It was widely believed that reality TV villain Kate Gosselin had dated Jeff Prescott.

Prescott is a millionaire philanthropist who co-founded Dreamstime. 

Kate Gosselin took to her Instagram Stories to claim that none of that is true.

"I didn’t date him," the walking nightmare insisted on social media.

Kate Gosselin is Tired

She went on to warn her fans and followers to never trust "people who sell stories."

We wonder how she defines her career as anything but that.

Kate claims that "they are looking for publicity to benefit themselves/their business."

Saying that you dated Kate might get your name or even your business' name out there.

But will it help business? Some people might avoid it like the plague.

Kate Gosselin Sux

Speaking to Radar Online, however, Jeff Prescott says that their romance was not fake news.

They didn't just go on a couple of dates.

He says that they were an item for nearly two years.

Prescott adds that he was, at one point, so serious about Kate that he went house-hunting so that he might live closer to her.

Luckily for him, it sounds like their relationship ended before he sank money into Pennsylvania real estate.

Prescott Pic

Now, house-hunting could be the actions of a one-sided man who's read more into a relationship than is really there.

According to Jeff Prescott, he and Kate were both serious about each other.

"We were talking about our future together," he tells RadarOnline.

He even says that he and Kate were just about ready to go public with their romance.

Just a few years later, and she's saying that they were never even an item. Ouch.

Jeff Prescott Photo

If push came to shove, there may even be a way to prove how serious they allegedly were about each other.

Prescott says that he was prepared to do much more than announce that they were dating.

He says that, back in 2015, he actually signed on to Kate Plus 8.

There, he would have played the boyfriend of the notorious mother.

Clearly, those plans fell through along with their alleged relationship.

Kate Plus Date Scene

Some of Kate's suitors on Kate Plus Date have no idea who she is, which we suppose makes sense.

(Who would agree to date her if they knew as much about her as the rest of us?)

They have then been shocked to learn that she is the mother of eight children.

Of course, that number doesn't really reflect reality these days, does it?

These days, she's only regularly terrorizing six of her children.

Two of them, Hannah and of course poor Collin, have escaped to the relative safety of their father's house.

Jon Gosselin's not making anybody's Father of the Year list, but at least he's not an awful human.

Blake Lively

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Lana Condor’s Cleavage at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards!

Lovely cleavage by Lana Condor on the red carpet for the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards!

View the pictures (Via Boobie Blog)

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Awkward! Kelly Ripa Reveals Daughter Lola Walked In On Her & Mark Having Sex

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ daughter Lola got more than she bargained for when she walked into their bedroom this past weekend.

During Monday’s episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, the married couple admitted the teen accidentally caught them having sex! They said they were getting busy on the morning of Father’s Day — which was also Lola’s 18th birthday — when she barged in. Unluckily for the teen, her parents were in a very compromising position.

“We started her day off pretty bad yesterday; it happened again,” Mark, 48, told the show audience. “She knocked on our door — our bedroom door.”

“I’m going to be honest: I was not in the mood,” Ripa, 48, said, adding that her in-laws and three children were downstairs getting ready for a family brunch while they were upstairs having sex. “There was a house full of people … my in-laws were waiting to eat!”

“I could tell,” her husband of 23 years joked. “You were going through the motions!”

They then explained how it all went down when Lola walked in.

Kelly explained that her daughter “made eye contact” with her when she opened the door, but then quickly shut it and ran away.

“She shuts the door and you hear, ‘You just ruined my birthday! And my life! And I used to see in color and now everything is gray,’” Kelly said.

The discomfort didn’t end there. The show host admitted she and Mark had a very “awkward brunch” with the family in which their kids told embarrassing stories about them.

“We’re eating, and we’re like, ‘This is delicious, that’s delicious,’ and she’s like, ‘You’re disgusting,’” Kelly said.

“She goes, ‘You guys have no chill. You think you’re 20, but you’re not,’” Mark recalled.

“Nobody knocks in our house!” Kelly said before adding that her daughter did say she knocked and even accused her mom of being deaf from her loud exercise class!

“Oh, poor Lola,” said Mark.

Lola is Kelly and Mark’s middle child — and their most recent high school graduate. The hilarious lovebirds are also parents to sons Michael, 22, and Joaquin, 16.

The post Awkward! Kelly Ripa Reveals Daughter Lola Walked In On Her & Mark Having Sex appeared first on RadarOnline.

Toxic Thomas Markle spent Father’s Day alone at Home Depot, with a paparazzo

Good Morning Britain

Yesterday, I tweeted about this Daily Mail story because I didn’t intend to write about it. I truly thought that at this point, we had all collectively decided to ignore Thomas Markle and his many toxic shenanigans. Turns out, people still want to talk about it, mostly in the context of “I can’t believe the Daily Mail is still running these kinds of stories.” They are. It seems that Toxic Tom decided to organize another “candid” photoshoot, just like he did before his daughter’s wedding, and just like he’s been doing this whole time. Thomas organized the photoshoot at Home Depot, where he wandered around the store alone, buying himself Father’s Day gifts this past Sunday. The Daily Mail wants to paint you a picture:

Thomas Markle Sr seemingly spent Father’s Day alone as his daughter Meghan celebrated husband Harry with a sweet snap of him and baby Archie. The Duchess of Sussex’s estranged father was spotted shopping at a Home Depot hardware store in Rosarito, Mexico, on Sunday without the company of any of his three children.

Meanwhile, Meghan enjoyed her first Father’s Day since welcoming baby Archie, sharing the adorable sepia-tone photo of the six-week-old in Harry’s arms. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor is to be christened in Windsor next month. It remains unclear whether the baby’s maternal grandfather has been invited to the affair at the same chapel where Meghan and Harry wed last year without Thomas in attendance.

He purchased what appeared to be a Karcher pressure washer, some cleaning solution and a TV cable. The retired TV lighting director has three children, Thomas Markle Jr and Samantha Markle from his first marriage to Roslyn Loveless and Meghan from his second marriage to now ex-wife Doria Ragland.

Meghan’s estranged half-sister Samantha Markle spoke out last month about how devastated her father was when the first photos of his grandson emerged.

‘Being excluded is like a dagger through his heart,’ Samantha told The Mirror. She said she hopes motherhood helps ‘soften Meghan’s feelings’, so that Archie can get to know his grandfather.

[From The Daily Mail]

Thomas has other children and grandchildren too. Funny how he didn’t spend Father’s Day with any of them, yet it doesn’t occur to anyone in the British press that maybe that’s a clue that HE is the problem, that no one in his family wants to deal with his sh-t and it’s not just Meghan. Anyway, spare me the “sad, lonely Home Depot photos.” He did it to himself.

Good Morning Britain

Photos courtesy of WENN.
Good Morning Britain Good Morning Britain

Hot Slut Of The Day!

Chato, the beef jerky-stealin’ menace to police!

Yesterday, I gave the illustrious HSOTD title to a brazen hawk who hitched a ride on a screaming woman’s car and didn’t even tip her or give her gas money. And today, we’re keeping with the theme of animals fucking with humans via their cars by honoring a pit bull who took that shit to the next level by hijacking a police car and stealing the cop’s jerky. Now, if you or I, broke into a cop car and put our paws on the officer’s beef jerky, we wouldn’t be able to eat it, because it’d be pretty difficult to eat it after the cop shot our mouth off. But Chato here didn’t give a sliver of a fuck and even made sure to throw an over-the-shoulder “Try me, bitch” pose when the cop took a picture of his car hijacker.

Todd Hunter, the Police Chief for the Kilgore Police Department in Texas, wrote on Facebook about how an officer got a call on Saturday about a stray pit bull who was running around all wild-like and needed to be picked up and taken off the streets. Animal Control doesn’t work 24-hours in those parts, so the police had to take care of the call. The officer thought it would be an easy call, but the officer thought wrong and wasn’t ready for Chato’s shenanigans.

The officer tried to get Chato into the backseat, but Chato isn’t a backseat bitch, and jumped in the front. When the officer tried to get Chato out of the front, the dog got mean, so the officer backed off. The officer then shut the front door and let Chato live it up in an air-conditioned kingdom where he feasted on the officer’s beef jerky.

The officer texted Police Chief Hunter this Barbizon-worthy picture of Chato giving him some “baby, I got your jerky” taunt-ness.

Animal Control eventually gathered up Chato and took him off to a shelter, where his human later claimed him. Only the officer’s pride was hurt in the saving of Chato.

So Chato is now back with his human, but why do I have a feeling that now that he’s gotten a taste for fucking with the police and stealing their jerky, he’s hooked and wants more of that sweet sensation. So note to every member of the Kilgore police force, hide yo jerky, unless you want Chato to take it and pay you with one of his signature hot bitch poses, which honestly, is worth ten thousand bags of jerky.

Pic: Facebook

Cuba Gooding Jr. Denies Touching Accuser’s Breast in Video

Cuba Gooding Jr. remembers 2 things distinctly about his accuser -- that he absolutely did NOT touch her breast, and also that unlike most fans he meets ... she claimed to LOVE one of his worst movies. Cuba's lawyer, Mark Heller, tells TMZ…

Kylie Jenner Panty Upskirt!

Nice shot of Kylie Jenner and her friend looking THICK in short mini skirts. Kylie flashing panties as well.

View the pictures (Via Taxi Driver)

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Duchess Kate wore blue Elie Saab to Royal Ascot: Edwardian cosplay or cute?

Embed from Getty Images

Well well, the Duchess of Cambridge has done two fancy events in two days’ time, make a note of it on your calendar. In truth, all of the royals are pretty active this time of year – May and June are big months on the calendar because of royal garden parties, Trooping the Colour, Order of the Garter, horse shows and of course, Royal Ascot. This year, Duchess Kate stepped out for the first day of Royal Ascot. She was joined by the Duchess of Cornwall, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Prince Charles, Prince William and the Queen. Also in attendance: Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, who are apparently enjoying a nice few days of British society.

Kate wore a new frock and my lord, I will never understand her choices for Royal Ascot. Remember when she wore two really similar white lace dresses in consecutive years, one more “doily” than the other? So, she deserves a golf clap for at least not wearing another white lace dress. But this Elie Saab look… well, it’s on-brand for Kate. I actually love the color, I just think the sheer with the lace with the bow with the polka dots with the high collar is all too much. It’s Edwardian cosplay. Maybe she’s just really excited about Downton Abbey. Her hat is by Philip Treacy.

Wow, everyone but Camilla wore blue this year. Did the Queen send a memo or something?

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Photos courtesy of Getty.

New NSFW Trailer for Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Looks Like a Bloody Good Time


Amazon has been stepping its game of late with some truly quality programming like their wickedly funny adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens. This gives me relatively high hopes for their upcoming adaptation of Garth Ennis’ The Boys, which seems to be doing a great job of capturing that title’s anarchic spirit.

The series follows an elite team of super-powered individuals working for the CIA whose task it is to keep tabs on the current crop of celebrity superheroes. In Ennis’ world, superheroes do much more publicity than crime-fighting, and are mostly viewed as a joke by “The Boys” as this task force is known. The series comes to us from executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who did a bang-up job with Preacher on AMC, leading me to hope they’ll do the same here.

The Boys main cast consists of Billy Butcher (Karl Urban), The Frenchman (Tomer Kapon), The Female (Karen Fukuhara), and Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonzo), with Butcher recruiting “Wee” Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid), following a bloody run-in the latter had with a super.  This trailer’s got some pretty imaginative stuff happening in it, so hopefully that stuff all makes its way into the show proper.

The Boys debuts on Amazon Prime July 26.

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Toronto Raptors Parade Suspected Gunman Tackled By Cops In Dramatic Video

Here is the moment several Toronto Police officers chased down, tackled and apprehended one of the suspected shooters at Monday's Toronto Raptors championship parade ... and it's intense. The footage starts showing a man dressed in black trying to…

Barbara Palvin

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Bol Bol Says He’s 100% Healthy, Parties In Hollywood

NBA draft prospect Bol Bol -- the 7'2" phenom from Oregon -- just flew out of L.A. ... after getting in some partying with a bunch of attractive ladies.  The 19-year-old had been in L.A. to show off his talents to NBA teams ahead of Thursday's…

Household organizing products including a hanging handbag organizer & clear storage

I’m in purge and reorganize mode this summer and have been browsing products that can help with that. Here are some of the best things I found.

Reusable food and small item storage bags you’ll use so much
These reusable storage bags are just $10.98 for pack of five and they even come with their own drying rack. They’re BPA, chemical and color free and have so many uses including as snack and toiletry bags. They have 4.6 stars, 220 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Users call them “more durable than I expected,” “sturdy enough for liquids,” and say they’re great for using in the freezer too.

Storage bins that let you see what’s inside
These stackable sturdy storage bins have a clear zip-up window for easy access to clothing, linens, or anything you’d like to store. They come in five different colors and are two to a pack for less than $30. They have 4.8 stars, 360 reviews and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers call them “sturdy, attractive,” say they hold lots of stuff and are “awesome boxes” which are “a great solution for organizing and storing.”

Shelf dividers that will keep you organized
Sometimes I wish I could go the extra level from “sort of have my sh-t together” to “visibly organized” and things like shelf dividers could really help. These are another bestseller in organization products on Amazon, they come two to a pack for less than $13, have 4.3 stars, 406 reviews and an A from Fakespot. People call these “the perfect solution” for closets and say they’re “easy to install.”

A clear handbag organizer that has so many more uses
I have all my bags sitting on a shelf in the closet and I rarely remember to switch them out. With this clear handbag organizer I would definitely see and use my other purses. This hanging organizer fits eight purses and is said to be “sturdy” and “convenient.” It’s called “perfect for small closets” with “good size compartments.” One person even uses it to store bedsheets.

Honeycomb drawer dividers for socks, underwear and more
This set of honeycomb drawer dividers is just right for sorting small items, particularly underwear and socks. I have something similar to this in my drawers, but have used these type of dividers before and am considering going back to them. Users call them “easy to install,” “perfect” and a “great value.” One person even fixed them to the wall to display small toys.

A configurable, easy-to-install closet organization system
Here’s an entire closet organization system for under $150. It can be configured to span four to eight feet and comes with multiple shelves and hanging rods. Buyers call it “easy to install,” a “mind-blowing value” which “maximized storage space” and “the best money I’ve spent in a while.” Now I want this and am envisioning my well organized, well appointed closet.

A single serve coffee brew system that’s great for traveling and camping
This unique coffee brewer and travel cup is the number one bestseller in eco-friendly products on Amazon. It has over 1,100 reviews, 4.5 stars and an A from fakespot. You just put a little coffee in the reusable mesh filter, pour boiling water over it and your cup is ready in less than a minute! This would also make a great gift. Reviewers say it’s “perfect for backpacking,” “easy,” and “so much easier than using a regular paper filter” for pour-over coffee.

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Alicia Arden Yellow Bikini Nip Slip!

Here's Alicia Arden wearing a yellow bikini and flashing a nipple while goofing around in a backyard!

View the pictures (Via Egoallstars)

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Ana De Armas

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Bernie McGee Was Killed by Brother-in-Law, Widow Alleges

As previously reported, Bernie McGee died on Saturday at the age of 41.

The Seeking Sister Wife star suffered a heart attack while out for a bike ride, called his wife, Paige, in distress -- and lost his life before paramedics could arrive and save him.

Paige and Bernie McGee

McGee was the head of one of the polygamous households on this TLC series, which was a sort of Sister Wives spinoff that sought to capitalize on the popularity of one of that network's longest-running programs.

His death, as described above, was natural.

No actual foul play is suspected.

And yet... Paige took to social media shortly after confirming the tragic news and hurled enormous shade at her own brother.

Not merely shade, we should note: She flat-out accused her sibling of killing her husband.

Bernie McGee

Back in March, you see, Patrick Marble accused both Paige and Bernie of harassing and/or stalking him.

The couple was actually arrested as a result of this allegation.

According to Patrick at the time, Bernie and Page flooded his home with calls and would not stop trying to contact him at work, either.

He also claimed his girlfriend was targeted by his sister and brother-in-law.

With their court date fast approaching, Paige now says such legal issues had an awful effect on Bernie, Tweeting that "the stress of going to court this coming Wednesday with fear of 1 year in jail wore on [him]."

bernie mug

From there, Paige got very personal and very accusatory.

She laid into her brother and did not mince a single word in saying Patrick is to blame for what happened to Bernie.

“Patrick Marble does not know a damn thing about my husband or him passing. All he knows is what he is reading on FB. I have not spoken to him for any reason and he damn well better not come to my house!” Paige wrote this week online.

She continued:

“Patrick and my mother having us arrested for not doing a damn thing wrong did this!

"We were financially put out for having to hire lawyers, investigators and missing work for this bullsh-t."

paige rant

Paige (whose mug shot from her arrest this spring is posted below) also alleged that Patrick harassed and bullied her and Bernie.

“[He] has admitted numerous times he would not stop until we were fired from the show,” she wrote.

“Well, that never happened so he continued his bullying and harassment. Bernie has been under so much stress and the stress of going to court this coming Wednesday with fear of 1 year in jail wore on Bernie.

"Bernie was so upset the day we were arrested because our sons had to watch us being taken away. Every night since then, Bernie has said over and over, the look on Johnny’s face. He just couldn’t get over that."

paige mug

Paige and Bernie made their debut on Seeking Sister Wife on Season 2.

Following Bernie’s death, Patrick told TMZ that he plans to drop the stalking charges and that he spoke to his sister recently to attempt to hash things out.

But it appears as if she wasn't interested in any sort of peace accord.

“Patrick Marble… YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND AND I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL… And you better stay the HELL away from me and my family,” Paige concluded.

Yikes, huh?

May Bernie McGee rest in peace.

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Catelynn Lowell Welcomes a Baby Girl!

It's been a rough year for Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Fortunately, Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG focused on a recent highlight for the troubled couple.

Back in February, Catelynn welcomed her third child, a baby girl named Vaeda.

With all these two have been through, it was a joy to witness their obvious elation at Vaeda's arrival.

Teen Mom cast members frequently complain that they're treated unfairly in the editing process or that the show only focuses on the negative aspects of their life.

Something tells us Lowell and Baltierra have no such complaints about last night's episode.

Take a look:

1. One Happy Family

Vaeda 1
It's been a long and winding road for Catelynn and Tyler. But finally, we got to see them enjoy a bit of happiness thanks to the arrival of their baby girl.

2. Baby Vaeda

Vaeda luma
The Baltierras have been gushing about Vaeda and sharing pics on social media ever since the moment she entered the world.

3. Overjoyed

Tyler and vaeda kisses
But for all the joyous family moments on social media, few details had been revealed about the day Vaeda entered the world -- until last night.

4. Completing the Picture

Nova with vaeda
As we now know, Vaeda has been welcomed with enthusiasm by her older sister, and she's proven instrumental in helping Cate and Tyler move on from the traumas of the past year.

5. New Beginnings

Vaeda 2
Catelynn, in particular, had a difficult time in the months leading up to Vaeda's birth, but last night, it was all love and elation.

6. Ups and Downs

Catelynn lowell on her gram
After a year marked by emotional disorders, rehab, and even a trial separation with Tyler, Cate was back on top last night.
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Intro for June 18, 2019

Dear Gossips,  Surviving R Kelly won Best Documentary at the MTV Movie & TV Awards broadcast last night. Survivors Asante McGee, Faith Rodgers, Lisa Van Allen, and Lizette Martinez were part of the team that took the stage to accept.  R Kelly has been abusing women without consequence for over...
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